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  1. Eastern/Western United States Formalities: living, move, rich
  2. Best City In This Area? (West Texas/New Mexico): lease, how much
  3. Living small vs. big city, what's best for me?: tech jobs, school
  4. How is life like in the younger parts of a major city?: transplants
  5. Where the people are: employment, camps, oil
  6. Neighborhoods tours: homes, ferry, park
  7. How american society see spaniards?: living in, best, roach
  8. Can you help me figure out the right place to move?: apartment, home
  9. Contrast & Compare: cities in IA, MN, IN, WI: apartment, rentals
  10. moving out of middle of nowhere florida but how?: sales, how much
  11. Chicago and New York financially in the worst shape of US cities in debt.: sales
  12. Another about moving, help a guy out?: for rent, chapel
  13. Cities/towns that have undergone the most dramatic change (book): suburbs, land
  14. What metros are full of retirement communities?: beach, golf
  15. Generally speaking, how expensive is it to travel to a different state/region of the US?: how much
  16. Cities with a high latino and asian population that are walkable/good public transit?: gated
  17. Where to find an inexpensive rural vacation home in Western US?: for sale, purchase
  18. The 20 happiest cities to work in right now: city hall, job market
  19. Sports Stadiums You Can Enter For Free Anytime: home, shop
  20. Postwar suburbanization and ethnic enclaves: neighborhoods, moving to, housing
  21. live in multiple cities?: 2015, crime, how much
  22. What are neighborhoods that you know of that would fit this description?: apartment
  23. Does know if my Social Security card means anything?: income, taxes
  24. Best Deep Lake in the US: camp, living, assess
  25. Best cities and states for college teachers or professors to find a job?: health insurance
  26. Best East Coast town for thriving cook/chef: hotel, home
  27. Commute times by metro area: transportation, averages, interest
  28. Looking to move in the near future...don't know where: low income, rental
  29. What city would make us happy?: to rent, house, neighborhood
  30. Singles Dances: to live in, club, moving to
  31. Segregation in industrial cities: gated, live in, move
  32. At what distance do you consider to be your local area?: home, neighborhood
  33. Traveling in the west for the first time - NM & AZ: train
  34. Working from Home: DC vs Miami: rent, homes, salary
  35. Best Places ranking for 100 most populous metro areas: best city, places to live
  36. If I tell you what I want in a city, can you tell me where I should live?: wood floors
  37. For who work for transit agencies or that ride them in the overnight hours?: taxis
  38. Looking for a city with 55-65F sunny weather and mountains < 4 hours away: 2015
  39. Open to Suggestions (Looking to Move out of a Small Town): rent, mortgage
  40. American moving back home from the UK later this year: fit in, employment
  41. Warm Coastal walking communities on a budget?: apartments, movies
  42. Anime/Comic/Snow/Nature nerds moving around WV but not in WV: living
  43. Chicago or miami gay friendly: transplants, rent, neighborhoods
  44. help me move decision: transplants, living in, cities
  45. Moving from minneapolis to another city in the next few years: rent, low crime
  46. Best City to go to plan/reflect before embarking on New Business Venture: living
  47. Happy Holidays and a Happy new year to ALL who post on this site.: living
  48. Roadside Attractions: hotels, home, theater
  49. Planning Next Move . . . Need Your: 2015, new home, transfer
  50. Current/Former Industrial Cities/Sites in the Southeastern US: home, live in
  51. What defines how large or small a city 'feels?': fit in, apartments
  52. Towing open trailer with cargo across country: rent, hotels
  53. No place to call home...: rental, bus, transport
  54. Which US city or town has changed the least in its infrastructure/facades/vehicles since the 1970's?: homes, neighborhoods
  55. where you from ?: neighborhood, suburbs, kitchen
  56. Do people in other states know that it gets up to 86 degrees in Colorado in February? other states get weird weather: live, airport
  57. Where would you live at the following income levels?: public schools, college
  58. What areas have the lowest income and high COL: apartments, houses
  59. Is it realistic to find an apartment for prices in each metro?: transplants, apartments
  60. Brits try American accents: military, accent, rain
  61. Poshest cities/neighbourhoods in America?: neighborhoods, suburbs, best
  62. Searching for the impossible??: to rent, neighborhoods, living
  63. Most remote city/town you would live in.....: house, living in
  64. What are U.S. edge cities that resemble Bellevue, WA and Irvine, CA?: neighborhood, buy
  65. How to live you hate?: 2015, rent, credit
  66. Can you be considered a big city guy if you live in the suburbs?: home, neighborhoods
  67. Greatest Elevation Change City?: ski resort, cities, most expensive
  68. What States have or close to big cities, but less congested...: how much, place to live
  69. Origin of Mexican immigrants in the US by Mexican State: live in, food
  70. Imagine being LGBT and living in a small metro: school, college
  71. If you live in a suburb, does it really matter what city it is!: schools, camping
  72. El Paso vs San Diego vs Atlanta: rental, safe area
  73. Affordable place for a lesbian: apartment, student loans, job market
  74. Where should I pick: Seattle vs Los Angeles vs Portland: apartments, to rent
  75. Excellent areas right across bad areas: oceanfront, crime, houses
  76. Alternatives to Austin....warm cities: rent, student loan, how much
  77. Cities that welcome foreigners: 2015, chapel, college
  78. Are pies still made with lard in the South?: spring break, buying
  79. Top 3 Most Significant States for Each Region: fit in, move
  80. Most important U.S. city for each letter of the alphabet: neighborhood, yard
  81. Why has no Chinese American ethnoburb emerged in the NYC area: neighborhoods, university
  82. What type of American accent do I have?: fit in, theater
  83. States with a substantial ultra-Liberal and an ultra-Conservative area.: vs., safe
  84. Most Northeastern areas outside of the Northeast?: houses, suburbs
  85. Cities for People Who Hate Cities: chapel, mobile home, universities
  86. The Unseen Threat to America: We Donít Leave Our Hometowns: low income, rent
  87. States with two largest cities in same metro area: vs, rated
  88. recommend an area for my family: homes, employment
  89. example of inter-local migration inside a state?: 2015, price
  90. Why does the U.S complain about overcrowding in prisons continue imprisoning people for stupid reasons?: violent crime, tax
  91. Walkable dense cities with a low crime rate and low cost of living: coupons, condos
  92. Gay friendly cities.: neighborhood, living, cost of living
  93. Are there states with a higher tolerance for smoking in the US?: 2014, hotels
  94. What city will have 3bdrm house for $1000 rent?: rental, employment
  95. The where I should move: chapel, college
  96. High Paying (6-figure) Tech Jobs + Low Cost of Living + Little/No Snow: job market, incomes
  97. The 15 most iconic street grids: 2015, neighborhoods, design
  98. Where should I move after grad school?: real estate market, new home
  99. Educated black men. Where to live? PNW. Dating. Clevand/East coast: fit in, best cities
  100. The NYC-Upstate divide and Chicagoland-Downstate divide: which is greater?: house, universities
  101. Mountainous region for 4 summer months (with dog friendly hikes): best town, sublets
  102. cities that rents are decling rapidly?: for sale, apartments
  103. US Warmth: low crime, beach, areas
  104. Most Expensive Cities to Live and Play: the Southeastern U.S.: chapel, home
  105. How many cities in America are cities in the whole sense of the word?: condos, neighborhoods
  106. Safest big city: low crime, DMV, dangerous
  107. Still can't decide (I want a cheaper and warmer NYC haha): spring break, crime rate
  108. Educated brown man. Where to live? Best fit in regards to social life and dating.: transplants, home
  109. Poll: If jobs and money were no object where would you live?: vacation home, living
  110. Millennials are worst drivers, report indicates: live, demographics, water
  111. Have you ever lived in an outside county (non metro, non micro area)?: 2013, hotels
  112. What is the best liked city in your state?: home, college
  113. What cities have of dual-income, no-kids households?: transplants, condos
  114. Colorado Springs or Denver for interracial family?: ski resorts, 2014
  115. Cities that have surprisingly bad traffic/congestion: hotel, design
  116. have a soft-spot for cities they lived in the past?: apartment, home
  117. What cities and states have bizzare weather extremes that few outside of them know about?: tornadoes, live
  118. Millennial Needs Help Finding a New City (Atlanta/Dallas/Nashville/Tampa/Louisville?): condo, violent crime
  119. Where should I move?: live, restaurant, to move
  120. Colorado Springs vs. Boulder?: house, to buy, university
  121. Best place in the West to start a small business: ski resort, rent
  122. Invisible American cities top ten on the Global stage which are really cool.: home, richest
  123. What's wrong with sudden economic/population growth?: transplants, 2015
  124. Do you need the flagship public university to make a great college town?: chapel, home
  125. If They Decided to Redraw City Borders, Which Would be the First Cities to be Redrawn: money, island
  126. Expat returns home: violent crime, new home, income
  127. What is the coldest and hottest city in your state?: college, estimate
  128. How far is your location from sports (college/pro)?: apartment, home
  129. Towns/Cities w/ Strong Sense of Community: best city, neighborhood
  130. Has that the midwest hoods have the biggest/nicest houses: middle-class, transplants
  131. Moving out of Texas for medicaid reasons and I am choosing to move to Minnesota or Vermont: fit in, 2014
  132. Are street cats a major issue in most cities in US?: apartment complex, houses
  133. Areas where it is common to find people over the age of 25 that drink and party hard.: house, university
  134. Relocating, looking for work opportunities and moderate weather: for sale, real estate
  135. Do (assilimated) Hispanic Americans have detectable accents?: home, neighborhoods
  136. Cities that have an unusually high amount of attractive men and women?: home, gym
  137. What are of the best CONSERVATIVE cities/towns in the US?: low crime, quality of life
  138. I can name that city (tune) in one word (note): best, cities
  139. Which US suburbs have most character , sense of place: houses, college
  140. Economic Output If Each U.S. Were A Separate Country!: 2015, apartments
  141. Sacramento vs Austin: arts and culture: hotel, neighborhoods, organic
  142. Where to move within 10 hours of Eastern Oregon: crime, new house
  143. Major cities that have suburbs that take tourist dollars way: rental car, rental
  144. Impressive Towns: 2015, college, living
  145. Where to go to escape both religion AND the rat race?: 2015, chapel
  146. Biggest City & States that get STEREOTYPES: cliquey, lofts
  147. US Counties Been To: casinos, live, restaurants
  148. Which is worse for unaffordable hotels San Fran or NYC?: appointed, 2015
  149. 2015-2016 Domestic migration totals by state...: how much, luxury, college
  150. Coastal Cities/Communities: amusement park, crime, neighborhoods
  151. Looking for an off the beaten path place to live with low. Rime: low crime, living
  152. The C/D food basket: contribute your city's signature dish: pierogies, restaurants
  153. City with the best bike share system?: gated, pricing
  154. Which city punches the most above its weight? (population wise): crime, neighborhoods
  155. Which college football programs are part of your metro's tv/media market?: high school, universities
  156. Is New York much, much wealthier then Los Angeles?: 2015, apartments
  157. Cities that 20s/30s people move to to bum around: rent, house
  158. State with the least red tape: 2015, credit, loan
  159. cities where minimum wage can get me my own apartment?: low income, section 8
  160. 10 cities in America people are moving to right now: rent, home
  161. Moving out west and need help and: apartment, rent
  162. Best cities to start a new life and put yourself through school?: apartment, rentals
  163. The right place for us.: for sale, how much, house
  164. Is moving to the rust belt smarter than the southeast?: buying a house, employment
  165. google maps game: home, university, camp
  166. Need A Vacation Idea: home, live, restaurant
  167. Where to move: Denver vs. DC: buying a house, landscaping, neighborhood
  168. Most diverse neighbourhoods in your city: home, neighborhoods, gated
  169. Most similar non-neighbouring state for each state: 2015, beaches
  170. Best US cities in terms of starting a social life from scratch.: transplants, how much
  171. Why are places sometimes seen as just ugly or just pretty ?: crime, how much
  172. Desert city for motorycle rider.: apartment, crime, how much
  173. Wyoming with massive energy bust has the same per-capita personal income as booming California.: 2015, apartment complex
  174. Around what age do you start to become too old for the big city life in the USA?: real estate, renters
  175. Where are people like this?: 2013, chapel, organic
  176. a city or state that's a good match for us: appointed, for sale
  177. Outdoorsy small city/town in the West to raise a young family.( travelling consultant): low crime, home
  178. Cities that have changed the most in the last 10 years?: crime, how much
  179. Best suburban downtown in US?: neighborhood, live
  180. Metropolitan Areas continue to grow: apartment, rent, homes
  181. Battle for the East Coast: ACC vs B1G: schools, universities
  182. West equivalents of East Coast cities: transplants, condo, how much
  183. Future Resident Physician: Help me rank locations !!: low income, fit in
  184. doctors sunbelt quality: insurance, chapel, schools
  185. Looking for a decent place to live in the western US: crime, hotel
  186. A Southerner in California to...NM, AZ, TX, NC, or SC?: credit, find a job
  187. Do states with income tax have lower property and excise taxes?: middle-class, sales
  188. Should Indiana, Michigan and Western Ohio move to Central Time?: high school, college
  189. Loving Where You Live: 2014, condo, how much
  190. What are the REAL lowest COL metros/suburbs that are actually livable?: best cities, rentals
  191. DC walkability: taxi, bus, safer
  192. States where the most desirable areas are suburbs of a city outside that state: schools, income
  193. Why is New Jersey more commonly associated with Italians in popular culture than Long Island?: middle-class, get credit
  194. Cities/Towns with job opportunites and outdoor recreation?: homes, job outlook
  195. help on finding a city in the West
  196. Demographics of multi-state metros: population, compared, sections
  197. Facebook Group for Military Housing for Retirees: living, groups
  198. Colorado Springs or Denver for interracial family?
  199. Risk of motorist deer collisions over 1 percent in several states: living in, suburban
  200. Travel Scavengers List: restaurants, stadiums, rated