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  1. What are of the highlights, districts, urban nodes of cities that are consistently disliked on cd?: real estate
  2. Does your family visit the graves of non-veterans on Memorial Day?: military, deal
  3. Sober Gay Redneck Looking to Start Theater Nonprofit, but Where?: crime, how much
  4. USA Road trip: buying a car for 3 weeks: rental car, sale
  5. Pretty cities near mountains or the beach with tech jobs and sun: elementary school
  6. Which Cities offer the best Economic Opportunities in the USA ?: unemployment rate, wages
  7. Moving from New Mexico: how much, home, neighborhoods
  8. What state should I move to!??: transplants, apartment, rent
  9. Capital Hills outside the capital: neighborhood, high school, area
  10. Cape Cod ambience, but warmer climate?: living, beach, areas
  11. When will the luxury bubble burst? Or will it?: low income, sale
  12. Where to live: camping, living, low cost
  13. Foreigners: What was your first impression of the US?: hotel, movies
  14. Global Cycling Network's top ten cycling cities in the US: bike, humidity
  15. What Is the Best State to Be in for a Person in Their Mid 20's?: living in
  16. What is an affordable city to move to for a single and young adult: home
  17. What sort of things or statistics do you look at to judge whether a city is good or bad?: real estate
  18. % of Public Transit Ridership In Silver Spring, MD?: cities, history
  19. Relocating Help and Advice: real estate, renting, home
  20. Fun and Not So Fun States: ski resorts, amusement parks
  21. Best Cities/Towns for Entry Level Engineer?: college, income
  22. How does the postal service track all your mail to all be redirected/forwarded?: live
  23. 2017’s Best Summer Vacation Spots: costs, vs., statistics
  24. Family of 4 looking for town suggestions: transplants, homes, homeschool
  25. Is there anyplace in the US to avoid Juniper pollen?: trees, climates
  26. Who finances guys and what is their goal?: movies, living
  27. How do you feel about people who do not know English? But they want to study!: neighborhood
  28. Looking for state - best places to live!: new home, job market
  29. Easiest cities to make friends in and enjoy life in as a 20 something guy.: transplants
  30. Southern New England Demographics: 2015, income, stats
  31. Study in NJ or MD for a prospective career in finance industry: how much
  32. Looking for the perfect place to relocate and retire: college, move to
  33. Best states/cities for aspiring authors: best cities, rent, college
  34. Moving but not sure where: transplants, home, employment
  35. Irvine vs Bellevue: rentals, schools, income
  36. Looking for Warm and Affordable Area: real estate, chapel, new home
  37. Looking for the place for me: home, safe neighborhood, university
  38. Towns/Cities That Remind You of Other Towns/Cities: home, live in
  39. States rights in the United States: live in, gay, federal
  40. City suggestions: rent, crime, construction jobs
  41. where is this statue photographed in 1973?: bus, office, rating
  42. Just curious? Why do people have more hay fever in dryer climates then wet, lush climates.: college
  43. Best city for hunting in the US: live in, airport
  44. Tilapia Fishing in Southwest Houston: restaurant, best, snakes
  45. How much is your electricity bill and internet for a one bedroom apartment?: apartments
  46. The best non-tech cities in the US?: college, gated
  47. Most polluted cities per American Lung Association: closing, living
  48. Cities with most aggressive panhandlers?: living, homeless, donations
  49. What are the taste/preferences of a liberal city and a conservative city: universities, live in
  50. Looking for an affordable, coastal, & liberal city in a legal state.: apartment, to rent
  51. In which of cities is the NFL more popular?: live, statistics
  52. New York , California, Texas , Illinois and ?: 2014, buy, construction
  53. Which city in your state out of place?: living, centers
  54. Nevada is now Majority-Minority what state is next?: 2015, living in
  55. Best Cities and States For Teachers?: salary, living, cost of living
  56. Major city with least enthusiastic or pervasive pro/college sports fandom: home, buy
  57. Assuming you had five days for an east coast trip...: neighborhoods, live
  58. Is Hawaii looked down upon?: transplants, live in, homeless
  59. What are the largest downtowns in US and which ones have the most things to do.: hotel, employment
  60. Which city could be the Black Organized Crime capital ?: live, gangs
  61. A trip to the deep South: how much, move to, bill
  62. Have you ever felt extremely out of place in city or state?: houses, live in
  63. Want to move but don't know where: insurance, university
  64. Has seen unusual pockets of Urban life within a very rural area: houses, neighborhoods
  65. Most beautiful state to drive through: live, areas, snow
  66. Moving in a year. Which city is the best for me?: best cities, chapel
  67. What cities would fictional neighbourhood names fit in?: middle-class, apartments
  68. Summer cities, Fall cities, Winter cities, and Spring cities?: spring break, high school
  69. Millennial seeking a new home: for rent, crime, safe area
  70. Where in the U.S. would you choose to live?: buying a home, buying
  71. The significance of counties in your state?: school districts, taxes
  72. Poor/Working Class White Culture in Urban Areas: fit in, house
  73. City for extreme sports: acrobatics, climbing, downhill MTB, snowboard: ski resorts, bus
  74. Tech related jobs, decent living and bueatiful nature?: transplants, apartments
  75. Which metro hates its city most?: renting, crime rate, taxes
  76. Future Outlook of the Intermountain West: live, move to, suburbs
  77. Which downtowns have no waterfront setting...& does this irrepressibly harm them?: employment, construction
  78. Our most well preserved historic cities: neighborhoods, living, centers
  79. States similar to Maine and New Hampshire with less snow...: homes, taxes
  80. How did you decide where to live?: mortgage, house
  81. Which city would be best for my relocation?: apartment, neighborhoods
  82. Which City/Suburb should I move to when I graduate ?: rent, low crime
  83. Semi-senior couple looking for Home Sweet Home: real estate, low crime
  84. Is there State comparable to California...: transplants, job market
  85. Staying put due to overcrowding of certain metro's?: fit in, job market
  86. What is the happiest state on CD forums?: home, taxes
  87. In which metros are one storey homes predominant and in which are two storey homes predominant?: houses, neighborhoods
  88. Securing Employment before Moving to a New City: 2013, rent
  89. What is the densest census tract and block in your city?: 2015, neighborhood
  90. What are your feelings toward sterility?: transplants, high school, to live in
  91. College grad 20-something and single young adult havens in the US outside of college towns?: university, living
  92. Which city over 1mil in population is surprisingly cheap to live: apartments, neighborhood
  93. Which large downtown(s) in the US would you like to visit one day before you die?: neighborhoods, live
  94. Where, oh where, can I find mild weather all year?: middle-class, fit in
  95. Classify accents: Midwestern or Southern sounding?: bill, place
  96. Most suburban feeling major cities?: neighborhoods, living in, suburbs
  97. Are Midwestern Germans sort of like latinos in the West?: home, neighborhood
  98. City/State with the least Groupthink: transplants, broker, live
  99. How many people on the City Data forums has been to all 50 states?: population, American
  100. The Mid Atlantic-- what is unique to it as a region?: houses, catholic schools
  101. Largest city with farmland within its boundries.: 2015, neighborhoods
  102. Do others fit wealthy string of suburbs the way Main Line, North Shore do?: homes, neighborhoods
  103. Secessionist Movements in 2017: movies, university, deals
  104. Cities on or near state borders that aren't that similar to the other state: sales, college
  105. Identifying: Liberal, conservative, middle-ground cities: suburbs, rankings, metro area
  106. Has t affected the population of an American Majorcity like Katrina did?: 2014, insurance
  107. Where does St. Paul rank in midwest cities?: crime, college
  108. Best City with 4 Full Seasons?: to live in, rated, requirements
  109. Living near family vs living in a more ideal location: rent, condo
  110. Next Detroit: neighborhood, bankruptcy, stadiums
  111. Are people encouraged to show loyalty to their city or state?: home, construction
  112. Best areas for FRIENDLY, CONSIDERATE people who don't smoke?: chapel, mobile home
  113. Philly in the past, DC always: other but 2 that had height restrictions?: 2015, city hall
  114. Major Cities Hit Hardest by the Opioid Epidemic?: place, top 10
  115. What City weight class are you most with?: university, living in
  116. Affordable small towns with nature: 2013, rent, condo
  117. What city best sums up America of today?: middle-class, houses
  118. Not weather, what are affordable US metros (and cities) that offer resouces and a high quality of life?: price, safe
  119. 26 y/o looking to have fun, enjoy life, find his tribe, and have a memorable 20s, good cities?: fit in, transplants
  120. Which cities should I be: crime rates, unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  121. Michigan or Massachusetts beaches?: beach, horse, best
  122. Starting over with no clue where to go: 2015, apartment
  123. Which city for a 21yo gay guy?: rent, crime
  124. What is considered expensive?: sales, apartments, for rent
  125. Best real true mountain towns in the west: to rent, crime
  126. Most affordable vibrant/walkable area with great Asian food: 2015, rentals
  127. What states come to mind when you picture the quintessential National Forests?: movies, camping
  128. Where's the 'perfect' place for me?: house, neighborhoods, buy
  129. Prototypical cities for each region: homes, housing, discounts
  130. The 25 best cities in the US for people under 35: 2014, living
  131. Town w/nice newer parks, pool/splash pad, house under 300K: HOA, houses
  132. Which U.S. cities are doing the most to combat climate change?: 2015, loan
  133. Best affordable towns or cities for family in entry-level tech job: renting, chapel
  134. Which city and/or state are you most nostalgic for?: high crime, houses
  135. The state with the most... people is?: home, live
  136. American cities and sports culture: bankrupt, law school, universities
  137. What is the best mountain state for a skiing hermit?: ski resort, condo
  138. Best Southern city for boating, hunting and fishing: best city, neighborhood
  139. Can the AVERAGE Midwesterner fit in better in the Northeast or the South?: home, living in
  140. Like Phoenix, but with less hellish weather?: crime, how much
  141. Melting pot /pluralistic neighborhoods/sections: apartments, lofts
  142. Relocating from CA... (is there a better state to relocate to?): apartment, crime
  143. When you think of Las Vegas you think.....: 2014, crime
  144. Largest cities in your state by decade.: 2015, military
  145. ideas on where to go: sales, construction, high school
  146. Coolest OFFICIAL city neighborhood names?: real estate, neighborhoods, estate
  147. Which city for broke as a joke young lady?: salon, real estate
  148. How Long to Adapt to New State?: home, find a job
  149. I'm Sorry: live in, congested, deal
  150. Where to Move - Traveling IT Consultant with Kids - Atlanta/Philadelphia/NJ/Dallas with Indian community presence: best city, apartment
  151. Combine the traits of your favorite cities:: neighborhoods, costs
  152. NYC-Philly CSA merger: 2013, how much, stats
  153. Where are the Boulder, Ashevilles, progressive cities of tomorrow?: college, to live
  154. Quaint Urbanity vs. Grand Urbanity: to live, floors, title
  155. What is considered a low paying job?: 2015, apartment
  156. What are the most urban & urbane suburbs in the US?: restaurants, beach
  157. Common Wildlife in your area?: neighborhood, to buy, scorpions
  158. What regional accent does this person have?: island, courses
  159. Why most white-asian couples are white men asian female?: statistics, roaches
  160. Is rural culture different in parts of the USA ?: fit in, transplants
  161. Cities for very tight budget?: real estate, apartments, rental
  162. Best city for no car: employment, neighborhoods, buying
  163. Looking for someplace without 300 days of sunshine per year: income, income tax
  164. Places Out West: crime, living, price
  165. Looking for a nice progressive environment in the states.: appointed, crime
  166. What Draws Young People/People in General to Cities?: cul-de-sac, fit in
  167. Where should I move? Leaving Dallas, TX (I'm into electronic music, nightlife, being active, left-leaning politically): rent, student loan
  168. Two NY Teachers Looking for Liberal, Educated, Health-Conscious, Vibrant, Sunny Community: townhomes, employment
  169. Housing Affordability versus Net Domestic Migration: 2015, living, prices
  170. yearning for a new place to live--where to move from NJ?: apartments, hotels
  171. Wanting to leave ATL which state is best? (Nevada, Arizona, California, Florida): apartments, rent
  172. Why do western cities tend to have very low homicide rates compared to Midwestern and Southern cities: 2015, violent crime
  173. What is the best college city?: chapel, co-op, schools
  174. Big Cities with little to no gentrification: crime, homes
  175. Questioning why I live in a big city: apartment, rent
  176. What is the best suburb in North America?: best suburbs, homes
  177. Which state do you think has the best reputation abroad and which has the the worse: friendly, cities
  178. What are the current and upcoming temps in your city?: county, average
  179. Which region in the USA is most similar to Orange County, CA?: transplants, garden
  180. Mid-sized cities with strong artistic community? ( Smaller Los Angeles ): for sale, 2015
  181. What is too big to be a college town?: chapel, schools
  182. Southern Relocation: chapel, how much, transfer
  183. Least lopsided MSAS: home, gated communities, median income
  184. Are The Top 20 Running Routes In The United States: loans, university
  185. Why do people see American Indians as black?: best, privacy
  186. Most underrated cities to visit: versus, vacation, park
  187. European American movment trends.: transplants, 2014, to live in
  188. Why do Nevada and Arizona have a reputation for hot and dry summer when most of the state has a moderate summer.: motel, live in
  189. European Immigrant Communities in the US: beach, island, population
  190. What book do you recommend to know all the states?: parks, cities
  191. Where To Move-Artsy Town in Warm Climate: living in, shop
  192. Which cities have mild 4 seasons, low humidity and no mosquitos or bugs?: unemployment rate, neighborhoods
  193. Midwestern city with best weather: suite, cities, location
  194. who decided to change careers or fields?: home, job market
  195. Trees in Eastern U.S. Head West as Climate Changes: interest
  196. Shortage of home repair contractors in your area?: real estate, housing market
  197. Where Should I Move? I'm Open To ALL Ideas!: credit, college
  198. Best Cities for High School Graduates: community college, living, cost of living
  199. Most accommodating American cities for the disabled: house, school
  200. Nyc boy: low crime, home, tax