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  1. Fall Weekend Getaway: rent, organic, to live in
  2. What are other cities in the USA that resemble The Woodlands in Texas?: low crime
  3. What city is the most urban ? More in desc: best city
  4. What State do you think my wife and I would enjoy living in?: sales
  5. looking to start over fresh: transplants, apartments, rental
  6. Gritty urban neighborhoods/cities in the North: suburban, title
  7. A M29 looking for a better future in the US: fit in, sales
  8. Best state in the Appalachian/Ozark regions to buy a larger acreage?: property taxes
  9. What city compares with Miami Beach?: living, to move, nightlife
  10. describe Puerto Rico - by analogy to other US states or cities: hotels
  11. If your family moved across the country, would you move with them?: 2015
  12. Nashville and Dallas: to rent, cheap home, buy
  13. CA to MA - Is Winter Clothing Cheaper in States?: for sale, to buy
  14. What is Your City's Theoretical Maximum Population?: fit in, land
  15. Left Southern California? Where did you go? How's it going?: houses, schools
  16. Urban area maps: rain, road, training
  17. Towns better than Cornwall NY?: apartment, crime rate, chapel
  18. My one day impressions of cities from DC to Denver: appointed, home
  19. Which city would benefit most from theoretical Hyperloop?: rail, approval
  20. Could you add locations (if to this list of Wild West must see spots?: 2013
  21. Need GOOD number of year-round multi family rental residences for sale-- where below NY?: crime
  22. Looking to move and possibly stay in New England...: to rent, home
  23. Methodology: Low Income Inequality and High Civic Engagement: how much, to live in
  24. Is it to revalidate my studies Is it to revalidate my studies in the USA?: credit
  25. None to little humidity ?: between, parallel, degrees
  26. Best area to live on the East Coast?: low income, apartments
  27. Best Cities/Towns that are Dog Friendly: house, to buy
  28. Names for waterfront areas: beaches, island, county
  29. Looking for the place for me: home, safe neighborhood, university
  30. Population change by generation/state: 2010-2016: live, move to, relocating
  31. Vibrant, outdoorsy small city/town in the Midwest?: homes, university
  32. Interesting abandoned buildings/landmarks/structures/stations/tunnels in your city: apartment, houses
  33. How close is your city to a nuclear power plant?: live, castle
  34. States with the tallest (and shortest) people?: loan, title
  35. Progressive, Young Family looking to move: real estate, 2014, co-op
  36. States rights in the United States: live in, gay, federal
  37. Should I vacation in Portland or Vancouver this winter?: sales, sales tax
  38. Want to move from NW Florida... Where to? Must be good for horses, temperate climate, deent/good affordability,: apartment
  39. Road Trip Christmas / New Years: car rental, rental, hotels
  40. Best cities for jobs in the Dakota's: economy, state
  41. Alternative Retail in Low Income Urban Areas ?: homes, tax
  42. Land area vs total area?: legal, transportation, activity
  43. Areas of the country susceptible to automation: metro area, business
  44. What city has the most and the best modernist and otherwise weird residential architecture?: apartment
  45. The top 10 metros with at least 1 million people in terms of pro musicians: offices
  46. Air quality and prevailing winds. Outstanding examples: how much, smog
  47. North-Central Corridor: employment, new construction, college
  48. WA to CA drive soon...stops along the coast in OR and CA?: rental car
  49. Best states/areas for cheap, large acreages?: for sale, real estate
  50. Best States/Cities For Someone With Allergies: places to live, moving
  51. Relocating Teacher /Curriculum instructor: 2013, health insurance, home
  52. Relocation help Needed...: insurance, crime, chapel
  53. Poverty rates for cities with at least 65,000: 2015, condo
  54. what are the most room-finding sites used where you can filter by # of total rooms?: studios
  55. Such a place as this?: rentals, houses, beach
  56. Old City Problems: HOA fees, layoffs, public schools
  57. Which one out the bunch is the most unique: Vermont, Louisiana, New Mexico: architecture, rated
  58. Tokyo Humidity VS the US Humidity. Whichi cities in the US are not humid or not as humid>: neighborhoods, living in
  59. Will small town America ever make a comeback?: contractors, income
  60. What's the artsy-ritzy satellite town of your metro?: college, beach
  61. Cities with non-functional downtowns: apartments, employment, neighborhoods
  62. Advantages of living in a place with little sense of community?: how much, neighborhoods
  63. Would you say many larger and major metros are overrated compared to smaller metros?: how much, neighborhoods
  64. The great U.S. eclipse: school, university, metro
  65. The Western Part of America is less racist than the Midwest, Northeast or South.: 2015, college
  66. Why are Americans of Eastern European descent so invisible ?: 2015, crime
  67. Texas vs South Carolina Target Relocation (Debate): best suburbs, to rent
  68. Does a US City Exist with Culture and No Mosquitoes?: gated, camp
  69. Rate my DREAM fictional climate!!!: real estate, home, live
  70. Does the Texas or Florida coast have hotter summers?: buying, live in
  71. Seeking Heaven on Earth: transplants, 2015, how much
  72. Which major cities have the most interesting suburbs?: credit, house
  73. Did you peek at the sun during the eclipse without the proper protection?: schools, cellphone
  74. Best small city in the southwest: construction jobs, construction, wage
  75. Annual State of Obesity Report: credit, income
  76. Baseball vs American football and sports in the United States .: college, live
  77. Where Will Amazon Build their NEW Headquarters?: sales, real estate
  78. (Updated) Most Geographically Diverse Region of the Following:: rated, best
  79. Criteria I'm looking for in an area to live!: rent, crime rates
  80. Big city lifestyle: apartment, rent, how much
  81. What are USA metros and relatively medium to large cities that are to be on the rise and more prosperous?: college, living
  82. Most geographically diverse section (NOT STATE) of the US?: condo, home
  83. What are the first states to come to mind when you East Coast: houses, elementary school
  84. What's the best fishing state?: homes, find a job, to buy
  85. Do you consider the Gulf coast a real coast ??: vacation home, school
  86. Cost to live in warm climate vs cold climate: apartment, how much
  87. Fayetteville, AR vs Ann Arbor, MI: university, disposal, living in
  88. a with cities: home, tech job, neighborhoods
  89. Cool cities in the Southeast to take a career break in your 30s?: employment, live in
  90. Y/N? Universal Basic Income For the US? $12,000 per adult annually could boost the GDP by $2.5 Trillion: purchase, pros and cons
  91. Which Southwest city would best fit me?: job market, neighborhoods
  92. What geographic directions are specific to your town?: 2013, neighborhoods
  93. What major cities have the largest suburbs?(By population): home, neighborhoods
  94. What cities are downtown, neighborhood, suburban and exurban cities?: houses, neighborhoods
  95. U.S. Cities with the Biggest Concrete Jungle: 2014, how much
  96. Well-Rounded Cities (or cities with well-rounded people): employment, movie theater
  97. The Rust Belt revival.... Positive news: real estate, how much, construction
  98. If you could move your city and place it anywhere within it's state, where would you reposition it?: taxes, stats
  99. 5 (or 10, or whatever) Favorite Pieces of Architecture in Your City: city hall, insurance
  100. Do you still live in the area where you grew up?: home, high school
  101. Which state is better to live in: Arkansas or Michigan?: home, job market
  102. Your Top 5 US States: best city, live, best
  103. Most Important Factors When Deciding Where To Live: low crime, houses
  104. Best city for growth with a nice climate: real estate market, living in
  105. Searching for my ideal city: apartment, to rent, condo
  106. Leaving the Gulf Coast: living, safe, move
  107. North Carolina or Florida?: fit in, schools, university
  108. Does The City I Want To Live In Exist?: low income, real estate
  109. Looking for a new city to call home!: fit in, neighborhoods
  110. Dallas Vs Denver: live in, restaurants, stores
  111. Should I go to Louisville, KY or Philly for Labor Day weekend?: hotel, live
  112. Cities that have different climate conditions from the official airport site: live, suburbs
  113. Most Libertarian metro area?: school, taxes, friendly
  114. Underrated Poor Regions: home, incomes, estimate
  115. cheapest middle of nowhere towns?: homes, employment, neighborhood
  116. Places in America where it is common for people in the 25-35 age range to avoid family life still be in their youth.: best cities, 2013
  117. Moving to the North from the South.: fit in, income
  118. Texas vs FL: transplants, rent, mortgage
  119. Do you feel that identifying as European -American is more prevelant in the Northeast than in the rest of the country?: gated, live in
  120. Gritty urban neighborhoods in the South: bill, cities
  121. Are river cities landlocked?: neighborhoods, vs., statistics
  122. Who lives in a town with no railroad?: house, live in
  123. How many cities have you been to in the last year?: how much, home
  124. Cardiologist wanting to Relocate: health insurance, buying a house, buying
  125. Traffic laws in your state that cause problems for out of state drivers?: home, law
  126. What metropolitan areas and US cities have moderate weather with little to no snow?: college, live
  127. Which US city (and metro) is the most similar to San Diego?: metro area, area
  128. Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC, or Raleigh NC: which is better for tech jobs?: mortgage, buying a home
  129. Manhattan-esque neighborhood/development names: lofts, neighborhoods, to live
  130. Gritty urban neighborhoods in the West: 2014, high crime
  131. What's the tallest building or structure visible within your general area?: apartment, neighborhood
  132. Gentrification, the rich, overdevelopment: cities that have lost their souls: apartments, renter
  133. World Class Hospitals in US?: hotels, university, professionals
  134. where from ?: 2013, living, move to
  135. Would it be theoretically to set foot in EVERY state in the lower 48 in the same day? In 48 hours?: construction, airport
  136. What counts as being in a state?: hotel, tornado
  137. MSA: is there a better way: tax, live in, zip codes
  138. Why doesn't Boston have a notable or significant black community like New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago,: homes, school
  139. On The Quest For A Big, Affordable City (And Why Size And Livability Are Common Misnomers!): appointed, real estate
  140. Are there places in the Northeast that have mild summers, little to no snow in winters, and a lot of sunshine?: living, move to
  141. How many Americans tend to holiday/vacation within the USA?: rent, insurance
  142. What is the happiest state on CD forums?: home, taxes
  143. Semi-senior couple looking for Home Sweet Home: real estate, low crime
  144. Is there State comparable to California...: transplants, job market
  145. Staying put due to overcrowding of certain metro's?: fit in, job market
  146. cheap and warm year round: home, safe neighborhoods, university
  147. Canal side cities/communities: RV park, weddings, camping
  148. NYC-DC to be one metro area?: home, to live in, vs.
  149. This Map Shows What People Hate The Most In Each State: universities, earthquakes
  150. COL tech hubs: home, salary, living
  151. List of states and the four most common ways they're described (Google search suggestions): how much, house
  152. What are your top 5 Amusement/Theme Parks in the US?: amusement parks, gardens
  153. For the Great Lakes: does it have a coast or shore: beaches, title
  154. If Your State Could Annex 5 Adjacent Counties, Which Would You Choose?: transplants, home
  155. What's your favorite urban major American city?: casinos, to live
  156. The Cheap Motel Capital of the Universe?: to rent, hotels
  157. Cities secure in their own skin, status: home, compensation
  158. Which major US metro area has the lowest % of Trust Fund Babies?: job market, to live in
  159. Neighborhoods that are like college towns: hotel, university, living
  160. Most beautiful part of your city/view of downtown: 2013, homes
  161. Where millennials are moving to: 2015, renting, student loan
  162. Best weather for each season, choose 4 cities: electricity, humidity
  163. Most Beautiful North American Major City (Natural Scenery): credit, hotel
  164. What is preventing you from moving to find better jobs and improve your situation?: loan, employment
  165. When It Comes to Urban Needs, When is Enough Enough?: how much, job market
  166. Tucson, Denver, ABQ, Jacksonville or...?: rent, chapel, homes
  167. Uncool cities: apartment, unemployment rate, income
  168. What cities do people seem to Love or Hate?: live, shop
  169. Best City in Southwest WITH Grass and Trees: homes, landscaping
  170. Tucson Couple Seeking Summer Destination with Biking and Paddling Opportunities!: 2015, apartment
  171. Cities that are losing their identity: crime rate, movies, taxi driver
  172. Expand my options of where to live: real estate, to rent
  173. Most scenic tech city in the USA with good family lifestyle ?: low crime, technology jobs
  174. The next booming cheap city: transplants, apartment
  175. Finding your ideal place***: low crime, tornadoes, wages
  176. Which major American city has the fastest growing (not necessarily largest) Chinese community?: house, neighborhoods
  177. What is your favorite city or town that has 4 true seasons of weather?: college, live
  178. American Cities and Fandoms: credit, houses, movies
  179. Which states have the fewest big rigs / 18 wheelers?: live, stores
  180. Cheap cities to live with no car: apartments, rentals
  181. Moderately Conservative areas with lots of well educated immigrants from many different countries: restaurants, suburbs
  182. BEARS??? Aaaarrrggghhh! What states have them?: houses, live in, food
  183. Denonyms of North American cities: live in, ranked, places
  184. Ewww big cities: living in, legal, homeless
  185. Places not part of where they are: neighborhood, bus
  186. West coast climate influence on health: living in, vs, stats
  187. Place names that don't sound like they look....: live, vs
  188. Why do Nebraska's major cities have so few homicides compared to other Midwestern cities?: 2015, neighborhood
  189. Cities with Ironic Names: real estate, neighborhoods, high school
  190. Fastest Growing Cities Across the United States: apartment complexes, foreclosures
  191. East coasters who want to move west?: appointed, transplants
  192. Driving from LA to SLC: car, business, good
  193. Do you use Scoop, Waze Carpool or Zimride to get to work?: live
  194. Homogeneous native population to transplant ration what city gets it right?: transplants, cities
  195. Why the 2020 Census might be in jeopardy: homes, money
  196. How to display flags on desktop?: American, center, state
  197. Carfree zones: should
  198. Which perfumes ranked the highest in each state: how much, Sunday
  199. CSV files of ZIP Codes: real estate, foreclosure, houses
  200. family home movies/videos from the 1980's-2000's taken at your house: apartment