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  3. Receiving a shotgun through an FFL: drivers license, buying, name, story - Other Topics
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  9. Something for Halloween. - Other Topics
  10. Do you sometimes find it to difficult?: wife, people, life - Other Topics
  11. Who is your favorite Meerkat.: kids, neighbors, people, life - Other Topics
  12. Out Of Ideas?: people, movies, first - Other Topics
  13. Ready to laugh you ass off. - Other Topics
  14. What is your.............. - Other Topics
  15. Hallowed Haunting Grounds: name, first - Other Topics
  16. Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity: woman, kids, check - Other Topics
  17. Stress Pig: kids, computer, people, great - Other Topics
  18. Answers on science tests................: free, body, life - Other Topics
  19. Can we fight this battle and win?...we desparately need to!: story, neighborhood - Other Topics
  20. If you're feeling blue.: the best, letter, poem, street - Other Topics
  21. What is your favorite search engine to find people?: the best, name, messages - Other Topics
  22. Time doesnt exist: to buy, beautiful, words, Mobile - Other Topics
  23. Fun things to do on turkey day!: house, relatives, speech - Other Topics
  24. I'm thinking of you Torn: poem, beautiful - Other Topics
  25. As I read s and .......: street, name, home - Other Topics
  26. ...Until It Happens...: daughter, kids, crimes, strange - Other Topics
  27. Dancing funny: 70s, Arizona, Phoenix - Other Topics
  28. Only a Joke, Construction workers.: wife, funny - Other Topics
  29. Do you want a cure from people visiting you to much?: house, home - Other Topics
  30. Long-'dead' husband turns up alive: license, woman, married, open - Other Topics
  31. Is everyone a trickster or what?: buy, ticket, check - Other Topics
  32. Sad day: to live, daughter, pregnant, woman - Other Topics
  33. News, Study Ties Time Shift, Pedestrian Deaths.: kids, school, story - Other Topics
  34. Halloween silliness: license, house, street, wedding - Other Topics
  35. An epic hallway showdown: the best, newspaper, strange, school - Other Topics
  36. Bigfoot in PA?: house, buy, to live, commercial - Other Topics
  37. News, Man In Halloween Costume Mistaken For Corpse.: articles, home, German - Other Topics
  38. Human Tetris II....Game Show in Japan!!! Too Funny!!: costumes, great, price - Other Topics
  39. News: Judge Booted for Flipping Coin to Decide: legal, reputation, boyfriend - Other Topics
  40. : how many, children - Other Topics
  41. News, British Grandma Paraglides From A 760-Meter Peak To Mark Her 100th Birthday.: articles, memories - Other Topics
  42. Turkey: how to, open, people - Other Topics
  43. Stopping Crime: free, how much, cell phone, Walmart - Other Topics
  44. You know you are too old for Halloween when this happens.: cost, senior - Other Topics
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  48. To All My nutty Friends....: free - Other Topics
  49. News, Man's Dumbledore Tattoo Becomes Punchline.: articles, picture, funny - Other Topics
  50. Gullible Relatives we love to tease: house, street, woman, home - Other Topics
  51. News, Fat Squirrel Trapped in Bird Feeder After Overindulging On Peanuts.: articles, name - Other Topics
  52. This is interesting..: how many, strange, birthday, first - Other Topics
  53. Three Guy's.: American, Canada, Canadian - Other Topics
  54. Never a Drunk.: woman, check, Maine, shopping - Other Topics
  55. Is it just me or does it seem like there are a lot of really negative people now-a-days?: free, house - Other Topics
  56. too funny: living in, wedding, married, sleeping - Other Topics
  57. Holy mackerel!: county, friends - Other Topics
  58. Christmas cards to CD members?: house, cell phone, check, home - Other Topics
  59. Is there reason why they can't just...: house, check, life - Other Topics
  60. Daddy Test: daughter - Other Topics
  61. Read this and help me pass Administrator: check - Other Topics
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  63. Crazy Law Quiz - Other Topics
  64. German Water Bridge-Over a River!: free, city, Delaware, great - Other Topics
  65. Knowing my luck.....: ticket, boyfriend, story, food - Other Topics
  66. Just a little Crazy :D: phone - Other Topics
  67. Is it Demographics or the Working Sorority: daughter, women, high school - Other Topics
  68. Weird family news, Woman Allegedly Drives With Hubby on Car.: county, strange - Other Topics
  69. Social Security.: driver's license, woman, home, shirt - Other Topics
  70. Very Funny Commercials..: house, the best, boyfriend, picture - Other Topics
  71. If you were born 1960-65...: city, people, problem - Other Topics
  72. Something to think about: free, ideas, how much, phone - Other Topics
  73. Never again!: house, famous, boyfriend, kids - Other Topics
  74. Nursing: check, school, money, great - Other Topics
  75. Turning 21, 40...What's it all about, Alfie?: children, baby, life, food - Other Topics
  76. Are you on the LIST?: phone, post office, postage, companies - Other Topics
  77. The Lone Ranger and Tonto: beautiful - Other Topics
  78. For The Day...... - Other Topics
  79. Funny burglar. (again): check, Fort Lauderdale, great - Other Topics
  80. Picture Of My Pride and Joy: American, words, San Diego, Texas - Other Topics
  81. You know your getting old when this happens.: buying, women, home - Other Topics
  82. Dear old Grandma :): the best, daughter, letter, sticker - Other Topics
  83. Jokes to make your day happier: cost, phone, letter, name - Other Topics
  84. Bumper Stickers: accident, women, kids, how to - Other Topics
  85. I need holiday smileys: how many, picture, pictures - Other Topics
  86. You might be a CD addict if:: house, phone, name - Other Topics
  87. I can't hear you .....: phone, daughter, wife, kids - Other Topics
  88. Whose mug is this?: ideas, name, crime, fun - Other Topics
  89. Need help for locations that help needy families: house, the best, how much - Other Topics
  90. Neologisms.. ?: driver, how much, military, wife - Other Topics
  91. Dealing With Anger: the best, people, problem - Other Topics
  92. When is it to say Oh Crap: ticket, bridge, picture - Other Topics
  93. where were you born?: zip code, home, Chicago, Nebraska - Other Topics
  94. Bad day.....: driver, great, funny - Other Topics
  95. Aksarben has asked before...Your fav thing about fall?: the best, bridge, average - Other Topics
  96. Naming the city for the Creative Mind: name, home, topics - Other Topics
  97. Someone explain this phenom: house, embarrassing, fun, crazy - Other Topics
  98. Smartest Member: the best, beautiful, life - Other Topics
  99. How are smoking bans affecting the bar scene?: cost, buy - Other Topics
  100. Slang words from your generation: kids, friends, crazy - Other Topics
  101. give me ideas...I am not creative!!!: embarrassing, how to, money - Other Topics
  102. Curious- how well do you know your mailman?: house, to live, letter - Other Topics
  103. Majesty: the best, letter, check, school - Other Topics
  104. I was just ;-0 Who is your.....: the best, to live, kids - Other Topics
  105. Christmas tree, oh, Chrstimas tree!: free, house, buy, scene - Other Topics
  106. 42 odd facts you may not know.: how many, phone, letter, legal - Other Topics
  107. Thanksgiving traditions: house, the best, buy, daughter - Other Topics
  108. It never fails: driver, buy, phone, check - Other Topics
  109. Would it bother you living across the street/next door to/behind a cemetery??: housing, buy - Other Topics
  110. Poll, do you have a female or male supervisor?: quotes, woman, kids - Other Topics
  111. Weird Words: military, strange, home, great - Other Topics
  112. house guest and manners: best, buy, places, name - Other Topics
  113. Poll: Are You Going To Send Christmas Cards This Year?: buy, relatives - Other Topics
  114. KARMA ~ or is it somehting: name, people, life, interesting - Other Topics
  115. when and how much for outside holiday decorations: houses, to buy, scene - Other Topics
  116. What Do You Love About Tha North?: actors, how to, school - Other Topics
  117. How much do you like your fire place?: houses, temperature, kids - Other Topics
  118. Static Electricity and winter: house, get out of, wife, home - Other Topics
  119. How do you feel about Halloween?: cost, phone, daughter, kids - Other Topics
  120. Ohhhh ... to be a kid again!: free, buy, sidewalk, street - Other Topics
  121. How come people do the things they do: house, buy, street - Other Topics
  122. LOL Help !! I have no idea what to suggest: house, the best, buy - Other Topics
  123. Tips on how to make money in bad times!: cost, free, houses - Other Topics
  124. Very important about TOILET PAPER ROLL: house, family, life - Other Topics
  125. Arctic Kitten's Alaskan Adventure: house, the best, how much, phone - Other Topics
  126. Another Blond Joke.. :): free, phone, accident, Walmart - Other Topics
  127. Can't get my wedding ring off!: best, weight loss, how to, school - Other Topics
  128. Internet scams, what can you do about them?: free, best, how many - Other Topics
  129. Weird Things You Would Never Know!: house, phone, pregnant, women - Other Topics
  130. How bout when you were little?: costumes, house, ideas, the best - Other Topics
  131. out there on the old fashioned side in this high-tech world? I'm just a little nostalgic.: cost, house - Other Topics
  132. Are You Happy With....: woman, kids, check, school - Other Topics
  133. Ok! Has heard?: how many, to, home, picture - Other Topics
  134. Help -- need an excuse. LOL: house, ideas, phone, wife - Other Topics
  135. What constitutes a being Other Topics versus Community Chat ?: to buy, senior
  136. SIZE matters ~ and the person who said otherwise was wrong!: cost, buying - Other Topics
  137. SH-H-H I won't tell! Where are you when you're posting?: free, how much - Other Topics
  138. Opinion: Move or Stay: Poll: housing, how much, buy, phone - Other Topics
  139. What personal stuff could you do without?: house, phone, furniture - Other Topics
  140. Is this kind of bust?: license, phone, women, story - Other Topics
  141. SOAP ~ an issue as important as toilet paper over or under!: the best, children - Other Topics
  142. How do you handle Telemarketers?: house, to buy, cell phone, companies - Other Topics
  143. What's the BEST/WORST thing you ever did on Halloween?: cost, houses - Other Topics
  144. Nosy Neighbors?: cost, house, best, how much - Other Topics
  145. To carve a pumpkin: great, funny, photos - Other Topics
  146. Leaving for Vacation - WHO KNEW?????: free, best, street, wedding - Other Topics
  147. Let's Think Back: phone, names, school, home - Other Topics
  148. Wish me luck...: the best, people, first - Other Topics
  149. Daylight Savings Time: house, cell phones, appliance, places - Other Topics
  150. Your Personality.......Which Of Best Describe You?: driver, cell phone, employee - Other Topics
  151. Almost the weekend!: wedding, home, fun, Florida - Other Topics
  152. Do you feel guilty after passing someone on a: how many, average, neighborhood - Other Topics
  153. What Do You Do For Fun?: things to do, buy, phone, homemade - Other Topics
  154. Its that time again...........: cost, embarrassing, name, messages - Other Topics
  155. Southern Signs - Are You a Possum or a Moon Pie?: best, home - Other Topics
  156. Quiz - 'All In The Family' Quiz IV: how much, actor, fun - Other Topics
  157. Out of the mouth of babes: house, buy, daughter, name - Other Topics
  158. Stupid things family members have said.: cost, name, wife, high school - Other Topics
  159. I I had it all together....: buy, wife, kids - Other Topics
  160. Quiz - 'The Jeffersons' Trivia.: Washington - Other Topics
  161. What if you stumbled on the wrong site?: house, the best, elementary - Other Topics
  162. Sending prayers to California: name, school, 80's, open - Other Topics
  163. Halloween candy!: house, to buy, companies, girls - Other Topics
  164. What can Santa get you for Christmas this year little CDF peeps????: house, home - Other Topics
  165. Joke, Things to do at Wal-Mart...: cost, house, employee, Walmart - Other Topics
  166. Would you wear dead peoples clothes?: buy, strange, beautiful, story - Other Topics
  167. If You Could've Been Born...: legal, kids, school, 80's - Other Topics
  168. Gift Cards vs presents for Xmas: cost, the best, to buy - Other Topics
  169. Are you a Bubba ?: names, school, baby, Mississippi - Other Topics
  170. Most embarrassing moment...: daughter, name, home, story - Other Topics
  171. The Mans rules: best, phone, commercial, woman - Other Topics
  172. Funny Youtube video....: daughter, kids, people, words - Other Topics
  173. If They Could Put A Man On The Moon .: kids, check - Other Topics
  174. Ring....ring...I'm busy! Do you answer your cell phone?: driver, cell phones - Other Topics
  175. about who to tip?: house, how much, legal, furniture - Other Topics
  176. What should I dress up as for Halloween?: costumes, ideas, buying - Other Topics
  177. Can someone translate this into Spanish for me?: house, name, San Diego - Other Topics
  178. Is there a trick to Smiley Central...: best, name, kids - Other Topics
  179. News: UGA Asks Stadium Fans Not to Flush - Other Topics
  180. News: Media Lawyers Challenge Judge's Contempt Ruling, Decorum Order: city, Salt Lake City, first - Other Topics
  181. Jokes, Do you like cell phones? I'd Better Hang-Up Now. - Other Topics
  182. Play Rosie O'Donnell Vs. Donald Trump Fighting Game. - Other Topics
  183. Grandma in court: women, people, first, problem - Other Topics
  184. In The Beginning!: woman, children, how to, card - Other Topics
  185. Another blonde joke...........: driver, get out of, driving, funny - Other Topics
  186. traveling nurse?: housing, location, school, money - Other Topics
  187. Rebuilding in New Orleans. - Other Topics
  188. The Invitation: how much, to live, poem, children - Other Topics
  189. A Week At The Gym: daughter, get out of, name, high school - Other Topics
  190. A simple fish story: buy, wife, children, American - Other Topics
  191. News, Brass-necked thieves lift doorknobs.: house, street, stealing, crime - Other Topics
  192. Two little boys: kids, first - Other Topics
  193. Weird News, Librarian Wants Haunted Toilet Exorcised.: articles, England - Other Topics
  194. Offbeat News, Man Gets Probation in Pickle Assault.: home, story, problem - Other Topics
  195. Wonder if this man is related to VP Cheney?: license, house, home - Other Topics
  196. News, Would you dig this guy up just for this?: phone, story - Other Topics
  197. OK! Lets try it this way: price - Other Topics
  198. News, Another La. Town Bans Saggy Pants.: street, home, story - Other Topics
  199. News, Disaster Planning: What to Grab in an Emergency.: story, California - Other Topics
  200. News: Boy Killed by Fallen Slide - Other Topics