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  83. Lewis Erskine: records, daughter, find, about - People Search
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  86. looking for... - People Search
  87. lost half brother: picture, sister, old, father - People Search
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  94. Looking for Rick Mihacsi (Thane) - People Search
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  97. Help ? young Finland boy, age 22. lost in Miami: friend, Washington, information - People Search
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  100. Looking for Greg Kunkle Fort Lauderdale Fla.: friend, old, lost - People Search
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  102. WWII Wade T. Brunson: records, street, county, sisters - People Search
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  104. James Baker: children, friend, lost, father - People Search
  105. Brother In Scotland: name, born, mother - People Search
  106. People, help me to find someone from Cuba: children, friend, sister - People Search
  107. West Family from Alton Illinois: children, old, lost, father - People Search
  108. Abandoned Children Of Behm & Volker: picture, daughter, old, father - People Search
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  111. Class of 1987 East Alton Woodriver: phone, neighbor, friends, sisters - People Search
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  115. **Looking for Binghamton birth family~boy born 1926~Handed over at Hornell train station**: baby, child - People Search
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  119. How I can find relative, if I have no information about his present life: children, sister - People Search
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  121. people search in north charleston: South Carolina, looking for, how to find, UK
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  127. Searching: looking for - People Search
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  129. to michelle: name, member, where, information - People Search
  130. The Nick Family...: father, name, Detroit, mother - People Search
  131. Class of 1987 20th Reunion Greene, NY: member, New York, information, members - People Search
  132. Were you a yellow cab driver 25 years ago?: baby, children, old - People Search
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  134. rmation: daughter, sister, father, name - People Search
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  136. Houston Mississippi: telephone, about - People Search
  137. Janet Behm Family: daughter, Michigan, Louisiana, Pennsylvania - People Search
  138. Looking for Lanny Vickery/Vickrey: last name, CA, area, information - People Search
  139. Eacker, Whybark and Warner Family Reunion...: photograph - People Search
  140. Looking for Christine Folley from Temecula !: information - People Search
  141. Behm Family: children, dad, Michigan, where - People Search
  142. minnie moore originally from Georgia: Columbus, about, age - People Search
  143. Paul Anderson: Georgia - People Search
  144. Looking For Stuart Stu Hill Of Prescott, Az.: street, name - People Search
  145. kinfolks reunion: location, street, lost, grandparents - People Search
  146. Missing brother: sister, Georgia, trying to find, state - People Search
  147. Mark are you out there?: friend, high school, where, Ohio - People Search
  148. I am looking for a Jackie Reed that served with my father Jerry Leach in the 103rd infantry Pennsylvania 1960's: street, friends - People Search
  149. Search Family Lieutenant John G. WELLER: Illinois - People Search
  150. I'm looking for Christine Folley - People Search
  151. Searching for Benard L Lawrence: daughter, name, co, Texas - People Search
  152. John Gorman, Bronx, NY: records, street, friends, name - People Search
  153. christopher or craig anderson: father, last name, looking for, about - People Search
  154. Looking for Phil Malowe, Fairmont W.V.: name - People Search
  155. Trying to contact Chris Kaberlein in Lake Stevens Washington: brother, area - People Search
  156. Looking for friends in Woodbridge,Va.: daughter, lost, information, about - People Search
  157. Travis, Nae Nae, Alvie in Oklahoma: contact - People Search
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  159. Brevard, North Carolina: lost, San Diego, san diego, where - People Search
  160. looking for: old, name, address, New York - People Search
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  165. Searching for Frank Reed: daughter, old, last name, New York - People Search
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  171. help find Evanston man from long ago: old, name, member - People Search
  172. Searching for birthfather who doesn't know: old, name, adoption, Illinois - People Search
  173. Stroud family, Griffin, GA: father, locate - People Search
  174. sylvia villarreal: village, sister, name, San Antonio - People Search
  175. Looking for family member with the last name of Jackinic (sp?) who had relatives in Pittsburgh: father, brother - People Search
  176. St. Louis, MO Adoptee Search: child, father, last name, birth - People Search
  177. Trying to find Tod Tackes: name, address, Anchorage, brother - People Search
  178. Pat Conelly?: friends, Nevada, looking for, find - People Search
  179. body help my !: sister, family, mother, Pittsburgh - People Search
  180. Pilger Family where are you?: children, father, name, Germany - People Search
  181. Leroy M. Mc Knight WW2: relatives, adopted, Alabama, Netherland - People Search
  182. help me find Jeff: name, area, looking for, area - People Search
  183. from dundee,scotland: family, looking for - People Search
  184. information of someone who lives in Bossier City or: children, daughters - People Search
  185. Leroy M. Mc Knight WW2: relatives, adopted, Netherland, Atlanta - People Search
  186. Looking for 'Ray' - Lowell/Dracut: old, last name, living - People Search
  187. Barnhill Family: father, mother - People Search
  188. Raymond Anthony Miller WW2: relatives, adopted, Netherland, looking for - People Search
  189. Looking for Allen Barrett from wisconsin: friend, high school, where, Alaska - People Search
  190. searching for lost friend: name, trying to find, about, born - People Search
  191. Looking for MARILENA and CHRISTOS ECONOMIDIS from GREECE: phone, street, friends - People Search
  192. Long lost friend....: name, Illinois, where, locate - People Search
  193. Looking For Godparent: name, searching - People Search
  194. Pauline Baker - Alton Illinois: friend, sisters, Ohio, family - People Search
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  196. Looking for MATTHEW SMITH from LONDON, GB: photography, friend, lost - People Search
  197. looking for my holiday love: lost, name - People Search
  198. Reginald G. Hayter age 46yr: friend, old, name, searching - People Search
  199. Looking for Angela Zendejas-Soto from San Antonio, Tx: living - People Search
  200. looking for Carl Rhue: trying to find - People Search