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  11. Louisiana roots--Looking for Waggoner, Waggaman, Varnado: father, last name, Mississippi, area - People Search
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  13. MARSHA STROUD--Charlotte/Mocksville, NC: records, old, house, brother - People Search
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  15. Sibling: child, sister, old, father - People Search
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  20. Allen Hix--Charlotte, NC: phone, neighbor, old, name - People Search
  21. I was put up for adoption in 1967: baby, child, father - People Search
  22. Looking for Old Friend: location, daughter, lost, name - People Search
  23. Looking for relatives I've never met: children, sisters, old, father - People Search
  24. Wendy Edelman - Texas: phone, photo, searches, friends - People Search
  25. Margot Patricia Shields (Batchelder): lost, last name, member, Connecticut - People Search
  26. Looking for Kay or Kaye Sperry (maiden name) of SLC, Utah: picture, friends - People Search
  27. Searching for others: searches, name, missing - People Search
  28. Mark Rotella - Texas about 40yrs old: phone, searches, friend - People Search
  29. Frankie Rich - Old Friend where are you?? Remember Drema!!!: records, name - People Search
  30. Vonnie Brogdon from ?Mocksville? - Are you our there??: record, friend, last name - People Search
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  32. Zamora familyand friends look inside: county, sister, father, name - People Search
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  35. Looking for a friend: phone, old, lost, name - People Search
  36. Looking for David G. Hines: record, phone, name, birth - People Search
  37. DENNIS from Hamburg Germany that I am looking 4: friends, sister, name - People Search
  38. locating a long lost rugby buddy, Greg Teliczan, Grand Rapids MI: records, name - People Search
  39. looking for my best friend who came with a green card last year, pliz help me: street, old - People Search
  40. looking for 1/2 sis-we share the same dad-milton pittman: sister, father, name - People Search
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  49. Looking for biological father from 1944: birth certificate, records, child, names - People Search
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  52. How do i find an old friend living in utah: name, New Zealand - People Search
  53. Looking for my cousins (Brandt)- Sauvie Island/Portland, OR: daughter, sister - People Search
  54. Sandra Gardner, reporter NYTimes NJ section in 1981: records, places, phone - People Search
  55. URGENT searching for sister Uta Ringer in Furth Germany: baby, children, daughter - People Search
  56. Another how to: children, searches, name, member - People Search
  57. Morganton, North Carolina: friends, old, lost, last name - People Search
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  60. 'Alice allen': daughters, name, address, obituary - People Search
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  64. looking for someone in florida ?: records, phone, friends, old - People Search
  65. know Parsons in Arizona?: photo, searching, background - People Search
  66. Searching for my biological father ...Seattle area: birth certificate, friends, names - People Search
  67. Looking for john echhard: searches, old, names, relatives - People Search
  68. Looking for my brothers Gary, Tooter, Jan Williams.: picture, friend, daughter - People Search
  69. People Search Sites: addresses, person, looking for, information
  70. Looking for my Father: phone, searches, roommates, names - People Search
  71. Seeking information about a death: records, phone, friend, daughter - People Search
  72. Looking for Ms. Mackey's class: friends, dad, name, Nebraska - People Search
  73. Family De Maria/Siciliano/La Montagna: old, father, where, America - People Search
  74. need help to find my father: Canada, country, information, about - People Search
  75. Looking for Jeffery: zip code, phone, friend, old - People Search
  76. Looking for family from MN: records, street, old, names - People Search
  77. Looking for James (Jim) Wetherton: birth certificate, record, daughter, old - People Search
  78. Dougherty Family...Watertown, TN?: lookup, children, father, last name - People Search
  79. Searching for Faye in Cary, N.C.!!: street, friend, sister - People Search
  80. Seeking Mary O'herron in bellingham washington: photos, friend, lost, Michigan - People Search
  81. I'm looking for Debbie Warcup: friend, sister, dad, member - People Search
  82. Looking for David Wallace: county, names, relatives, member - People Search
  83. candy schooler: name, birth, addresses, North Carolina - People Search
  84. I need contact information for a person: zip code, phone, name - People Search
  85. Looking for a childhood friend: friends, sisters, old, names - People Search
  86. A for the Searcher's: records, places, searches, names - People Search
  87. Searching for Kenneth Jacob Fowler from Sea-Tac area: baby, picture, lost - People Search
  88. looking for an old friend: roommates, names, relatives, Virginia - People Search
  89. Looking for the correct Larry Morgan: places, children, friend, old - People Search
  90. 50 year old mystery: history, blog - People Search
  91. james JT thomas formerly lived in Oak Cliff: neighbor, sisters, names - People Search
  92. looking for friend Carol Abernathy: records, friends, old, name - People Search
  93. life long search: friends, dad, names, brother - People Search
  94. looking for shyvonne davis: old, person, USA - People Search
  95. Looking for JIM MARTIN, US Army Vet: picture, friend, member - People Search
  96. I dont know how you people do it, but I'm looking for two women: children, friend - People Search
  97. Looking for Rick Davis: daughter, old, father, names - People Search
  98. Looking for Biological Mother: location, children, picture, daughters - People Search
  99. Pamela Virginia Sneed: record, picture, friends, daughter - People Search
  100. searching for a steve spruge from colorado.: searches, sisters, father - People Search
  101. gregory arthur cervantes: birth certificate, record, phone, father - People Search
  102. Rick Price from USS Independence(1978) and from Kentucky: birth certificate, record, phone - People Search
  103. Im am burt & minie cox's grand-daughter - Richard Allen Cox, Springfield Missouri: sisters, names - People Search
  104. Travis Kolari former USMC: record, street, children, county - People Search
  105. Lookin For Dominic Angelo Scolaro: phone, neighbor, daughters, father - People Search
  106. help me if you can ?: name, birth, Mississippi, information - People Search
  107. Al foisotte .....where is he?: sisters, old, lost, father - People Search
  108. looking for my birthson: father, last name, adopted, address - People Search
  109. betty mullin: children, names, member, where - People Search
  110. Neighbor Looking for old Friend from New Jersey: record, county, name - People Search
  111. Alethea Hall: friend, old, names, birth - People Search
  112. Guidelines: lost, name, address, persons - People Search
  113. Looking for my cousin....: name, where, cemetery, Texas - People Search
  114. Looking for sister born 1975 or 1976 in Florida: records, county, searches - People Search
  115. Searching for my childhood friend Maureen Kelly: phone, sister, names - People Search
  116. Stanley Guiberson, from Newark, Dela and later Atlanta.: friend, sister, name - People Search
  117. Looking for daddy of my 27 year old daughter: child, father, name - People Search
  118. Searching:Dan Davis, in CA, 55-65yrs?: record, children, sister - People Search
  119. advice needed for big search: last name, relatives, looking for, about - People Search
  120. Looking for birthmother, born 7/21/1979: places, adoptee, baby, father - People Search
  121. Long Lost Cousin Gaymond Davies: genealogy, records, names, birth - People Search
  122. help me find my dear friend Matt!: phone, lost, last name - People Search
  123. Looking for an old friend in the Greater Boston area (Woburn): daughter, lost - People Search
  124. Looking for Candy (Candace) Leigh Warren: friend, lost, last name, birth - People Search
  125. Looking For Shaub Isse!: friend, lost, names, Minnesota - People Search
  126. help me find Mona: phone, names, birth, Cincinnati - People Search
  127. Adopted: Looking for the last name Simms: sisters, father, birth - People Search
  128. looking for my mum Helen Stevenson (Colleen Johnson): records, phone, daughter - People Search
  129. Herbert Pracejus, Las Vegas: street, county, picture, lost - People Search
  130. Bruce, Brent, Dianne, Mona - Shingle Springs - California - Norway calling: lookup, records - People Search
  131. Looking for my half sister: places, children, father, member - People Search
  132. Where are Jenn and Nina?: zip code, children, county, daughter - People Search
  133. looking for sisters Half Brother Walter L. Demarre: location, phone, father - People Search
  134. my old freind Suban: telephone, neighbor, friend, lost - People Search
  135. Looking for my uncle Rodolfo A Hernandez last seen in Los Angeles,California: photos, names - People Search
  136. Washington College Academy: genealogy, county, photos, friend - People Search
  137. looking for Burkowski (Burke) family: location, records, phone, street - People Search
  138. Looking for Wayne Mungia (father): records, phone, children, daughters - People Search
  139. Geneology mystery - Elizabeth Kellner Towne: genealogy, records, phone, street - People Search
  140. Need help finding my mom...: phone, child, old, lost - People Search
  141. Looking for my father: Tri-Cities WA area: street, children, sisters - People Search
  142. Looking for family member in FLORIDA: zip code, location, phone, friends - People Search
  143. Looking for Michele Peltier...: lookup, records, phone, street - People Search
  144. Looking for my father in North Carolina: records, phone, street - People Search
  145. Trying to find if someone has a criminal record.: lookup, records, picture - People Search
  146. DEVANTE SWING of jodeci (moved from L.A. forum): phone, street, father - People Search
  147. turo gatto missing friend.: lost, names, member, where - People Search
  148. Jonathon and Jessica Smalley: birth certificate, location, record, phone - People Search
  149. Late 70s early 80's Belle Glade, FL U-Save Produce Mgr. Steve: records, phone - People Search
  150. Grant grace: records, phone, picture, friends - People Search
  151. Looking For 1/2 Siblings Bobby & Debbie Evans: record, phone, children - People Search
  152. FOUND! My half sister. Now how do I tell her?: phone, children - People Search
  153. Finding relatives in Havana Cuba: genealogy, phone, father, last name - People Search
  154. David Berrian died in Florida 1991- know anything?: genealogy, lookup, record - People Search
  155. Trying to Contact my Mother...: location, records, phone, street - People Search
  156. I'm searching relatives in California: father, name, member, address - People Search
  157. How to find someone HELP???: location, phone, baby, friends - People Search
  158. DeQueen looking for family of Vietnam KIA: record, phone, friend - People Search
  159. Searching for my father: location, photos, sister, old - People Search
  160. SEEKING GRANDCHILDREN - Dominick & Jessica: records, county, photo, searches - People Search
  161. Information on Lester & Norma Haverty: records, friends, member, Washington - People Search
  162. Looking for ...last name Faville- Orlando, Fl: records, county, picture - People Search
  163. Searching for Bio Mom Carol Smith, maiden last name of Ward: record, county - People Search
  164. Robert (Bob) Ernst, former USMC viet era: location, children, friend - People Search
  165. seeking Stanley Paccione ... Urgent !!!: phone, county, sister, father - People Search
  166. After 18 Years my Fathers Still no were to be found: places, phone - People Search
  167. I have an address but I need a phone number?: zip code, neighborhood - People Search
  168. Looking for half sister -Mary Mellisa lisa lyons from Georgia: record, phone - People Search
  169. Joel Laws ??? b 1946 Craven County, NC: birth certificate, records, places, picture - People Search
  170. looking for martyn brown: phone, age - People Search
  171. Sterling Banks - from late 60's - Attended Central High School - High Point, NC: friend, old - People Search
  172. Looking for Nicola: Germany, find, about, born - People Search
  173. Seeking descendants of grandfather Kereb Izydor: records, name, find, surname - People Search
  174. lookin for kindergarten pal: last name, NC, Florida, about - People Search
  175. looking for a person in nc: address, North Carolina - People Search
  176. Searching for Dojka family from Germany - People Search
  177. Ken Lambeth from Thomasville NC - Where are YOU?? Remember Drema!: friend, old - People Search
  178. looking for people that worked at the Geriatric Center in Belleville, NJ: places, famous - People Search
  179. I am looking to find my daughters half sibling...: baby, child, county - People Search
  180. Looking for relatives of a Mr. Deforest Grant?: member, New York, brother - People Search
  181. Kjoran Kjoranson: genealogy, name, grandparents, family - People Search
  182. Last name Murray in Denton or Baltimore: children, sister, father - People Search
  183. JEAN WAY (maiden name) school teacher: state, reunion, contact, first - People Search
  184. looking for....: member, family, locate, members - People Search
  185. am looking for my uncle: name, brother, Tennessee, Memphis - People Search
  186. I am looking for my second cousin: phone, county, sister - People Search
  187. Family De Maria/Siciliano/La Montagna: father, America, information, about - People Search
  188. Looking for Anthony Silver, Edmonds, WA area 1978: children, old, father - People Search
  189. searching for shakita wallace in florida miami: old, name, address - People Search
  190. Seeking John & Peggy Beacon (moved from NYC forum): sister, name, member - People Search
  191. Hoober in Washington state: relatives, brother, area - People Search
  192. looking for christine and mark: name, married - People Search
  193. searching for shakita wallace in florida miami: friend, sister, lost - People Search
  194. The Edmonds Family New Oleans LA: father, looking for, information, mother - People Search
  195. Edmonds Family and Hohner Family: father, Mississippi, information, born - People Search
  196. Laura (Edmonds) Holmes-New Orleans La: looking for, information - People Search
  197. Looking for Jennifer Calder from Leeds: phone, friend, sister, lost - People Search
  198. James Hunt & Mary Booher: children, co, family, looking for - People Search
  199. Looking for Debra Perry: name, living, married, area - People Search
  200. Old Friends from PS 247 in Brooklyn, NY: New York, looking for - People Search