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  1. Looking for John Croley from Bainbridge, GA: phone, picture, friends - People Search
  2. Searching for Sharon Naomi Dodd, Melissa Ranfone and Amanda Dodd: daughters, sister - People Search
  3. Finding an old friend from Prattville?: location, picture, sister, last name - People Search
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  5. A Lost Mother (San Bernardino County, CA): phone, baby, sister - People Search
  6. I was adopted in MAY 1969 FROM THE SISTERS OF THE NUNERY: birth, Washington - People Search
  7. Where do I begin my search?: birth certificate, genealogy, location, phone - People Search
  8. How can I find an address?: lost, name, house, person - People Search
  9. Looking for Pamela A Marshall: searches, daughter, old, last name - People Search
  10. Looking for father, Robert or Donald Powell, went by Donnie.: searches, sister - People Search
  11. Birth Family Search in New York City: Stevens (Jewish): birth certificate, records, adoptees - People Search
  12. Neil Kenneth Carr: genealogy, records, phone, county - People Search
  13. help, im looking for my dad..Richard T Allen from Albany, OR: genealogy, phone - People Search
  14. Bonnie Ulrich (North Bend, WA): old, name, obituaries, where - People Search
  15. Verna Tubbs Grew up in KY: sister, old, lost, name - People Search
  16. help me find my father: last name, person, history, California - People Search
  17. Looking for my father: birth certificate, genealogy, phone, county - People Search
  18. Lost friend Stacey V Seaton: old, name, address, high school - People Search
  19. searching for Marvin Spencer: sisters, father, name, birth - People Search
  20. Phillip Chow: location, places, phone, friend - People Search
  21. What should I do now that I know this?: sister, old, member - People Search
  22. Siblings? ?: baby, children, father, names - People Search
  23. looking for children of Paul Joseph Robertson: name, person, Mexico - People Search
  24. Looking for brother adopted in Germany: friend, father, name, birth - People Search
  25. Mr. Moody - Spring City PA social services 60's/70's: county, family - People Search
  26. someone help me find my missing dad!!!: phone, sister, old - People Search
  27. lost friend in Ohio: where, Cleveland, trying to find, state - People Search
  28. Looking For Randy Smalley (biological father): location, phone, county, old - People Search
  29. Is your dad Vukasin Kojic!!??!! I'm your older half sister looking for you!: sisters, name - People Search
  30. Dennis Lindsey Athens Ga: name, address, Eugene - People Search
  31. Harrison A. Hewlett III, Philadelphia, PA years ago: genealogy, phone, friend - People Search
  32. Help finding -William Kane- Pennsylvania: birth certificate, street, sisters, old - People Search
  33. Saugerties, N.Y.- know how to contact Marc? Guttenberg? used to sell used police cars???: where, family - People Search
  34. Allan Kimmerling ?: location, friends, old, names - People Search
  35. looking for jack gill born in lynn ,massachusetts...: address, where, Colorado - People Search
  36. Does know Sixto Rodriguez: Michigan, where, German, trying to find - People Search
  37. James T Sandy / Danna Sandy (Wamsley): phone, baby, photography, sister - People Search
  38. looking for mother Edith Reinhardt: father, name, Germany, NC - People Search
  39. Need help locating people - amount of varies: lost, last name - People Search
  40. Looking for a great friend.: friends, daughters, old, name - People Search
  41. Looking for half-sister-Charlene (sp?) Vincent: location, phone, child, county - People Search
  42. Does know who this woman is?: photos, old, person - People Search
  43. Help solve a family mystery? Sande in Seattle: record, father, names - People Search
  44. How to find marriage: records, county, where, Georgia - People Search
  45. Looking for Carmen Sarsai: father, names, brother, Australia - People Search
  46. Looking for Cheryl Lee Miller who used to live in Aldan Pa. in the 1970's: friends, sister - People Search
  47. maryland Waxter's.. Where are you: daughter, last name, adopted, brother - People Search
  48. Help find my dad?: county, lost, name, Minnesota - People Search
  49. Searching for Dillman Family Members: genealogy, records, street, friend - People Search
  50. William Francis Wolter dob 9 DEC 1946: phone, friend, member, address - People Search
  51. Looking for my mother Nicole Bauer/Koenig: records, last name, birth - People Search
  52. Looking for a David Greenberg: location, phone, friends, old - People Search
  53. vincent magiapone last seen in California in Michigan: friend, last name, letter - People Search
  54. Margarita carrillo: friend, sister, last name, brother - People Search
  55. trying to find father, LARRY RAY JOHNSON, Glasgow Montana 1960's: genealogy, photo - People Search
  56. Friend's father missing in Panama: name, Minnesota, family, looking for - People Search
  57. Looking for my daughters biological Father: friend, last name, high school, where - People Search
  58. Birth family: location, father, name, where - People Search
  59. help on marriage records in North Dakota?: phone, friend, name - People Search
  60. How do I find divorce records in state of California?: names, birth - People Search
  61. Long Lost Siblings (Klass/Lill): phone, sister, father, last name - People Search
  62. Altman descendants - Lehigh Valley, PA: records, children, county, daughters - People Search
  63. Arthur Lee Phillips, birth date 6/23/1946 born Wadesboro, NC: phone, sisters, father - People Search
  64. Looking for my long lost father: last name, birth, brother, America - People Search
  65. Looking for Richard Hill: daughter, sisters, father, name - People Search
  66. Looking for my Brother (Johnny) from Virginia: searches, lost, names - People Search
  67. Hokan or Anita Erickson, 1965, Scranton, PA: friend, sister, where, area - People Search
  68. Nathan Micheal Meyer from Harrisburg, PA: child, searches, addresses, brother - People Search
  69. Looking for my father? (29 Palms/Palm Desert, CA): names, birth, high school - People Search
  70. Robert Earl Runnels: daughter, sisters, father, names - People Search
  71. Searching for father in law in ireland: phone, name, looking for - People Search
  72. In Search of transexual brother: records, phone, searches, friends - People Search
  73. I am looking for my birth father.: name, member, obituary - People Search
  74. Lost penpal: Amy from Smyrna, NY in late 70's: last name, member, high school - People Search
  75. help me find my close friend in NYC :(: records, father, New York City - People Search
  76. Loking for my 5 brothers: picture, sister, old, father - People Search
  77. Looking for long ago friend-played music at Crestview Lounge-Green Top Hill: searches, friends - People Search
  78. Looking for Scott Smith: name, Illinois, Chicago, California - People Search
  79. Trying to find lost friend Josh Barber: phone, friends, father - People Search
  80. Looking for my long lost penpals: names, address, searching, number - People Search
  81. Looking for my biological father!! Can HELP?!: genealogy, records - People Search
  82. Looking for my sister! HELP!: name, relatives, Arizona, where - People Search
  83. looking for relatives of bolton or wilcox: baby, sister, lost - People Search
  84. Looking for Mr. Theaplie P. Cooks (age 61-62): phone, member, Illinois - People Search
  85. Need Help ASAP looking for a relative emergent need: friend, name, Oregon - People Search
  86. searching for long lost Brother: genealogy, phone, street, baby - People Search
  87. use a name in headlines: person - People Search
  88. Searching for long lost Aunt: father, last name, high school, where - People Search
  89. eagerly looking for a chinese immigration called Chengcuiping: record, phone, photo - People Search
  90. Visiting Claysburg in April, 2013 Looking for Lingenfelters: child, name, history - People Search
  91. Looking for Chuck Bennett: name, birth, San Diego, san diego - People Search
  92. Looking for Elisha Powell. Possibly in Raleigh/Durham area: location, phone, children - People Search
  93. trying to find my dad: searches, friend, father, name - People Search
  94. Barbara Morrow: street, children, daughter, sister - People Search
  95. Been searching for 18 years for my paternal father! help!: phone, searches - People Search
  96. Willie Johnson: old, father, name, looking for - People Search
  97. Looking for someone from my childhood - Becky Rawson: child, old, name - People Search
  98. Leo, Michael and Mark Savage: children, Illinois, letter, family - People Search
  99. How do I find a phone number: address, Oregon, looking for - People Search
  100. Looking for my Father. Help!: old, name, person, American - People Search
  101. seekng adam wiegand family---nyc--early 1900: genealogy, records, children, daughters - People Search
  102. Looking for Birth Mother Rebecca Champ Horr: children, father, last name - People Search
  103. i,m looking for my son: adoptee, child, sisters, old - People Search
  104. Vickie George: county, sister, father, name - People Search
  105. Jimmy Devlin.....PA....Florida: Orlando, family, looking for, about - People Search
  106. Looking For Biological Father Help!: birth certificate, places, phone, name - People Search
  107. What happened to Michael Dondero? 1949-1997: phone, children, searches, friends - People Search
  108. laquetta or Angel?: sisters, old, name, birth - People Search
  109. Looking for old friend in Fountain Green Utah.: name, high school, person - People Search
  110. Looking For John Glen Goodman: sister, father, name, birth - People Search
  111. help us find bio father!: birth certificate, record, telephone, county - People Search
  112. Looking for members of Michalowski family: street, lost, American, find - People Search
  113. Looking for Half sister age 21: father, last name, relatives, adopted - People Search
  114. Help me find.Mary Akins: records, friends, old, lost - People Search
  115. Looking for Chaline D. Warren: phone, name, address, California - People Search
  116. Looking for Kelly Loree: lost, names, relatives, address - People Search
  117. help me find billy: location, record, sister, name - People Search
  118. help me find my father: phone, sister, old, lost - People Search
  119. Looking for Siblings in Roanoke Area: baby, children, picture, father - People Search
  120. Looking for my father Jose Manuel Vazquez: birth certificate, baby, photos - People Search
  121. Loooking for Jim Edward Rogers, Donaldson Air Force base, SC: friend, names - People Search
  122. DOB 9/26/74-Birthson Search: records, street, adoptees, county - People Search
  123. Looking for my father. Edward Kemmeter, ny: obituary, New York, where - People Search
  124. looking for old friend in Germany.: children, friends, lost, names - People Search
  125. help me find my half sister Catherine: phone, old, name - People Search
  126. Help Me find my Mom's Biological Father: county, daughter, name - People Search
  127. Looking for Abby Colianni: friends, relatives, Kentucky, where - People Search
  128. help me find my brother Quincy: picture, name, letter - People Search
  129. Looking for my brother Anthony Talbert - Philadelphia, PA: children, old, name - People Search
  130. Carl Anderson, Rockford, Illinois: street, children, old, name - People Search
  131. Looking for John Hampton Bomar III....or relatives of his: phone, daughter - People Search
  132. help me find my biological dad: phone, searches, last name - People Search
  133. searching for someone in ireland: genealogy, location, street, baby - People Search
  134. My grandfather had an affair resulting in a son he never acknowledged. How would one start looking?: birth certificate, genealogy - People Search
  135. Help for a child who lost mother 1998: genealogy, records, children - People Search
  136. Looking for more on my father: phone, neighbor, county - People Search
  137. Searching for My 1/2 Sister's Mother: birth certificate, records, children, photo - People Search
  138. Help me get started: birth certificate, records, buy, telephone - People Search
  139. Trying to find my sons biological father: name, relatives, information - People Search
  140. Looking for Half brother help if you can.: phone, county, picture - People Search
  141. Ellen M Strom`s relatives, Detroit, MI: genealogy, daughters, old - People Search
  142. Looking for John Chactaw Head III of California: genealogy, record, places - People Search
  143. Two brothers from Sweden and their friend: location, children, friends - People Search
  144. trying to locate a lost freind: records, names, member, New York - People Search
  145. In Search of James Lee Koontz II: location, photos, daughter - People Search
  146. Searching for my FATHER again!: records, phones, picture, friends - People Search
  147. Gary Leslie Marks Van Nuys, Ca: birth certificate, records, adoptees, children - People Search
  148. Mirel B. Armstrong - originally from Providence, RI: records, baby, child - People Search
  149. Looking for My Dad :(: birth certificate, phone, picture, friend - People Search
  150. How can I go about finding out someone's cause of death?: genealogy, records - People Search
  151. laurie poole: county, sister, old, last name - People Search
  152. LOOKING FOR ANNIE DONDERO (NJ?) worked for KLM AIRLINES.: phone, children, county - People Search
  153. Need help finding my mother: records, phone, old, father - People Search
  154. im looking for six siblings possibly more.: location, record, places - People Search
  155. Looking for 2 people from Union Beach, New Jersey: street, picture, friends - People Search
  156. Looking For Tommy Rice Age 53: information, about, born, contact - People Search
  157. I am looking for people who knew Frank Sainer! (Olympia, WA): children, Washington - People Search
  158. Looking for Christy from Red Bank TN: friends, daughter, last name - People Search
  159. help me find bio father: county, old, name, where - People Search
  160. Looking to trace a family from South San Gabriel in the 60s/70s/80s: children, picture - People Search
  161. looking for my son,Cleveland ,Atlanta, Dayton,and Toledo: father, name, age - People Search
  162. Searching for: Jose Humberto Sifuentes Macias, once of Chihuahua City, MX. Now would be early 40s.: contact - People Search
  163. Need help finding mother. Chinese/Korean: name, birth, New York, California - People Search
  164. Kenneth Bell Grandview Mo: old, father, looking for, about - People Search
  165. Looking for an old friend from VA: last name, high school, where - People Search
  166. Looking for relatives of Hillard (Hill) E. Edell: address, information, contact - People Search
  167. Searching HEATH relatives in Richmond or near: record, father, name - People Search
  168. Looking for Barretts: children, adopted, about, born - People Search
  169. Daniel Abell- classmate: high school, looking for, information, searching - People Search
  170. looking for my grandfathers family in busenback: sister, name, brother - People Search
  171. Jaree Ullah NYC: friend, old, New York, family - People Search
  172. People Search Adela B Anderson Boise Area: looking for, state, contact
  173. Looking 4 Halm Family, originally of Chicago, IL: father, mother, another state - People Search
  174. Search for desendents Anton and Marie Sipla: friends, relatives, looking for - People Search
  175. Looking for relatives in Boston: child, daughters, sister, father - People Search
  176. help me find my family!!!!!!!: birth, adopted, brother, information - People Search
  177. McCabe family Georgetown: daughter, address, trying to find, son - People Search
  178. Birth Father Rodney Simpson, Canada: records, baby, children, friends - People Search
  179. My lost brother Peter: Canada, Toronto, born, contact - People Search
  180. help me to find a person: phone, picture, friends - People Search
  181. Searching for John (Jack) J. Shepard..St. John's Prep and USAF: friends, sister - People Search
  182. Looking for relatives: sisters, name, where, brother - People Search
  183. Corpus Christi area: friend, old, name, looking for - People Search
  184. Peggy Berry: location, Minnesota, Kentucky, where - People Search
  185. lived in st augustine/anastasia island 20+ yrs: friends, old, looking for - People Search
  186. harwood area: relatives, Washington, USA, looking for - People Search
  187. Looking for Dea Christiano Harris: Texas - People Search
  188. Looking for my 2 brothers in puerto rico: sisters, father, names - People Search
  189. Looking for my Mother in CA, I've only met her twice and my two half sisters: dad, name - People Search
  190. looking for bioligical son date of birth 06/04/1992: father, name, adopted - People Search
  191. Help me find a person, Detroit MI: friend, last name, member - People Search
  192. Billy meyers maryland. where are you?: daughter, old, name, about - People Search
  193. Were you a student at Sam Houston State University in 1960?: father, name - People Search
  194. Looking for birth father.: name, information, about, mother - People Search
  195. Catherine Machi or Bobby Bell in Maryland: sisters, brother, looking for - People Search
  196. Looking for my sister, daughter of Wesley Hampton, Columbus OH: dad, last name - People Search
  197. Looking for lost friend from Italy called Franco Tosi: name, about - People Search
  198. Searching for Dan Nichols of Ft Lauderdale Fl. in July /Aug of 1963: friend, father - People Search
  199. Looking for my biological Grandmother: children, sister, old, name - People Search
  200. Lawson, Miller. Oregon. C.A.: name, relatives, looking for, born - People Search