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  113. looking for: friends, daughter, last name, address - People Search
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  116. Reagan/Bush campaign: phone, searches, friends, member - People Search
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  134. Mary Agnes Seaman, Catonsville, Maryland?: photo, friend, father, member - People Search
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  138. Tips from People Search Helpers :): genealogy, location, records, buy
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  143. Northeastern Pennsylvania, Connie and Pam: friend, old, last name, house - People Search
  144. Research on my mother: records, phone, children, county - People Search
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  147. Looking for WRIGHT Children who may have been left in Washington with an Aunt.: record, county - People Search
  148. Looking for half sister in Germany: baby, father, last name, born - People Search
  149. Looking for my uncle (most likely deceased) or his children in Argentina: name, relatives - People Search
  150. Adrianne Lange MISSING... last seen: HARTFORD CT - People Search
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  161. one know her: village, name - People Search
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  170. KATY Railroad worker Bill a Feb 1948 Texas affair with Freda You have a Daughter: child, brother - People Search
  171. people search: friend, last name, person, Germany
  172. Looking for my Uncle...Salvador Chavo Muņoz: sister, name - People Search
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  183. Kellin from Arizona?: about - People Search
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  189. Clear Lake TX Robert Poole - People Search
  190. MY friend: sisters, name, brother, Germany - People Search
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  193. Linda Dickey, Houston, Texas: looking for - People Search
  194. Hong Kong Penpal.: address, letter - People Search
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