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  1. Biking in CT: Stamford, Milford: buy, live, shops - Connecticut
  2. aware of Comcast deals in Hartford area?: live, costs - Connecticut (CT)
  3. on Hartford city terminology....(east vs west): West Hartford: neighborhoods, nicest - Connecticut (CT)
  4. Baby Shower Location in Fairfield: wedding, restaurants, food - Connecticut (CT)
  5. Moving to CT... Where to Rent??: Hartford, West Hartford: real estate, rentals, house - Connecticut
  6. Railroad Ties and Gravel: Farmington: for sale, live, price - Connecticut (CT)
  7. Recommendations? NY to CT Movers and Realtor: Bristol, Southington: apartment, rent - Connecticut
  8. Glastonbury -Cable bundle recommendations: house, moving to, cheapest - Connecticut (CT)
  9. summer job for j1 student- I need advice: 2014, house - Connecticut (CT)
  10. Veterinarian in Branford or East Haven (or other town)?: Hamden: reviews, charge - Connecticut (CT)
  11. Talk to Me about Installing a Pool: Fairfield, New Canaan: how much, house - Connecticut (CT)
  12. Portico recommendations?: Fairfield, New Canaan, Canaan: how much, house, construction - Connecticut (CT)
  13. Need to rent certified kitchen: Deep River: for rent, home, live in - Connecticut (CT)
  14. best sites for vacation rental in fairfield county: Bridgeport, New Haven: best town, rentals - Connecticut (CT)
  15. Commute from/to E. Hartford: New Haven, West Hartford: apartment complex, rental, condo - Connecticut (CT)
  16. State Irish Fest. North Haven, Today: Hartford, Glastonbury: home, agricultural, pool - Connecticut (CT)
  17. Commuting from Brookfield/Danbury to Stamford: New Haven, Norwalk: real estate, apartments, rentals - Connecticut (CT)
  18. On military orders to Waterbury, CT: Cheshire, Watertown: rental, condos, how much - Connecticut
  19. can help with a plumbing problem and recommend plumber -plainville/bristol/farmington: how much - Connecticut (CT)
  20. Moose Alert In Western CT: Bridgeport, Hartford: law, trains, relocate - Connecticut
  21. Real Estate Attorney Recommendtions near Cheshire CT: Middletown, Bethel: sale, lawyers - Connecticut
  22. Man Vs. Food Nation - New Haven: home, to live - Connecticut (CT)
  23. Lesbian couple looking for housing in small town off 91: Hartford: apartment complexes, rentals - Connecticut (CT)
  24. Small Plane Crashes at Sikorsky Airport: fence, moving, distance - Connecticut (CT)
  25. Topps & Arlens Tunxis Hill Area: Fairfield: how much, home, closing - Connecticut (CT)
  26. Before You Rent That Cute Little Farmington Valley House...: renters, purchase - Connecticut (CT)
  27. CT Paralegals: Hartford: student loan, lawyers, find a job - Connecticut
  28. Looking for good autobody in Fairfield, CT or Westchester, NY: Bridgeport: appointed, price - Connecticut
  29. West Nile Virus 2011: Greenwich: live, mosquito, maps - Connecticut (CT)
  30. Glastonbury physician recommendations desired: Rocky Hill, Somers: home, moving to, health - Connecticut (CT)
  31. 22 Glenbrook, 39 Courtland, or 60-70's Strawberry Hill?: Stamford: apartments, safer - Connecticut (CT)
  32. Stamford/Norwalk Neighborhoods & Commute: Fairfield, Westport: rentals, houses, safe neighborhood - Connecticut (CT)
  33. s on good town to buy a house?: New Haven: condos, houses - Connecticut (CT)
  34. Fire pits and a about our dog: Norwich: city hall, renting - Connecticut (CT)
  35. Relocating to Shelton, CT - Help,: Bridgeport, Milford: real estate, apartments - Connecticut
  36. Need a groomer recommendation in Norwich: Colchester: apartment, live, price - Connecticut (CT)
  37. Pros & Cons of Deep River and Essex for young family?: Hartford: for rent, houses - Connecticut (CT)
  38. Autism services in Danbury and surrounding areas?: Fairfield, Milford: rental, insurance - Connecticut (CT)
  39. good list to check for real estate scams quickly?: Danbury: for sale, apartment - Connecticut (CT)
  40. Recommend me someone who:: Wilton: house, closing, kitchen cabinets - Connecticut (CT)
  41. VACATION PLACES in South Vermont or NY state: New Haven: rental, houses - Connecticut (CT)
  42. Rank the Bruins Popularity in CT: Bridgeport, New Haven: live in, metro, county - Connecticut
  43. Are there real estate agents just to rent out your place?: apartment, leasing - Connecticut (CT)
  44. Has used Nardi Masonry before?: Greenwich: homes, reviews, pictures - Connecticut (CT)
  45. Basketball in Stamford: Milford: gym, friendly, best - Connecticut (CT)
  46. Which town has better preschool program for autistic kids?: Fairfield: to live in, special education - Connecticut (CT)
  47. I saw a Busway today...: Hartford, New Britain: construction, buses, trains - Connecticut (CT)
  48. Rep. Andy Fleischmann??: Stratford, Westport: school districts, wage, living - Connecticut (CT)
  49. New Construction Middletown Main St: city hall, buy, live - Connecticut (CT)
  50. Westport Metro North AM Train Seating: Bridgeport, Fairfield: parking, driving, worth - Connecticut (CT)
  51. Recommend a ventilation hood installation guy: buying, contractors, store - Connecticut (CT)
  52. Complicated Tenant: house, school, camp - Connecticut (CT)
  53. Non-Religious Wedding Locale in Fairfield Area?: Milford, Stratford: weddings, club, beach - Connecticut (CT)
  54. Goodbye 96.7FM The Coast: station, location, moved - Connecticut (CT)
  55. Interior Decorator?: Fairfield: house, buying, flooring - Connecticut (CT)
  56. What's a reasonable price for gutter cleaning?: Fairfield, Milford: how much, house - Connecticut (CT)
  57. Stearns St in Bristol?: apartment, homes, tenant - Connecticut (CT)
  58. Mechanic/Garage in Colchester, CT: Lebanon: car, places, mechanics - Connecticut
  59. Hardwood Refinishers...: Hartford, Hamden, Manchester: school, price, floors - Connecticut (CT)
  60. Old Saybrook day trip: restaurant, food, dining - Connecticut (CT)
  61. public schools in Guilford CT: Madison: rental market, neighborhood, best school - Connecticut
  62. Thinking of accepting a job in Danbury, where to live?: New Haven: real estate, how much - Connecticut (CT)
  63. Now Connecticut has a $1 Billion Surplus???: tax, budget, pay (CT)
  64. Siren noises in Hartford: neighborhood, school, college - Connecticut (CT)
  65. help with a town: Stamford, Greenwich: to live in, moving to, budget - Connecticut (CT)
  66. Conn coast: Stamford, Greenwich: co-op, estimate, park - Connecticut (CT)
  67. Fireworks in CT this weekend?: places, town - Connecticut
  68. Kindergarten in East Haven: Branford: school district, to live in, zip code - Connecticut (CT)
  69. Stratford Native Wins The Voice: Bridgeport, Fairfield: station, radio - Connecticut (CT)
  70. Dog found in storm drain: place, drive, abandoned - Connecticut (CT)
  71. Milford/Walnut Beach Area: New Milford, Woodmont: apartments, for rent, crime - Connecticut (CT)
  72. Deal cut with unions a farce. Shared sacrifice?: closing, taxi - Connecticut (CT)
  73. kitchen dilemma! need plumbler + electrician: Norwalk, Wilton: house, to buy, construction - Connecticut (CT)
  74. Reverse commute from Stamford to Fairfield: Bridgeport, Norwalk: construction, living in, buses - Connecticut (CT)
  75. Stonebridge resturaunt in Milford: Woodmont: house, wedding, mall - Connecticut (CT)
  76. Swiss Army Warehouse Sale: Fairfield, Monroe: houses, weather, American - Connecticut (CT)
  77. I91 exit20ish truck rest stop: Stratford: dangerous, safety, moving - Connecticut (CT)
  78. Moving - New Haven area from Philly suburbs: Hamden, Milford: rentals, lawyers - Connecticut (CT)
  79. Think we found a place: Norwich: living in, safe, pine - Connecticut (CT)
  80. Hartford Hospital vs. UConn Health/John Dempsey - opinions?: Farmington: to live in, train - Connecticut (CT)
  81. English proficiency required to graduate HS in New London: school districts, colleges - Connecticut (CT)
  82. Places to celebrate an anniversary in CT?: New Haven, Madison: hotels, live in - Connecticut
  83. Norwich schools?: college, live, gangs - Connecticut (CT)
  84. Activities Near Bethlehem, CT: New Haven, Milford: rent, amusement park, beach - Connecticut
  85. Might Move, Moving to Work in Stamford or NYC.: Greenwich: apartment, low crime - Connecticut (CT)
  86. general advice for couple w/ new baby moving to CT: Hartford: apartment, renters - Connecticut
  87. Campground in CT next to rivers: Farmington, Ashford: camping, park, town - Connecticut
  88. notice increase in Verizon Coverage today?: Fairfield, Hamden: house, live in - Connecticut (CT)
  89. Lawn Mower Repair: Bridgeport, Fairfield, Westport: limo, house, buy - Connecticut (CT)
  90. Relocating help: Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford: apartments, rental, home - Connecticut (CT)
  91. Cost of installing the ceiling fan: how much, houses, buying - Connecticut (CT)
  92. Connecticut - autism questions: Stratford, Southington: low income, insurance, home (CT)
  93. Summer activities, especially involving children: Norwich: school, versus, shop - Connecticut (CT)
  94. Westport middle schools: pros and cons, moving to, money - Connecticut (CT)
  95. Spanish language opportunities near Stratford?: Norwalk: village, practice, around - Connecticut (CT)
  96. Monthly unlimited rides Metrocard: Stamford, Norwalk: to buy, high school, buses - Connecticut (CT)
  97. Moving To Stamford on know a good Rental Realtor: real estate, landlords - Connecticut (CT)
  98. Automotive Air Conditioning repair: Bridgeport, Fairfield: price, county, specialist - Connecticut (CT)
  99. Working at Yale - should I live in Hampden?: New Haven: to rent, houses - Connecticut (CT)
  100. Trumbull neighborhoods below Merritt: Bridgeport, Vernon: crime, houses, landscaping - Connecticut (CT)
  101. Average cost of heat/electricty/water in Fairfield County for family of 4 renting: Stamford: rental - Connecticut (CT)
  102. Critters? Pieces of insulation and wood shavings: home, floor - Connecticut (CT)
  103. Internet Service recommendations in Milford: Stamford, Greenwich: lease, credit, home - Connecticut (CT)
  104. $9 to park at Sleeping Giant. Seriously?: Milford, Stratford: college, tax, live - Connecticut (CT)
  105. I-95 Delays 6-18-11 --1 Hour+ to Drive 4 Miles--: Greenwich: school, beach - Connecticut (CT)
  106. Starter home in Meriden?: Bristol, Manchester: real estate, apartments, lease - Connecticut (CT)
  107. Newsweek High School Ranking for CT: Stratford, Westport: buying, top schools, colleges - Connecticut
  108. Bluegrass Jams in CT or southern/western Mass?: New Haven: home, campground - Connecticut
  109. Major Illegal Fireworks Bust: condo, houses, purchase - Connecticut (CT)
  110. Fairfield County VS union County, NJ: Greenwich, Westport: how much, home, to buy - Connecticut (CT)
  111. Top New Haven Development Projects: Bridgeport, Hartford: apartment complex, insurance, crime - Connecticut (CT)
  112. What do you think the Top 5 Largest Counties and Cities in CT in 2050 will be?: Bridgeport: apartments, insurance - Connecticut
  113. Nice gyms/athletic clubs for young people in Stamford: Norwalk: live, gym - Connecticut (CT)
  114. New to Hartford area - unsafe areas?: Windsor, Farmington: crime, homes - Connecticut (CT)
  115. Ridgefield vs. Weston for family: New Haven, Fairfield: house, high school, living - Connecticut (CT)
  116. Commuting West Hartford to Clinton?: New Haven, Middletown: for sale, real estate, apartments - Connecticut (CT)
  117. Bear Sightings in CT: Greenwich, Fairfield: house, moving, yard - Connecticut
  118. Where would you choose?: New Haven, Hartford: house, best schools, gated communities - Connecticut (CT)
  119. SouthWest CT Firework Schedule: Bridgeport, Hartford: transplants, for sale, condo - Connecticut
  120. NYtimes article on Connecticut: credit, college, quality of life (CT)
  121. Kitchen projects - pay how much up front for labor?: house, buy - Connecticut (CT)
  122. looking for a walking town...?: New Haven, Hartford: neighborhoods, to live in, restaurants - Connecticut (CT)
  123. Greenwich vs Scarsdale: Stamford, Fairfield: house, school districts, property tax - Connecticut (CT)
  124. Peabody Museum Photo Tour: Stratford: restaurants, beach, distance - Connecticut (CT)
  125. state layoffs: buying, taxes, budget - Connecticut (CT)
  126. Hiking along Atlantic & Ragged Mountain: New Haven, Hartford: title, yard, best place - Connecticut (CT)
  127. CT Ranks Top 5 In Illegal Alien Destination Guide: New Haven, Stamford: living in, legal - Connecticut
  128. Yankees To Red Sox in New Quinnipiac Poll: New Haven, Hartford: university, live in - Connecticut (CT)
  129. Blue State Schools: The Shame of a Nation. Interesting: Washington: home, best schools - Connecticut (CT)
  130. Living in New London, CT vs the Hartford Area in CT: New Haven: loan, houses - Connecticut
  131. Luxury / Car / Tax: Hartford, West Hartford: how much, buy, car tax - Connecticut (CT)
  132. Where are the friendly towns or social events in CT?: Cromwell: live, night club - Connecticut
  133. Kloter Farms: Hartford, Manchester, Ellington: houses, to buy, shop - Connecticut (CT)
  134. Best Beach in CT (from Stratford towards NY): Milford, Westport: live in, airport - Connecticut
  135. between hartford and greenwich: Bridgeport, New Haven: home, best schools, living - Connecticut (CT)
  136. Promised raise via email - binding in CT?: Stratford: attorneys, employment - Connecticut
  137. Relocate to CT, where to rent?: Bridgeport, New Haven: sublease, sublet, apartments - Connecticut
  138. Trying to move out Stamford: Bridgeport, New Haven: affordable apartment, rent, insurance - Connecticut (CT)
  139. Commute to NYC from Guilford/Madison: Bridgeport, New Haven: buying a home, transfer, buying - Connecticut (CT)
  140. New Haven rental for daughter (Lawrence St). Advice/Opinions: Hamden: subletting, apartments - Connecticut (CT)
  141. Im so bored: Bridgeport, New Haven, Milford: buy, movies, college - Connecticut (CT)
  142. Another F****D up bill passes - Mandatory paid sick leave.: Columbia: sales, house - Connecticut (CT)
  143. Large Towns near Clinton?: New Haven, Hartford: apartments, home, to buy - Connecticut (CT)
  144. More Interest in the East Side of Fairfield?: Stamford: for sale, real estate - Connecticut (CT)
  145. Buying and Renting Property in the Central CT Area - Glastonbury, Newington,: Hartford: sales, real estate market - Connecticut
  146. House Passes Route 11 Tolling Bill: New Haven, Hartford: school, calculating, taxes - Connecticut (CT)
  147. You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up: New Haven, Stamford: house, purchase - Connecticut (CT)
  148. Organic Produce & Meats (Stamford, Greenwich, Darien area): Bridgeport, New Haven: taxes, prices - Connecticut (CT)
  149. **Tornado Watch In Effect for All Counties: New Haven, Hartford: rental car, rental - Connecticut (CT)
  150. cost of childcare in Fairfield County: New Haven, Milford: sales, daycare, elementary schools - Connecticut (CT)
  151. Increased Sales Tax and Online Retailer: Hartford: how much, home, to buy - Connecticut (CT)
  152. New Haven 4th most dangerous city in nation: West Haven: crime, neighborhood - Connecticut (CT)
  153. Working in Shelton & Hartford - where to live?: West Hartford: to rent, schools - Connecticut (CT)
  154. New Haven Suburbs (north): Milford, Wallingford: house, safe area, high school - Connecticut (CT)
  155. Delay 31 Miles (Exits 3-33): New Haven, Greenwich: home, construction, quality of life - Connecticut (CT)
  156. Sewage backs up into condo unit - who is responsible?: insurance, condos - Connecticut (CT)
  157. How to you pronounce Rowayton ?: Stamford, Waterbury: rated, area - Connecticut (CT)
  158. Glad to be back from Atlanta!: Hartford, Plainville: how much, house, neighborhoods - Connecticut (CT)
  159. Relocating from Washington to Norwalk: New Haven, Stamford: rental, buying a house, buying - Connecticut (CT)
  160. Work in Shelton - Where to Live?: Fairfield, Milford: renting, buying - Connecticut (CT)
  161. Is CT the land of good housewives?: Norwalk, Darien: houses, camp - Connecticut
  162. schools in Hartford, Connecticut: West Hartford, Stratford: best town, rental, homes (CT)
  163. Glastonbury vs. Tolland vs. Bolton???: Hartford, Manchester: house, neighborhoods, school districts - Connecticut (CT)
  164. Anti-Business, Anti-Free Speech Bill Passes House.: Hartford, Milford: city hall, lawyer, employment - Connecticut (CT)
  165. Best way to Grand Central....: Bridgeport, New Haven: buy, garage, train station - Connecticut (CT)
  166. Extremes: what are the hottest/coldest CT towns?: Stamford, Danbury: home, rating - Connecticut
  167. Norwalk Maritime Aquarium Tour: New Haven, Hartford: parking, park, metro - Connecticut (CT)
  168. about quiet corner of CT?: New Haven, Hartford: how much, theater, casinos - Connecticut
  169. new train station in fairfield (blackrock station): Milford, Darien: home, shops - Connecticut (CT)
  170. Cheshire, CT?: Hartford, Waterbury, West Hartford: real estate, rentals, houses - Connecticut
  171. Are property values really correlated with desirability?: Bridgeport, New Haven: condos, crime - Connecticut (CT)
  172. How do you find housing in Stamford, CT: Greenwich: real estate, apartment complexes - Connecticut
  173. DUDE! Where's my airconditioning?!: rentals, mortgage, credit report - Connecticut (CT)
  174. So What's The Deal With The NHL In CT?: Hartford: live, moving - Connecticut
  175. After 11 years in Miami still miss Connecticut: home, college (CT)
  176. Legislators Try to Plug Connecticut's 'Brain Drain': Hartford, Stamford: 2014, house (CT)
  177. Help very confused: Hartford, West Hartford: apartment, to rent, condo - Connecticut (CT)
  178. Rowland for CT GOP Chief: Bridgeport: crimes, pre-school, contractors - Connecticut
  179. Buying a house next to a group home: school, living - Connecticut (CT)
  180. teachers? couple questions...: Bridgeport, New Haven: how much, home, job market - Connecticut (CT)
  181. Commute West Hartford to Middletown: Windsor, Simsbury: house, neighborhood, where to live - Connecticut (CT)
  182. Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Passes in Connecticut: Blue Hills: costs, law, move (CT)
  183. Does The Prospect Of Increasing State Taxes Have You Depressed?: buy, income - Connecticut (CT)
  184. Connecticut has 12th Best GDP in the Country: Hartford, Stratford: to rent, buying (CT)
  185. Summer Camp Ideas?: Norwalk, Milford, Trumbull: YMCA, school, camps - Connecticut (CT)
  186. Beardsley Zoo Tour: Bridgeport: 2013, how much, elementary school - Connecticut (CT)
  187. Will I need an all-wheel drive in CT?: New Haven: live, bus - Connecticut
  188. on the Merritt South this morning?: Norwalk, Milford: construction, schools - Connecticut (CT)
  189. Mountain Lion Spotted In Greenwich?: Stamford, Trumbull: school, live, food - Connecticut (CT)
  190. yellow plums in CT: New Haven: county, young - Connecticut
  191. know good, younger musicians in southern CT?: available - Connecticut
  192. Rental in Clinton/Westbrook areas?: moving, family, looking for - Connecticut (CT)
  193. What are the best realtors in White Plains and Stamford?: condo, price - Connecticut (CT)
  194. Groton/New London/Mystic: apartment complexes, house, college - Connecticut (CT)
  195. Masonry & Driveway Work Needed in Stratford - s??: how much, budget - Connecticut (CT)
  196. CT State Senate Passes Recreational Liability Reform!: house, utilities - Connecticut
  197. Hamden Daycare Recommendations?: spring, looking for - Connecticut (CT)
  198. Movers in the shoreline area?: Old Lyme, Essex: moving company, company, good - Connecticut (CT)
  199. New CT DMV Laws Effective July 1?: Hamden, Old Saybrook: law, license, road test - Connecticut
  200. Real Estate Appraisers in Stamford CT: appraiser, recommend - Connecticut