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  1. 55+ resales: Smyrna: sale, to rent, new home - Delaware (DE)
  2. Optician/ eye exam: Lewes: insurance, price, best - Delaware (DE)
  3. Planning to buy home in North Delaware. suggest: Wilmington: homes, neighborhood (DE)
  4. Weighing Job Options: Wilmington, Newark, Milford: home, private school tuition, quality of life - Delaware (DE)
  5. Folks who know Lewes: Millsboro, Long Neck: 2014, home search, neighborhood - Delaware (DE)
  6. Build/Retire near Dover: Camden, Wyoming: homes, shop, garden - Delaware (DE)
  7. feedback on sawgrass north?: Lewes: houses, live, gym - Delaware (DE)
  8. From WV to DE: Newark or Wilmington: New Castle, Arden: home, to buy - Delaware
  9. BBQ Joints / Restaurants / Road Side - Smoking Meats: Dover, Newark: high school, shopping centers - Delaware (DE)
  10. Best of Lewes/Rehoboth (and Milford) Quick Off-Season Tour?: hotel, restaurants - Delaware (DE)
  11. In Gratitude to all VETS: Wilmington, Smyrna: living, military, beach - Delaware (DE)
  12. Return Day 2018: Dover, Middletown, Georgetown: live, bus, beach - Delaware (DE)
  13. Sussex County - 22 Major Subdivisions Approved: real estate, estate, land - Delaware (DE)
  14. on Impact of Federal Tax Changes on DE state taxes: coupon, mortgage - Delaware
  15. Doggie Day Care Lewes/Rehoboth: Dewey Beach: office, reviews, place - Delaware (DE)
  16. Whats going on in Camden?: Delmar: horse, farm, retiree - Delaware (DE)
  17. Sussex County Hvac services: Seaford, Dewey Beach: loft, condo, house - Delaware (DE)
  18. Coworking or on-demand office space?: Dover, Lewes: 2014, apartments, rentals - Delaware (DE)
  19. Private Elementary: Wilmington, New Castle: schools, live in, price - Delaware (DE)
  20. Beebe/Bayhealth?: Milford, Lewes: rental, retirement, best - Delaware (DE)
  21. Relocating from NYC area - Unionville Chadds Ford or North Wilmington. HELP!: Hockessin: buying a house - Delaware (DE)
  22. Thinking about Delaware: Lewes, Millsboro, Bethany Beach: to rent, lawyers, townhouse (DE)
  23. TV/Internet options in Millsboro area: house, vs, verizon FIOS - Delaware (DE)
  24. relocating to Dover: Camden, Wyoming: for sale, real estate, apartment complexes - Delaware (DE)
  25. Looking at moving back to Millsboro: home, living in, community - Delaware (DE)
  26. flooding in Lewes/Rehoboth/Dewey: new construction, beach, designs - Delaware (DE)
  27. Looking to purchase in New Castle County: Newark, Claymont: HOA fees, condo - Delaware (DE)
  28. Cape Henlopen Fishing Pier: Dover, Leipsic: houses, costs, beach - Delaware (DE)
  29. The Delaware Coast (river).: Wilmington, Dover: real estate, condos, houses (DE)
  30. Angola By The Bay, Lewes: house, living in, shop - Delaware (DE)
  31. Hunter groups: store, clubs, courses - Delaware (DE)
  32. Le Creuset Outlet - Rehoboth Beach ?: sale, buying, restaurant - Delaware (DE)
  33. Milford Ponds: homes, transfer, to move - Delaware (DE)
  34. Dental Recommendations: Lewes, Millsboro, Rehoboth Beach: insurance, beach, retire - Delaware (DE)
  35. Residents becoming landlords: Milford, Lewes: real estate, rentals, buying - Delaware (DE)
  36. Newark, De is a good city to live?: lease, insurance - Delaware (DE)
  37. New Job, Need Room: Wilmington: apartments, rentals, house - Delaware (DE)
  38. living in Coastal Club or other Schell Bros community in Lewes?: for sale - Delaware (DE)
  39. 301 Middletown: live in, price, shop - Delaware (DE)
  40. Active adult VS all age community: Milford: house, school, pros and cons - Delaware (DE)
  41. want to suggest favorite restaurants near Millsboro?: Lewes, Long Neck: house, landscaping - Delaware (DE)
  42. Milford, Delaware: New Castle: buy, movie theater, casinos (DE)
  43. Downtown Rehoboth New parking regs: city hall, cost of, shop - Delaware (DE)
  44. Public sewer and water system throughout the county: Lewes, Milton: homes, neighborhoods - Delaware (DE)
  45. Slower Lower Delaware (Again, and Again, and Again): Millsboro: how much, house (DE)
  46. Seaford DE: Delmar: crime, live, relocating - Delaware
  47. Coastal community, second home/rental?: rentals, homeowners association, condo - Delaware (DE)
  48. new communities around Milford?: Milton, Dewey Beach: renters, HOA, condo - Delaware (DE)
  49. Heritage Shores Bridgeville,Delaware: clubhouse, live, move to (DE)
  50. Finding local honey?: Dover, Wyoming: appointed, transplants, prices - Delaware (DE)
  51. Milton - A Boomtown?: Milford: real estate, new home, construction - Delaware (DE)
  52. Homeowners Insurance in Sussex County: Lewes: home, new construction, deductible - Delaware (DE)
  53. Free craft supplies to donate to teachers near Dover: homes, school - Delaware (DE)
  54. Buying in a community before amenities are done: Milton: appointed, sales - Delaware (DE)
  55. Safe areas of Wilmington?: low crime, hotel, townhomes - Delaware (DE)
  56. Jimmy's Grille - Rehoboth: Dover, Harrington: appointed, big house, buy - Delaware (DE)
  57. Peninsula Lakes Schell Brothers: sales, lease, mortgage - Delaware (DE)
  58. Two Women And Dead Newborn....!!!!: Wilmington: hotel, drugs, news - Delaware (DE)
  59. Cultural difference between Delaware and Maryland's Eastern Shore: Newark, Middletown: transplants, university (DE)
  60. Questions about the pike creek area: Hockessin: chapel, new home, neighborhoods - Delaware (DE)
  61. Looking at Middletown for retirement: real estate, renting, buying - Delaware (DE)
  62. Rehoboth Beach at least 2 bd 2 bth for sale: lease, HOA - Delaware (DE)
  63. Delaware Relocation Help!: Newark, Bear, Middletown: homes, school district, college (DE)
  64. Tavern Talks - Lewes Historical Society: Dover: fit in, house, live - Delaware (DE)
  65. Is Ocean View Family Friendly?: Lewes, Millville: houses, good schools, live in - Delaware (DE)
  66. GF moving to Wilmington, needs place close to Du Pont Hospital: Greenville: apartments, condo - Delaware (DE)
  67. feedback on Tower Hill?: Wilmington: school, rich, relocating to - Delaware (DE)
  68. Looking for a Lawn Maintenance person and mobile car detailer: Laurel: live, small business - Delaware (DE)
  69. Commute between Delaware and Baltimore: Newark: apartments, house, to buy (DE)
  70. How easy it to get accepted in a Charter School in NE Delaware?: Wilmington: homes (DE)
  71. Unemployment appeals won while having exhausted FMLA leave?: attorney, employment - Delaware (DE)
  72. Is there a Equivalent to MD's Kaiser Permanente in Delaware?: health, affordable (DE)
  73. Healthcare costs: health insurance, credit, tax credit - Delaware (DE)
  74. Rodney Village, Dover: bank owned, houses, neighborhoods - Delaware (DE)
  75. Relocating to Delaware. Help !: Wilmington, Newark: for rent, sex offenders, co-op (DE)
  76. Water bill in Lewes: condo, appliances, home - Delaware (DE)
  77. AC + Furnace replacement - Delaware (DE)
  78. Visiting Lewes this week, anything up for St. Patrics day weekend, parades, parties, breweries?: Milton: live - Delaware (DE)
  79. Old Noodles & Co. building getting new tenant????: Dover: for rent, closing - Delaware (DE)
  80. Low Crime Areas to Retire: Lewes, Milton: homes, live, restaurants - Delaware (DE)
  81. Delaware Public High Schools and College Placement: Dover, Townsend: purchase, university (DE)
  82. St. Patrick's Day 2018: Dover: estate, entertainment, fun - Delaware (DE)
  83. Springwood Development in Bear, Delaware: townhomes, move to, town (DE)
  84. Ocean View tax increase: Millville: transplants, for sale, homes - Delaware (DE)
  85. another relocation help ..: Seaford, Laurel: to rent, buying, best schools - Delaware (DE)
  86. Party? - Delaware (DE)
  87. ever purchase a Foreclosure property in DE?: short sale, homes - Delaware
  88. Home Rentals: renters, hotels, vacation home - Delaware (DE)
  89. Single late 30's teacher help with location: Wilmington, Newark: rental, home - Delaware (DE)
  90. Fiduciary recommendation retirement planning Sussex County: firm, registered, investment - Delaware (DE)
  91. Relocating with young family: Lewes, Milton: houses, neighborhoods, schools - Delaware (DE)
  92. HOA: home, maintenance, fence - Delaware (DE)
  93. Cost of Utilities in Magnolia De: Bear: HOA, new home, heat pump - Delaware (DE)
  94. What's with all the idiot drivers lately.: home, dangerous - Delaware (DE)
  95. bethany beach area vs lewes for couple trip: campground, distance - Delaware (DE)
  96. Buying in Claymont DE: how much, homes, transfer - Delaware
  97. looking for a mortgage broker recommendation: refinance, loan, house - Delaware (DE)
  98. New to New castle city: home, contractor, moving to - Delaware (DE)
  99. Young Professionals Moving to Delaware....Where to look?: Wilmington, Newark: middle-class, best neighborhood (DE)
  100. Millsboro...: sales, real estate, HOA fees - Delaware (DE)
  101. What's up with Milford, made the DE dangerous list: Lewes: 2014, rent - Delaware
  102. What's Sussex County like days ?: Millsboro: low crime, houses, subdivisions - Delaware (DE)
  103. Lewes Historical Society Tavern Talks: house, ticket - Delaware (DE)
  104. Do members of this 1% club still hang out in Sussex County ?: Lewes: house, high school - Delaware (DE)
  105. Handball courts: Wilmington, Seaford, Lewes: schools, shopping center, move to - Delaware (DE)
  106. Pro cons living in Forest Landing at Bethany Beach: Frankford: HOA, condo - Delaware (DE)
  107. jetskiing near Fenwick Island: coupons, rental, vacation - Delaware (DE)
  108. Gardening in DE questions: live in, to move, yard - Delaware
  109. What would you consider a good income in this area?: high income, living - Delaware (DE)
  110. 55+: New Castle, Georgetown, Greenwood: real estate, lease, HOA - Delaware (DE)
  111. property insurance in sussex county: Laurel: rental, car insurance, condominium - Delaware (DE)
  112. Brandywine School District Area: Wilmington, Pike Creek: credit, houses, safe area - Delaware (DE)
  113. What is the best area in Delaware to rent home in adult-55 community: sales, real estate (DE)
  114. Is it Camden, Wyoming, Camden Wyoming, or Camden-Wyoming?: Magnolia: rent, house - Delaware (DE)
  115. Delaware For Retirement: Dover, Rehoboth Beach, Ocean View: how much, Home Depot, quality of life (DE)
  116. Vietnam Vet Moving wall coming to De.: Lewes: design, ferry - Delaware (DE)
  117. Building in DE. Are we responsible for all site extras?!: for sale, lawyer - Delaware
  118. Snow in Delaware?: Newark, Seaford, Middletown: 2014, live in, rating (DE)
  119. Owning a gun in DE: Dover: 2015, lawyers, schools - Delaware
  120. Now is good time to visit beach ?: Dover, Newark: chapel, construction - Delaware (DE)
  121. Inter state movers: lease, how much, home - Delaware (DE)
  122. Costco in Southern/Central DE?: Dover, Newark: home, to buy, pros and cons - Delaware
  123. Another thinking of moving to DE (sorry!): Dover: sales, HOA fees - Delaware
  124. Millsboro area, Peninsula Lakes: Lewes, Milton: houses, neighborhood, buy - Delaware (DE)
  125. Interracial Couple at Bethany Beach - black man, Blonde white woman: Rehoboth Beach: transplants, live in - Delaware (DE)
  126. no airport?: Wilmington, Dover, Newark: 2015, transporting, live in - Delaware (DE)
  127. Sussex DE Natural gas monthly service charge: Dover, Lewes: houses, buy - Delaware
  128. Don't make our mistake - Selling car directly to another DE resident: Middletown: sale, insurance - Delaware
  129. Dental costs in DE: Dover, Seaford: coupon, insurance, home - Delaware
  130. My Exploration to Delaware: Dover, Milford: homes, to buy, construction (DE)
  131. Jimmy's Grille / Bridgeville: Seaford, Ellendale: for sale, houses, buyers - Delaware (DE)
  132. Lawn Care questions lewes: Millville: house, landscaping, purchase - Delaware (DE)
  133. Cable Providers Kent & Sussex?: Lewes, Millsboro: sales, home, contractor - Delaware (DE)
  134. Why so many cops on US-13 south of Dover?: Millsboro: transporting, rent - Delaware (DE)
  135. harbeson?: Lewes: real estate, HOA fees, transfer - Delaware (DE)
  136. Dog friendly beaches near Bethany: day care, home, wedding - Delaware (DE)
  137. Buying an Auto out of State: 2014, mobile home, transfer - Delaware (DE)
  138. weekly renters: Lewes, Millsboro, Long Neck: apartment, HOA, hotel - Delaware (DE)
  139. Relishing the of living in the Lewes-3 Ms-Georgetown area soon: Long Neck: for sale, lease - Delaware (DE)
  140. PERSONAL Ratings on Vets?: Dover: 2014, insurance, how much - Delaware (DE)
  141. on Red Light Ticket: Dover: insurance, condo, DMV - Delaware (DE)
  142. Basememnts in Sussex County?: Georgetown, Lewes: new home, crawl space, to buy - Delaware (DE)
  143. Cape Gazette article about booming development: transplants, condo, home - Delaware (DE)
  144. Moving from Tampa, FL to Wilmington, DE: Dover, Newark: apartments, condos - Delaware
  145. HOA-covered lawn maintenance and backyard fencing: Lewes, Milton: HOA fees, new home, buying - Delaware (DE)
  146. New development in Sussex County: Dover, Lewes: lease, crime, new home - Delaware (DE)
  147. Ice cream trucks: Lewes: sales, house, to buy - Delaware (DE)
  148. Moving to Camden, would really appreciate ideas: Dover, Lewes: sale, 2014 - Delaware (DE)
  149. My apologies...: Dover, Milford, Greenwood: sale, condo, townhome - Delaware (DE)
  150. Love your states' forests and fields about fried chicken at Royal Farms convenience store in Laurel.: Dover: hotel, houses - Delaware (DE)
  151. Airport options: Wilmington, Newark, New Castle: how much, limo, taxi - Delaware (DE)
  152. Planned Communities in Sussex County: Lewes, Milton: lease, HOA, houses - Delaware (DE)
  153. Dover Days This Weekend May 4, 2019: educational, weather, villages - Delaware (DE)
  154. Planned Communities in New Castle County: Newark: live in, place, walkable - Delaware (DE)
  155. Searching for a DE apartment thats a Short Commute from West Chester: Wilmington: for rent - Delaware
  156. HVAC residential engineer or design professional recommendation Sussex Lewes: sales, house - Delaware (DE)
  157. Gwinhurst: house, neighborhood, purchase - Delaware (DE)
  158. Delaware Long and Foster: closing, cost, charge (DE)
  159. Advice Young Family Relocating to Southern Delaware from PA.: Millsboro: mortgages, houses (DE)
  160. Buying Car out of state - Do I need to visit the DMV: title - Delaware (DE)
  161. Low Crime Areas to Retire: best, parks, small town - Delaware (DE)
  162. Areas NW of Union St. in Wilmington?: neighborhoods, gardens - Delaware (DE)
  163. City Wage Tax Increase in Wilmington, Delaware: property taxes, property (DE)
  164. Wegaman's Milton: purchasing, area, cancer - Delaware (DE)
  165. Town of Whitehall VS. Bayberry New Home Communties: Middletown: for sale, buying - Delaware (DE)
  166. Retirement Communities in Delaware & Eastern Philadelphia: Odessa: condo, home (DE)
  167. good rental: Wilmington, Newark: working, bedroom, couples - Delaware (DE)
  168. Big Weekend Coming up in Dover - May 4-5-6: campgrounds, parking - Delaware (DE)