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  13. Maryland Lawmakers Withdraw 'Sanctuary State' Bill That Challenged Trump's Immigration Policy: 2014, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  14. Twice deported illegal comes back to America and with-in hours tried to enter women's bedroom's.: weapons, Clinton - Illegal Immigration
  15. Arrest rate triples for ‘noncriminal’ undocumented immigrants in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Montana: illegal aliens, spokesman - Illegal Immigration
  16. Undocumented immigrant population in steady decline over past 10 years: NAFTA, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  17. Boy Comes Home From School And Finds Dad Has Been Deported: visa, born - Illegal Immigration
  18. ICE Agents Go From Friend to Foe: visas, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  19. Charlotte Latino leader warned to hide in advance of May 1 immigrant march: enemies, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  20. Somalis in the u.s. Face spike in deportations as fears grow under trump: Canadian, immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  21. US sees sharp fall in illegal immigration from Mexico: officials: illegal aliens, laws
  22. Chicago Mayor Emanuel Touts Social Services for Illegal Aliens: 2014, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  23. 15 Sanctuary Cities Trump Could Punish the Most: health care, drivers license, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
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  28. One-way flight to Mexico: Who is the US deporting?: medical, illegals, law - Illegal Immigration
  29. Unpaid medical bills go down as well as less uninsured driving with less criminal illegal aliens: license, birth - Illegal Immigration
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  31. In a shift, deportees find ‘open arms’ in Mexican homeland: birth, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
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  40. John Kelly says ‘single DUI’ can start deportation process: illegal aliens, United States - Illegal Immigration
  41. Amid Trump crackdown, U.S. immigrants head to Canada: Canadian, illegals, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  42. Kelly says 'confusion' spurred by Trump administration is stemming illegal immigration: Mexico, United States
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  48. Immigrant Mother Receives Pardon For Minor Driving Conviction, But Still Could Be Deported: license, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  49. The Americas Trump wants to deport MS-13 gang members. El Salvador is dreading their return.: suspected, statistics - Illegal Immigration
  50. Grieving father stars in TV ad slamming sanctuary cities: license, illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
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  54. Despite the rhetoric, deportations are down under Trump – but undocumented immigrants are still at risk.: illegals, deported - Illegal Immigration
  55. The ICE Declined Detainer Report: Who Isn't Cooperating - the Criminal Activity - The Country of Origin: illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  56. Australian man arrested for overstaying US visa by 90 minutes, report says: Canadian, illegally - Illegal Immigration
  57. Massive drug bust in Boyle Heights could lead to more deportations, authorities say: illegal aliens, cocaine - Illegal Immigration
  58. Immigrant student's arrest scuttles Connecticut legislation: illegal aliens, laws, employment, activist - Illegal Immigration
  59. Illegal Deported 4 Times Charged in Sex Attack of 2 year old: enemy, married - Illegal Immigration
  60. Opinion Malibu unites readers on all sides of the immigration debate — against a 'sanctuary' city: illegal aliens, prison - Illegal Immigration
  61. Mississippi passes ban on sanctuary cities: illegal immigrants, law, ethic, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  62. State Sen. Ricardo Lara thinks border wall will stop cargo delivery: 2014, drivers license - Illegal Immigration
  63. Theo Lacy: feared US jail for undocumented immigrants: Mexico, crimes, United States - Illegal Immigration
  64. Automation of Farm Work Rapidly Picking Up: illegal, Mexico, American - Illegal Immigration
  65. Malibu becomes a sanctuary city — in solidarity with its gardeners, cooks and others in the U.S. illegally: illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  66. Parade cancelled over fears of deportation: illegals, Mexicans, Spanish, independence - Illegal Immigration
  67. Immigration arrests at courts spark backlash from lawyers, judges: illegal immigrants, employment, activist - Illegal Immigration
  68. 50 illegal aliens involved in illegal betting about to be deported: crime, abuse - Illegal Immigration
  69. Illegal alien county map: illegal immigration, laws, ethic, wage
  70. Fairfax Co. officials worry immigration fears have chilling effect: illegals, law, crime - Illegal Immigration
  71. Immigrants Rushing To Remove Tattoos, California Clinic Says: illegals, Mexican, interviews - Illegal Immigration
  72. Obama tried to legalize migrant accused of murdering 15-year-old step-daughter he impregnated: green card, drivers license - Illegal Immigration
  73. Immigration Fears In California Schools: Report Shows 1 In 8 Students Have Undocumented Parents: married, born - Illegal Immigration
  74. Pouring cold water on de Blasio’s ICE capade: Reed, school, federal - Illegal Immigration
  75. Trump officials defend immigration arrests at California courthouses: license, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  76. Interior Enforcement Goals - Excellent Article: illegal aliens, Mexico, identities, American - Illegal Immigration
  77. ICE Eats first detain later: green card, visa, deport, country - Illegal Immigration
  78. May Day live Trump supporters face off with demonstrators: enemies, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  79. Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti honored by La Raza: illegals, Mexicans, crimes - Illegal Immigration
  80. Modern-day slavery is a lurking, pervasive problem in American restaurants: illegal aliens, Reed - Illegal Immigration
  81. Protesters stop Phoenix Pride parade: illegal aliens, law, activist, Clinton - Illegal Immigration
  82. ICE report: Sanctuary Jails refusing detainer requests for felony assaults, cruelty towards children and robbery: visas, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  83. ‘Dreamer’ picked up by ICE in Monterey County Jail: illegals, laws, representation - Illegal Immigration
  84. Newark mayor: Trump trying to force sanctuary cities into becoming 'fugitive slave catchers': medical, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  85. NYPD Defies De Blasio's Sanctuary Vow, Speaks To ICE: 2014, license, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  86. Americans who need jobs aren’t going where the jobs are: medical, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  87. How America's immigrant workforce is changing: illegal aliens, wages, crimes, identities - Illegal Immigration
  88. Deported from U.S., Cambodians fight immigration policy: immigrants, law, prison - Illegal Immigration
  89. California bills target private business to help immigrants: illegal aliens, law, suspect - Illegal Immigration
  90. Amid immigration setbacks, one Trump strategy to be working: Fear: illegal immigrants, Mexico border - Illegal Immigration
  91. Opinion California was once a bastion of xenophobia and racism. If we can change, so can the rest of the country: born, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  92. Charlotte teen Gus Zamudio back in Mexico: illegals, laws, ethical - Illegal Immigration
  93. Immigration Hawks Grade Trump: 2014, 9/11, illegal immigration, Reagan
  94. When parents are deported .....: 2013, illegally, laws, prison - Illegal Immigration
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  96. Punishing Our Citizen Children To Protect Illegal Aliens: American, work, citizens - Illegal Immigration
  97. Not Just Cities: We Can Become A Sanctuary Nation: illegal aliens, laws, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  98. Texas governor signs into law bill to punish 'sanctuary cities': illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  99. L.A. Unified Reasserts Its Commitment to Protect Immigrant Families Against Raids: illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  100. When is the birthright citizenship issue going to go to the supreme court?: born, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  101. Amid fear and resistance, immigration agents in L.A. have not ramped up arrests: 2014, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  102. Protection from deportation revoked for former cause celebre: green card, license, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  103. DUI suspect that crashed into family returning from Disneyland deported 15 times before: illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  104. Immigrant activist: 'I'm not afraid' of ICE: green card, visas, born - Illegal Immigration
  105. Man on viral video being deported, cop who questioned his immigration status fire: illegal, weapons - Illegal Immigration
  106. Fight erupts lawmakers after Texas Republican calls ICE on people protesting immigration bill: illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  107. DHS Secretary John Kelly, 75% of ICE takes into custody are criminals.: visa, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  108. L.A. Mayor Worries Trump Immigration Crackdown Will Incite Riots: ‘I Fear a Tinderbox Out There’: illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  109. ICE has arrested 30,000 criminal aliens in 100 days: visa, illegally, crimes - Illegal Immigration
  110. Sweeping immigration enforcement legislation passes House committee: medical, house of illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  111. Ugly confrontation as ICE officers arrest immigrant: illegal aliens, law, employment - Illegal Immigration
  112. 'very bad actors' are being deported. So are with no convictions.: visa, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  113. Valedictorian Announces Her Undocumented Status in Speech: illegal aliens, law, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  114. Villaraigosa: Think immigrants cost California? Check this out: 2013, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  115. When fare evasion leads to deportations Everyday routines are terrifying for immigrants.: website, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  116. Immigration without assimilation is not immigration it is an invasion: illegals, law - Illegal Immigration
  117. If we deport illegals, won't automation just take over?: illegal aliens, wages, Reed - Illegal Immigration
  118. NYPD refusing to comply with feds’ detainer requests on illegal immigrants: laws, crime - Illegal Immigration
  119. Denver fights back against Trump’s deportation crackdown with surprisingly simple change in law: green card, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  120. Deportation Officers Are Arresting More People Than Last Year -- And Way More Noncriminals: green card, drivers license - Illegal Immigration
  121. Two Little Girls Gone: illegal aliens, laws, prison, suspect - Illegal Immigration
  122. Naples FL man calls 911 to ask to be deported!!!!: medical, born, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  123. Asian 'anchor babies': Wealthy Chinese come to Southern California to give birth: 2015, visas - Illegal Immigration
  124. Deportation fears stop LA County immigrants from applying for EBT program: health care, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  125. Trump is ruining Mother's Day for Undocumented Mothers: illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  126. Lots Of People To Sue Texas Over Immigration Crackdown: illegal aliens, laws, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  127. Woman caught harboring 44 undocumented immigrants, in shed, is sentenced to prison: medical, birth - Illegal Immigration
  128. With deportation uptick, immigrant parents fear worst for children with disabilities: medical, born - Illegal Immigration
  129. DHS estimates 740k overstayed their visa in 2016: 2014, medical, visas - Illegal Immigration
  130. Republicans are preparing extreme immigration measures: illegal aliens, law, prison, campaign - Illegal Immigration
  131. Roofing Executive Sentenced & Fined $1.4 Million!: illegal aliens, prison, CNN - Illegal Immigration
  132. How many of of you who support illegals would be willing to put your money where your mouth and keyboard is?: medical, visa - Illegal Immigration
  133. California military base construction workers detained by ICE: 2013, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  134. Central America worries about more gang deportations from US: born, illegally, law - Illegal Immigration
  135. Three killed in DWI accident caused by illegal immigrant from Mexico: born, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  136. California Senate passes sanctuary state bill - big victory for criminal aliens: illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  137. MAGA: illegal immigration down 67% under Trump....: 2015, campaign, Reagan, CNN
  138. The stabilization of population growth with less immigrants?: 2013, global warming, medical - Illegal Immigration
  139. GOP Leaders May Drop Wall Funding to Win Democratic Approval for Other Priorities: illegals, Republicans - Illegal Immigration
  140. Mayor of Seattle : I'm willing to risk losing every penny of federal funding: visa, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  141. 88% of students on free and reduced lunch and 55 shootings in 50 days equates to high quality of life in sanctuary city: middle east, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  142. Border wall contractors brace for hostile environment: 2014, illegal immigrants, law - Illegal Immigration
  143. Trump wall Prototypes to be built in San Diego: green card, visa - Illegal Immigration
  144. What if we used extreme measures against illegals?: 2015, visa, hiring illegals - Illegal Immigration
  145. San Diego border wall proves it does indeed work: illegally, laws, Clinton - Illegal Immigration
  146. Mexican governors slam Trump’s ‘offensive’ border wall at LA City Hall: illegal aliens, Mexicans - Illegal Immigration
  147. Immigration march planned Sunday to unite against discrimination, deportations: illegal aliens, parade, law - Illegal Immigration
  148. You Want To Stop Illegal Immigrants?: green card, visa, born, laws - Illegal Immigration
  149. 'Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!': Artists prank California town's residents: 2015, drivers - Illegal Immigration
  150. 'Sanctuary Cities' Promise Legal Fight After Sessions Threatens Funds: illegal aliens, law, Murray - Illegal Immigration
  151. Trump order has Ohio's undocumented immigrants scrambling: license, illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  152. are the faces of deportations under President Trump: illegal aliens, law, prison - Illegal Immigration
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  154. California joins suit against defunding of sanctuary cities: 2014, illegals, laws - Illegal Immigration
  155. Woman: Illegal Immigrant Gang Rape of 14-Year-Old Girl Stopped Me Being a “Bleeding Heart Liberal”: illegal aliens, accuse - Illegal Immigration
  156. Anti-illegal vs. Anti-immigrant: green card, visas, driver's license, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  157. Almost half of Canadians want illegal migrants to be sent back to US: illegal immigrants, polls - Illegal Immigration
  158. Scared and planning for the worst: Immigrants brace for deportation: green card, married - Illegal Immigration
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  160. Municipal ID program?: drivers license, illegal immigrants, law, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  161. Crimes That Would Not Have Happened: Putin, illegal immigrants, laws, represent - Illegal Immigration
  162. Salinas, California to sue to Trump over funding cuts to sanctuary cities: 2015, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
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  164. Trump's immigration crackdown is hurting US farms with its unintended consequences: visa, NAFTA - Illegal Immigration
  165. High School Rapists: 2014, medical, H1B, certificate - Illegal Immigration
  166. 'GOOD' Hombre to be deported: green card, 9/11, married, illegally - Illegal Immigration
  167. Jeff Sessions Gets Tough: illegal immigrants, crimes, Attorney, elect - Illegal Immigration
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  172. 50,000 Haitian Americans fear deportation if U.S. does not renew their protected status: legal, Mexicans - Illegal Immigration
  173. Illegal Immigrants Can Now Obtain IDs In Chicago: 2013, medical, law - Illegal Immigration
  174. Home Depot parking lots seem as crowded as ever with day laborers: illegal immigration, campaign
  175. Trump OKs amnesty for DACA recipients: illegals, Republicans, marriage, Democrats - Illegal Immigration
  176. Mexicans No Longer Make Up Majority Of Immigrants In U.S. Illegally: visas, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  177. 'I'm Not From Mars': Illegal Immigrant Journalist Battles Tucker Over Deportations: visa, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  178. Young family heartbroken after ICE detains 31-year-old mother: visa, married, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  179. Immigrants rally in Atlanta: 'Not one more deportation': health care system, illegal immigrants, laws - Illegal Immigration
  180. What's In A Name - Clarifies Illegal Alien: green card, certificate - Illegal Immigration
  181. Texas House OKs 'sanctuary city' ban with tough jail penalty: illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  182. Another good hombre about to be deported: health care, visa, drivers license - Illegal Immigration
  183. Justice Department targets 9 jurisdictions in escalating crackdown on 'sanctuary cities': illegal aliens, law - Illegal Immigration
  184. Trump administration on track to remove fewer people than the Obama administration.: medical, quotes - Illegal Immigration
  185. Twice Deported Illegal Immigrant Charged for Allegedly Molesting Minor at Day Care: enemies, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  186. Another mother of 4 deported: license, get married, born, illegally - Illegal Immigration
  187. Deportation force being assembled: illegal aliens, American, invasion, job - Illegal Immigration
  188. Undocumented Students, Living in Limbo: green card, license, illegals, laws - Illegal Immigration
  189. Documents: Immigrants' ID card was fed to Customs: medical, driver's license, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
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  196. Tax Filings Seen Dipping Amid Trump Crackdown On Illegal Immigration: medical, visa
  197. Montgomery County, MD, Good Audio Interview: illegal immigration
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