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  1. Thanksgiving Day in Canada / Columbus Day in the U.S.: to move, vacation
  2. crossing into the US with kitchen knives?: buying, exemptions - Canada
  3. I work in MB, my husband works in ON..: income, tax return - Canada
  4. Saskatchewan vs. Manitoba: unemployment rate, beaches, cities - Canada
  5. Yukon feels like it's Alaska: bus, horse, best place - Canada
  6. How would you rate living in your own city or town?: best city, real estate - Canada
  7. Pensions in Canada: how much, income, tax
  8. Best way to Halifax from Boston?: trailer, ferry, car - Canada
  9. News, Elderly woman breaks hip at Niagara hospital, told by staff to call ambulance.: transfer - Canada
  10. Im us military, my canadian wife wants to know....: credit, university - Canada
  11. News, End of long-gun registry seen as victory in war on Big Government.: bill - Canada
  12. Domestic Violence in Canada: crime rate, how much, home
  13. About American Banking In Canada: taxes, residency, money
  14. Moving a pet to Canada fromt he US - better to drive or fly?: transporting
  15. Ontario vs. Quebec taxes/cost of living/welfare: income, income tax - Canada
  16. How can I find a sponsor in Canada: appointed, crime
  17. Is Regina anything like Spokane?: activities, cities, climate - Canada
  18. -have questions: crime rate, lawyer, find a job - Canada
  19. Is Canadian healthcare really as bad as US politicians say?: health insurance, rich - Canada
  20. Corrie fans?: live, medicine, street - Canada
  21. Other Canadian forums?: activity, areas, cities - Canada
  22. Self-employed immigration to Canada and general affordability: rent, mattresses
  23. U.S. citizens residing in Canada IRS obligations: 2013, tax
  24. Hiking Across the Canada Border in Montana: to move, office
  25. Banking and accounting jobs in Canada: transfer to, university, taxi driver
  26. 6.7 Quake on Vancouver Island??: earthquake, phone, about - Canada
  27. News, 56-year-old Canadian grandmother has graduated from basic training with the Canadian military.: insurance - Canada
  28. Need your Advice: insurance, house, buy - Canada
  29. Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa-Gatineau sub-forums added: cities, top, near - Canada
  30. Is Canada right for me? !: transfer, university
  31. Long shot: with Miramichi City, NB?: floors, bars - Canada
  32. Will the Yukon Territory ever become a province?: gated, tax - Canada
  33. help us: home, legal, airport - Canada
  34. Quebec ratification: legally, Irish, town - Canada
  35. Nunavut and other Cold Places: law, safe, friendly - Canada
  36. Canada main job sites: live, best, build
  37. Need a new citizenship card ASAP: living in, offices, tickets - Canada
  38. American in Canada on Post-Grad work permit - Canadian Experience or Marriage Permanent Residency?: living in
  39. Casinos/Nightlife in Canada: ski resort, hotels, schools
  40. Red Deer: transplants, school, university - Canada
  41. Want to continue my studying in Canada!: how much, universities
  42. Planning on going to Queen's University (in Kingston, ON): universities, live in - Canada
  43. canada super visa - Ontario - medical insurance: live in, health
  44. Sault Ste. Marie Border Crossing into Canada: office, phone number
  45. How would I go about a move to Canada?: find a job, school
  46. Alberta - Earnings Top all other provinces: stats, business - Canada
  47. This is going to sound insane but refugee?: live in, law - Canada
  48. R.I.P Sarah Burke: 2014, opportunity, event - Canada
  49. Buffalo NY= FAIL.. Should we be concerned?: credit, find a job - Canada
  50. UK citizens living in USA (non-immigrant L1 and L2) - can we visit Canada and cross back into USA from Canada?: 2013
  51. about IVF in Canada........................: insurance, how much, living in
  52. Northwest Passage or Internal Waters?: military, horse, yard - Canada
  53. Remembrance Day videos: living in, best, work - Canada
  54. US Citizen to Alberta for work. have experience with this?: camps, living - Canada
  55. Immigrating to Canada: apartments, rentals, insurance
  56. Proof of financial support: education, money, required - Canada
  57. Canadian Olympic mount Hickstead dies in Italy: condo, living - Canada
  58. Quebec excluded from contests and others: homes, live, price - Canada
  59. Cross border speeding ticket: income, live, assess - Canada
  60. Jazz Music: best area, area, career - Canada
  61. Private insurance costs with a work permit: health insurance, to buy - Canada
  62. Going Mad from living in the Canadian Wilderness: trailer, free - Canada
  63. Chances of a Maritime Union: 2014, living in, vs. - Canada
  64. Yellowknife Vs Whitehorse: live, nightlife, oil - Canada
  65. Chelsea Island, Ontario, torpedo test range: cottages, location, pictures - Canada
  66. mortgages: mortgage, loan, house - Canada
  67. Tax returns: 2013, income, income tax - Canada
  68. Ontario: Compare cities: rent, school, university - Canada
  69. English Proficiency - Mandatory?: lawyers, employment, university - Canada
  70. Website for Road Construction in Ontario?: live in, drive - Canada
  71. Attending school from USA in CAN, w/ my S/O on SSDI going w/ me?: health insurance - Canada
  72. Moving from NYC to Hamilton: van rental, fit in, apartment - Canada
  73. What are your criterias when you move from one city to antother?: employment - Canada
  74. Visiting Nova Scotia....: beach, things to do, cottage - Canada
  75. Can the CFL have lockouts?: work, season - Canada
  76. Place to sleep for work: for sale, apartments, how much - Canada
  77. Returning to Canada after years abroad: new home, live, Australian
  78. Do Newfoundlanders deserve their reputation for being friendly?: college, live - Canada
  79. about St.James Newfoundland.: live, bars, vacation - Canada
  80. Can my old land lord sue us?: apartments, renters - Canada
  81. visiting Nova Scotia next Fall: architecture, deal, area - Canada
  82. Canadians are so polite...: friendly, Walmart, places - Canada
  83. Just curious to know about apartment rentals in Ontario: apartments, house - Canada
  84. Tax: income, taxes, amount - Canada
  85. Us to Canada with a dismissed marijuana possession charge: lawyer, home
  86. taxes for owning a vehicle: sales, vehicle registration, insurance - Canada
  87. Starting a U.S. based land travel business with remote Canada in mind: insurance
  88. What is your favorite park in Canada?: rated, parks
  89. woundering: disposal, legal, dating - Canada
  90. which is the province in canada where one can find cheaper land compared to others?: to rent
  91. Passports & ferry's needed to fly/drive from US to Canada?: insurance
  92. Winter House Sitting: rent, cabin, cottage - Canada
  93. Allowed foods from NYC into NF, Ontario?: taxes, live in - Canada
  94. Want to move to Canada once i finish my studies - uestions: find a job
  95. Regina vs. Saskatoon: does one have a significant advantage over the other?: universities - Canada
  96. Moving to Halifax: middle-class, apartments, rental - Canada
  97. Which is the best part in Canada for a young Irish group to move to.: find a job
  98. Collingwood ON: hotels, house, buying - Canada
  99. Do the Atlantic provinces of Canada consider themsleves part of New England?: home, friendly
  100. would I be better off...: 2015, home, living - Canada
  101. Vancouver or Montreal? Which is better for entrepreneurs?: best cities, sales - Canada
  102. Questions About Canada....: crime, credit, hotel
  103. Islands vs. Victoria: schools, living, restaurants - Canada
  104. Does Kindle work in Canada?: buy, costs, stores
  105. Vancouver vs. Toronto: real estate, low crime, employment - Canada
  106. Need Help.: 2013, employment, school - Canada
  107. 19th century train ride?: rich, vacations, transit - Canada
  108. How Come Canadians Are Generally So Reserved?: moving, horses - Canada
  109. The spirit of Winnipeg: living, dangerous, gangs - Canada
  110. Rural Canada?: houses, schools, living in
  111. Canadians - Match me to a city!: apartment, to rent - Canada
  112. Work permit: home, college, living in - Canada
  113. The 9/11 Planes: Stranded in Canada: hotel, homes, gated
  114. What's living the Canadian dream?: sales, credit, incomes - Canada
  115. bear protection ?: insurance, houses, to buy - Canada
  116. Only Yellow traffic lights in Canada?: live in, money, cities
  117. Mattress Fumigation - need ;-): mover, house, buying - Canada
  118. 22yo Aussie guy coming over to Canada for year or two - tell me if I'm crazy!: renting, university
  119. Vancouver Weather vs. Windsor Weather: best climate, areas, cities - Canada
  120. Hamilton vs. Windsor?: unemployment, buying, university - Canada
  121. Help me narrow it down: Victoria, Nanaimo, Lower Mainland or Kelowna?: low income, fit in - Canada
  122. Happy Canada Day!: donate, money, American
  123. Crossing border with laptops, smart phones,: bill, vacation - Canada
  124. Dissatisfied with my province's education: school districts, university, law - Canada
  125. Is the Canadian border logical?: live in, deal, areas - Canada
  126. Do most Canadians care about becoming a Republic?: residential, catholic church - Canada
  127. Do you identify more with distant parts of Canada or parts of the States?: layoffs, buy
  128. Canadian women: better to date than American women?: maintenance, live - Canada
  129. An interesting article in regards to Canadian shoppers in the US: sales, buying - Canada
  130. American 4 year college student possibly moving after graduation: amusement park, home - Canada
  131. Summer Crossings US through Sumas/Destination Chilliwack: real estate, rent - Canada
  132. Can I enter with a convicted marijuana charge?: living in, law - Canada
  133. What's your opinion of Hamilton?: real estate, crime rate, neighborhoods - Canada
  134. 'Yank': home, club, sunshine - Canada
  135. discussion going on about Canada having a Civil Rights Day = to MLK day in the US?: credit, home
  136. Which canadian city do you prefer?: houses, schools, pros and cons - Canada
  137. SARNIA? This is for who has been there, lives there or used to... [MERGED]: renting, low crime - Canada
  138. Is Kitchener still as charming as it is in my memories?: home, live in - Canada
  139. KW vs. Cambridge vs. Guelph: lease, insurance, homes - Canada
  140. Still undecided.....: best city, apartment, to rent - Canada
  141. God help me........: apartment, rental, coop - Canada
  142. Occupy Wall Street Comes to Canada?: mortgages, credit card
  143. Atl. Can. (like Maine in US) high cancer rates?: organic, living in - Canada
  144. Applying for Permanent Residency while on Work Permit in Canada: lawyer, job market
  145. Socialism and Capitalism now a strange utilitarian blend?: fit in, insurance - Canada
  146. Waterloo's RIM shedding jobs. What's next for K-W?: insurance, condominiums - Canada
  147. Where are the Jobs? - Vancouver or Toronto/Mississauga area: employment, utilities - Canada
  148. Another food: appointed, home, restaurants - Canada
  149. Is Windsor, Ontario a nice place to live?: crime, house - Canada
  150. which is the most racist canadian province/city?: crime, live - Canada
  151. When Do Health Benefits Begin?: health insurance, how much, houses - Canada
  152. Prince William Visit: how much, taxes, live in - Canada
  153. I'm American, parents Canadian; auomatically dual citizenship?: construction, college - Canada
  154. Bridge Crossing from US to Ontario, Canada: live, cost of
  155. Hamilton, Ontario Living?: apartments, to rent, car insurance - Canada
  156. Do you fly out of Toronto or Buffalo?: hotel, live in - Canada
  158. Do People From Canada get offended when people refer to the United States as America: friendly, place
  159. bringing diabetic supplies into Canada: buy, pharmacists, inspector
  160. News, Canada has best reputation in the world: study.: quality of life, to live in
  161. Thanksgiving: to buy, restaurants, shop - Canada
  162. NYC Guy wanting to move to Canada Questions: apartments, to rent
  163. News, Canada's New $100 Bill Made of Plastic.: credit card, rated
  164. Ontario vs. Québec - Which is overall better? (POLL): schools, universities - Canada
  165. Fox News - Banned in Canada?: tax, move to, company
  166. Why can't all Canadians speak French outside of Quebec?: home, high school - Canada
  167. Are Canadians More Open/ International in their Eating Choices than Americans?: live in, restaurants - Canada
  168. Questions about celebrating the holidays...Canadian style!: sales, living in - Canada
  169. NDP Leader Jack Layton, who led Canada's Official Opposition, has died at age 61 after long battle with Cancer: condo, home
  170. Why doesn't Canada have many millionaires?: tax rates, live in, costs
  171. Traveling across Canada in January: professionals, bus, eat
  172. What is living like in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada?: neighborhoods, movies
  173. Is Canada emulating the US?: car insurance, mortgage, to buy
  174. Which is the Most Segregated Canadian City?: neighbourhood, camps - Canada
  175. How could Canadians not want to live in the best province of Québec?!: best city, houses - Canada
  176. Canada negotiating to set up Military Base in Jamaica: house, buy
  177. Franco-American family views Canada as the perfect place to call home! Can we make it work? Would we be welcomed?: daycare, how much
  178. Winnipeg...and crime ofcourse: real estate market, apartment, condos - Canada
  179. Expensive to Visit: appointed, credit, houses - Canada
  180. A friendly letter from an American - be warned, it's a bit lengthy!: movies, YMCA - Canada
  181. Political Parties in Canada: to buy, donations, financing
  182. Good schools in Canada for computer engineering?: coop, house
  183. Canadian Monarchy or Republic?: residential, business, average - Canada
  184. Canadian Conquest: racist, permit, island - Canada
  185. Best city for engineering job prospects: best cities, employment, transfer - Canada
  186. Sports bar to watch the Super Bowl in Barrie Ontario: food, area - Canada
  187. Is there anibody from MOBIADO (Bonac Innovation Corp ?): business, repair - Canada
  188. Best Winnipeg Roofing Company?: how much, charge, recommend - Canada
  189. Kitchener-Waterloo: Bridgeport East area: buying a house, buying, primary school - Canada
  190. Sponsor accounting job in canada: find a job, agency, looking for
  191. Dog Lake/Missanaibe... Stories?: fishing, year - Canada
  192. Post Doctorates applying for PR?: apply - Canada
  193. Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia: rental, tenants, live - Canada
  194. Canadian,: living in, place, American - Canada
  195. Ft.McMurry jobs: about - Canada
  196. Vancouver/Banff for summer work: job market, living, nightlife - Canada
  197. What is co-op housing?: apartment, foreclosure, rental - Canada
  198. Post Graduate Diploma in Finance: colleges, education, ranking - Canada
  199. Moving to sydney ns in mar or apr and need your advice!!: to rent - Canada
  200. What it means to be Canadian: definition - Canada