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  1. Canadian born abroad citizenship information: closing, moving, suite - Canada
  2. Rural Alberta: homes, utilities, living in - Canada
  3. Favorite Canadian City?: cities, top, small - Canada
  4. What parts of Canada are most into hockey?: population, children
  5. Heartland (Canadian TV series): small town, ranch, filmed - Canada
  6. Canadians living in Cuba?: lease, house, buy - Canada
  7. Canada Day - July 1st: restaurants, shops, bus
  8. Looking to Retire in Okanagan Valley overlooking Vineyards!: real estate, crime - Canada
  9. Global credit and collections. Do I need to worry?: good credit, transfer to - Canada
  10. Kitchener Downtown?: wealthy, office, commute to - Canada
  11. English Choice on Apps/Computers: lawyers, schools, deals - Canada
  12. Do you get a lot of foreigners doing working holidays in the Maritime provinces?: ski resorts - Canada
  13. Halifax VS Winnipeg, better city for students?: job market, to live in - Canada
  14. I'm from U.S and first, need help to know which forum?: insurance - Canada
  15. Sign Graveyard - Yukon Territory: property, place, highway - Canada
  16. Things to do in Northern Ontario?: rentals, live in, beaches - Canada
  17. Thoughts on Welland Ontario: houses, neighborhoods, to buy - Canada
  18. Hee Haw , eh?: quality, street, how to - Canada
  19. Need help moving to Canada. American and my wife is moving there for Graduate School.: rent
  20. Relocating to BC-VIC: school, university, moving to - Canada
  21. Nice Alberta video: living in, beach, places - Canada
  22. Rank the Provincial Capitals: ski resort, employment, university - Canada
  23. about American moving to Canada...: school, to live in, legal
  24. Sea Caves, St. Martin, New Brunswick: restaurant, parking, park - Canada
  25. Do Canadians commemorate D-Day ?: tenant, military, vacation - Canada
  26. moving from NZ to Canada. help.: insurance, find a job
  27. sedentary life: apartment, home, schools - Canada
  28. Is Surrey a nice place to live?: apartment, home - Canada
  29. What city is more influenced by the United States, Toronto or Vancouver?: living in - Canada
  30. Engineering Jobs immigration: employment, college, airport - Canada
  31. Summer 2013 in Thunder Bay - nts?: apartments, rentals - Canada
  32. Canadians Crowd U.S. Airports. Why? Taxes: mover, mortgage - Canada
  33. Icy Stares Received When Told of Hockey Aversion?: house, live - Canada
  34. Canada Phasing Out Pennies: buy, live, prices
  35. When Canada broke the Arrow: lease, design, best
  36. News, Mysterious hum in Canada coming from U.S.: area, island
  37. tell me about Kamloops, BC: real estate, public schools, university - Canada
  38. Canada is the fifth-happiest country in the world: UN report: ranking, money
  39. Are Gillette shaving products cheaper in Canada?: appliances, buy
  40. Canadian working overseas. Tax's: house, employment, university - Canada
  41. Tips to land the first job in St John's Newfoundland: home, moving to - Canada
  42. Security Officers not enough: crime, how much, school - Canada
  43. Places in Canada that shove have cities.: metro, island
  44. Iqaluit & Yellowknife: apartments, rental, crime - Canada
  45. Best Music Scene in Canada: best cities, nightlife, cities
  46. Was Harper lucky that Jean was a weak Governor General ?: lawyers, house - Canada
  47. Teaching Jobs in Canada: home, school districts, universities
  48. How did you Manitobans enjoy the Twin Cities over the weekend?: bus, vehicle - Canada
  49. reply and provide your valuable advice!!: for sale, 2013 - Canada
  50. Deaf People in Canada: insurance, movie theater, move to
  51. Native Indians: activities, requirements, fishing - Canada
  52. black barbershops in St. Catharines, ON?: university, haircuts - Canada
  53. Chinook Jargon - an extinct Canadian/American language: school, colleges - Canada
  54. Did in Ontario experience this?: live in, video, blocks - Canada
  55. Peace River, Alberta - What's it like?: live, oil - Canada
  56. Cool picture - strange light in the sky: airport, moving - Canada
  57. about Canadian French r: place, sunshine - Canada
  58. Is Halifax an exciting/boring place overall?: apartments, rent - Canada
  59. Just how large is the Magnetic Hill concert area in Moncton?: camping, price - Canada
  60. What is Winnipeg, MB like, is it a good place to visit around Canada Day? (Food, Attractions, Hotels): elementary school
  61. How can I move to Canada?: health insurance, schools, universities
  62. ever took the Canadian between Toronto and Vancouver?: hotels, costs - Canada
  63. Will Prince Rupert be Canada's next great city?: living, price
  64. Home insurance costs in Nova Scotia: estimate, property, companies - Canada
  65. Canada child support law for non-bio parents: different points of view: legal, vs
  66. Moving to Dartmoth: apartments, rentals, lofts - Canada
  67. Who knows Canadians who fought in Vietnam?: live, military - Canada
  68. family friendly province...does this exsist?: low crime, daycare, homes - Canada
  69. Are your ancestors United Empire Loyalists?: living in, moving, area - Canada
  70. Maritimes and cancer rate... - Canada
  71. with Boost Mobile in Canada?: how much, to buy, cost
  72. Teacher: Ontario or BC?: teaching jobs, living, cost of living - Canada
  73. Is Canada more or less regionally fragmented than America?: horse, population
  74. Sought on Northern Ontario (Sudbury & Points West): shop, train - Canada
  75. s on Hamilton?: movers, co-op, buying - Canada
  76. Are most people in small towns on Vancouver Island from there or transplants?: fit in - Canada
  77. Funniest thing I've ever seen about Canadia.: wedding, park - Canada
  78. Road Trip To Nova Scotia: rental, house, university - Canada
  79. Have you heard from Canadian taigagirl??: about - Canada
  80. Canada v. United States v. Latin America: condo, military
  81. Parry Sound - Northern or Southern Ontario?: homes, to live in - Canada
  82. What is your definition of 'western Canada'?: coastal, territories
  83. What is it like in Canada?: real estate, car insurance, crime
  84. Would you do the CN Tower Edgewalk?: cost, floor - Canada
  85. Regions of Canada: station, rank, area
  86. Winnipeg's Aboriginal Situation: crime rates, houses, live - Canada
  87. Canadian succession line: appointed, house, university - Canada
  88. Visiting Canada for the first time!: rental, vacation home, to live
  89. Public English Schools in Quebec City: best school, living in, law - Canada
  90. Canada and soft power: credit, disposal, military
  91. For Americans, what are the biggest differences you notice in Canada?: home, live
  92. Why do Canadians move to the US?: homes, job market - Canada
  93. Kelowna?: to live, statistics, move - Canada
  94. How do you rank the Canadian cities in terms of importance?: oil, horse - Canada
  95. How canada has changed for you.: houses, living, moving
  96. Canadian news media: live, best, company - Canada
  97. What is it like in Belleville, Tyendinaga and or Mohawk Territory?: crime, how much - Canada
  98. US-Canada free labour movement?: unemployment, buy, contractors
  99. Kitchener/Waterloo Amalgamation?: live, military, move - Canada
  100. Is the word visible minority obsolete in Canada?: statistics, catholics
  101. Midland - Port Mcnicoll Freddy's Revenge?: crime, houses, buy - Canada
  102. To study in Canada, or stay in America: employment, buying
  103. What is your feelings on global warming and its effects on Canada?: real estate, wages
  104. Leaving the US to go to Canada: middle-class, 2013
  105. Overall, would you say that?: living, racist, population - Canada
  106. Canada day quiz: fit in, home, move to
  107. Is Canada less religious than the States?: lawyer, live
  108. Is Hecho en Cuba a sign of quality?: buy, cost - Canada
  109. How's Lethbridge?: best cities, house, unemployment rate - Canada
  110. Canadians been to Dixie?: fit in, college, living in - Canada
  111. Do immigrants tend to culturally assimilate more in Canada or the US?: fit in, home
  112. Great Canadian movies?: vs., snow, to work - Canada
  113. When did Canada become independent?: military, renewal, association
  114. What do Quebeckers want?: how much, house, universities - Canada
  115. Is Southern food popular in Canada?: live, restaurants, vs.
  116. Where to move to in Canada?: 2013, renting, find a job
  117. What do you think Canada will be like in 100 years?: living in, vs
  118. Bombshell! Might be moving to Canada after all..: 2013, home
  119. The ultimate: gated, live in, price - Canada
  120. Great places for outdoor sports besides Vancouver: living, price - Canada
  121. Why do canadians move south versus .: home, buying - Canada
  122. Peaceful Canada: crime rate, house, neighbourhoods
  123. Are Canadians more likely to be pacifists than Americans?: military, food - Canada
  124. Economical way to live in Ontario 6 months a year: real estate, rentals - Canada
  125. social issues in Canada and the US.: violent crime, public school
  126. JOIN OPERATION 'Sheepdog' Operation 'sheepdog' - April 17, 2012: violent crime, employment - Canada
  127. Basketball in Canada......: how much, neighborhoods, high school
  128. Civil Liberties in Canada: fit in, homes, theatre
  129. canada passport stamp: moving, suburban, best place
  130. Regional Variation for Traffic Interactions: DMV, gated, living in - Canada
  131. Can I afford Canada, based on the following?: 2014, to rent
  132. Aspects of British culture common in Canada but rare in the USA: how much, hotels
  133. Tips for Charlottetown PEI living: apartments, rentals, condos - Canada
  134. Best small town in Ontario for a young single mother?: apartment, rent - Canada
  135. Moving from ON to BC via USA - good or bad idea?: fit in, transporting - Canada
  136. Need assistance with my upcoming Canadian Trip: hotels, malls - Canada
  137. Canadian PR importing US car: car registration, insurance, buying - Canada
  138. Immigration help: credit score, house, look for a job - Canada
  139. Does Canada have People's Republics ?: neighborhoods, live
  140. Older New Yorks Dream of Moving to Canada / Canadian born abroad: health insurance, lawyer
  141. Wow just found out they closed the Canadian Air and space museum :(: rent, landlord - Canada
  142. Canada, a Country of Regions?: employment, universities, live
  143. canada for sale: real estate, how much, buying
  144. House of commons passes bill to end gun registry: storage, dangerous - Canada
  145. child benefit: sales, rent, credit - Canada
  146. Canada: Autonomy in the USA?: crime, credit, felony
  147. Harper's Trip to China: 2015, house, living - Canada
  148. *Official Canada Chat: home, live, malls
  149. How Come Canada Has A Much Lower Teen Pregnancy Rate than the US: middle-class, school
  150. Are Canadians less friendly than Americans: motel, home, school - Canada
  151. Vacation in Canada: live in, shop, airport
  152. Whats more important your life or the economy: statistics, rich - Canada
  153. Winnipeg trip - help!: appointed, hotels, restaurants - Canada
  154. Seeking a nice, diverse, and interesting area to live between London Ontario and Toronto.: neighborhoods, good schools - Canada
  155. Chef Moving to Canada - Toronto, Ottawa or Vancouver?: employment, neighborhoods
  156. Nova Scotia vs Quebec: credit, contractors, income - Canada
  157. Canadian Provinces Internationally: home, school, living - Canada
  158. What is the Funniest Thing Ever Heard Someone Say...: how much, school - Canada
  159. canadian gas prices: buying, bankruptcy, taxes - Canada
  160. Just checking - will I fit in in Victoria, BC?: rent, how much - Canada
  161. Legalization of Prostitution in Canada: crime, house, high school
  162. Are Canadians are less racist than Americans, and are they more sensitive to it?: colleges, gated - Canada
  163. Canamerican TV shows: movies, friendly, place - Canada
  164. Where to find the Hispanic people in Canada???.: statistics, yard
  165. Canadian colonies in the U.S. - where are they?: sales, foreclosed - Canada
  166. Would love to visit Montreal or Toronto (or both): living in, moving - Canada
  167. Do Canadians watch American TV shows?: living in, money, Persian - Canada
  168. *Canadian Immigration* - Questions, Comments, Laws: 2013, health insurance - Canada
  169. Do people in BC view the United States differently than Ontarians.: crime rates, private school - Canada
  170. Most American-influenced part of Canada?: architectural, stations, radio
  171. How do you like a Canada with 100million population: condos, daycare
  172. Areas with a similar feel to southern Ontario?: restaurant, shop - Canada
  173. Americans going to university in Canada: schools, universities, living in
  174. Which Canandian city is good for a weeklong vacation: rent, neighbourhoods - Canada
  175. Do you speak Inuit or other First Nation language?: credit, elementary school - Canada
  176. Prahcess vs. Prohcess (Process, Project, and similar words): live in, garage - Canada
  177. Canadianisms or Coloquisms.: loan, home, school - Canada
  178. Money Transfer To Canada: price, transit, best
  179. Real estate in Canada?: insurance, mortgage, homes
  180. Refinancing in Canada: sale, real estate, mortgage
  181. Pierre Trudeau: Father of Modern Canada?: taxes, living in, legal
  182. Why are Canadians less hung up about being born on our soil (eg. something akin the Obama birther controversy)?: school, to live - Canada
  183. Is there a point to us still being in the Commonwealth?: living in, cost - Canada
  184. St John's NL - Cost of Living Questions: real estate, apartments - Canada
  185. Canadians OK with higher taxes to fight inequality: sales, how much - Canada
  186. play poker on student visa?: sales, insurance, credit - Canada
  187. The Nexus border program. Has applied for this?: for sale, rent - Canada
  188. Canadians polite but lacking generosity: how much, employment, transfer to - Canada
  189. Ukrainian diasporas in Canada: apartments, rental, homes
  190. tips about Toronto and Halifax: universities, living in, price - Canada
  191. fellow traveller to yukon, alaska: to buy, low cost, car - Canada
  192. If you like this city then you'll LOVE that city: vs - Canada
  193. Find work as a secondary school teacher.: education, teachers - Canada
  194. from move from Philadelpha to Canada?
  195. Windsor vs Kingston, ON - which is more Gay Friendly?: place to live, to move - Canada
  196. Finding jobs in Canada as an educated English speaking immigrant: university, moving to
  197. Chef Looking for Information about working in Canada: wage, restaurants
  198. Thinking about moving to Winnipeg from Thunder Bay: crime, job market - Canada
  199. New Brunswickers out there?: live in, clubs, to relocate - Canada
  200. 2012 demographics: stats, ethnic - Canada