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  1. been to the Shaw Theatre Festival?: famous, Friday - Canada
  2. try Mons beer?: for sale, 2013, buying - Canada
  3. Does Canada have cow colleges ?: home, law school
  4. roommate says he's a recovering addict clean for two years: living, area - Canada
  5. Who was the last PM to be born a British subject?: law, legal - Canada
  6. Protection Island BC - rental house wanted: for sale, real estate market - Canada
  7. Safety in Toronto: home, to live in, dangerous - Canada
  8. Am I Canadian by descent?: lawyer, live, law - Canada
  9. Farming, Quebec-style: agricultural, farmers, area - Canada
  10. I just got my tax returns yesterday(need help): credit, home - Canada
  11. Good Friday & Easter in Canada: spring break, public schools, DMV
  12. how is the life in Cambridge?: lawyers, new house, job market - Canada
  13. Most Urban: Montreal vs Vancouver: houses, buy, live - Canada
  14. What's your opinion on the living wage thing?: minimum wage, cost of - Canada
  15. The Devil's Brigade: deal, offering, America - Canada
  16. Happy 4th of July to our American Friends down south: legal, safe - Canada
  17. Urban Camping Whitehorse vs. St. John's: 2013, hotels, university - Canada
  18. Thinking of moving to Canada for a year...: find a job, school
  19. Was John A MacDonald's wife black: 2015, population, race - Canada
  20. Victoria, BC trip thoughts: condo, hotel, houseboats - Canada
  21. Crossing the US-Canada border in 1938: closing, live, fence
  22. What is a way to find selling price of a house in Ontario?: sales - Canada
  23. Canada Timber Industry: statistics, manufacturing, work
  24. Google Street Views in Nunavt: dogs, camera - Canada
  25. Canadian Border upgrades?: how much, inspection, tax - Canada
  26. Sugar shack parties: places, spring, about - Canada
  27. Best storage in Nanaimo BC?: price, self-storage, moving to - Canada
  28. about paying rent in Canada?: apartment, renter, insurance
  29. International bands touring Canada: live, clubs, business
  30. How much do you pay for.....?: insurance, condo, loans - Canada
  31. Victoria: 2013, rentals, houses - Canada
  32. canning: safe, hot water, hot - Canada
  33. Canada being invited to G6/G7 in 1976: military, club
  34. Canada Airport ATM: best, money, charge
  35. Hamilton, ON, and the 1930 Commonwealth Games: stadium, expenses, paid - Canada
  36. Making Purchase on Amazon Canada With American Credit/Debit Card: sales, credit card
  37. College loans in Canada vs the US: credit, student loans
  38. Acrobatic Pizza Master in the Toronto - Canada
  39. Stunning storm photos: 2013, safe, train - Canada
  40. Going to Le Biblioteque: transfer, schools, university - Canada
  41. I have a strange query.: income, income tax, legal - Canada
  42. Need storage in Nanaimo: to rent, prices, safe - Canada
  43. in the addiction/mental health field?: living in, best - Canada
  44. A little Canadian nostalgia: 2013, cinema, trailer - Canada
  45. How do Canadian bear all the airfair taxes and fees ?: sale - Canada
  46. Visible minorities living in rural Sask?: sale, real estate, buy - Canada
  47. relocation to Calgary: transplants, real estate, apartments - Canada
  48. Why RTM Homes is great choice over normal homes?: custom home, zoning - Canada
  49. Best city in Canada for Accountants?: job openings, school, cities
  50. Ontario vs. Quebec: living, cost of living, shop - Canada
  51. Education in Ontario: homes, private schools, subsidized - Canada
  52. Speaking of world currency...: association, single, Americans - Canada
  53. Indian or Indian looking men in Canada, do they have a bad reputation there? (traveling there): home
  54. What would the most suitable city be for us?: apartment, to rent - Canada
  55. June 21 Longest Day: summer, near, good - Canada
  56. What is it like to live in Niagara Falls, Ontario?: sales, real estate - Canada
  57. about town centres in Northern Canada / Hornepayne Ontario: appointed, apartments
  58. Speed Limit: transfer, safe, office - Canada
  59. Where to Stay with Dog in Niagara Falls Area?: motel, nicest - Canada
  60. Relocating Provinces: sublet, daycares, neighbourhoods - Canada
  61. Why Meech was out of reach: law, population, agreement - Canada
  62. Just how 'hippie' is Vancouver Island?: ski resorts, gated, live - Canada
  63. Condo for Sale in Arizona to Snowbirds! Need help where to send our ad!: home - Canada
  64. Talking New Brunswick: visit, time, problems - Canada
  65. Canadian in trouble in Cuba: 2013, tax, legal - Canada
  66. Party boat/head boat fishing in Southern Ontario (Lake Erie or Lake Ontario)?: 2013 - Canada
  67. Whitecourt Canada: driving, town, fishing
  68. The wealthiest Canadians: living, legally, store - Canada
  69. Alcan Highway: to live, beach, pine - Canada
  70. A Canadian city similar to Asheville NC?: university, live in - Canada
  71. temporary work visa: employment, living, design - Canada
  72. Why did Britain hold on to Newfoundland so long?: Irish, town - Canada
  73. What is it like to live in Oakville?: apartments, rent - Canada
  74. I'm interested in the UEL's point of view: movies, high school - Canada
  75. Social worker wanting to relocate - suggestions: schools, live in - Canada
  76. Using US Debit/Credit Card in Canada and Currency Questions: for rent, how much
  77. Why do Canadians accept US $?: sale, buying, law - Canada
  78. Canadians are a happy lot: place to live, best, skyscrapers - Canada
  79. quebec bashing: 2013, inspectors, live - Canada
  80. A bridge too farce: 2013, movies, cost of - Canada
  81. Questions the states or provinces in Canada: health care, residency
  82. The Senate: appointed, 2015, condo - Canada
  83. US Trader Joe Sues Canadian Pirate Joe: prices, shop - Canada
  84. Has the recession in Europe created a noticeable surge of European immigrants?: Mennonites, fence - Canada
  85. Is Canada so much more expensive than the US, due to it being quasi-Socialist?: sales, real estate
  86. You learn something new every day!: school, living in, club - Canada
  87. Hello my neighbors to the north: insurance, how much, home - Canada
  88. Big American retailers that does not exist in Canada...: live, restaurants
  89. Canadian's position on NSA: land, deal, privacy - Canada
  90. Sad news out of New Brunswick: 2013, apartment complexes, how much - Canada
  91. What is the most CANADIAN show ever ?: legal, trailer - Canada
  92. When would be an ideal time to move to Canada?: 2013, insurance
  93. Is French Declining In Canada?: catholic schools, salary, moving to
  94. Canadian who have never been to the U.S.?: income, live - Canada
  95. one know good welding school - baking school?: credit, home - Canada
  96. What is the best university/College in Agriculture or Horticulture for me?: home, schools - Canada
  97. Fewer US tourists than 10 years ago?: sales, buy, prices - Canada
  98. Canadian kids get a shorter summer break: 2015, YMCA - Canada
  99. Just came back from French Canada, and I must say: sales, real estate
  100. Crossing Canada/United States border: rent, how much, gated
  101. Charter of Values tabled: 2013, daycare, tax - Canada
  102. Will go to college in Canada. City or Town?: credit, schools
  103. Canadians hurrying to Syria in record numbers to join rebels: 2013, crime - Canada
  104. Difference between US and Canadian economy?: 2013, loans, how much - Canada
  105. Is Quebec seceding from Canada?: 2013, rated, business
  106. Ted Cruz is renouncing Canada: 2013, home, university
  107. Should burqa/niqab be banned in Canada?: 2013, living in
  108. May be going to Montreal - what is there to do there?: live in, restaurants - Canada
  109. Who are Quebec's richest Francophones?: real estate, live, club - Canada
  110. Will marijuana be legalized in Canada?: 2015, tax, legal
  111. Can a US citizen go to college in Canada?: how much, school district
  112. Why didn't French Canadians support Americans in the Revolution?: military, ethnicity - Canada
  113. Downtown Montreal vs Downtown Toronto vs Downtown Vancouver: condo, home - Canada
  114. ***Canadian fighters in Syria***: crimes, military, law - Canada
  115. Best Current Exchange Rate US Dollars For Canadian Dollars?: credit card, home - Canada
  116. Flying Into Montreal from NYC How Long Is Customs/Luggage?: sales, apartments - Canada
  117. Canada is not the same as the US and I'm sick of hearing it is [20 reasons why]: home, movies
  118. Best Provinces of Canada: 2013, live, land
  119. Mountains in Southern Ontario: ski resorts, credit, snake - Canada
  120. Are you smarter than an American?: private schools, university, stats - Canada
  121. Cab Ride from Montreal Airport to Hotel Payment Questions?: credit card, how much - Canada
  122. Is the crime similar to the US, just not talked about as much?: low crime, purchase - Canada
  123. Ranking Global Cities - Two Canadian cities in the Top 10.: 2013, school - Canada
  124. How is your garden?: house, live, yard - Canada
  125. U.S. Surveillance of Canadian Internet Use: credit, price - Canada
  126. MOving to Windsor Ontario From Edmonton: house, to buy, to live - Canada
  127. fantasy trip planning: 2014, insurance, credit card - Canada
  128. Quick Introduction, Hello!: live in, careers, hot - Canada
  129. African-Canadian population in Windsor: house, school, university - Canada
  130. Superman's Canadian connection: metro, Cuban, famous - Canada
  131. California to Canada?: how much, transfer to, live in
  132. If Canada was a boxer...: population, winter, entertainment
  133. ever lived(spent time) on Vancouver Island?: job transfer, living - Canada
  134. Do Canadians get less sun damage to their skin? Summers aren't warm, correct?: live, medical - Canada
  135. Should Can-Con be canned?: 2013, best, entertainment - Canada
  136. Train derailment in Lac Megantic: 2013, insurance, live - Canada
  137. Vic Toews resigns: appointed, 2013, university - Canada
  138. Why do Canadian immigrants have to swear an oath to the British Queen?: 2013, house - Canada
  139. Which railroad is this? Is it for passengers or for freight?: crime, purchase - Canada
  140. New foundland and Labrador: live, move to, tuition - Canada
  141. High River firearms seizures: Cdn perspectives: 2013, houses, live - Canada
  142. Alberta Floods: 2013, live, military - Canada
  143. Clothing Differences between Canada and US: to buy, schools, universities
  144. Is this a bad area of Saskatchewan?: apartment complex, crime rates - Canada
  145. Canadian take on the Zimmerman verdict.: live in, legal, requirements - Canada
  146. Crossing into US border by car: legal, drivers license, design - Canada
  147. Toronto/Niagara Falls or Montreal/Quebec City with family for first time: live in, restaurants - Canada
  148. Need help with planning: rent, hotel, home - Canada
  149. What Is Canada Day?: to live, military, safety
  150. Why are Canada postal codes not 5 digit like in the U.S.?: apartment, university
  151. Happy Canada day eh!: eat, pool, building
  152. Spanish language in Canada: preschool, metropolitan area, areas
  153. Do you consider Quebec as French or Bilingual?: transplants, tax - Canada
  154. Maritime Canada?: rentals, hotels, house
  155. Cubans in Canada: living, restaurant, catholic church
  156. Halifax/Nova Scotia and NHL: insurance, home, arena - Canada
  157. Where is French dying in Canada?: gated, taxes, to live
  158. An Île feeling: living in, land, island - Canada
  159. Why Can’t Canada Win the Stanley Cup?: 2013, salary
  160. B.C. Legislature Terrorist Bombing plot foiled: home, living - Canada
  161. Does Canadian money smell of maple syrup?: bills, eat - Canada
  162. It Came From Canada: 2013, homes, theater
  163. U.S. Border Stops when crossing bridge to Canada: 2015, to live in
  164. Canada vs USA: crime, buying, movies
  165. Immigrant bill could allow Canadians longer stays, boost Arizona economy: real estate, 2013 - Canada
  166. Will Quebec ever separate from Canada?! I hope NOT: 2015, schools
  167. Engineering Jobs Canada: 2013, condos, lawyers
  168. Why are Canadian shopping websites so lame?: 2013, how much - Canada
  169. Why don't Canadians discuss politics much?: weddings, schools, taxes - Canada
  170. Theatre in Canada: 2013, houses, theatres
  171. Anti-Semitism in Quebec: 2013, college, live in - Canada
  172. How to define French and Anglo Canadians: school, living in - Canada
  173. Does the Nova Scotia town of Shelburne have the mildest winters in Eastern Canada?: statistics, move to
  174. Canadians; How many weeks of vacation do you get?: employment, income - Canada
  175. Are you in favour of Verizon's entrance?: for sale, broker - Canada
  176. Who's Considered Black In Canada?: money, teach, demographics
  177. How do You feel about Canada's upcoming Gun Law changes?: sales, 2013
  178. High school football in Canada vs High School football in USA: house, universities
  179. How Would A Canadian Health System Work In The U.S?: rent, health insurance - Canada
  180. best 4x4 quebec snow weather?: how much, home, buying - Canada
  181. Non-Quebecers who knows good French ?: 2013, movies, schools - Canada
  182. If Americans accept knighthoods why not Canadians ?: title, office - Canada
  183. NOT born a British subject ?: to move, residential - Canada
  184. Native Starvation Experimenting: 2015, schools, maintenance - Canada
  185. South Alberta flooding: 2013, how much, house - Canada
  186. Was the Quebec independence movement of the 80s-90s based on anti-globalization?: 2013, school - Canada
  187. Could Canada fix Detroit?: houses, tax, living in
  188. Canada's obession with the royal family is sickening: 2013, wedding
  189. Canadian Thanksgiving vs American Thanksgiving: 2015, live, rating - Canada
  190. Quotes Canada: living in, shop, residency
  191. Public transportation in Canada: home, transfer, camping
  192. Looking for teacher to exchange to Australia: 2014, houses - Canada
  193. Information on Exhibition Park neighbourhood in Guelph: townhomes, area - Canada
  194. What are the best types of properties to buy?: buying, closing - Canada
  195. Hilarious Rick Mercer segment from 2007: time - Canada
  196. Living with a sublettor -: sublet, for rent, home - Canada
  197. Is CanCon good for Canada?: entertainment, addition
  198. Transferring to a Canadian university: schools, universities, quality of life - Canada
  199. Event in Canada: Ahmadiyya Muslims are having their 37 the Annual Convetion.: 2013, community
  200. Canada's Scottishness