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  1. Canada is a great place to live on a suuny day at 9000 feet altitude.: ferry
  2. The United Kingdom overtakes China as Canada's second largest export partner: 2014, trading
  3. History of education in Quebec: catholic schools, church, building - Canada
  4. All About Sherbrooke: universities, living in, military - Canada
  5. Canadian hospitals and clinics closing down all over Canada?: health insurance, ferry
  6. Commonwealth Freedom of Movement: racist, expensive, residence - Canada
  7. What US city does Winnipeg most resemble?: neighborhoods, metro - Canada
  8. Odds odds us being able to immigrate to Canada?: real estate, 2013
  9. The magic KFC sign!: store, eat, suburbs - Canada
  10. English Speaker looking for job in Quebec City: find a job, restaurants - Canada
  11. Don Harron, RIP: 2015, entertainment, better - Canada
  12. Looking for feedback University of Manitoba: credit, student loans - Canada
  13. Who knows the meaning of this old uebecism ?: party, road - Canada
  14. Trying to remember this 2014 Winter Olympics athlete...: free, good - Canada
  15. Barrie Ontario?: transfer, to buy, university - Canada
  16. Get diploma validated or not worth it?: assessment, graphic design - Canada
  17. Financial Markets during Wednesday's trading session: manufacturing, work, American - Canada
  18. What is licensed dining ?: sales, hotel, house - Canada
  19. Is there cheap land in Canada?: for sale, real estate
  20. Wintersport: Revelstoke, Big White or Whistler?: cost, nightlife, vacation - Canada
  21. being conquered by the British wasn't such a bad thing for Quebec: best - Canada
  22. Why doesn't Canada have an EBT like program?: low income, buy
  23. Where to live ???: house, unemployed, to buy - Canada
  24. Frank Slide (1903): 90 mill tons of limestone in 100 secs: place, top - Canada
  25. Metro Vancouver, Toronto, Kitchener or Hamilton for entry level software developer jobs?: to rent - Canada
  26. Where American and Canadian history overlap: military, vs., land - Canada
  27. Sis in Law wantes to move to Windsor, ON: 2015, violent crime - Canada
  28. IMAM Flouts Canadian Law: lawyer, home, camps - Canada
  29. Does Northern Ontario identify with western Canada?: live, move to
  30. A hypothetical Bill 101: 2014, layoffs, schools - Canada
  31. microwave vent: fence, move, different - Canada
  32. For our Canadian friends: gated, American, history - Canada
  33. Defunct Canadian military bases you remember: 2013, schools, college - Canada
  34. New to Windsor, buying a house, whats this area like??: low crime, neighbourhoods - Canada
  35. The Azores and Canada: 2014, hotel, living
  36. Do you think the United States is a better country than Canada?: suite
  37. Canada's economy is like to re-enter the top 10 in the world this year again!: depreciation
  38. Where in BC should we move to?? (Coming from NS with kids): 2013 - Canada
  39. How much do you pay on average a month on average for healthcare?: health insurance - Canada
  40. Why did St. Pierre et Miquelon get left out of Canada?: island, place
  41. If you plan to visit Quebec City...: things to do, places - Canada
  42. Cook looking to immigrate eventually: job market, living in, title - Canada
  43. Permanent Residence (PR) Application in Saskatchewan, How Long?: 2015, office - Canada
  44. Landed immigrant: live, vacation, place - Canada
  45. Searching for le vrai culture quebecois.: appointed, rated, metro - Canada
  46. 70,000 Students Protest Austerity: 2015, find a job, school - Canada
  47. Georgetown or Pickering?: quality of life, live in, move to - Canada
  48. Living in Niagara Falls & Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada?: apartments, rentals
  49. Is the Orange Order still influential?: live, American, free - Canada
  50. Québec & Canada explained! (funny): work, video, available
  51. Canada drops first bombs on ISIL in Syria: rain, entertainment
  52. Canada's best National Parks?: train, car, areas
  53. Upstairs tenant with Children/Kids are awful: apartments, lease - Canada
  54. Are libertarian/anti government sentiments popular younger Canadians?: university, live - Canada
  55. report today: 2015, most expensive, countries - Canada
  56. Good Canada red wines available in QC & Maritimes or northeast US?: taxes
  57. rich Canadians...$243-million contribution fpr a thirty meter tele..: 2015, construction - Canada
  58. An Interesting Microcosm of the Francophone/Anglophone Divide.: high school, live - Canada
  59. Long Haul Trucking: taxes, lodging, better - Canada
  60. Crossing Canada border with company vehicle: lease, roofing, safe
  61. What was life like for east asian canadians or Australians in the 50's: neighbourhoods - Canada
  62. Is it worth it to import used car from USA back to Canada (Ontario)?: 2013
  63. are pay-as-you-go mobile services dead in Canada?: buying, costs
  64. Does Canada have better workers' rights and social safety net than the States?: employment
  65. Down and out in St. John's: for sale, apartment, rental - Canada
  66. Victoria, BC six-month rental for retired parents: apartments, movers - Canada
  67. Kathleen Wynne @ Ontarians: go ahead and call it a tax: 2015 - Canada
  68. How Do Canadians feel about black people?: cities, small towns - Canada
  69. Is Toronto as expensive as Vancouver now: real estate, 2015 - Canada
  70. Burnaby vs. Scarborough: credit, home, transfer - Canada
  71. Canada Healthcare (Windsor) concerns: health insurance, neighbourhood, pharmacist
  72. Are most canadians pro or anti mass immigration: 2015, houses - Canada
  73. 2015 Mercer quality of life survery!: living in, cost of, richest - Canada
  74. Going through a medical crisis right now. what to do: live in, cost of - Canada
  75. The mistreatment of Aboriginal Canadians.: vs., to move, rich - Canada
  76. Can Canada teach the rest of us to be nicer?: 2015, school
  77. Is the quality of life better in British Columbia than it is in other provinces?: 2013, schools - Canada
  78. Has been to/wanted to go to Northern Canada?: tornado, living
  79. If the French Canadians were conquered by the English, why are so many loyal to them?: live, required - Canada
  80. Can a Canadian boy survive?: homes, public school, to live - Canada
  81. American and Canadian twin cities: universities, oil - Canada
  82. The Handover and its effect on Canada: real estate, 2013
  83. Is poutine in western Canada a new thing?: live, restaurant
  84. Why is Canada so much safer than the USA?: 2013, violent crime
  85. Stephen Harper's Legacy -- Canada's Greatest Prime Minister?: place, medicine
  86. About urine test: live, legally, beach - Canada
  87. The U.S. accounts for 71% of all of Canada's foreign trade: how much, income
  88. Wayne Gretzky endorses Patrick Brown: 2015, how much, school - Canada
  89. Victoria BC is WARM: place to live, stats, airport - Canada
  90. U.S or Canadaian? Which has a better vibe&culture?: home, movies
  91. Best Canadian beer available in US?: home, buy, allergies - Canada
  92. Canada Random Thoughts/ Observations: house, college, living
  93. Do Canadian business owners have a right to refuse service?: 2015, weddings - Canada
  94. Canada Income Tax: sales, 2015, appliances
  95. If Quebec were a US state, would it be a red state?: day care, subsidized - Canada
  96. Americans heart Canada: 2013, teach, population
  97. Time for a dose of honesty: Canada is too friggin cold: appointed, rent
  98. What things are cheaper in Canada than in the US: apartments, to rent
  99. We Vote CBC lawn signs...: spring break, station, radio - Canada
  100. Does not mind Canada's glass condo buildings?: apartments, condos
  101. Driving from Vancouver to Calgary in July: hotel, price - Canada
  102. Thomas Mulcair has remortgaged his home 11 times since 1980s: middle-class, 2015 - Canada
  103. Toronto climate vs. Montreal climate: assess, cities, island - Canada
  104. Neocolonialism: Is Quebec still a colony of Canada?: live in, money
  105. Canadian news stories: 2015, layoffs, closing - Canada
  106. Innovation: how much, movies, schools - Canada
  107. How difficult is it for a US citizen to move to Canada?: find a job, college
  108. Polymer banknotes: 2014, credit, salary - Canada
  109. Which border crossing? driving AZ to Fort Erie ON: how much, buy - Canada
  110. Do Canadians feel culturally connected to Minnesotans?: to live in, mall - Canada
  111. Best of;: 2015, hotel, houses - Canada
  112. Just make the bad man stop...: horse, estate, rating - Canada
  113. Opposition should not play politics with Sgt. Doiron's sacrifice: 2014, live - Canada
  114. What is it with the spate of Quebec secession/separation threads lately?: live, place - Canada
  115. How difficult to move from Europe to Quebec?: employment, university - Canada
  116. 1964: Canada changes the flag: school, live, military
  117. Why did religion end up declining in Canada?: education, American
  118. Canadian Independence 1982: were you there?: military, groceries, legal - Canada
  119. Canadians who never been to the United States?: living, cost - Canada
  120. How similar are Canadians to Americans?: to live in, military, rich - Canada
  121. Where does the anti American vibe in Canada come from?: hotel, school
  122. Green party: 2015, employment, standard of living - Canada
  123. Which part of America do Canadians see themselves being similar too?: place to live, legal - Canada
  124. Want to move from California to Canada: fit in, find a job
  125. Moving to Canada, good idea? Complicated background: 2013, home
  126. montreal vs ottawa where to live?: fit in, living in, professionals - Canada
  127. Is Canada better off with or without Quebec?: taxes, military
  128. How did the Eastern townships become mostly Francophones?: 2013, university - Canada
  129. About the tragedy in France: differences in Canadian media coverage: 2015, home - Canada
  130. Is Quebec the best place in North America to live?: taxes, standard of living - Canada
  131. I have specific & non specific questions-Moving to Canada: credit, employment
  132. What city has a good job market?: living, prices - Canada
  133. Why does Canada make is so hard for Americans to move there?: taxes, living in
  134. Why can't Canada have an independent foreign policy?: 2015, military
  135. Are Anglo-Canadians descended more from Loyalists or directly from the UK?: university, moving - Canada
  136. French language in New Brunswick?: living, health, area - Canada
  137. Better Underground City: Montreal's RÉSO vs. Toronto's PATH system: how much, hotels - Canada
  138. Want to move to Canada from USA: school, to live in
  139. Is Quebec Independence a Legitimate Movement?: 2014, house, living - Canada
  140. Moving to live in Canada: best city, universities, living in
  141. SURPRISE!!! -- Kathleen Wynne Wants to RAISE Taxes....: sales, credit rating - Canada
  142. Winter weather in Canada 2014/2015: live, price, gardens
  143. Canadians: what parts of Canada would you like to experience?: vacation home, camping
  144. Things you'll only see in Canada: 2014, shop, bus
  145. Well Canada, Harper gov't) I'm disgusted and embarrassed!: 2015, how much
  146. West Vancouver vs. Oakville vs. Westmount: real estate, house prices, neighborhood - Canada
  147. Water spout in bottom of shower???: hotels, houses, building - Canada
  148. So is Canada the black sheep of the community or what?: appointed, living
  149. What is the most popular sport by participation: home, school - Canada
  150. Persecution of Christians in Canada: 2014, credit, lawyer
  151. Would Canada ever consider making the Toonie the new unit of currency?: purchasing, school
  152. Views of Canadians on Various Issues: By Region: live in, best - Canada
  153. Is the Canada forum better off with or without Modern Rebel?: live, moving to
  154. Target Canada enters CCAA: buying, closing, live
  155. Whitest Cities: quality of life, safety, racist - Canada
  156. Are Americans welcome in Canada?: movies, living in, dining
  157. Canadian Flag turns 50 today!: public school, living in, bars - Canada
  158. Why doesn't Canada have an abortion law?: appointed, legal
  159. Can I Be a Dual Citizen?: 2015, insurance, look for a job - Canada
  160. What is the Canadian health care system really like?: insurance, how much - Canada
  161. This is why Americans REALLY honestly dislike Canadians: live, move to - Canada
  162. Mass Shooting Plot Foiled in Halifax, NS: residential, kitchen - Canada
  163. Toronto vs. Montreal - Where would you rather visit?: 2014, to live - Canada
  164. My answer to Quebec seperation: live, to move, title - Canada
  165. Canadian obsession with US vs Canada lists: live, health
  166. Do you think Canada would still be a first world country if it was entirely tropical?: quality of life, live
  167. Are taxes really higher in Canada than the United States?: low income, sales
  168. What's considered a cheap major city in Canada: apartment, rental
  169. Is Manitoba a good place to immigrate and to live?: real estate, cliquey - Canada
  170. What will you do if/when Québec seperates?: home, move - Canada
  171. Neverendum: Quebec politicians planning a new referendum: 2015, theater - Canada
  172. What do you think about Miss Canada's Costume?: 2015, place
  173. Canada and Saudi Arabia: gated, manufacturing, vehicles
  174. Quebec too harsh on English-speakers?: 2013, public schools, living in - Canada
  175. Is Calgary a nice city to visit?: houses, neighborhoods - Canada
  176. Why are the majority of active threads on the Canada forum about Quebec?: camps, live in
  177. Retired head of the Liberal party: Quebec is going to secede anyways: transfer, housing market - Canada
  178. What would happen to Canada if the NDP wins the election?: income, taxes
  179. How many of you Canadian Residents would immigrate?: extended stay, home - Canada
  180. SW Ontario - closer ties to Detroit or to Buffalo?: ferries, horses - Canada
  181. Kind of want to move to America. Or is there a place in Canada for me?: house, income
  182. Windsor Apartments: neighborhoods, schools, living in - Canada
  183. Today's Major Economic Events: Asian, America, economy - Canada
  184. ever live in St. John's for amount of time?: university, living - Canada
  185. Questions on Canadian education: schools, quality, streaming - Canada
  186. Looks like Strombo has made a career change: better, hockey - Canada
  187. most creatively inspiring places? - Canada
  188. Does the major junior hockey cover market there would be for minor league pro hockey: cities - Canada
  189. Canada's governing class: Who rules the country?: 2014, PhD
  190. Help with immigration plans: best cities, how much, move to - Canada
  191. Information for a temporary trip to Canada: dorm, live
  192. News, Lawmaker Blames Absence on Tight Underwear: house, common - Canada
  193. Global Commentary In The Financial Markets: activity, build, trading - Canada
  194. The canadian poet: Roger white: home, unemployed, marketplace - Canada
  195. where to live between University Toronto Downtown and University Toronto Missisauga: to rent, transportation - Canada
  196. Tried fishing in Credit River?: real estate, estate, deals - Canada
  197. Sherwood Park: live - Canada
  198. Canada Apartment Reviews/Ratings: apartments, zip code, move to
  199. Cities under the radar: large cities in your country that people rarely talk about - Canada
  200. Tuesday Economic Events: trading, market, Chinese - Canada