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  1. Why it is just not to label someone a hater.....: sales, how much - Canada
  2. People in Ontario: Did your ridings vote reflect your community's values?: sales, apartments - Canada
  3. Who has been to Charlevoix?: hotel, live, food - Canada
  4. Super tankers on the St. Lawrence Seaway: 2015, transport - Canada
  5. Who owns depanneurs?: buy, gated, living - Canada
  6. Constructing a house in rural Canada: fit in, rent, buying
  7. Might Canada be right for me?: theater, living, costs
  8. Friendly small town for outdoorsy family in B.C.?: real estate, low crime - Canada
  9. Yannick: countries, languages, common - Canada
  10. History of Canadian trade: military, statistics, trading - Canada
  11. Burton Cummings injured in car accident - Canada
  12. Property taxes, building codes, and costs of living in southern British Columbia?: crime - Canada
  13. Do the Maritimes have much political clout?: government - Canada
  14. What are the biggest real estate websites in Canada?: 2014, house
  15. Family of four thinking about moving to canada: theatre, school
  16. Famous Canadians of American descent: friendly, best, building - Canada
  17. Gaelic in Nova Scotia: universities, activities, teach - Canada
  18. Questions about First Nations people today: RV park, mineral rights, real estate - Canada
  19. Best Canadian Cities for Medicine: schools, universities, campus - Canada
  20. First Nations people in Quebec: authority, radio, federal - Canada
  21. Why people talking Canada is so good country?: new home, find a job
  22. The ideal Canadian language teacher: teachers, interest, start - Canada
  23. Has Crossed Both Borders with a Subwoofer Box/Sound System or Loaded Trunk Spaces: house - Canada
  24. Nova Scotia posters at C-D?: homes, landlord, living - Canada
  25. Who has been to the Acadian Historical Village?: elementary school, suburb - Canada
  26. Who remembers Mike MacDonald?: live, business, entertainment - Canada
  27. Why is CBC News online viewable in US only after 3-4 days vs as live as prior?: privacy - Canada
  28. “The good old hockey game...”: layoffs, live - Canada
  29. Canada has the most beautiful women: how much, tree, cities
  30. Canada and World War Two: 2015, home, price
  31. I've heard that while Canada may be more legal immigration friendlier than America...: house
  32. Who has been to the Magdalen Islands?: vacation, place - Canada
  33. How likely will an unoccupied vacation house in Canada be broken in?: rent
  34. Tell me about Canadian youth hockey: moving, expensive, winter - Canada
  35. Canadian Cities if they had American Style Ghetto's: crime, neighborhoods - Canada
  36. Taxation on Canadian Returning Back with a Canadian Vehicle: buying, taxes - Canada
  37. Which is the hipster area of Hamilton, ON?: 2015, price - Canada
  38. Where was this filmed?: area, winter, working - Canada
  39. single/coupled status of Humboldt Broncos players killed/injured in April bus crash: stats - Canada
  40. Margot Kidder, RIP: loud - Canada
  41. Francophone/ Anglophone border in New Brunswick?: live in, move, bill - Canada
  42. Health Care Questions: lease, health insurance, how much - Canada
  43. Ad-Free Outlook for Canadians?: real estate, exemption, horse - Canada
  44. PQ Leader hints of a wall on US border, and that Mexicans should pay for it: schools - Canada
  45. Driving on my dealer plate while visiting Canada?: legally, car
  46. Trump’s new NAFTA strategy: move, farmers, office - Canada
  47. Who has heard of the Reesor Siding shootings?: between, wife - Canada
  48. Making your own booze in Canada: home, neighbourhood, weddings
  49. Quebec-City: best neighborhood, apartment, to rent - Canada
  50. Peterborough vs Kingston for non driving retiree from Toronto: how much, home - Canada
  51. Schooling in Canada (PR from India): 2014, public schools, relocating
  52. Canada's real estate bubble; Toronto vs Vancouver....: condo, loan
  53. London Ontario vs Kitchener/Waterloo for Toronto expat: rental market, home - Canada
  54. International students at Canadian colleges and universities: schools, living - Canada
  55. Clear to Close Jitters: credit score, lender, house - Canada
  56. What Store has the best Christmas Display.......: department stores, job - Canada
  57. Who remembers the patriation of the Constitution?: photographer, event - Canada
  58. Relocation from USA to Canada experiences: best cities, apartment
  59. Huntingdon, Quebec: home, luxury, school - Canada
  60. The Anglicization of Gatineau: home, buyers, schools - Canada
  61. Is it rude for a visitor to anywhere in Canada (OUTSIDE of Quebec) to assume that everyone speaks English.: friendly
  62. Happy new year to the Canadian forum...: health, great - Canada
  63. from Saskatoon? Did you know there's a restaurant in Greenville, SC names Saskatoon Lodge?: house - Canada
  64. Driving from Quebec to Halifax: university, gardens, nicest - Canada
  65. Montreal or Quebec City?: sound - Canada
  66. Canada, You Have a Country You Should be Proud Of: movies, military
  67. What gives Montreal?: city hall, how much, homes - Canada
  68. How do people afford a house in Canada?: rental, mortgage
  69. Why Canada not have more Hispanic Immigrants?: appointed, home
  70. In a real estate transaction in Canada, who pays commission and how much?: sale, lawyer
  71. Is French cuisine popular in Quebec?: neighbourhood, shop, food - Canada
  72. An Unsung Canadian Hero, Front Page New York Times Today - Quebec Dishonors WWII Heroes: credit, home - Canada
  73. Who remembers Celine Dion before she became famous to English-speakers?: buy, living in - Canada
  74. Bourdain does Newfoundland: food, dinner, fishing - Canada
  75. How strong is Canadian soft power?: broker, military, deal - Canada
  76. Pride Month in your city: live in, suite, trailer - Canada
  77. Mennonites and Plautdietsch in Manitoba: home, schools, live - Canada
  78. Americans Living in Canada: 2015, college, gated
  79. Canada Day Eh: living in, place, humidity
  80. Canada tariffs on US goods like ketchup, lawn mowers begins: best, finance
  81. What is Canada’s most elite Francophone university?: high school, universities
  82. Canada is lucky: move, beach, hospitable
  83. Can I still go to Canada?: 2013, felony, lawyer
  84. Things we say that they just don't understand....: college, living in - Canada
  85. I want to become a professional drug dealer too!: buy, legal - Canada
  86. Drake the rapper is Be For 5% Of Toronto’s $8.8b Tourism Economy: violent crime, credit - Canada
  87. Canada and illegal immigration: felony, home, legally
  88. What would you do if you were being harassed by a stranger?: how much, lawyers - Canada
  89. Most interesting place to visit by province ....: sale, taxes - Canada
  90. Stephen Harper's recent comments: credit, living, farmers - Canada
  91. Moving to Canada and finding job(in IT): how much, home
  92. Where were you when you heard about the the Lac Megantic disaster?: safety, nightclub - Canada
  93. Greyhound bus service cancels passenger services.: school, subsidized, taxis - Canada
  94. Increase military spending, how many PMs ignored this: how much, buy - Canada
  95. Summervacation: renting, camping, best - Canada
  96. Is rural Canada drying up?: how much, homes, to buy
  97. Do Canadian universities use racial preferences ( Affirmative Action )?: low income, 2014 - Canada
  98. Canadian countryside housing prices (Nova Scotia to be exact): hardwood floors, houses - Canada
  99. VIBRANT Francophone communities left in Manitoba?: home, neighbourhood - Canada
  100. Should Georgian Bay be considered the sixth Great Lake: island, water - Canada
  101. A trade war begins?: buy, gated, price - Canada
  102. Ontario Election: unemployment rate, to buy, tax - Canada
  103. Chinese political influence in Canada: sales, real estate, lease
  104. Drive from Toronto - Montreal?: to rent, hotel, construction - Canada
  105. Overcoming Canadian hurdles to citizenship?: employment, buying, to live in - Canada
  106. What do Canadians make of Jordan Peterson?: cabinet, live - Canada
  107. What's up with Trudeau's fake eyebrows?: island, modeling, mechanics - Canada
  108. Heritage Months in Ontarion: living in, dangerous, sushi - Canada
  109. Monolingualism in Canada’s government: requirements, career, venue
  110. Who do Canadians want as US President?: America, professors - Canada
  111. 82% of Ontario’s exports go to the United States!: 2015, wage - Canada
  112. Can Canadians enlighten me as to why the US has become so exceptionally supportive of Muslims?: living, rating - Canada
  113. Are Americans and Canadians in this forum more hostile toward each other than in the real world?: calculation, living in - Canada
  114. Franco-Ontarians: schools, living in, safe - Canada
  115. Why do Canadians say ‘eh’ and what does it mean?: taxi, living - Canada
  116. Who has been to Labrador?: camping, oil, ferry - Canada
  117. Canada’s officially-bilingual cities: neighborhoods, law, suburbs
  118. Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader P. Brown Resigns: house, buy - Canada
  119. What do Canadian pay less for than Americans do besides health care and prescription drugs?: 2014, insurance - Canada
  120. Drug abuse in Canada: live, safety, to move
  121. No Pro-Lifers Need Apply?: taxes, live in, costs - Canada
  122. How bad is the Wildlife Problem Where u live?: houses, neighbourhood - Canada
  123. Mothers who regret having children are speaking up like never before: day cares, home - Canada
  124. Classic American TV shows and Canada: movies, construction, live
  125. How Canadians used to talk properly: price, rating, demographics - Canada
  126. Quebec before Bill 101: living in, mall, airplane - Canada
  127. Oldest Man in Canada Reveals Secret to a Long Life: apartment, to rent
  128. Is maple syrup expensive in Canada?: buy, luxury, organic
  129. Miss Canada beauty pageant: pageants, trees, requirement
  130. Victoria named the most romantic city in Canada for sixth consecutive year: sales, buying
  131. Canadian-owned restaurant in Memphis?: buy, prices, law - Canada
  132. Illegal Canadian in US: home, taxi, legal - Canada
  133. Places in Canada similar to Wisconsin?: home, schools, campgrounds
  134. Who are Justin Trudeau’s biggest fans?: 2015, demographics - Canada
  135. Marijuana Legalization in Canada: Look to Amsterdam or Colorado: crimes, how much
  136. Will there ever be a Canadian Kim Kardashian?: celebrity, career - Canada
  137. Statistics Canada Population Estimates: live, agricultural, estimate
  138. Singers Quebeckers would know: living, career, kids - Canada
  139. The fighting priests of Acadia: live, Americans, history - Canada
  140. Classic Christmas cartoons in Canada: movies, suite, trailer
  141. Life in Vancouver vs Montreal vs Waterloo: credit, buying - Canada
  142. Dual US/CDN Citizens-Do you have CDN Medical card?: extended stay, health insurance - Canada
  143. “Superbilingual “ Canadians: home, school, live - Canada
  144. Is Quebec City overlooked by American tourists?: income, living in - Canada
  145. Border blues: schools, live in, law - Canada
  146. Who has been to Sainte Boniface?: home, neighborhood, theatre - Canada
  147. Halifax vs Toronto for a young family: real estate, attorneys - Canada
  148. Canadian Christmas songs: living in, stations, radio - Canada
  149. Season's Greetings!: home, health, snow - Canada
  150. Government - who can lead?: safety, authority, design - Canada
  151. Canadian provinces.: loans, house, neighbourhoods - Canada
  152. Do Canadians study American history in school?: high school, university - Canada
  153. Why is Canada A Little Boring?: school, closing, property taxes
  154. What is the largest Canadian city without a university or college?: universities, campus - Canada
  155. Alberta minimum wage increase: home, income, living in - Canada
  156. A way to get deported out of Canada?: movies, living
  157. Why so few mass shootings in Canada?: condo, violent crime
  158. What are the BEST Canadian whiskeys?: weddings, price, club - Canada
  159. Driving to Dawson: camping, live in, military - Canada
  160. Acadians vs. Quebeckers: plantation, rated, areas - Canada
  161. Life in “Hollywood North”: house, movies, live - Canada
  162. Modern European immigration to Canada: how much, homes, living in
  163. Canadian cuisine revisited: to live in, richest, historic - Canada
  164. Canada/US merger (different type of: appointed, lawyer
  165. French Canadians in west Canada: living in, military, moving
  166. Train trip across Canada ?: home, taxes, to live
  167. Mexicans in Canada: 2015, new home, schools
  168. Who remembers “Flashpoint”?: quality, Americans, leash - Canada
  169. Canada’s multilingual entertainers: credit, title, radio
  170. Quebec day vs. Canadian Independence day?: apartment, leases, neighbourhood - Canada
  171. Most beautiful .. In Canada ?: ski resorts, island, places
  172. There's nothing to discuss, really, but let's honor their lives... (Humboldt Broncos): condo, living - Canada
  173. Road trip through MB, SK and AL: home, calculated - Canada
  174. Mont Tremblant, things to do, restaurant recommendations,: rental car, city hall - Canada
  175. When marijuana becomes legalized....: condo, live, legal - Canada
  176. Justin Trudeau's official guide to geography: buy, gay, work - Canada
  177. Is streaming t.v shows illegal/copyright infringemen/stealing in Canada?: sale, 2015
  178. is it time to do away with the term visible minority ?: how much, attorney - Canada
  179. Who remembers Billy Graham in Canada?: live, catholics, money
  180. What Do We Need To Cross The Border?: school, DMV - Canada
  181. Who remembers the Oka Crisis?: living in, legal, title - Canada
  182. Who has traveled via VIA?: subdivisions, live, train - Canada
  183. Food from Canada: buying, campground, shop
  184. New Brunswick and language: live, vs, stats - Canada
  185. Why college education is so expensive in Canada?: appointed, student loans
  186. Who has driven driven coast to coast in Canada?: living in, bus
  187. Chris Cuthbert's accent: population, Irish, to work - Canada
  188. Should voting age be lowered to age 16? What's your opinion?: high school, Mennonites - Canada
  189. Canadian Americans: home, purchase, school - Canada
  190. The significance of “Goin’ Down the Road”?: apartment, wedding - Canada
  191. Walkerville, Windsor Ontario: neighbourhood, schools, live in - Canada
  192. Whitehorse WalMart bans rv's: camping, store, safe - Canada
  193. The sad story of Grosse Isle: Irish, immigrants, about - Canada
  194. Ottawa - hidden gems for food: restaurants, bars, things to do - Canada
  195. Ice cream company hopes to save a school: elementary school, buses - Canada
  196. Morden, MB communities: housing, children, young - Canada
  197. Basement Waterproofing: move, company, good - Canada
  198. How is the maple syrup this year?: winter, good - Canada
  199. CBC Show Still Standing: places, party, small towns - Canada
  200. Odd and peculiar city limit boundaries - Canada