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  1. How does Toronto compare to Vancouver?: neighbourhoods, place to live, vs - Canada
  2. Lack of French Radio Stations in Niagara Falls, ON: home, estimated - Canada
  3. Does Canadian military pay a living wage?: job market, income - Canada
  4. Who has been to L’Anse aux Meadows?: credit, houses - Canada
  5. Halifax questions.: movers, house, college - Canada
  6. The accomplishments of the NDP: insurance, employment, purchasing - Canada
  7. Greater Sudbury, ON vs Moncton, NB: transfer, universities, living in - Canada
  8. Relocating to Sherbrooke and Need to Secure Housing Before Arrival: apartment, rental - Canada
  9. Is “How It’s Made” a favorite Canadian series?: beach, cheap - Canada
  10. compare NE CA vs US...: living, culture, American - Canada
  11. When Anglos and Francos worked together: chateau, about - Canada
  12. from Canada: community, urban, time
  13. Being Relocated to Canada For Work: transfer, tax, live in
  14. About how many times have you crossed each provincial border: transport, territory - Canada
  15. Levis, Quebec: live, suburb, island - Canada
  16. Movers Holding Belongings Hostage: home, live, storage - Canada
  17. Anything Canada: homes, pros and cons, living
  18. What parts of Quebec are poor?: employment, living, cost of living - Canada
  19. Back from Calgary and Banff: rental, hotel, purchasing - Canada
  20. Before she was famous: school, live, sunshine - Canada
  21. Who knows The Mary Ellen Carter ?: bars, island - Canada
  22. Canada - a great place for sitting down: hospital, national
  23. Picking Windsor as home despite the bad vibes: low income, fit in - Canada
  24. Amazing fact about BC!: taxis, price, vs. - Canada
  25. The former Kingston Pen is a music venue: how much, big house - Canada
  26. Quebec City - Street Sign: parking ticket, cities, limit - Canada
  27. tiny homes on private land in GVR: modular home, neighborhood - Canada
  28. Apple season is: agriculture, farm, areas - Canada
  29. Who remembers “The Hilarious House of Frightenstein”?: taxi, price - Canada
  30. Living in Windsor as IT professional and working in Detroit: find a job, cost of living - Canada
  31. Hey there! - Canada
  32. How traditional retailers find wholesalers?: business, Chinese, work - Canada
  33. COVID-19 self-reporting website: know if the disease is in your neighbourhood: school, health - Canada
  34. Don't count on CVD-19's 2nd wave to wait until fall, it's now started in China. Animals getting it from humans too: hair salon - Canada
  35. News, Support for Québec's independance jumps to 50%: resident, about - Canada
  36. Who offers the cheapest shipping to Canada?: how much, house
  37. News, Canada's First Lady Has Recovered.: bill, title, health
  38. Once Safer Than Gold, Canadian Real Estate Braces for Reckoning: rent, new home - Canada
  39. Why is Eastern Canada so much colder than Western Canada?: tax, living
  40. Happy Victoria Day/National Patriots Day 2020!: oil, distance, urban - Canada
  41. The Quebec ban on face coverings vs COVID-19?: health, catholics - Canada
  42. Lets hear Bigfoot sightings (first hand preferrably): to live in, dangerous - Canada
  43. Do you guys need another citizen?: job market, safe, best - Canada
  44. Are housing coupons a good answer to the housing crisis?: for sale, real estate - Canada
  45. The How Getting Through Covid: condo, townhouses - Canada
  46. The government of Canada on the federal level and provincial have massive debt?: house
  47. Alberta: 2015, how much, upkeep - Canada
  48. Who remembers 1998 ice storm?: school, university, to live - Canada
  49. Do you think the CFL will still be around in 10 years?: college, place - Canada
  50. Well water in Nova Scotia - OK as a drinking water source?: homes - Canada
  51. Date planning in Halifax: live in, restaurants, activities - Canada
  52. Montreal to Ottawa: houses, to live in, suburbs - Canada
  53. Lucky socks and shoes ?: lawyers, school, rated - Canada
  54. Driving from Sandpoint, ID to Revelstoke best winter route: ferry, shelter - Canada
  55. Neil Peart Dead at 67: house, high school, subdivisions - Canada
  56. A Great Piece of CDN History described in The Impossible Railway: The Building of the Canadian Pacific,: move - Canada
  57. Long weekend in Quebec or Ontario - recommendations: 2015, hotels - Canada
  58. Speaking of Curling-2020 World Women's Championship: live - Canada
  59. What skills are the most sorted in Canada: job openings, construction
  60. where to buy food in winnipeg?: store, places - Canada
  61. How to Start a Business in Vancouver When You're Not Canadian?: required, based - Canada
  62. Honeymoon to Algonquin Park: rentals, how much, costs - Canada
  63. Canadians buying property in U.S?: real estate, rental, how much - Canada
  64. Who remembers Sam the Record Man?: buy, university, shop - Canada
  65. Survey suggests the majority of Canadians are happy! :): insurance, bankrupt - Canada
  66. Rising Lake Ontario Levels: restaurants, yard, county - Canada
  67. Historic Windsor church needs major repairs: catholics, dollars, online - Canada
  68. Nova Scotia - is it worth visiting: beaches, ferry - Canada
  69. Who remembers Steinberg’s supermarket?: credit card, house, closing - Canada
  70. Canadian former Miss Mississippi winner - Canada
  71. Early Canadian epic movie: movies, hours, about - Canada
  72. Is the Indian community (Sikhs) well-received in Prince George, BC?: pros and cons, live - Canada
  73. Nahanni National Park: activities, money, places - Canada
  74. Let’s take a pole: authority, road, news - Canada
  75. American accents: buses, transit, good - Canada
  76. Medical costs when traveling,who pays?: insurance, bills, health care - Canada
  77. Crossing the border to Canada - OK to take siblings car?: rental car, rental
  78. Are Canadians afraid of losing the US?: how much, buying - Canada
  79. Visiting Canada DUI: driving, agent, people
  80. I wonder who is behind this...: gated, paint, violations - Canada
  81. Newcomer - Long Post/Lots of Questions: apartment, rental - Canada
  82. What fun do you hope to have in Canada this summer?: camping, live
  83. Canadians who wants to vacation to the US?: paid, Russian - Canada
  84. What is up with housing in the Niagara Region?: house prices, buying - Canada
  85. Why is VIA Rail so expensive?: buy, taxes, costs - Canada
  86. Why is Canada slipping in global rankings...: 2015, homes
  87. Moving to Windsor vs Vancouver: employment, neighbourhoods, living in - Canada
  88. How do you feel when you encounter an American?: living in, restaurants - Canada
  89. Is everyone able to buy toilet paper, now?: buying, shop - Canada
  90. Clone of Fox News coming to Canada anytime soon?: 2013, taxes
  91. RV crashes into ferry in bizarre accident: safe, move - Canada
  92. Poof go your guns!: live, military, arena - Canada
  93. How do I convert to Sikhism?: living, eat, building - Canada
  94. National Trust: condo, living in, safer - Canada
  95. Why so much hate for Quebec: transfer, school, cost of - Canada
  96. Canadians, what are your favorite [major] American cities to visit?: hotels, school - Canada
  97. news you needf to know: law, bill, racist - Canada
  98. Cultural Christianity in Canada: house, public schools, cars
  99. Did corporal punishment exist in Canadian schools?: home, catholic schools - Canada
  100. Is Quebec destroying Canada?: home, legally, trains
  101. Edmonton vs Ottawa: sales, income, sales tax - Canada
  102. I’m Sikhing: motels, employment, wedding - Canada
  103. Canada’s National treasure: live in, celebrities, rated
  104. Erza Levant is in hot water.: gated, horse, title - Canada
  105. Who remembers Triumph?: friendly, radio, career - Canada
  106. Happy Canada Day eh: living, shop, place
  107. Are Pepper Spray, Mace & Tasers Used/ Allowed in Canada?: homes, to buy
  108. Is Canada a Socialist Country ?: insurance, how much, employment
  109. If eligible would Kawhi Leonard be elected PM of Canada?: home, layoffs
  110. Eastern Canada trip in September: rental, hotel, home
  111. What’s Sherbrooke like?: how much, neighborhoods, asbestos - Canada
  112. I drugs were cheap in Canada: health insurance, unemployed
  113. Canada opposed to U.S. soldiers posted at Canada/US border: fence, military
  114. Medical Supplies Bound for Canada Blocked at US Border: storage, dangerous
  115. Do as I say, not as I do...: home, cabinet - Canada
  116. Most beautiful Canadian province/territory?: appointed, vacation, rated - Canada
  117. Covid 19: home, to buy, school - Canada
  118. Daughter coming back to Canada: apartment, home, exodus
  119. D-Day 75th anniversary - not just Americans: 2014, beaches - Canada
  120. Will there be permanent changes how we live our lives going forward?: gardening, airplane - Canada
  121. Canada/USA border closed to all nonessential travel: sales, insurance
  122. Disruptions of Canadian Rail Traffic Could Have Unexpected Side Effects: layoffs, trains - Canada
  123. Maple syrup - big business, and a heist: crime, house - Canada
  124. Canada Crime 2020: statistics, kitchen, homicides
  125. My first visit to toronto: neighborhoods, university, to live - Canada
  126. Entering Canada with no return ticket: how much, home, buy
  127. Mass shooting in Nova Scotia: condo, legally, bars - Canada
  128. Tribulations of a Canadian influencer: home, living in - Canada
  129. How many of you know that.....: houses, to move, rail - Canada
  130. American Living in Canada, Need a Credit Card: credit report, how much
  131. WHO recommends contactless payments: 2015, credit card, how much - Canada
  132. Women curling in skirts: store, moving, place - Canada
  133. Wildfires.: homes, school, living - Canada
  134. Canada Prime Minister Brownface Pic at Party: appointed, attorney
  135. Can identify this town I think it's in Ontario shot in 1997: oil, horse - Canada
  136. Who likes government films?: schools, educational, parks - Canada
  137. FRIDGES in Canada are not cold enough at 40 degrees F/milk will last longer at 34 degrees F.: home, refrigerator
  138. I hear that 50% of Alberta wants independence: legal, move to - Canada
  139. Who you voting for in the upcoming election?: buying, areas - Canada
  140. Why does Canada uebec) copy everything from the US?: taxes, living
  141. U.S. Border Patrol questions Canadians in Canadian waters?: buying, salaries - Canada
  142. Can you drive to Nunavut?: ferry, vehicles, land - Canada
  143. Who remembers Eaton’s department stores?: sales, appliances, home - Canada
  144. Toronto or Montreal (Which one should I visit?): to rent, home - Canada
  145. What Does Canada Think Of The CAQ Running Quebec?: to live, racist
  146. What do you think of the idea of making all living indigenous languages official languages of Canada?: law, move to
  147. Feeling of Western alienation in the Prairies is rising fast, will it be a serious problem for Canada growing forward?: 2015, how much
  148. Why only 11 grades in Quebec?: daycare, transfer, high school - Canada
  149. Air Canada fined for seatbelt language: appointed, condo, live
  150. Canada Annexes Turks & Caicos Islands: 2014, shop, beaches
  151. Who remembers “Miracle Mart”?: sales, price, shop - Canada
  152. A world without Canada: credit, theatre, living in
  153. The Great Canadian Inferiority Complex & Why Canada's Most Talented Are Fleeing to America: rent, home
  154. What similarities and differences do Canadians see with the neighbouring US states?: credit card, home - Canada
  155. Is Saskatchewan underrated?: live, agricultural, oil - Canada
  156. Winnipeg Trip: city hall, to rent, lofts - Canada
  157. Is Quebec wine good?: store, title, rapes - Canada
  158. Is Canada a US vassal state?: movies, food, oil
  159. Time to get rid of the monarchy?: live in, law - Canada
  160. Would moving to Canada be worth it?: 2014, insurance
  161. American Milk: how much, home, to buy - Canada
  162. Andrew Scheer Gay Marriage Video: how much, living, office - Canada
  163. Mystery of young couple found murdered on side of road in Canada deepens: dangerous, car
  164. Controversial idea: The US as Canada's Mother Country: to live, military
  165. Butter: co-op, home, elementary school - Canada
  166. Do you prefer Robertson or Phillips screwdrivers?: mobile home, law - Canada
  167. Can I still go to Canada? (Serious): crime, attorney
  168. Can you cut down a tree with an ax?: homes, camp - Canada
  169. Why do Québec and Alberta hate each other?: transfer, buying - Canada
  170. The last remnant of Duplessisism falls?: bill, trains, station - Canada
  171. Campbell River BC homeless camps: RV park, house, Walmart - Canada
  172. Before Celine...: cities, towns, culture - Canada
  173. What’s your favourite Canadian provinces/territories flag and why ?: elementary school, best - Canada
  174. How did “Gordon” become the stereotypical Canadian name?: accent, famous - Canada
  175. Our highways are more unsafe than ever.: live, law - Canada
  176. Do you want to an independent Quebec ?: real estate, house - Canada
  177. Alcohol Shortage in Ontario: condo, live, assessment - Canada
  178. French taught from early age: home, public schools, living in - Canada
  179. Is rice popular in Canada?: restaurant, food, farm
  180. Crossing the Canada-US Border with Alcohol and Tobacco: how much, taxes
  181. Time abroad in BC and Alberta: fit in, rent, how much - Canada
  182. A about the pipeline issue: lease, construction, live - Canada
  183. U.S./Canadian Border Cities Discussion: homes, theater, school - Canada
  184. Ooh, La La...Topless women now allowed at popular water parks in Quebec and Ontario: 2015, houses - Canada
  185. Happy Thanksgiving!: home, eat, rated - Canada
  186. Federal Election 2019: hotel, living, stats - Canada
  187. How popular is Formula 1 in Canada: live, codes, horse
  188. Canada’s other broken Arrow
  189. the Canadians who died at Normandy - Canada
  190. Looking for Good & Reliable Tree Removal and Landscapers: landscaping, reviews - Canada
  191. Nova Scotia - real estate questions: oceanfront, house, buying - Canada
  192. Work Visa?: lawyers, living in, estimates - Canada
  193. Visiting Quebec City - Late September/Early October: bars, activities - Canada
  194. Driving from Spokane to Kelowna: winter, trip, better - Canada
  195. BC vs QC?: live, green - Canada
  196. Operation Red Nose volunteers hit by drunk driver New Year's Eve - Canada
  197. Canada's Council of Advertising Standards disagrees with RONA: development, interest
  198. Living in New Brunswick, what do you think about it?: renting, home - Canada
  199. If you need or know someone who does need help in BC during this pandemic.: seniors - Canada
  200. UEL Flag raising Adolphustown, ON - 16 June - Canada