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  1. Does Atlantic Canada have more sharks/shark attacks then anywhere in the world?: live
  2. Halifax, NS: hotels, school, campgrounds - Canada
  3. The Queen tested positive for covid.: dangerous, best, top - Canada
  4. visiting St. Stephens and surrounding area (near Maine border): suggestions? Advice?: home - Canada
  5. Canada's oldest continuing museum being mothballed: year, visiting, great
  6. Poutine at war: restaurant, bars, rain - Canada
  7. Nexus: centers, office, rating - Canada
  8. Visited Canada for the first time, were my observations.: house, live in
  9. Guns laws in Saskatchewan compared to America: transporting, crimes - Canada
  10. Growth of exurban communities (the exurbs ): condos, crime - Canada
  11. Houston B.C. -RCMP seeking information about acts of violence, armed attacks and multimillion dollar destruction.: crime - Canada
  12. Canada Revenue Agency follies: lawyer, university, tax
  13. Fake Toonies...: cost, legal, money - Canada
  14. How often is your school delayed/cancelled or no bus service/remote learning available?: how much - Canada
  15. Mosquitoes in the Prairie Provinces - Canada
  16. Which parts of Canada handle snow events surprisingly poorer then you'd think?: how much
  17. Doug Ford's Ontario: 2014, lawyer, homes - Canada
  18. What are stereotypes Canadians have about Indians ?: limo, taxi - Canada
  19. Poland and WWII reparations from Germany: military, business, payment - Canada
  20. New Canadian CMA 2021 census numbers and list.: real estate, estimates - Canada
  21. Relocating to Canada: taxes, live, self-storage
  22. Is the US’s gun problem becoming Canada’s gun problem?: crime, live in
  23. Jason Kenney resigns as leader of Alberta's UCP: live, approval - Canada
  24. Quebecois Influence at US Border: home, live in, store - Canada
  25. New Brunswick and the Bay of Fundy: appointed, homes - Canada
  26. Are all gas prices the same in Canada?: taxes, live
  27. What is bothering you about the LGBTQ Plus community in Canada: gynecologist, university
  28. Lisa LaFlamme: hotel, home, buy - Canada
  29. Queen of the world announced in Canada.: buy, university
  30. Chrystia Freeland accosted by far right activist.: shop, homeless - Canada
  31. Saskatchewan RCMP say 10 dead, 15 hospitalized after stabbings, suspects still at large: condo, live - Canada
  32. What I Love About Canada, eh?
  33. Uh oh -something is wrong, it looks like our Queen may be on the way out - Canada
  34. Who remembers Gordon Sinclair?: how much, shop, safer - Canada
  35. Affordable summer destinations: hotel, live in, prices - Canada
  36. Do you think it's time to discontinue the use of the nickel?: how much, cost of - Canada
  37. How are First Nations people treated in Canada?: 2014, house
  38. Estate Conflict and Family Estrangement: appointed, sale, real estate - Canada
  39. Looking at Eastern Canada and Ontario: real estate, apartments, condos
  40. The Alberta Leadership Race: how much, live in, price - Canada
  41. What US purchased Gift Cards are accepted in Canada?: appointed, renting
  42. I do miss the spirited discussions we had ... [CHAT: wedding, buy - Canada
  43. Canada and the Russian Invasion of Ukraine: to buy, car
  44. What are traditional home-cooked Quebecois meals?: food, catholics - Canada
  45. Historic downtowns with good groceries: 2014, rentals, how much - Canada
  46. Random questions about Southern Ontario nature: house, safe, authority - Canada
  47. Canada is becoming a symbol of the far-right: how much, buy
  48. Trudeau ignoring real terrorist: calculated, live, medical - Canada
  49. The largest mass arrest in Canadian history: 2015, city hall - Canada
  50. Is Justin Trudeau Fidel Castro's son?: bill, deal, business - Canada
  51. Can somebody explain why this happened??: house, college, best - Canada
  52. Could a Texas beaver flourish in Canada?: furniture stores, vacation
  53. Are Acadians fading away?: how much, home, school - Canada
  54. Do the Majority Of Canadians Really Want a Dictator?: school, living in - Canada
  55. Does Laval have the elite cachet of the Sorbonne?: law school, universities - Canada
  56. Pronunciation and translation of a Quebecois name?: school, working - Canada
  57. RIP Guy Lafleur: stations, radio, deal - Canada
  58. $5B Windsor electric battery plant: manufacturing, cars, land - Canada
  59. Language revisited again - multilingual healthcare workers: transfer, university - Canada
  60. Living in New England vs. Living in Quebec: sales, home - Canada
  61. Debit/Credit Card Readers in Canada: 2015, rent, home
  62. Interesting article on Winnipeg: how much, garden, yard - Canada
  63. Who is with “Canadian Whites”?: 2014, title - Canada
  64. Looking for Blacksmith In Canada: buy, school, codes
  65. Newfoundland and Labrador visit: where to stay, hotels, university - Canada
  66. Traveling to Canada for tourism in 2022: live in, dangerous, safety
  67. Arctic grab: Is Canada ready?: worth, dollars, resources
  68. Trucker press conference - Canada
  69. Montreal's Pensioner Powered Transit - Canada
  70. D-Day again - Canada
  71. Euro Canadian City Strategy: rating, money, areas - Canada