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  1. Call Centre: insurance, transfer, high school - Canada
  2. Proof of Funds - Skilled worker applying from Ireland: mortgage, houses - Canada
  3. Oshawa?: job market, closing, to live in - Canada
  4. Canadian Cricket Boost: pay, average, Australians - Canada
  5. Entry to Canada: crime, vacation, money
  6. Toronto Vs Vancouver: ski resorts, condominiums, houses - Canada
  7. Toronto or Calgary?: sales, apartment, hotel - Canada
  8. Motels/Cabins on lakes?: rentals, hotels, swimming - Canada
  9. Inchworms? - Canada
  10. How difficult/easy is to migrate to Canada?: pharmacy, medical
  11. Moving to the boonies near Thunder Bay: lawyer, home - Canada
  12. european family move to Canada: rent, house, to buy
  13. Job Interview in Fort Mcmurray: college, salary, company - Canada
  14. Affordable farm land in S. BC?: homes, price, ferry - Canada
  15. Relocating to Ontario;I need a room: apartment, to rent - Canada
  16. Intl Policy: military, agriculture, oil - Canada
  17. Proposed itinerary for Alberta - comments or ideas?: where to stay, rentals - Canada
  18. Maple Leaf Forever: schools, firm, population - Canada
  19. moving to canada arrange employement: permit, job, temporary
  20. Computer/tech job: best city, wages, to move - Canada
  21. Oh Nooooo!: pay, winter, jobs - Canada
  22. Annual vacation days: moving to, company, job - Canada
  23. Best places in Canada during October?: statistics, areas, distances
  24. Visible minority: crimes, stats, racist - Canada
  25. April 25th/July 1st: school, military, plantation - Canada
  26. Reusing oldler license plates?: live in, to move, business - Canada
  27. Bed & Breakfast or Boutique Hotel suggestions for Victoria BC: hotels, restaurants - Canada
  28. The Census: statistics, move to, Korean - Canada
  29. Teaching in Canadian private schools: university, installer, education - Canada
  30. Best Halifax suburbs?: neighborhoods, schools, living - Canada
  31. Candian View On Crime?: condos, crime rates, houses - Canada
  32. Antique Furniture: average, supply, looking for - Canada
  33. Happy Canada Day!!: home, safe, horses
  34. 1 year TWP applying for permanent resident skilled worker....: live, office - Canada
  35. Would living in the U.S would you make more money then in Canada??: real estate
  36. Best Province to buy Real Estate in?: how much, house - Canada
  37. New To Forum.. Where's Everyone From ?: design, relocation, location - Canada
  38. Ice storms: Are they more common in Montreal than in Toronto?: power lines, place to live - Canada
  39. House Construction and Floor Plan: sales, new construction, closing - Canada
  40. Need on QUEBEC cities and immigration: lawyer, neighbourhoods - Canada
  41. News, Health Canada: Don't drink raw milk.: legal, sold
  42. Real estate ethics: real estate market, house, purchaser - Canada
  43. Petro Canada/Humpties on #1: restaurant, most dangerous, floor
  44. what jobs qualify for skilled worker status: lawyer, school - Canada
  45. Immigration Representative for Canada - based in Ireland: attorney, law
  46. New job in Brampton...where should we move?: real estate, neighborhoods - Canada
  47. News, Canadian Government Offers $300 Million To Tobacco Farmers To Switch Crops.: cabinet, cabin - Canada
  48. Regent Park.......: crime, neighborhood, living - Canada
  49. Visiting Toronto for the first time: Aug 15-17... Suggestions?: good hotel, wedding - Canada
  50. News, Sex popular at Canadian nude beach.: deal, clothing - Canada
  51. Where to Land ?: home, university, live in - Canada
  52. Good skiing in Whistler in late April?: construction, dinner - Canada
  53. major underground railroad communities......: live, price, cabin - Canada
  54. Who does the grunt jobs in Canada (that Mexicans do in America)?: home
  55. Working in BC and Alberta: how much, college, to live - Canada
  56. Canada or USA for real estate career?: sales, houses
  57. Nova Scotia or Vancouver....: transfer, standard of living, friendly - Canada
  58. Moving from Europe to Canada - living costs: sales, real estate
  59. Questions About Toronto & Montreal: to eat, best, cities - Canada
  60. Quebec City or Montreal: living, bus, nightlife - Canada
  61. Scholarships For Americans?: school, college, students - Canada
  62. wrong license plate number on careless driving conviction: insurance, legal - Canada
  63. Immigrating to Canada: universities, education, engineer
  64. Regina: home, park, bookstore - Canada
  65. Why are jobs for iMBA grads so hard to get?: university, pharmacist - Canada
  66. Where best for IT developers without living in the rat race?: house prices, prices - Canada
  67. struggling rather then Regretting: how much, find a job, school - Canada
  68. Looking to spend a year in Canada: ski resorts, real estate
  69. Moving from unemployed city to Alberta or BC: appointed, sales - Canada
  70. Estimated cost/recommendations for movers from CT (or US) to Halifax?: apartment, to rent - Canada
  71. News, Canadian doctors overworked, unable to meet needs: survey.: professionals, budget - Canada
  72. Camping in Nova Scotia: relocate to, interior, weather - Canada
  73. what t: financial, become - Canada
  74. crossing the border at Niagara Falls: hotel, license - Canada
  75. News, Giant chunks break off Canadian ice shelf.: average, climate - Canada
  76. School year....: schools, live, military - Canada
  77. Winnipeg, Edmonton, or Vancouver: for sale by owner, real estate, apartments - Canada
  78. is Canada a middle power or more ?: live, food
  79. Figuring Income Taxes in Canada: insurance, how much, home
  80. New Teacher looking into Canada: credit, college, licensed
  81. What are the requirements to have a Canadian License plate?: military, vehicle - Canada
  82. american carpenter working in alberta ?: home, professionals, best - Canada
  83. American Girl+Canadian Boy= Canadian Baby and Immigration problems: wedding, living - Canada
  84. studying in Canada.: wedding, university, activities
  85. Emigration to Canada - Toronto vs Calgary: real estate, home
  86. Relocating from the UK-HELP: neighborhood, schools, place to live - Canada
  87. NEED ADVICE: Medical Staffing Agencies Hiring in Canada?: homes, health
  88. Quebec City on wheels: live in, stores, buses - Canada
  89. need help in relocating from saudi arabia: home, living - Canada
  90. american college student/job: ski resorts, homes, job market - Canada
  91. Moving to White Rock BC: pros and cons, place to live, beach - Canada
  92. Good Schools not from canada): live in, vs, education
  93. Long Island, New York area compared to Oakville/Burlington area - cost of living: real estate - Canada
  94. News, Student fined $628 for sitting on ledge.: university, homeless - Canada
  95. Need Advice - Canadian Economy & Job Market?: living in, moving - Canada
  96. My son is Canadian and I want him to live there: home, living in - Canada
  97. contracts: schedule, pay, monthly - Canada
  98. Questions~BC,North of Washington?: camping, fence, vacation - Canada
  99. Manitoba camping: deal, park, areas - Canada
  100. From NYC to Canada: pros and cons, money, cities
  101. Burnaby High Schools and pets: apartment, rentals, high crime - Canada
  102. Labor laws in Canada: law, work, how long
  103. Special Education in the GTA..: schools, legally, to relocate - Canada
  104. Romantic places in Winnipeg or area?: weddings, restaurants, prices - Canada
  105. Hockey Night in Canada: how much, gas, best
  106. What Is The Price Of Gas: live in, military, law - Canada
  107. Should I Stay or Should I Go?: sales, car insurance - Canada
  108. Custom Building in Saskatoon Area: custom home, construction, living - Canada
  109. What are good vacation spots in Canada??: homes, neighbourhood
  110. Moving from Europe: car insurance, taxes, living in - Canada
  111. TriLingual schools in Winnipeg?: live, best, teach - Canada
  112. public transportation from Pearson Airport to Downtown?: hotels, home - Canada
  113. Provincial Income Tax: insurance, employment, health - Canada
  114. News, Canada is in the middle of a quiet oil boom.: prices, trees
  115. Would it be or legal to get a car insurance overseas?: loan - Canada
  116. MoneySense - Canada's best places to live 2008: unemployment, cost of
  117. Seasonal work in Canada: ski resorts, place to live, pool
  118. Why are residents of Halifax called Haligonians?: live, cities - Canada
  119. Driving a houston texas car in ontario: home, drivers license - Canada
  120. best schools in mapleridge: credit, house, neighbourhood - Canada
  121. Do Canadians Get Extra Pay For Holidays?: wages, tax - Canada
  122. Most Affluent/ Toniest Parts of Canada: for sale, salons, real estate
  123. What are differences between Ontario and Manitoba heath care, car insurence.....?: health insurance - Canada
  124. hey is there fluent in french and is good writing it?: people - Canada
  125. about immigration and PR for a postdoctoral researcher: student loans, employment - Canada
  126. Ontario Trip Advice: hotels, camping, ferry - Canada
  127. So sad about Luc Bourdon: condo, motorcycle, accident - Canada
  128. Windsor Where to Live...?: apartment, rental, house - Canada
  129. windsor!: clubs, fake - Canada
  130. Internshp Abroad for Canadian University (physical absence for Canadian Citizenship): rental, co-op - Canada
  131. Ottawa vs Vancouver.: buy, school, universities - Canada
  132. Think Quebec gives Europe a run for it's money?: quality of life, living - Canada
  133. Bringing food across the border: to buy, camping, inspection - Canada
  134. Possibly moving to Oakville, Ontario area from Long Island NY: real estate, insurance - Canada
  135. Marrying in Canada...: city hall, living in, law
  136. Police charge 40-year-old man in bus beheading: crime, home - Canada
  137. Highest ranking black politician: appointed, house, residential - Canada
  138. Thinking about moving to canada: car insurance, mortgage, house prices
  139. Australia to Newfoundland. Are we crazy?!: insurance, how much, job transfer - Canada
  140. Permanent residency help: health insurance, get credit, school - Canada
  141. Border issues staying in Canada for 6 months: lease, lawyer
  142. Canadian attitudes towards Americans: best city, real estate, insurance - Canada
  143. Is the Middle Class Alive and Well in Canada? Not so much in the US...: middle-class, house
  144. Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, or Edmonton: Which city would you live in?: real estate, home - Canada
  145. Canada Vs. America: crime rate, home, movies
  146. Moving to Southern Ont: Ottawa vs London vs Windsor?: best city, house - Canada
  147. Crime in Canada vs US: crime rate, statistics, safe
  148. advice on Canada: crime, home, neighbourhood
  149. Toronto vs Montreal: apartment, neighbourhoods, to live - Canada
  150. A to Canadians about Canadians: insurance, unemployed, transfer - Canada
  151. How does a person find out about a Company looking to sponsor: home, find a job - Canada
  152. US public schools versus public schools in Canada: how much, home
  153. Does Alberta? or B.C have a better job market than Toronto?: construction, salary - Canada
  154. Whats next after medical exam for permanent resident in canada?: living in, moving
  155. U.S.A. v. Canada: Pros and Cons of Each: low crime, public schools
  156. Harrassed at Canada Border (Afraid to go back)!: rental car, rental
  157. Rough neighborhoods in Canada.......: apartment, condos, crime
  158. for Canadians: appointed, crime, home - Canada
  159. Which place in Ontario would you choose?: rentals, utilities - Canada
  160. Should all Canadian Provinces have their own individual forums?: layoffs, area - Canada
  161. How British is Canada?: how much, home, theatre
  162. Winnipeg-Should we move or not?: middle-class, apartment, high crime - Canada
  163. Looking Forward To CANADA Being Our Friend Again!: crime, buy
  164. Which university is better in Canada?: employment, buying, schools
  165. Best city for African Americans: pierogi, live in, statistics - Canada
  166. Moving to Canada, why? They use METRIC SYSTEM!!!: construction, live
  167. Quebec Separatism: fit in, how much, house - Canada
  168. need help on Canada immigration: how much, employment, college
  169. Moving To Canada And Looking For Advice: appointed, house
  170. What to Wear in Calgary / Toronto ?: fit in, apartment, to rent - Canada
  171. Are Canadians as mad about gas costs as Americans are?: sales, sales tax - Canada
  172. Oil Jobs in Alberta: to rent, motels, house - Canada
  173. Canadian Health Care Vs. United States Health Care: health insurance, how much - Canada
  174. Family move to Canada.... pros or cons?: pros and cons, taxes
  175. help finding the best Canadian City to live.....: house, school - Canada
  176. Gas prices are confusing: live, places, Thai - Canada
  177. Is Victoria a good place for raising children?: real estate, violent crime - Canada
  178. Making a Move: Vancouver or Victoria?: apartment, rentals, condos - Canada
  179. Canadian Mass Transit: crime rates, live, malls - Canada
  180. Nova Scotia, Africville and other things.......: neighborhood, schools, gated - Canada
  181. Landed Immigrant in Canada returning from 3 month Vacation: home, job transfer
  182. Is canuck an offensive term?: neighbourhoods, buy - Canada
  183. Why No Canada Day SPRIT??: appointed, sales, neighbourhoods
  184. Suburbs of Major Canadian Cities: real estate, houses, school - Canada
  185. Burning desire to become a Canadian citizen: extended stay, rent - Canada
  186. moving to canada: real estate, vacation home, cabinet
  187. News, Wal-Mart ordered to allow union contract in Canada.: deal, retail
  188. French Immersion Camps: to move, kids, programs - Canada
  189. Quebec: living in, place, pics - Canada
  190. News, Canadian island lifts ban on beer, soda cans.: to buy, law - Canada
  191. Trip to niagara falls, trip packages: buses, tower - Canada
  192. Allergies in humid summer: live in, humidity, suggestions - Canada
  193. smokes: cheaper, where to, near - Canada
  194. Crime statistics: best, worst, 2008 - Canada
  195. News, Canada declares chemical in plastic bottles unsafe.: health, water
  196. Halifax for 19 yr olds: university, moving, racism - Canada
  197. News, sliced mushrooms recalled in Canada.: inspection, food
  198. where to buy in Victoria: neighbourhoods, centers, moving to - Canada
  199. Vancouver / Toronto: to live, to move, difference - Canada
  200. Best Hotel price in Sault St Marie and Thunder bay, with trailor parking,: prices - Canada