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  1. Racial Slurs and Violence on Rise in Minor Hockey.: neighborhood, friendly - Canada
  2. Montréal & Quebec pictures: house, to live, shop - Canada
  3. Canadian ou: Scottish, boat, sound - Canada
  4. Winnipeg: winter, Colombia, free - Canada
  5. Harper visited China: buses, business, paid - Canada
  6. Only French signs in Quebec?: construction, bill, vacation - Canada
  7. Permanent Resident application: law, medical, photos - Canada
  8. Help with a student decision!: 2013, apartment, renting - Canada
  9. Do you agree with statements?: how much, high school, university - Canada
  10. Moving to Moncton: 2014, apartments, for rent - Canada
  11. Video, Crazy Canadian Ice Fisherman.: beach, parking, parks - Canada
  12. 50k?: apartment, salary, taxes - Canada
  13. Is there financial help for non-citzen's in canada?: school, food
  14. Saint John, NB: real estate, apartments, employment - Canada
  15. HELP ME I am moving to Winnipeg soon I need a good high School with Indie culture: neighbourhood - Canada
  16. Why is Edmonton warmer than Winnipeg?: bars, cities, places - Canada
  17. How do I locate former tenant's whereabouts by her bank account?: rent, living in - Canada
  18. 6 months per year?: crime, home, employment - Canada
  19. on The Arts in Canada?: house, to buy
  20. Advice Needed: universities, education, engineering - Canada
  21. Single male moving to Canada: rent, crime, living
  22. About Northern Yukon/NWT Border: maps, territory, between - Canada
  23. Canada is a body of many members, not just one!: living in, rich
  24. Many U.S Restaurant Chains fail in Canada: Home Depot, live
  25. Hereditary citizenship: considered - Canada
  26. Advice for Canadians travelling rt19 in West Virginia: lawyers, live in - Canada
  27. Questions about Canada: school, universities, stations
  28. New In Canada: daycare, job market, schools
  29. Putting girls at risk ?: best, island, work - Canada
  30. News, GlaxoSmithKline Recalls H1N1 Vaccine in Canada Over 'Life-Threatening' Allergy Risk.: allergies
  31. English vs French.: employment, schools, universities - Canada
  32. Canadian honourary Colonels ?: military, design, free - Canada
  33. What's more modern - Canada or the US?: vs., design
  34. Skilled Immigrant vs Citizen?: insurance, home, moving - Canada
  35. saskatoon: insurance, buy, prices - Canada
  36. political efforts to reinstate the death penalty in CAN ?: weight, federal - Canada
  37. Which part of Canada (besides Quebec/ Territories) are least-similar to the US?: shop
  38. Is Canada Reverse from the US in that its East Coast is Friendlier/ Slower than West Coast?: metro
  39. Eastern Townships of Quebec.......: suburbs, areas, location - Canada
  40. US citizen working in Canada: employment, live in, move to
  41. Documentaries about Canada?: living, trailer, oil
  42. I need serious help!!: apartment, how much, find a job - Canada
  43. Help!: house, living in, to move - Canada
  44. just curious...: compensation, living, military - Canada
  45. Teenage Cross-Border Move: lawyers, house, live - Canada
  46. need good advice: best cities, apartment, how much - Canada
  47. Greater Sudbury, Ontario: apartment, theater, moving to - Canada
  48. Does Canada allow corporate donations to political campaigns?: cabinet, cabin
  49. News, Canada can't keep up with drilling surge.: spring break, contractors
  50. Okanagan Valley vs Central Oregon?: transplants, real estate, hotels - Canada
  51. Did Canada have a nearly 50% tax rate in '99 and '98?: sales, buy
  52. Friend to visit me when I move to Canada.: required, passport
  53. Crossing the USA border.: crimes, lawyer, money - Canada
  54. How can I get into Canada from Michigan with a 6 year old DUI?: hotel
  55. JOB transfer-WWYD?: home, schools, college - Canada
  56. Marriage with a messy situation.: felon, lawyer, house - Canada
  57. US expat looking for accounting position in Québec: find a job, university - Canada
  58. Visiting Saskatoon money: how much, hotel, restaurant - Canada
  59. Colligate at the University of Winnipeg ???? Good choice???: best school, rich - Canada
  60. How to adjust when moving to Winnipeg: how much, buy - Canada
  61. Relocating to Vancouver Island (Victoria): apartment, to rent, to buy - Canada
  62. Young couple looking for affordable small town: real estate, house - Canada
  63. merry christmas EH! from bob and doug mckenzie - Canada
  64. Roslin: houses, flooring, county - Canada
  65. Corky 24: to live, place, rules - Canada
  66. High school French: cheaper, culture, news - Canada
  67. Best big city?: best city, live, safety - Canada
  68. Welland: Your opinions?: real estate, houses, neighbourhoods - Canada
  69. Good eye clinics in Ontario and Quebec?: hotel, centers - Canada
  70. Crossing the border to the US: luxury, live in, shop - Canada
  71. News, Man charged with snow blowing while drunk.: traffic, police - Canada
  72. Cuban female visitor to our home: movies, military, safety - Canada
  73. Territorial Government: population, map of, territory - Canada
  74. Quebec City Suburbs Need Real Estate Help: purchasing, live in - Canada
  75. road tripping: how much, ferry, best - Canada
  76. Interesting observations in Canada: hotels, living in, stores
  77. Questions about Marriage Residency: lawyer, living in, legal - Canada
  78. Sporting Shotgun into B.C. & on into AK. Regulations and Requirements,: inspection - Canada
  79. Does My University GPA Count If I Drop Out: best, student - Canada
  80. importing vehicle into canada: sale, loan, broker
  81. are foreign takeovers of Canadian companies in the country's interest ?: for sale, buying - Canada
  82. visitng Quebec City: hotel, taxi, restaurants - Canada
  83. Quebec City very cool: how much, organic, restaurants - Canada
  84. Can we stop comparing Canada with the US: live in, prices
  85. Hail Storms?: tornadoes, area, map - Canada
  86. Need for psychologists/counselors: live in, professionals, safe - Canada
  87. Getting Ready To Apply For School & Leave Home In September: credit, to live - Canada
  88. Vancouver-Halifax NS: rent, homes, to live in - Canada
  89. Illegal Apartment?: city hall, lawyer, landlord - Canada
  90. American family moving to Canada what do we need to know: new home
  91. Vistiing Canadia: live, horses, cars - Canada
  92. bringing car to Canada: car insurance, inspection, move to
  93. What about graphic designers in Toronto / Calgary: salaries, move to - Canada
  94. Salary in IT field: living, money, work - Canada
  95. Need advice on semiconductors in Canada: find a job, school, college
  96. Canadian applying for a TN Visa to work in NYC: lawyer, find a job - Canada
  97. Canadian applying for US Social Security Number: university, professionals - Canada
  98. suitable name for my babygirl: to live in, law, rating - Canada
  99. Which Canadian city deserves an NHL team?: eat, suburbs - Canada
  100. Going to Banff, Alberta: renting, office, best - Canada
  101. Montreal or Ottawa: living, stats, moving to - Canada
  102. In your opinion .......: how much, school, price - Canada
  103. Maintain status staying outside: information, available, details - Canada
  104. about my citizenship.: camper, living in, title - Canada
  105. Bounty hunter needed: moving, wealthy, title - Canada
  106. what needs my girlfriend to marry me if she is actually common-law partner?: how much - Canada
  107. Memorial Parks: legal, donate, sold - Canada
  108. Canda Postal Code Atlas: houses, neighbourhoods, zip codes - Canada
  109. Kingston - food & things to do?: city hall, house - Canada
  110. Relocating (from within Canada): day care, how much, find a job
  111. student visa from USA: year, institute, complex - Canada
  112. Which cities are best for me. (Canadian Architecture): home, university - Canada
  113. List of docs required to enter Canada from US for 2 USCs and 2 US permanent residents: insurance
  114. Hurricane insurance needed in Nova Scotia?: homeowners insurance, house, to buy - Canada
  115. North American Monetary Union: loans, market, top - Canada
  116. Sault Ste Marie Ontario: neighborhoods, living in, prices - Canada
  117. happy thanksgiving :): move to, eat, kitchen - Canada
  118. Does who can't handle windchills of 0 C/32 F love being in Canada anyways?: live in, move
  119. Car Rental for under 21, ideas?: rentals, credit card, luxury - Canada
  120. I refuse to pay bogus medical bills. May move to Canada and start a new life??: sales, apartments
  121. place to choose...: car rental, fit in, rental - Canada
  122. Quebec - Only French?: neighborhoods, schools, camp - Canada
  123. The American equivalent of each Canadian city: home, university - Canada
  124. If a referendum is held,will Canadians approve union with USA ?: bankrupt, live - Canada
  125. Just curious, what is cheaper in Canada: low income, real estate
  126. Which country do you think Canada shares most with?: home, movies
  127. We want to leave the US and move to Canada but can we afford it.: foreclosure, to rent
  128. Welding in Canada?: job market, transfer, camp
  129. Are US-Canada borderlands more similar to each other than other parts of the countries?: homes, college
  130. Why is Canada so anti-USA?: layoffs, living in, vs
  131. How common is travel between Vancouver and Toronto?: living in, versus - Canada
  132. Winnipeg - Would you live in the exchange district?: appointed, apartment - Canada
  133. Windsor or Toronto: appointed, real estate, insurance - Canada
  134. Video, Canadian Pol Hit in Face with ‘Tofu Cream Pie’ Over ‘Slaughter of Seals’: credit, income - Canada
  135. Pictures of Great Canada -- personal images only -- no copyrighted material: apartments, to live
  136. Canadian Cooks - Tender Flake you use it?: homes, to buy - Canada
  137. Tax Comparison--California vs British Columbia: sales, insurance, how much - Canada
  138. Victoria vs Nanaimo vs Okanaga Valley?: ski resorts, fit in, low crime - Canada
  139. I'm British, can I practice Law in Canada?: credit, lawyers
  140. Should I visit Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal?: home, restaurants - Canada
  141. Singer killed by coyotes: coop, home, school - Canada
  142. Names that sound Canadian?: trendy, retired, place - Canada
  143. Did I Lose My Mind Accepting A Trip To St. John's In December!?!: bars, land - Canada
  144. Canadians going to US college?: credit, student loans, transfer - Canada
  145. Moving to Canada: crime, how much, lawyer
  146. Bullying in Canadian Schools: fit in, home, catholic schools - Canada
  147. A comparison of Rapid Transit System in Canada with the rest of the world: best city, college
  148. Things AMERICANS Should Know Before Moving To CANADA: crime, felony
  149. Moving to Alaska driving through Canada in Feb 2010: hotels, new home
  150. are the most famous Canadians in history ?: university, live - Canada
  151. How patriotic are Canadians?: live, yard, business - Canada
  152. Study in Canada,Switzerland or Australia?: schools, universities, live in
  153. Why is Canada's population so low compared to its size?: 2014, house
  154. Questions about Newfoundland & Labrador?: sales, crime rates, how much - Canada
  155. Relocation decision: Ottawa vs Calgary: sales, car insurance, condos - Canada
  156. American cities Canadians like to visit.......: consignment, hotels - Canada
  157. What's your favorite largest Canadian city?: cities - Canada
  158. american canada: how much, new home, buying
  159. Québec: more like North America or more like Europe?: sales, crime rate - Canada
  160. Better city for an international student, Calgary or Toronto?: rent, loan - Canada
  161. How integrated with the rest of Canada is Quebec?: employment, transfer
  162. Questionable areas of Halifax, Dartmouth: how much, home, neighbourhood - Canada
  163. Visiting Canada from USA, Help: living, moving, estimated
  164. a move to Belleville, ON: upper-class, to rent, homes - Canada
  165. What do Quebecois think of France?: fit in, home, promotional - Canada
  166. Halloween in Canada: houses, school, place to live
  167. Information about Quebec city, interested in moving...: apartments, rental - Canada
  168. Are Canadian cities more liberal than San Francisco?: home, neighbourhood - Canada
  169. For Many Immigrants, Depression's a Part of Life in Canada: high school, university
  170. If you could live in 5 places in Canada or the US, what would they be?: sales, new home
  171. to learn french ?!: Home Depot, school, living in - Canada
  172. Teenagers,Fashion,and School in Canada ( Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver ): 2013, private school
  173. Is it illegal?: law, legal, move to - Canada
  174. American TV affiliates in Canada: hotel, house, school
  175. Do Canadians Wish They Had Today (Thanksgiving) OFF?: to buy, live - Canada
  176. Produce schedule in southern Ontario: buying, area, summer - Canada
  177. Disaster Relief Who does the Red Cross purchase food and water from?: wholesale - Canada
  178. New Years- Quebec City events?: distance, places, entertainment - Canada
  179. Corb Lund- another great Canadian musician.: east coast, girlfriend, friend - Canada
  180. News, Shriners overcome parade size restrictions.: demand - Canada
  181. New Airport Security Measures - Rick Mercer - Canada
  182. Halifax vs St. John's: safety, cities, economy - Canada
  183. News, Man dog sledding 745 miles across Manitoba.: home, rating - Canada
  184. Moving decision: home, live, relocate to - Canada
  185. News, Canadian Health Minister Apologizes For Including Body Bags In H1N1 Kits.: live - Canada
  186. IT Professionals in CA help needed!: offices, rating, firms - Canada
  187. History buff with Titanic 100 questions: vacation, program, lawn - Canada
  188. Pet Friendly on Vancouver Island: hotels, inexpensive, looking for - Canada
  189. Flipping out over the very bad birthday party!!: video, crazy - Canada
  190. Niagara Falls, St. Catherines or K-W?: apartment, condo, neighbourhoods - Canada
  191. Vacation rental near Toronto: apartment, rentals, house - Canada
  192. News, Ont. man sets Guinness record by pulling huge plane 8.8 metres with rope.: military - Canada
  193. Moving to torronto!: college, living, money - Canada
  194. us carpenter and the LMO: house, living in, market - Canada
  195. CFL Hall-of Famer Ray Nettles dead at the age of 60.: accepting, greatest - Canada
  196. News, Remote tea house in business 50 years.: shop, rating - Canada
  197. Salmon Fishing for Ontario & Quebec fishermen: motels, campgrounds - Canada
  198. Quebec city lodging: gay-friendly, trip, good - Canada
  199. News, Foster dog dispute hits Internet.: apartment, house, repairs - Canada
  200. Great places to live in Victoria: apartments, condos, living in - Canada