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  3. Sun for Snow: transfer, top schools, college - Canada
  4. Teaching in Ontario help me if you know ANYTHING): teaching jobs, schools - Canada
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  6. Invitation letter necessary?: office, medical, requirements - Canada
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  8. about rental website: apartment, place, furnished - Canada
  9. Border crossing help: attorney, activity, car - Canada
  10. Canada Searching for National Bird: island, identification, good
  11. US to Canada??: how much, attorney, income
  12. Telus Hippo commercial: live, shop, rated - Canada
  13. Many Quebecois cannot speak English !!: home, living in, suburban - Canada
  14. Orono ONT,?: to live, restaurants, stores - Canada
  15. Bill C-391: deal, money, time - Canada
  16. Hamilton: apartments, job market, neighbourhoods - Canada
  17. Moving across Canada - Help: rent, bus, moving company
  18. Living in Quebec temporarily, uestions!: buy, income, restaurants - Canada
  19. where in canada could i live off the grid: place, cultures
  20. Medical Examination for PR: live in, move to, office - Canada
  21. Canada information ..: rentals, hotel, vacation home
  22. Niagara-on-the-Lake: hotel, theatre, organic - Canada
  23. Vancouverite moving to Toronto or Montreal: schools, university, living - Canada
  24. 35 y/o US citizen seeks Canadian residency: purchasing, school - Canada
  25. Georgian Bay Area: live, beach, ferry - Canada
  26. Most Resort-like smaller city in Canada: casino, cities, island
  27. Where to live? Moving from Vancouver (Yaletown) to Calgary: condominiums, homes - Canada
  28. French Immersion programs in Quebec: homes, high school, university - Canada
  29. Job Market in Alberta: living in, cost of, jobs - Canada
  30. Is Canadian to relocate to UK?: interest, friends - Canada
  31. need on relocating to Victoria BC: real estate, car insurance - Canada
  32. buying property privately after viewing with realtor: real estate, to rent - Canada
  33. News, Banker lives as homeless for a week.: living, road - Canada
  34. The invisible Canadian Immigration office: move to, dual citizenship, offices - Canada
  35. What to do in Alberta in the summertime?: amusement park, high crime - Canada
  36. Border Crossing Help: safety, driver, passport - Canada
  37. Speculating about real estate, for funsies: real estate market, foreclosures, condos - Canada
  38. Irish moving to Victoria or Vancouver: things to do, best, island - Canada
  39. BC to AB: rental, house, job market - Canada
  40. Visiting Sherbrook, QC and the Eastern Townships?: vacation, areas - Canada
  41. Montreal sub-forum added: top, near - Canada
  42. Where can I travel to Hispanics barrios in Canada???.: buy, bill
  43. Obtaining an SSN as a Dual Citizen while in Canada: dual citizenship, office
  44. Quebec fires?: neighborhood, news, fire - Canada
  45. Credit History: insurance, credit report, loans - Canada
  46. Is it there are uncontacted Native American tribes living in the Canadian sub-arctic?: safe - Canada
  47. The Great North: live, friendly, money - Canada
  48. visa: citizen, friend - Canada
  49. I'm prolly panicking: home, buying, associations - Canada
  50. Canadian baby and permanent residency: phone number, application, daughter - Canada
  51. taxes on imported US $$$: house, transfer, moving to - Canada
  52. investment in US: insurance, college, taxes - Canada
  53. Suggestions for moving to Canada: best, requirements, immigration
  54. Site Visit: Interview CNRL: vs, oil, telephone - Canada
  55. Teacher from the UK: schools, deductible, salary - Canada
  56. Pros and Cons of working as a CONTRACT EMPLOYEE: insurance, home - Canada
  57. Offensive Street View gestures: restaurants, floor, statistics - Canada
  58. American in love with a Canadian: health insurance, income, move to - Canada
  59. importing appliances and equipments: appointed, for sale, to buy - Canada
  60. Canadian man beheaded while riding bus: legally, health, rated - Canada
  61. Moving to NB: apartments, rental, how much - Canada
  62. Entering Canada: felony, live in, ferry
  63. The plane ticket is so expensive in Canada!: maintenance, living in
  64. London (Ontario) - attractions?: live, restaurants, shopping centers - Canada
  65. help me find my way home: low crime, how much - Canada
  66. US Citizen can goto Canada without Visa?: live in, office
  67. North Bay, ON: university, live, prices - Canada
  68. News, Seniors could outnumber children within years.: statistics, population - Canada
  69. How would Victoria BC , be for a new migrant: taxi driver, stores - Canada
  70. Canada becomes super eco-friendly.: rent, how much, house
  71. Day trip to Quebec City?: hotels, price, bus - Canada
  72. Immigration process to Canada: appointed, health insurance, how much
  73. How fair are visa office's with fcw application?!: estimated, approval - Canada
  74. What's a good major in Canada days?: real estate, estate
  75. Dear Canada: summer, seasonal, heat
  76. News, Canadian paper money to become plastic.: move to, bills - Canada
  77. what is it live living in saskatoon?: restaurants, cost - Canada
  78. Last Canadian WWI vet dies: military, best, population - Canada
  79. LDS in Canada?: school, centers, water
  80. Moving to Alberta - Questions.: sales, health insurance, job transfer - Canada
  81. Purchasing computers in Canada (Ontario): to buy, live in, prices
  82. Change of Canadian Anthem: home, land, atheist - Canada
  83. Single mom of 3 moving to Canada...: employment, to relocate, office
  84. Catholic Church in Ontario: place, progressive, suggestions - Canada
  85. What are good skills to learn before moving to Canada?: real estate, leasing
  86. Gay Life In Windsor: neighbourhoods, living in, club - Canada
  87. You Guys Rock!: house, stadium, rating - Canada
  88. Congrats, Canada!: ski resort, moving, park
  89. Relocation, Relocation: 2014, apartment, renting - Canada
  90. A Thank you note to Canada: hotel, home, airport
  91. Would like to visit Winnipeg when it gets warmer: hotels, theater - Canada
  92. News, Canadian life expectancy up to 80.7 years.: low crime, home - Canada
  93. Canada and the USA - Tom Brokaw at the Olympics: living, Americans
  94. You know, I'd love to date a French-Canadian Lumberjack: move to, friendly - Canada
  95. Notarizing documents in Toronto / Scarborough: attorneys, DMV, live in - Canada
  96. Want to Buy home in Canada: real estate, mortgages, new home
  97. Move to Canada from US but keep US job?: find a job, live in
  98. Quebec City muesum of civilisation: town, worth, visit - Canada
  99. uestions about Victoria in BC: crime, how much, find a job - Canada
  100. Can Canadian living long time in US retire to Canada??: insurance, tax
  101. Thank you Canada. Thank you Vancouver. Excellent Winter Olympics!: living in, dating
  102. Moving to Squamish: salary, place to live, housing - Canada
  103. Education - Schooling system Canada Vs USA: apartments, condos
  104. thinking of moving to cranbrook: organic, living, law - Canada
  105. duel citizenship: dual citizenship, apply, individual - Canada
  106. What to bring to enter Quebec from U.S. by car????: insurance, license - Canada
  107. Real lack of workers or just speculation?: taxi driver, living in - Canada
  108. would it be difficult for a teacher to immigrate?: schools, university - Canada
  109. helping girlfriend get canadian citizenship: rent, living in, relocate - Canada
  110. how long for spouse to get green card?: live, residency - Canada
  111. where I can get the same (or comparable) climate data for Canadian cities?: stats - Canada
  112. Ken Tellis on Canadian Experience: pros and cons, move to, rating - Canada
  113. Halifax odd job market: credit, how much, construction - Canada
  114. Thinking of moving to Canada.... Canadians, tell me about your country, PLEEEASE!: fit in
  115. Canadian PR-how much time until I have to make the move to Canada?: living in
  116. Friendliest Parts of Canada?: live, friendly, location
  117. brampton: apartments, for rent, condos - Canada
  118. Are there ferries from New Brunswick mainland to Newfoundland?: where to stay, how much - Canada
  119. Help me decide - Markham Vs Missussauga: crime, house prices - Canada
  120. Earthquake......: house, live, stores - Canada
  121. Buying a house on leased native land?: real estate, leasing - Canada
  122. USA 5, Canada 3: sunshine, good, German
  123. Really starting to hate Canada.: real estate, apartment, rent
  124. Why is G20/G8 such a big deal for Canada?: rent, how much
  125. Winnipeg vs. Regina vs. Saskatoon: homes, neighborhood, university - Canada
  126. Egyptian arrival, would I be discriminated against in Canada?: credit, new home
  127. Owning the Podium, eh: home, vs., best - Canada
  128. immigration to canada: daycare, houses, school
  129. canada ethnicity/identidy------------->black: neighborhoods, buy, middle school
  130. Calgary vs Edmonton: income, live, safe - Canada
  131. 3 to 7 days from Maine: rentals, house, camping - Canada
  132. Questions about Quebec from a Texan: purchase, college, organic - Canada
  133. Hockey for kids that grew up in Canada--Stanley Cup vs Gold Medal: home, professionals
  134. Work/life balance in Canada: high school, calculation, salary
  135. Are all Canadian young people goofy?: live, trailer, park - Canada
  136. What is the best province in Canada: ski resorts, houses
  137. Cdn Military Towns/Cities: house, neighbourhoods, to buy - Canada
  138. Bill C-37 immigration: university, live in, law - Canada
  139. Working In Canada, Paying Debts in the US: sales, lease
  140. What is it like living in Regina, SK, CA?: apartment, rentals - Canada
  141. The Weather Network's polls from Canadians...: apartment, how much, buying - Canada
  142. so WHERE are the mosquitos????: insurance, live, garden - Canada
  143. Canadians, would you trade?: middle-class, house, pros and cons - Canada
  144. I want to be canadian: living, restaurants, legal - Canada
  145. Why do Canadians display their flag when traveling: house, living - Canada
  146. Canadian Prairies = US Midwest?: living in, shop, foods - Canada
  147. Canadian driver licence: rent, car insurance, home - Canada
  148. Canada and the World.: military, oil, rating
  149. Buying groceries in detroit and cross back to windsor: organic, taxes - Canada
  150. Americans: What is your favorite city in Canada?: hotels, live
  151. How can an American guy meet a Canadian woman?: calculator, to live in - Canada
  152. Canada vs Sweden in Healthcare and overall quality of life, jobs: sales, 2013
  153. Car insurance: is this for real?: vehicle registration, broker, how much - Canada
  154. US Citizen - Study in Canada School - Need Permit?: school districts, living
  155. Driving an American car in Canada while on a work permit?: insurance, home
  156. Canada's monopoly problem: lease, car insurance, credit
  157. relocating: apartments, renting, mortgage - Canada
  158. Should I work illegally in Banff??: ski resorts, insurance, hotel - Canada
  159. are there mexicans in canada?: colleges, stats, agricultural
  160. American family moving to Canada: health insurance, credit card, buying
  161. I am illegal in uk and i want to move and live in canada: legal, electricity
  162. Winter ends in Toronto! Where to visit in Spring and Summer?: ski resort, hotel - Canada
  163. Marrying an International student...: lawyer, school, legal - Canada
  164. At white point are visible minorities no longer considered the minority?: subdivision, wages - Canada
  165. Is Canada becoming more liberal or more conservative?: school, taxes
  166. Credit History follows you in Canada from USA?: credit card, living in
  167. If Canadians Love Summer So Much.....: school, live, move - Canada
  168. Why does there exist a misunderstanding that medical care is free in Canada: health insurance, schools
  169. Toronto still Canada's Largest City in 2050?: real estate, prices, moving to
  170. Do you think Canada has good beaches?: live in, beach
  171. Are most Quebecois actually of French descent?: credit, home - Canada
  172. Moving back to Canada with an American car: sales, vehicle registration
  173. Working in Canada as a it so difficult?: find a job, public schools
  174. Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada: appointed, tenants, approval
  175. Crossing the US/CA border with an old DUI on record.: felony, live - Canada
  176. Oil conspiracy: real estate, crime, house - Canada
  177. How does currency exchange work for US residents visiting Canada?: credit card, home
  178. Canada Child Tax Benefit: low income, fit in, renting
  179. for Canadians about the olympics: home, living in, arena - Canada
  180. Canada Law: crime rate, house, buy
  181. Newcomer in London Ontario: apartment, for rent, crime - Canada
  182. about Canada, Quebec, and exports to the US: home, transfer
  183. I live in Quebec City and I hate it. Suggestions for relocation in Canada?: low crime, job market
  184. Fair or Unfair Canadian Boarder Crossing: sales, insurance, credit card - Canada
  185. Does it make sense to have high speed train in Winsor-Quebec Corridor?: bankrupt, wage - Canada
  186. News, Family of four 'swallowed by sinkhole': Tuesday, national - Canada
  187. Video, Watch the Journal Goosecam.: live, farm, rain - Canada
  188. Canadians: your feedback is welcome...: free, about, double - Canada
  189. Tax software for US Citizens resident in Canada: credit, employment
  190. Going to Grad school: Toronto or Montreal?: schools, universities - Canada
  191. Moving to Windsor, Ontario: drive, amount, small - Canada
  192. This might interest canadian Hoops fans.........: basketball, family, friends - Canada
  193. Foreign Trained Doctors- Ontario: interest, today - Canada
  194. News, Bagpipers lead swans to Canadian river.: enclosure, winter - Canada
  195. Jobs in Canada: employment, employers, federal
  196. teacher and nurse emigrating to canada: standard of living, moving to, best place
  197. Would I qualify for working visa or sponsorship?: move to, business - Canada
  198. In U.S., Canada Places First in Image Contest; Iran Last: rating, personal
  199. Canada's Economy is Envy of the World: color
  200. $1 billion on G20/G8 - Canada