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  3. Canada's Fallen Soldiers - Highway of Heros: suite, transport
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  13. Can I vacation in Canada with a drug paraphanalea: felony, ticket
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  17. Canada's universities make the grade globally: school, education, rankings
  18. Pharmacist seeking a job: how much, transfer, salary - Canada
  19. My future political party.: to work, service, people - Canada
  20. Tom Bradley was the first black mayor of major US city in 1972..Toronto had Canada's equalivent in the early 1900's....: racist
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  22. So I got my visa: college, student, commission - Canada
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  28. Moving to Canada: real estate, living in, estate
  29. Bears guarding weed: property, dogs, showing - Canada
  30. Line ups at border crossings: Longer to much longer from Canada to the US? Opinions?: home
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  32. Prince Rupert, BC: houses, live, properties - Canada
  33. Canada status: live, price, nurse
  34. Maple Ridge, BC: live in, money, drive - Canada
  35. Canada phone service: credit card, buying, live in
  36. Immigrant to Canada as a Student: high school, university, living
  37. Helf needed - bar fights and police involved: crime, attorney - Canada
  38. beautiful art carving inside a maple leaf: national, about - Canada
  39. Looking for employment in Canada from foreign country: find a job, university
  40. Windsor Golf Season?: retirement, golf course, courses - Canada
  41. Irish Makeup Artist moving to canada!!!: best, job, how to
  42. Remember: photos, women, serving - Canada
  43. Ontario car insurance: home, neighbourhood, to live in - Canada
  44. Wainfleet?: houses, college, living - Canada
  45. Sherbrooke?: dorm, neighborhoods, school - Canada
  46. Interesting Article on the African Immigrant Experience in Canada: good, immigration
  47. for Manitobans: buy, shop, friendly - Canada
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  50. Grey Cup!: vs, grocery, meat - Canada
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  52. Returning ex pat to Canada?: insurance, live, dual citizenship
  53. Work permit in canada:manitoba & new brunswick: living in, companies
  54. What is Val D'or like?: living, restaurants, parks - Canada
  55. Looking to re-locate to canada: university, pharmacy, to live
  56. Are there companies like this in Canada?: university, store
  57. Has Canada ever denied the right to vote to minorities and women?: race
  58. Craigslist new con???: sales, buy, dangerous - Canada
  59. Thanksgiving Day: homes, buy, eat - Canada
  60. Can an American citizen enroll in elementary school?: live in, moving to - Canada
  61. Working on a Peculiar move to Ontario: rent, low crime - Canada
  62. moving: best city, living, cost of living - Canada
  63. Is humanities a good major to get into ?: daycare, primary school - Canada
  64. Moving: lawyers, home, quality of life - Canada
  65. What is the Best university to learn design?: schools, universities - Canada
  66. Taking daytrip bus from NYC to Montreal: hotel, price - Canada
  67. for people who travel from one side of the country to the other regularly.: how much - Canada
  68. How do I gain access into Canada with a DUI conviction from 4 years ago without waiting for the 5 years 4 the rehablitat: how much
  69. American moving to Halifax: neighborhood, live, shops - Canada
  70. Story of an international student in US and his Canadian girlfriend: health insurance, how much - Canada
  71. Northern Cities: subsidized, wages, living - Canada
  72. Nova Scotia - web forums?: real estate, home, living in - Canada
  73. What do you consider the top universities in Canada?: 2014, school
  74. Maternity Leave Questions -rules and their effects: renting, insurance - Canada
  75. Sign Language Interpreter Jobs: how much, salary, move to - Canada
  76. how do I go about: moving to, vacations, dual citizenship - Canada
  77. Moving across canada (Prairies to Ontario). Need moving advice.: hotels, home
  78. Returning to Ontario permanently: unemployment rate, living in, offices - Canada
  79. Living in Victoria region?: real estate, house, job market - Canada
  80. Census Debate...: statistics, office, health - Canada
  81. What's the job market like for a high school math teacher in Canada?: moving
  82. Attitudes on firearms in Western Canada: assault, areas, cities
  83. Getting a Part Time job if you're on a Work Permit?: credit card, student loans - Canada
  84. News, Trucker attempts to remove tooth while driving.: dangerous, kitchen - Canada
  85. Cheapest way to travel from toronto airport to ottawa: hotels, transfer - Canada
  86. Questions about Sponsorship and applying for PR outside Canada: house, living in
  87. Puzzled by border: home, living, legally - Canada
  88. Crossing the border in a car that isn't mine.: insurance, safe - Canada
  89. Upper Canada Village-or other suggestions: waterpark, how much, home
  90. ontario schooling system: day care, kindergarten, children - Canada
  91. live in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory: to live, people - Canada
  92. PR for 30 years - automatic citizenship?: house, school, university - Canada
  93. ontario public transport: how much, transfer, taxi - Canada
  94. What is taxable in cornwall, ontario?: sales, apartments, rentals - Canada
  95. Income Inequality in Canada Compared to the United States.: health insurance, crime rates
  96. Assessing cottage lot market valuation in southern Ontario?: sale, real estate - Canada
  97. What are the best Canadian alcoholic beverages: buy, restaurants - Canada
  98. where would it be best to move in canada to teach?: job market, primary school
  99. NOC code immigration .counsellor vs psychologist in BC: doctorate, move to - Canada
  100. Worker Immigration: Do you need documented proof of work?: transfer, tax - Canada
  101. Moving to Canada soon! December: live, health care, best areas
  102. Université de Sherbrooke & city of Sherbrooke: coop, university - Canada
  103. Questions to studying in Canada: deals, sunshine, PhD
  104. Victoria BC questions!: fit in, apartment, to rent - Canada
  105. Life in Burlington Ontario: real estate, crime rate, good schools - Canada
  106. Visiting windsor and pelee island: getaway, area, inexpensive - Canada
  107. Saltspring Island: schools, living, moving to - Canada
  108. Poverty reduction strategies in the U.S. and Canada: low income, real estate
  109. A for Canadians. Or, more Ontarians.: camping, shops - Canada
  110. What is the best route Temp work visa or PR: construction, assessment - Canada
  111. Football in Canada: house, schools, universities
  112. Wanting information on which city fits us better?: appliances, taxes - Canada
  113. St. Catharines vs. Niagara Falls for new immigrant from U.S.: sales, real estate - Canada
  114. Where Are You Most Likely to Encounter Rude People in Canada?: live in, deal
  115. Downtown Akron Ohio vs. Downtown Hamilton Ontario: low income, loan - Canada
  116. Unique Canadian Immigration: insurance, how much, home - Canada
  117. Relocation to Winnipeg: real estate, apartments, skateboarding - Canada
  118. Are there great Canadian philosophers?: camping, living in, title - Canada
  119. Best province for...: home, quality of life, taxes - Canada
  120. Niagara Falls to live there what's it like?: sales, real estate - Canada
  121. 3 days on Vancouver Island. What must I not miss.: oceanfront, hotels - Canada
  122. Do Americans find Canadians Dress Different?: train, Walmart, subway - Canada
  123. Canadians: How bad do you feel about our winters?: crime, living in - Canada
  124. Moving to Canada in march: ski resorts, for sale, apartments
  125. Have you ever visited Saguenay or the Saguenay area?: living, agriculture - Canada
  126. US family, where to go?: low crime, lawyers, house - Canada
  127. Happy canada day!!: live, versus, garden
  128. Relocating... s on Southern Ontario, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia?: low crime, house - Canada
  129. Is there a Canadian immigrant homesteading program?: lawyer, school - Canada
  130. Ottawa or Montreal: apartment, hotel, houses - Canada
  131. What would you change about Canadians?: home, taxes, living in - Canada
  132. If Canada were annexed by the USA: live, zip codes
  133. Air quality in Hamilton: house, neighbourhoods, wedding reception - Canada
  134. Does my girl-friend need a Canadian Visa to visit me?: city hall, hotels - Canada
  135. Which of cities do you find most exciting?: appointed, to live in - Canada
  136. Niagara school district vs. Hamilton-Wentworth school district: houses, neighbourhood - Canada
  137. Perfect Place for us in Canada?: place to live, prices, agricultural
  138. Would you prefer four distinct seasons, or sunny and warm weather year-round, FOR YOUR KIDS?: school, living in - Canada
  139. other proud CanAm?: house, vs, stores - Canada
  140. USA Family Moving to Lethbridge, Many questions: real estate, rentals - Canada
  141. Where is the lowest cost of living in Canada vs average to high salary?: how much, house prices
  142. israel vs canda: how much, houses, university - Canada
  143. watching and renting movies in Canada versus the USA?: 2015, rental
  144. Why is G20/G8 such a big deal for Canada?: rent, how much
  145. Saskatchewan?: new home, living, prices - Canada
  146. Need help with WHP visa for 12 months...: sales, hotels - Canada
  147. Am i making a good move: find a job, income, living - Canada
  148. Montreal or Toronto showdown, which city do you prefer?: houses, to live - Canada
  149. Living costs for a family of Five in Canada: health insurance, mortgage
  150. Canadian joke: tornado, live, trailer - Canada
  151. Western Canada vs North Western USA: real estate, mortgage, vacation home
  152. Things you love in the area you live.: low crime, neighborhoods - Canada
  153. Canmore AB.. Do ypu live there?: how much, house prices, employment - Canada
  154. questions about provinces-NS and Manitoba: house, schools, universities - Canada
  155. How come Canadian Young People Don't Dress Preppy: high school, live - Canada
  156. Do they teach Canadian history to kids in Canada?: credit, high school
  157. compare to US is car insurance more expensive in Canada??: salary, taxes
  158. driving across the border with a possesion conviction: school, university - Canada
  159. Tamil ship arrives on Canadian shore: tax, military, law - Canada
  160. Does Canadian milk have higher quality than American milk: buying, salary - Canada
  161. Canada vs. U.S. tax rates for middle class: middle-class, health insurance
  162. Best Province in Canada: job market, income, living
  163. Canada vs U.S. cost of living Diff/Comparisons?: sales, health insurance
  164. Is it true that Canada is safer than the United States?: crime rates, hotel
  165. Do parts of the northern US have more in common with Canada?: middle-class, home
  166. So what do you think of Canada now you are: appointed, condo
  167. Which town has the warmest winters?: best, areas, cities - Canada
  168. How dangerous is Ice Hockey ?: live, safety, rank - Canada
  169. Winnipeg is the Murder and Cultural Capital of Canada: high crime, neighbourhoods
  170. Canada's church/province separation: neighborhoods, catholic schools, tax
  171. How to extend Canadian Permanent Residency: houses, unemployed, buying - Canada
  172. want to move from Edmonton to Windsor Ontario: real estate, crime - Canada
  173. Vancouver or Toronto ?: apartment, rent, townhouse - Canada
  174. Nordicity: live, kitchen, transit - Canada
  175. If I snuck into Canada...: insurance, home, find a job
  176. winnipeg photo: apartments, houses, neighborhoods - Canada
  177. Ontario: Highest minimum wage in North America: employment, high school - Canada
  178. Do Conservative Canadians Exist ?: living in, things to do, location - Canada
  179. Do you think our border restrictions are too tough on our American neighbours?: lawyer, requirements - Canada
  180. Jesus Sucks, not hate speech but publishing pictures of Muhammad are?: crime, tax - Canada
  181. Toronto and Montreal more expensive than London: purchasing, university - Canada
  182. Trying to decide where to live: apartments, rental, insurance - Canada
  183. Moving to Ontario - Best Place For Us?: real estate, hotel - Canada
  184. Citizenships for International Students - How?: home, purchasing, school - Canada
  185. Best place to meet friends in nova scotia: live in, moving - Canada
  186. Canadian women are tall!!!: high school, college, law - Canada
  187. Canadians: is this accusation true about Canada?: live in, military
  188. Relative search: rated, parents, married - Canada
  189. Historical Urban Growth Maps of Ontario Cities: areas, between - Canada
  190. Dalhousie Murder House up for sale: renter, parent - Canada
  191. Living in North Coast of Nova Scotia, Sunrise Trail, Route 6: move to, retire - Canada
  192. Professional interested in moving to Canada: find a job, engineer, jobs
  193. Whistler area fishing: black, guide, information - Canada
  194. News, Rookie cop saves drowning man and woman.: good, Wednesday - Canada
  195. University of Manitoba - Canada: best, admission, student
  196. H-1B visa holder and Canadian work permit: employment, land - Canada
  197. Which city would have the best fashion industry?: should - Canada
  198. Salary range for 9 years experienced Telecom Billing Consultant in IT field: permit, work - Canada
  199. canadian cities: rent, low crime, wages - Canada
  200. LMO's from HRDC: sales, unemployed, construction - Canada