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  1. BBC Newswatch: tax, rich, business - World
  2. Which countries do you want to have Google Street View?: neighborhoods, properties - World
  3. The unequal news coverage of terrorist events: Russians, children - World
  4. Quick Geography Test: island, location, rain - World
  5. Tora Bora vs Bora Bora: land, trees, history - World
  6. San Francisco Vs. Melbourne: crime, live in, restaurants - World
  7. Which countries you visit the most?: culture, German - World
  8. North Korea improving ties with Russia: military, Asian, accepts - World
  9. The country that gets high the most in the world is...: 2014, movies
  10. Childhood neglect erodes the brain...: renting, homes, school - World
  11. World's best city for an extended break (cost, weather, entertainment,climate, proximity): health insurance
  12. Poor Non-Islamic Mainland Countries Outside Africa You Would Like To Visit?: dangerous, best - World
  13. Paris France vs. Hong Kong China vs. Tokyo Japan vs. Shanghai China vs. London UK England: best neighborhoods - World
  14. FINALS - World's Best 'Y' city - Yangon, Yogyakarta or York: home, nightlife
  15. San Francisco vs. Budapest: to live, rated, cities - World
  16. Asia Continues To Attract Foreign Market: 2014, rentals, construction - World
  17. Happy New Years World!: 2015, friendly, health
  18. Worlds' Most Banned Artist: 2013, buying, top
  19. for Jewish Women living in Israel: rated, roach - World
  20. Which North American transit systems do Melbourne and Sydney's suburban rail networks compare best to?: construction - World
  21. Ukraine: live in, Russian, between - World
  22. In the name of God Accross The World, The odd Attitude of Self-styled Believers: schools
  23. Which is safer: Cancun or Orlando?: 2013, living, dangerous - World
  24. Chinese, Japanese, Korean identification quizes ( architecture, ranking - World
  25. Easier place to start a new life past age 40: crime, neighborhoods - World
  26. Looking for options: to live in, legal, friendly - World
  27. Which of two language groups are the hardest (for a native English speaker): high school - World
  28. What Becomes Of The Injured Of The World?: living, car
  29. Why does South Asia lead the world in transgender recognition?: legal, eat
  30. How Would Views On Gender/Sexuality Change Around the World if this Happens?: live
  31. Top 5 world economies by GDP (PPP): 2015, living, estimated
  32. Is the World Getting More Violent or Less?: crime rates, live in
  33. 'First Husbands' of Female Heads of States: university, law - World
  34. Photo Game - Guess where the person is from: photos, removal - World
  35. Salaries of UN officials: salary, living, cost of living - World
  36. News, Baghdad's new mall is a haven, and a symbol of an improving economy: 2014 - World
  37. Countries like Malaysia,Russia,Argentina have very close amount of GDP per capita with developed countries.: neighborhoods - World
  38. I got this crazy idea: hotel, salary, prices - World
  39. What Drives Success?: 2014, home, child - World
  40. quaint little stereotypical western villages: ski resort, 2014, rent - World
  41. Top of the World People Making Society. What Are Your Favorite Scientists, Architects, CEO Executives...: 2015
  42. Nany State: schools, quality of life, live in - World
  43. U.S. Ambassador attacked in South Korea: 2015, dangerous - World
  44. Trends in Urbanization-Global Maps About International Urban Distribution. Your Analysis Of Future Urban Involvement.: 2015 - World
  45. Round #1: World's Best A city?: to live in, nightlife
  46. Which countries have the least severe and the most severe laws common criminals?: crimes - World
  47. Trivia Challenge: Correct all the flaws in statements on World Geography: live in
  48. Interested to know what people think Al Murray clip?: plumbers, Polish - World
  49. Good text about our arms: tax, military, budget - World
  50. What are the most gentle and softest cultures?: living, deal - World
  51. Kind of a weird .: live, restaurant, moving - World
  52. Is the Punisher a global phenomenon?: 2014, tenant, movies - World
  53. What countries can you see joining together in the next 50 years?: rain, Russian - World
  54. News, Spanish is the world's happiest language: fit in, 2015
  55. New Zealand vs Italy: living, to move, yard - World
  56. Most beautiful women in Africa?: move, area, reputation - World
  57. Mercer's 2015 quality of living cities: best cities, quality of life, ranking - World
  58. Antarctica being called a desert: live, land, area - World
  59. In what world country would $10,000 USD last the longest?: rent, how much
  60. Do you have a strong dislike or hatred of your native country/nationality?: home, live - World
  61. The Quietest and Noisiest Cities In The World?: hotel, home
  62. The 50 most violent cities in the world: 2014, school
  63. Safest Cities In The World 2015: crime rate, credit, living in
  64. To the people that live outside of the United States, how attractive is San Francisco Bay Area to you?: moving, land - World
  65. Large cities in your country that are often overlooked: live in, beach - World
  66. Paraná State = like U.S people?: apartment, rent, how much - World
  67. Would western style Freedom and Democracy work in China?: military, law - World
  68. Is it getting warmer where you are?: 2014, university - World
  69. World's Most Economically Powerful Cities 2015: home, transfer, quality of life
  70. How often do blackouts happen in different parts of the world?: low income, power lines
  71. Stereotypes that are actually correct about your country and the people: food, gas - World
  72. Germany and Japan should send troops to take care of ISIS: home, live - World
  73. How well do you know the World? Do not Google !: office, island
  74. Which Counyry Has The Most Patriotic National Anthem: home, fence - World
  75. Is the US the cheapest first world country to live in?: insurance, hotels
  76. Bangkok vs. Sao Paulo vs. Rio De Janeiro?: living, cost of living - World
  77. Photo Game 2: Guess what country this person is from.: pictures, rain - World
  78. Best cities for young, rich and single guys: live, places - World
  79. Top 10 Global Cities by continent, do you agree?: rankings, business - World
  80. Would you die for your country? And could you sacrifice yourself to other country?: college, legal - World
  81. To non Americans which is more known; Seattle or New Orleans: home, living - World
  82. When traveling abroad, where you should watch your wallet: 2015, how much - World
  83. Countries unofficially owned/controlled by other countries: military, residential - World
  84. Meaning of Red, White and Blue: to live, agriculture, designs - World
  85. In Moscow on February 27, 2015: buy, place, resort - World
  86. What is done with people with mental disorders in your country? What is usually done with adults with mental disorders: transporting, crimes - World
  87. FINALS - Best 'M' city - Madrid, Melbourne, Montreal or Munich?: nightlife, sushi - World
  88. Best countries for the lower class / poor people?: low income, motels - World
  89. FINALS - World's Best N city - Nairobi, Naples, New Orleans or NYC: live, nightlife
  90. If you could change three things in this world, what would they be?: law, eat
  91. FINALS - World's Best R city - Reykjavik, Riga, Rio or Rome?: prices, nightlife
  92. Show us a Webcam near your house: 2015, live - World
  93. Comodoro Rivadavia vs Dunedin: income, live in, versus - World
  94. A year abroad - Canada or South East Asia: best city, job market - World
  95. Japan vs Italy: earthquakes, taxation, living - World
  96. culture clash USA vs Europe: hotels, neighborhood, income - World
  97. Has this dress gone viral in your country?: 2015, live - World
  98. World's Best M City: Round 1: nightlife, architecture
  99. Miami vs Chicago (which city has more international recognition/renown): house, construction - World
  100. FINALS - World's Best L city...: unemployment, nightlife
  101. World Population Growth: appointed, agriculture, title
  102. Top 10 most expensive cities and cheapest cities in the world: 2015, renting
  103. Why are Europeans often lighter-pigmentated than other people of the world?: 2013, buying
  104. World's Biggest skyline, and biggest old city: 2014, house
  105. what are the most fun cities in the WORLD: how much, houses
  106. What do you think is the hardest language in the world?: teach, top
  107. How many countries of the world can you name for memory?: best, island
  108. Carnival parades around the world: hotels, schools, beaches
  109. Most Beautiful handsome in Europe?: place to live, title, rated - World
  110. been to the Falklands?: living in, costs, dangerous - World
  111. Should UK and France be kicked out of the Americas?: living in, land - World
  112. Most dirty/filthy places you ever visited in your lifetime?: condo, hotels - World
  113. Modern Monarchy Government Systems Currently Remaining, Element of Unexpected Surprise.: 2013, cabinet - World
  114. Should the world rethink the school education system?: school district, college
  115. What is the worst town/city you have been to in the world?: suburbs, places
  116. Europe or Latin America?: safety, money, race - World
  117. Nations Welcoming To Foreigners Compared To Nations Which Are Not Welcoming. Quantify What Is Friendly To Foreigners.: extended stay, 2013 - World
  118. Provence Cote d’ Azur vs. Liguria vs. Yunnan Province vs. Kansai Region vs. State of Victoria: home, employment - World
  119. Professional Successful Multinational International Business Companies. What Are Wealthy, Ethical Companies?: how much, lawyer - World
  120. World Scenario Game. What Sets Of Possibilities Is More Likely Out Of Available Options?: 2015, closing
  121. Czech Republic vs. Taiwan vs. South Korea vs. Argentina vs. Netherlands: hotel, income - World
  122. Merry Christmas!: 2014, rated, cities - World
  123. Condé Nest Top 15 places to go in 2015: credit, beach - World
  124. What's the most backwards place in the world ever been?: house, agriculture
  125. What's the farthest ever been from a consulate for your country?: airplane, safe - World
  126. Why are radical Muslims Blowing up innocent people?: dangerous, best - World
  127. Where do you take visitors to your city? To see and do, to eat?: 2014, city hall - World
  128. Regions of the world with DUI problems: 2014, crime
  129. Cities with the best NYE fireworks display?: pollution, money - World
  130. Singapore the succesfull: construction, maintenance, tax - World
  131. Israel or Iran: neighborhood, live, gardens - World
  132. CD members who live in a skyscraper: what's it like?: apartments, condo - World
  133. Mystical, Unique, Mysterious Islands People Rarely Knowing They Exist. Unknown, Obscure Islands In Foreigners Mindset: living, budget - World
  134. Countries with the most bi sexual women?: clubs, best - World
  135. Languages with the most and least accents?: area, accent - World
  136. Where would vegetarians have the hardest time?: living in, restaurants - World
  137. would you rather vacation Philippines or Mexico? best cuisine: safety, nightlife - World
  138. 10 ten stupid laws in the UK, and the top 10 stupid laws around the world?: felony, houses
  139. Country Survey: 2014, low crime, houses - World
  140. Most disappointing major US city to visit. From an international tourist's perspective?: school, mall - World
  141. Mexico or Japan?: houses, living, cost of living - World
  142. Most Different Countries That Border each other.: rain, Dominican - World
  143. UK vs USA vs Canada vs Australia: living, cost of living - World
  144. Does a country like __this__ exist? If yes, which one is it?: 2014, health insurance - World
  145. Saying Grace in Your Country: homes, restaurants, food - World
  146. Recession in Russia in 2015 ?: purchasing, depreciation, prices - World
  147. who has better opinion about eastern europeans: americans or western europeans: wage, bus - World
  148. Better country to be a man in Europe or USA: vs, place - World
  149. Help: Best place to raise children: USA or Europe?: insurance, crime rates - World
  150. What city in the world is the least corrupt?: construction, income
  151. New York or Moscow as next destination??????????: schools, university - World
  152. Why are North American accents so drastically different from the British?: metro, area - World
  153. Cat vs dog owning countries?: pitbulls, dangerous, estimates - World
  154. Do you agree that East Asia will be the next region to be fully developed?: unemployment, income - World
  155. Countries with most judgemental/intolerant people.: friendly, average, job - World
  156. Where do you stand on Iran's nuclear weapons ?: 2015, price - World
  157. South European men VS South American men: Which are easier to tame?: live in, gangs - World
  158. Be my guest: crime, loans, hotels - World
  159. Will India become culturally liberal within our lifetimes?: home, living in - World
  160. What is your opinion of the police?: home, living - World
  161. Ukraine, who is Right, Who is Wrong?: house, bankrupt - World
  162. Europe is cheap: sales, low crime, how much - World
  163. World Views on the United Nations: living, authority, residential
  164. Which culture do you prefer, Japanese or American?: crime rate, live in - World
  165. Do you prefer European or American downtowns?: restaurants, shops - World
  166. Countries with a divide similar to the South / North one of the USA?: earthquakes, versus - World
  167. Have you ever visited the capital of your country?: credit, home - World
  168. The map of happiest countries in the world: appointed, 2014
  169. International Relations over Israel: evictions, homes, camps - World
  170. Is it for Google to have street views for every nation in the world?: legal, island
  171. What is the most free country?: tax, living in, business - World
  172. Countries that will become developed before the year 2050?: 2013, closing - World
  173. Which Country Has The most Faithful Women?: title, ranked - World
  174. Barack Obama the World Best political Leader over the Past 50 Years: health insurance, house
  175. Why low Islamic population in South America & East Asia?: places to live, move to - World
  176. White heroes in the non-white world?: agricultural, train station
  177. What city skylines do you think are going to change the most in the next 20 years?: how much, metropolitan area - World
  178. What's the most liberal/westernized Muslim country?: buy, nightclubs - World
  179. Countries With The Most Prostitutes!!!: live, legal, stats - World
  180. Morality views from around the world: 2014, condo, to live
  181. Were your ancestors forcibly assimilated in the 19th and 20th centuries?: public schools, legally - World
  182. Pick a piece of music that best sums up the feel of your city or town: house, German - World
  183. intercontinental bridges and trains: airplanes, train, retired - World
  184. What is the most racist country in the world?: Koreans, places
  185. Which smiling people are less thrustworthy in the world?: rain, Chinese
  186. How Would the World Look Like Today If Saddam and Gaddafi were Still In Power?: safer, rated
  187. Play the Geoguessr Game Above you - World
  188. World top destinations for expats: 2015, living, cities
  189. The International Criminal Court is Biased: design - World
  190. Have Trouble with the Language Site WordReference?: Russian, violation - World
  191. Places of cooperation: appointed, employment, to buy - World
  192. How To Start Your Own Island Country: starting - World
  193. Degreed GIS Analyst with 15 years work experience working abroad?: living in, design - World
  194. News, Plane carrying Chile soccer stars found, 50 years on.: television, team - World
  195. opinion poll: great, important, range - World
  196. The World: How countries spend taxpayers' money: 2015, taxes
  197. Debate Opens on New War Powers: 2015, wage, military - World
  198. The Long Battle Against Evil: live, price, resident - World
  199. Life Insurance—How Much Is Enough?: mortgage, transfer, school - World
  200. Crime Against Children: Ivory coast rogue regime's suspicious Behavior: schools, roach - World