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  31. Do most schoolkids around the world hate Math or is it just an American or Western thing?: lawyer, high school
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  33. In your book, how much do you think it would take to explore/visit/travel every block of the world in one session?
  34. World best large cities' downtowns
  35. Finding the remaining parts of the world relatively holding out from the impacts of the globalization rat race?: real estate, renting
  36. I am from Istanbul. I can answer if you have uestions.: live in, shop - World
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  59. about Spanish Language - World
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  71. Saudi Arabia assassinates top Princes to clear way for the King's son to take power un-opposed by the newly jailed pols: buy, deal - World
  72. Which city names do you like the sound of the most?: area, cities - World
  73. Where in the world are engineers treated best?: real estate, 2015
  74. Most worldly used product?: company, sold, water
  75. Which of the following Middle Income/Middle sized countries would you consider living in?: fence, safe - World
  76. Change a cityís name: cities, places, famous - World
  77. Which are the friendliest and unfriendliest countries you have visited?: live, hospitable - World
  78. Which is more urban - Toronto or Sydney?: apartments, how much - World
  79. Singapore VS Hong Kong VS Chicago VS Shanghai VS Toronto VS Dubai: best, business - World
  80. Most Beautiful Coastal View in the World?: 2015, hotel
  81. Which of cities is the most outstanding for visitors in the whole world?: loan, how much
  82. Countries that would be great places to live if only they had higher salaries?: salary, quality of life - World
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  85. Do you just hate the SHAPE of certain countries: live, land - World
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  87. News, Tourist Will Go to Jail for Brushing Man's Hip at Dubai Bar: living, vacation - World
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  90. President Trump in China: job market, live, residency - World
  91. Have you ever visited without knowing the language?: apartment, pharmacy - World
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  95. Best non-White majority countries for Blacks to live? (places to live, to move: 2015, houses - World
  96. Accents. What sounds pleasing and what does not?: living in, radio - World
  97. World Property Market: Most and Least Affordable Cities: for sale, real estate
  98. The clearest beaches in the world that arenít on an island?: appointed, 2013
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  104. Paraguay of the world: to buy, living, prices
  105. Cities like Phuket: hotel, island, town center - World
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  107. Post Iphone X prices where you live: sales, income - World
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  109. The World's 100 Best Cities in 2018: crime, employment, neighborhoods
  110. Name 5 of the most underrated world cities: 2015, title
  111. Dubai the Nevada of the World: hotel, home, casinos
  112. Brands with the best sounding names: movies, car, company - World
  113. Which is a better place to live Stockholm (Sweden) or SoCal (USA)?: fit in, low crime - World
  114. 12 camels disqualified from Saudi beauty contest in 'Botox' row: relocating, money - World
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