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  1. s what $100 million in USD buys you in global cities for prime office space: property - World
  2. What is the best country to live in?: between, good - World
  3. Is the 210 freeway corridor in SoCal the longest continuous development a along mountain side?: houses - World
  4. Realtor's Commission: for sale, real estate, attorney - World
  5. Can you guess what this map is all about?: countries, direct - World
  6. Randstad & London versus San Francisco Bay Area & New York: home, living - World
  7. Is media in your country the political powder keg that American media is?: live - World
  8. Ranking of the 10 countries who filed the most international patent applications: home, statistics - World
  9. Gypsy: live, agriculture, population - World
  10. Would you build a bridge - World
  11. 5 Tool Cities: city hall, houses, theatres - World
  12. Where in the world are engineers treated best?: real estate, 2015
  13. Most worldly used product?: company, sold, water
  14. Which city names do you like the sound of the most? - World
  15. Saudi Arabia assassinates top Princes to clear way for the King's son to take power un-opposed by the newly jailed pols: buy, deal - World
  16. Change a city’s name: cities, places, famous - World
  17. Which of the following Middle Income/Middle sized countries would you consider living in?: fence, safe - World
  18. World's favorite city!!
  19. Paraguay of the world
  20. The World's 100 Best Cities in 2018
  21. Brands with the best sounding names - World
  22. Cities like Phuket: hotel, island, town center - World
  23. Knowledge of a country..native vs foreign: neighborhood, live - World
  24. Cities that don't suit their climate: skyline, places - World
  25. Post Iphone X prices where you live: sales, income - World
  26. President Trump in China - World
  27. Does your country tax you?: sales, income, sales tax - World
  28. Singapore VS Hong Kong VS Chicago VS Shanghai VS Toronto VS Dubai: best, business - World
  29. What countries do you think should switch territory?: how much, moving - World
  30. Mexico City vs New York City: income, living, prices - World
  31. Most Beautiful Coastal View in the World?: 2015, hotel
  32. Which of cities is the most outstanding for visitors in the whole world?: loan, how much
  33. Accents. What sounds pleasing and what does not?: living in, radio - World
  34. Countries that would be great places to live if only they had higher salaries?: salary, quality of life - World
  35. Which city really lives up to their hype?: apartments, quality of life - World
  36. News, Tourist Will Go to Jail for Brushing Man's Hip at Dubai Bar: living, vacation - World
  37. Which city gives you the best access to the world?: airport, locations
  38. What aspects and facets of British culture remain in Australia and New Zealand but are discarded by Canada?: pool, corporate - World
  39. International recognition of Palestine vs Kosovo - showdown of positions of major nations!: vs., backyard - World
  40. Which are the friendliest and unfriendliest countries you have visited?: live, hospitable - World
  41. Which is more urban - Toronto or Sydney?: apartments, how much - World
  42. Most beautiful passport and visa: 2014, home, buy - World
  43. Do you just hate the SHAPE of certain countries: live, land - World
  44. Your favorite word/frase in a foreign language - World