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  12. status of shackle and hoist method of cattle slaughter around the world: 2014
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  24. your Experience,.-What is the Country with the best care for emergency health?: deal - World
  25. Does a bilingual or multilingual really sound different than their monolingual parents?: apartment - World
  26. UK and USA are very different: townhomes, moving, vehicle - World
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  28. How many countries in the world have states/provinces with elected governors?: residential, rating
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  30. Anglo culture outside the West? - World
  31. What do you consider to be part of the western world?: utilities, law
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  65. Which city in the world has the largest number of elevators (lifts) installed and working?: buy, statistics
  66. Why are you allowed to talk about America's evils but not its punishments?: movies, complaints - World
  67. Battle of the New's - which ones are most similar to the Old ?: area, buildings - World