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  1. 1938 Austrian life: 2013, gated, camps - World
  2. Northernmost Outdoor Water Parks/Swimming Pools?: vacation, island, resort - World
  3. If you know Spanish, do you know Ladino?: school, Portuguese - World
  4. Do you think nationalism is for the working/middle class and globalism for the upper-middle upwards?: middle-class - World
  5. Your Cities Libraries.: university, garden, campus - World
  6. Heartbreaking Video Shows Crew of Doomed Sub Singing.: home, military - World
  7. Your experience with Cancun, Mexico, what places in the world are similar to Cancun in this way, and what places are not: hotel
  8. Pandora Papers: of Your Friends Been Exposed?: financial, interest - World
  9. countries where English teachers are ...: school, wages, living - World
  10. Semi-Major cities around the world: church, MBA, good
  11. Islamic Mindfulness: store, religion, about - World
  12. Newborns registered in China drops 15% in 2020: real estate, apartments, buy - World
  13. Monoploy by Tim Gielen- Who owns the world: real estate, 2014
  14. Why do Nordics speak English better than German-speaking people?: movies, school - World
  15. Physical size of major cities compared, and superimposed over UK: 2015, car - World
  16. Easiest N. European Country to...: living in, retired, residency - World
  17. What is your primary concern when you first move to a new country?: health insurance - World
  18. Current status of dubbing and subtitling on news in your country as of 2021: movies - World
  19. What countries have an inferiority complex toward their neighbors?: safer, bars - World
  20. What is the most boring National Park in the USA?: homes, camp - World
  21. New world heritage sites: yard, educational, properties
  22. Which city feels denser- Istanbul or NYC?: living, cities - World
  23. Europe no longer relevant?: houses, purchasing, price - World
  24. Equivalents between California and Japan: crime, live, dangerous - World
  25. Where can one get their international driver's license?: rent, DMV - World
  26. Hispanic names: Hispanics, famous people, children - World
  27. What are the best cities in the world for single and childless people?: how much
  28. The world's oldest person .Alimihan seiti, 135 years old, Xinjiang: living, nursing
  29. Share your Visa Strategies for long stays: employment, preschool - World
  30. What metropolitan areas feel significantly larger than similar-sized or statistically larger metropolitan areas?: best city - World
  31. Help us find a place to settle!!: job market, organic - World
  32. Being rich: sales, real estate, houses - World
  33. What country has the best geography?: earthquakes, areas, island - World
  34. Most accepting cultures of actors & bad vocalists making music?: promotional, income - World
  35. Turkish TV series are taking over South Eastern Europe and Latina America: 2014 - World
  36. The USA doesn't fit, culturally, within the core Anglosphere : true or false: home - World
  37. Which region will have the strongest comprehensive strength in 2030?: income, rank - World
  38. What is your 'European' doors and locks like? Anything like: 2015, home - World
  39. Northernmost Beach that Allows Swimming: lifeguard, island, maps - World
  40. Influential Values: associations, rank, money - World
  41. How is everyones New Year going so far?: 2015, eat - World
  42. NEW YEAR's Displays/celebrations around the world.: live, transport
  43. Interactive map to see weather around the globe.: underground, online - World
  44. Can the West be divided in German derived cultures and Roman derived cultures?: foods - World
  45. If global ecenomy crased, who'd have the best survival chances?: military, agricultural - World
  46. Is there a proven connection between a strong investment in basic public education and a country becoming developed?: high income - World
  47. Rio De Janeiro vs. Lisbon (New World *Former* Capital vs. Old World Capital): best city
  48. moving to warmer climates in winter - North America vs. Western Europe vs. Australia: house - World
  49. At MokshaBongs you can get all category bong: buy, prices - World
  50. Japan/western europe: money, where to, regulations - World
  51. In 2021, the per capita GDP of Jiangsu Province in China will exceed 20000 US dollars: sales - World
  52. Dubai's audacious Heart of Europe megaproject nears first stage completion: home, buyers - World
  53. Has heard the word that pronounced as tha?: title, places - World
  54. What's the best time to go to Bora Bora and the Maldives?: money - World
  55. Political stalemate: residential, Americans, resident - World
  56. NZ to ban smoking for future generations.: 2014, crime - World
  57. How many cities and towns in the world have at least one escalator?: shopping mall
  58. Snacking in Pompeii: houses, food, fish - World
  59. What exactly are the requirements for a college town?: universities, restaurants - World
  60. Smallest place in the world that feels like a real city.: home, luxury
  61. Japan VS South Korea Vs Malaysia: school, taxis, stores - World
  62. place like NC/TN/GA/KY outside of the USA?: real estate, how much - World
  63. Spectacular Airport Landings of the world: appointed, apartment, how much
  64. how many world countries can you name, and how many by the capital name or flag?: subdivisions, cities
  65. Why is Israel considered to be European despite being entirely in Asia why not Africa: rated, Indians - World
  66. London, Los Angeles (LA), Miami, and/or Ibiza? Pick two: to live in, train - World
  67. Why is the US’s ethnic and racial diversity downplayed?: credit, live in - World
  68. Adjacent countries starting with the same letter: land, work - World
  69. Why is Mexico more famous than Canada: amusement park, living in - World
  70. Which Anglosphere or European country has been the best at integrating its minorities?: foreclosure, mortgage - World
  71. Which city has most sexiest blondes?: live, rain, prettiest - World
  72. How do cities in Europe and East Asia compare?(What are the nicest cities?): best city, new construction - World
  73. Is it better to be rich in a developing country or Middle class in a developed country?: apartment, credit - World
  74. Miami or Ibiza for a getaway?: quality of life, nightlife, murders - World
  75. New York City: Overwhelmed, underwhelmed, just right?: best city, 2014 - World
  76. Will the Hispanic community have an effect on/change America Culture 25 to 50 years from now?: neighborhoods, gated communities - World
  77. Name a world famous city visited where you cannot seem to find what is so great about it?: home, theater
  78. Is there a lot of global hypocrisy surrounding the obesity/health “problem” in America vs: skateboarding, insurance - World
  79. Globalism/NWO countries: live, statistics, wealthy - World
  80. Melbourne vs Chicago Skyline: construction, architecture, best - World
  81. Why IS soccer so popular outside of America?: neighborhood, gated - World
  82. Why are Western Europeans and American still conflating Germans and Nazis?: buying, quality of life - World
  83. Why is New York my Iconic than London: home, moving - World
  84. A World Heritage Site can be removed from the list?: apartments, construction
  85. Japan vs. Italy vs. California (US): earthquake, places to live, safety - World
  86. Time Magazine's 100 best places in the world for 2021: cities, pictures
  87. Why do people dream of the pacfic and think it's a tropical paradise when it can actually be freezing: crime, school - World
  88. Why does Armenia dislike Turkey?: house, live, cities - World
  89. China needs to shut it's trap!: rating, population, quality - World
  90. Why is it that most of the world's geography suck so much?: 2014, how much
  91. Is Russia a democracy?: credit, approval, offices - World
  92. What countries do you consider part of The West ?: standard of living, best - World
  93. Why are there so many negative imputations made about America?: to buy, college - World
  94. Which countries meet new standards?: 2013, home, living - World
  95. Name a city to skip in an otherwise great country to visit: appointed, home - World
  96. Your Cities Theme Parks: rent, amusement park, home - World
  97. How do Australia and Canada compare with the USA in an architectural sense?: apartments, city hall - World
  98. World cities you Dislike the most: apartments, crime, theatre
  99. Excessive Graffiti, What's It Telling You?: houses, to buy, theater - World
  100. Why are countries with good benefits always located in polar climates?: unemployed, transfer - World
  101. If Two Countries Had a Baby, It Would Be ?: architectural, best - World
  102. Foreigner Friendly Countries: apartment, to rent, house - World
  103. Free health care countries, but it's not free.: insurance, buy - World
  104. Night view of 34 major cities in China,Every city is super shocking!: 2013, roach - World
  105. Which of cities is the most iconic one?: house, theatres - World
  106. Recycling Poll: apartments, city hall, condos - World
  107. Songs, Singers and Bands linked to Cities.: live, castle - World
  108. Which city has more hot women?: living, cities, weather - World
  109. Vaccine Passports Around The World: movie theaters, public schools, pharmacies
  110. Who remembers 9/11/2001?: home, school, live - World
  111. Armenian Iraqi christians struggle to survive: trailer, Australian, single - World
  112. Cowboy cultures of the world.: home, live, price
  113. Territory with no income tax: low income, sales, real estate - World
  114. can people name states/provinces of other countries: live, county - World
  115. Hey what do you think of Japan do you like the culture do you want to visit Japan: home, living in - World
  116. Things that make your continent special: quality of life, live, vs - World
  117. Americans living overseas - deposit stimulus check: offices, money - World
  118. Americans: If you had to leave the US and move which of countries would you move to?: home, living - World
  119. Sweden - Current State of Mask Usage: amusement parks, home - World
  120. North America's 3-7 vs Europe's 3-7 (per Kearney): crime, home - World
  121. North American top 6 vs European top 6 cities: vs., stats - World
  122. Most likable people: live, ranked, Koreans - World
  123. London feels significantly larger than New York now, and it is.: best city, credit - World
  124. Covid-19 vaccinations World ranking: hotel, to buy, live in
  125. Country Where Majority has a garden: apartment complex, houses, living in - World
  126. How long is a short airplane flight?: home, movies - World
  127. Is life in LA more similar to Latin America while life in NYC more similar to Western Europe?: middle-class, apartment - World
  128. The capital city of a country is least representative of that country : True or False?: how much, home - World
  129. Why isn't soccer popular in America?: home, club, pubs - World
  130. Egypt Isn't The Country With The Most Pyramids: home, licenses - World
  131. Why did the U.S. attract so many European Jews over other English-speaking countries?: apartment, home - World
  132. Sizes of your country's sub-divisions compared to rest of world.: subdivision, housing
  133. What do you consider the center of your city?: city hall, home - World
  134. How big or small is the whole movement, American men going abroad to hook up or find a partner/wife ?: sales, buyers - World
  135. Which city would you rather live in if money (or a visa) were no object: NYC or Tokyo?: crime, living in - World
  136. Education Capital of the World?: home, public school, universities
  137. What's the most and least attractive/appealing type of landscape?: living, beaches - World
  138. What cities have the most sunlight in December?: place, average - World
  139. What's Better A Tropical XMAS Or A White XMAS If You're Affluent?: hotel, live in - World
  140. Best Destination In The World To Enjoy XMAS At? — Multiple-Choice: car, locations
  141. Covid vs. corona - colloquially and in media: live, racist - World
  142. Outside of NYC, does the urbanity and vibrancy of US cities feel weak compared to in the EU, Asia or LATAM?: crime, houses - World
  143. Architecture battle: Sydney vs New York City: apartments, houses - World
  144. Asia-Oceania gateway: how much, hotels, living - World
  145. Which Is A Better City To Live, London, U.K. or Los Angeles, California If You're AFFLUENT?: crime, house - World
  146. Which Is A Better Place To Live, London, U.K. or SoCal If You're AFFLUENT?: homes, living - World
  147. Tropical beach places without extreme heat and humidity?: hotels, home - World
  148. Dear Civilized World: Will you take us back?: costs, military
  149. Why did the world sleep on British 90's music?: bars, area
  150. Smallest city you would consider global: home, taxation - World
  151. Is America the most diverse country in the world?: live in, vs
  152. Strict Countries?: hotel, attorney, to live - World
  153. anti maskers outside US: home, buy, live in - World
  154. Why did the Libyan people oppose Gaddafi?: unemployment, schools - World
  155. Dream Wedding Locations Multiple Choice: chapel, houses, weddings - World
  156. Will Mandarin ever become an international lingua franca?: movies, taxi driver - World
  157. Which country is a major threat to World peace?: rich, MBA
  158. Foreign Accent Syndrome - Aussie woman wakes up with Irish Accent.: movies, Korean - World
  159. Kearney’s Top 30 global cities report 2020: to live in, stats, move - World
  160. What do you think of France and the french: school, living in - World
  161. Why do most think that Turkey is not part of Europe: restaurant, rich - World
  162. São Paulo vs Seoul - Skyline Comparison (immensity, density, architectural merit, ): subdivision, organic - World
  163. Top 10 best cities around the world for City Bachelors ?: home, theater
  164. What countries are mixing covid vaccines?: health, work, annual - World
  165. Did you get the vaccine?: health, Chinese, vaccines - World
  166. Palestine vs Israel: house, gated, living - World
  167. Why do cities around the world have so much culture like NYC, Paris, BA, while others don't?: homes, buying
  168. Could explain Experiential vs Materialistic consumption cultures and countries? (Live to work/work to live): apartments, big house - World
  169. Is living in the USA closer in areas to living in East Asia than to Europe?: university, vacation - World
  170. Is the USA the most conservative country in the Anglosphere?: rent, home - World
  171. Why are Asian American women shorter than young Chinese women?: 2015, income - World
  172. Which city is better for the elite wealthy Stockholm (Sweden) or Miami (Florida)?: buy, income - World
  173. Favorite cities in the world: appointed, crime, construction
  174. Which city would you choose to live in.: home, living in - World
  175. Cheapest places to live in the world: apartments, rentals
  176. Georgia (US State) vs. South Korea: where would you rather live in or visit?: living, cost of living - World
  177. Greatest natural park(s) in your country?: home, land - World
  178. Why is the UK more famous than Germany: buying, luxury - World
  179. Height comparison of young people in the largest province of northern China and Russia: 2014, university - World
  180. Overall where would you rather live, the US or UK?: sales, health insurance - World
  181. Big cities outside of the United States that are 24-hour cities: 2015, hotels - World
  182. Best countries for Arab men?: salary, living in, rich - World
  183. Washington (US state) vs. UK: where would you rather live or visit?: how much, home - World
  184. Will India become a superpower: house, homeless, pollution - World
  185. What is the most well-known US national park: best, population - World
  186. Does a place like this exist anywhere in the world?: house, suburban
  187. Which city and Country would you have a second home in if you could afford to?: apartment, low crime - World
  188. In 2021, the population of Chengdu in China has reached 20.938 million: houses, buyers - World
  189. Why do we hear more about the spiders in Australia than we do in Brazil when Brazil has bigger more deadly spiders: live, most dangerous - World
  190. Rothschild Banking Empire; Countries: climate, resources - World
  191. Horseback Riding Lessons and Paddle boarding: live, retirement, alligators - World
  192. Which countries/cultures around the world are 'Live to work and vice versa?: Asian
  193. Barbados and Covid: hotel, airport, pool - World
  194. New video!!! Best tips and awesome sorry! - World
  195. Happy Birthday Mom images: live, price, working - World
  196. Is Bermudas the wealthiest and most developed place in the americas?: island, places - World
  197. LOADED 2019 MATHEWS VERTIX BOW Cost $850usd: estimated, rain, single - World
  198. A crazy about moving - but help us decide where in the *world* we should move !!: luxury
  199. Distances on a global scale: calculation, vicinity, figure - World
  200. Do North Africans have a closer physical appearance to people in Iberia, Sicily, or Greece?: white - World