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  1. Macron accuses Russia of ‘predatory’ influence in Africa: contractor, military - World
  2. Which cities in the world have the most beautiful urban parks during autumn for viewing fall foliage?: garden
  3. Top 100 Science & Technology Clusters in the world, 21 each in China and the United States!: gated
  4. Metropolitan Area vs. Urban Area: school, transportation, commuting - World
  5. Less than half of England and Wales population Christian, Census 2021 shows: wedding, catholic schools - World
  6. What borders are closed?: legally, ferry, land - World
  7. *Game* - City in another country that feels like this city: neighborhoods, vs. - World
  8. Peru - 6 Presidents in 5 years: live, summer, sold - World
  9. Where do we get data for obesity stats?: incomes, health - World
  10. Is There Hope For Poor Haiti Or Is It Hopeless?: camps, gangs - World
  11. Why aren’t all war refugees treated like from Ukraine?: 2015, university - World
  12. Should Thailand and Malaysia trade regions...: legal, land, rank - World
  13. Which US state is more similar to Italy: Georgia or California?: houses, school - World
  14. Which US state is more similar to South Korea: Georgia or Florida?: restaurants - World
  15. Latin America, Eastern Europe/Russia, and Japan as semi-WEIRD countries/regions: 2013, college - World
  16. Best mass transit systems for metropolitan areas of their respective sizes / populations: transfer - World
  17. Best countries to relocate to?: real estate market, apartment, to rent - World
  18. Which city looks bigger to you?: vs., housing, cars - World
  19. Best countries during global reset: residency, weight, regulations - World
  20. Is Paris bigger than London?: hotel, living, shop - World
  21. Courtesy and consideration: hotel, restaurants, shop - World
  22. How big is a metropolis?: metro area, areas, cities - World
  23. Most introverted Latin American countries?: place, parties, great - World
  24. Semi-Global cities: military, bars, ranking - World
  25. What cultures around the world claim the socks-in-sandals aesthetic?: home, live in
  26. Is Azerbajan so much safer country than Turkey with much lower crime, violence?: quality of life - World
  27. Are people worldwide trending toward living in arid or wet climates?: moving to, rating
  28. What beautiful cities have been created post WW2?: houses, new construction - World
  29. Just a for people living near the equator: How many daylight hours during the winter solstice would you accept?: garden - World
  30. Aliyah board game - geographic issues: moving to, map - World
  31. Which has better natural scenery, California or Japan? - World
  32. Universal translator: taxi cab, living in, price - World
  33. Which New World country saw the greatest diversity of Eurasian immigration?: assess, Korean
  34. Guam vs Florida: fit in, high crime, living - World
  35. Taiwan tells Elon Musk it is ‘not for sale’ after latest China comments: gated - World
  36. Are Iraqi Turmens genetically Arabs who speak Turkic language? - World
  37. Ireland without reservations?: car rental, rentals, hotels - World
  38. NORWAY visit: car rental, rental, gated - World
  39. Knight Frank's 2023 World's Top 10 Prime Markets Index: for sale, apartments
  40. A Plan for a New Era -- Year One: closing, ticket - World
  41. Americans should not welcome foreign tourists to the US: live in, architecture - World
  42. Ranking Asian cities with the best public transport: calculated, rail - World
  43. moving to the Philippines for a year. Does this sound like a good or bad idea?: apartment - World
  44. Twitter accused of helping Saudi Arabia commit human rights abuses: 2015, credit - World
  45. Japanese fishermen and aquaculture industry cry: the government is too stupid, the future...: sales - World
  46. Most similar countries/Most different countries: vs, teaching, island - World
  47. Jordan Peterson - Population Collapse Is Coming: college, closing - World
  48. How concerning is this?: attorney, house, live - World
  49. Is it to immigrate abroad and do something other than teach English?: living - World
  50. Why don't people praise anything specific about America?: associations, cars - World
  51. World Leaders Call for War Crimes Investigation: crime, move
  52. Under state of emergency, El Salvador intensifies massive crackdown on gangs: home, neighborhoods - World
  53. Living outside of your homeland and belonging: 2014, house - World
  54. Gold Coast, QLD vs Miami, Fl - Which is the better city?: standard of living - World
  55. Most spectacular NY Eve show around the world: places, year
  56. Thoughts on becoming location independent: hotel, house, pros and cons - World
  57. What kind of BRICKS are most used in constructions in your country?: houses - World
  58. DBT therapy services I can use in South America/Ecuador: price, move - World
  59. What cities are considered far more important within their country than outside of it?: hotels - World
  60. Is the U.K. more similar to North America or the rest of Europe?: food - World
  61. Mega Regions: 2014, subdivision, living in - World
  62. 2022 Immigration Standards for good answers: income, renewal, retirement - World
  63. Soliciting ideas for memorable trip: rental car, rental, house - World
  64. Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 33): 2014, rankings, companies - World
  65. World's best airports: buying, price, bus
  66. What country do you think has the greatest classical or traditional music? Post your videos!: home, live - World
  67. skin cancer whites in South Africa and southern South America vs. in Australia/New Zealand: statistics, pollution - World
  68. Which feels denser/more urban? Paris or NY?: neighborhoods, live in - World
  69. Is Toronto’s architecture better than New York’s?: vs, rated - World
  70. Is it really true that if the USA pulled its military out, the world will plunge into chaos?: insurance, high crime
  71. What places would a Blind traveler think are beautiful ?: theater, beach - World
  72. places in the world where horse and buggies are still common on the roads?: live, moving
  73. Asia and Africa the conservative continents, Europe and the Americas the liberal continents, in the 2020's?: homes, university - World
  74. Canada vs Australia: Healthcare only: health insurance, buying, construction - World
  75. Small/obscure places in other countries that have places in the US named after them: live in, bars - World
  76. Funiculars ridden: neighborhoods, high school, bars - World
  77. Do you think the rivalry between the East and the West is a permanent feature of the world?: how much, military
  78. How many cities can you name in a foreign country?: university, live - World
  79. Two recent rankings of Global Cities both show London / New York / Tokyo / Paris / Singapore / Melbourne in the TOP 10!: purchasing, theater - World
  80. Should Europeans continue mixing or should they try to keep their races, especially the Nordish race ?: farmer, rated - World
  81. Why is us never on the news anymore: crime rates, school - World
  82. The world's most consuming countries in 2019: 2013, purchasing, income
  83. The United States currently has 19 major non-NATO allies. Which ones should be removed and which others should join?: taxation, to live - World
  84. Asia combined GDP is more than North America and Europe combined: middle-class, activity - World
  85. Taxi etiquette around the WORLD: taxis, restaurant, safe
  86. Ameristralia: Sydney vs. New York City comparison: neighborhoods, quality of life - World
  87. Which City in a Developed Country Most Closely Resembles a Developing World/Third World City?: homes, living in
  88. Why is the US much more liberal with prescribing medicines than other countries?: sales, college - World
  89. Saudi Arabia is Building a $500 Billion Ski Resort in the Desert: construction, to live - World
  90. What accent do you have in your native or other language?: to rent, daycare - World
  91. Why do people think Paris and NYC look alike?: living, floor - World
  92. Why do people try to compete with America on diversity ?: legally, eat - World
  93. London vs NYC more diverse overall?: credit card, home, movies - World
  94. Which country is similar to another country?: live in, metro area - World
  95. Why isn't Russia praised more for its environmental record of habitat preservation?: how much, camps - World
  96. The End of Natural Population Growth?: appointed, house, schools - World
  97. North American Cities in World's Best Cities Ranking, 2024: rankings, building
  98. Is starting to get concerned about the increase in military conflicts across the world over the last few years?: to buy, tax
  99. Cities with the highest raking in livability stats where you would never live and vice versa...: quality of life, taxes - World
  100. Gulf War 2.0: transfer, school, college - World
  101. Is rest of 1st world following the American crime spree/mass shootings, BLM/Antifa rioting and looting: house, school
  102. What countries will build more skyscrapers in the next 10 years?: real estate, homes - World
  103. If not your current country, where would you like to live and why?: 2013, violent crime - World
  104. Most beautiful Romance language?: attractive, Colombian, Portuguese - World
  105. Could China become the next America?: houses, living, military - World
  106. Islamic States vs Atheist States - Where would you rather visit?: gated, tax - World
  107. Pick 1 City to stay in for each month: hotels, restaurants - World
  108. Why are the cities in European developed countries dilapidated?: chapel, neighborhoods - World
  109. What do African Americans think of Jamaica and it’s culture?: school, shop - World
  110. Do you ever feel out of place in the country you live/from?: fit in, home - World
  111. Foreign Cities With Houses Rising Up the Hillsides: top neighborhoods, 2013 - World
  112. Has been in Medellin this year?: violent crime, hotel - World
  113. Pick 1 Country to stay in each month: hotels, budget - World
  114. Which city looks & feels like Los Angeles The Most?: apartments, employment - World
  115. Countries that culturally/political/geographically lies in multiple regions: rated, areas - World
  116. ‘Credible evidence’ India behind assassination of Sikh leader in Canadian soil: how much, house - World
  117. Living on $2500/month comfortably: ski resorts, apartments, lease - World
  118. If the US became a dictatorship, where should Americans go?: live, dangerous - World
  119. Languages that use 0-23 hour system: appliances, military, airports - World
  120. Rapid Transit to Resident Ratio (RTR) by country: transporting, neighborhoods - World
  121. Least populous country been to?: island, population, residents - World
  122. In which country people are more rude when asked for directions by strangers in the streets?: day care, neighborhood - World
  123. Which country has the best trains?: wages, prices, train - World
  124. Nationality vs Ethnicity: new home, neighborhood, school district - World
  125. Top 20 global cities with most Millionaire residing in: middle-class, sales - World
  126. Putin/Xi meet in Uzbekistan next week: what is being discussed?: live, military - World
  127. Which country has the most appealing sub-regional entities?: 2015, luxury - World
  128. Thailand long term?: how much, buy, to live - World
  129. Viewpoint: Putin now faces only different kinds of defeat: real estate, 2014 - World
  130. Countries visited, but not the capital: high school, live, bus - World
  131. In which countries can you rent a room in a dorm as a non-student?: for rent, hotels - World
  132. You often hear I like the city but not the people: friendly, cities - World
  133. Most eventful cities in the world?: theatre, to live, eat
  134. Cities that it most international visitors love the most, but the domestic population does not: to live, prices - World
  135. Largest city that isn't global: how much, metropolitan - World
  136. Cheapest 24 hour cities?: theatre, pharmacies, living - World
  137. First Countries on your mind when you think of landscapes?: areas, top - World
  138. Will South America and/or Africa ever get an NYC/Tokyo/London caliber city?: live, transportation - World
  139. Joint Statements from multilateral or multinational meetings: health, dating - World
  140. Best- and worst-dressed countries/cities: shop, office, rank - World
  141. Nations most at risk of crisis or collapse: crime rate, income - World
  142. Do you get a bad negative vibe in countries you don't fit in?: hotel, houses - World
  143. Which US state is more similar to Japan: Georgia or Florida?: condo, crime rate - World
  144. What country is the least dominated by their old ethnicity? Which are most diverse?: neighborhoods, to live - World
  145. Origin of the English word face: bakery, Portuguese - World
  146. What would your perfect country be like?: apartment, crime rate - World
  147. Which countries in the world offer free cancer treatment for their citizens?: insurance, elementary school
  148. How beautiful is South America?: to rent, home, live - World
  149. Furthest rapid transit sysem from the city center: statistics, airport - World
  150. The best place to be in the world for a July?: hotels, theatres
  151. Greatest city in the world?: safety, nightlife, food
  152. Strangest name twins in the old a new worlds.: new home, transfer
  153. For of you who live (or have lived) outside of your home country...: high school, university - World
  154. In your part of the world when is it acceptable to wear or leave street shoes on inside if ever, cultural differences?: apartments, movers
  155. Is the violence in the usa impacting overseas travel to the usa: rental car, rental - World
  156. Do you think GLOBALIZATION is a good thing or a bad thing?: suite, rating - World
  157. Are the British the most chauvinistic nationality? Do British people resent America?: credit, how much - World
  158. US Allies Want US to Retaliate if China Invades Taiwan: home, to buy - World
  159. Global Financial Centres Index (March 2022), top 6 : London / New York / Hong Kong / Shanghai / Los Angeles / Singapore: purchasing, places to live - World
  160. What is the biggest discrepancy or pet peeve you have about policy or way things are in your part of the world, or good: hardwood floors, how much
  161. Camel thing about Turkey: home, live, military - World
  162. When was the last time you visited the capital of your country?: 2013, high school - World
  163. Everybody is sanctioning Russia for Ukraine, but how come nobody sanctioned the US for Iraq?: crimes, live - World
  164. Cities with under 3 million that have Mass rapid transit?: live, light rail - World
  165. Which country or part of European continent is most like US or North America in culture and economics?: neighborhood, architecture - World
  166. Give your opinion about the city above (game) World edition: neighborhoods, vs
  167. Are American prisons really the worst in the developed world?: crime, mattress
  168. Why country names are different in their ther countries?: land, Korean - World
  169. Cities most people think are huge but aren't...: live, tuition - World
  170. Will Iran attack Saudi Arabia?: gated, military, oil - World
  171. Bridges/Tunnels that would cut travel time by plus 50%: construction, utilities - World
  172. If you could have 4 different passports...: to live in, military, company - World
  173. Baking as patriotism: home, wedding, food - World
  174. Which western countries are getting better, and which are getting worse?: bankruptcy, school - World
  175. Which US State is most similar to Austria?: population, east coast - World
  176. Smallest city that is Global: universities, rankings - World
  177. How many National Anthems do you knw?: bars, rated - World
  178. Which US state is more similar to Japan: California or Florida?: earthquakes, health - World
  179. You can help expanding ADS-B receivers coverage and make flights safer: live in, move - World
  180. Is there a place to obtain information about how climates will be in various regions in the upcoming future?: to live in - World
  181. Functional Urban Areas: rated, commute, metropolitan area - World
  182. Is it true that the Bear and the 3 ribs in his mouth are actual Symbols ? - World
  183. How is the Mediterranean Sea still viable fishing grounds: top, seafood - World
  184. When will India overtake China, as most populous?: rated, ethnic - World
  185. open public anthropology forums: good - World
  186. COVID-19 Global Action Plan Foreign Ministerial Meeting on 19th July 2022: health, Thai - World