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  11. I think it's safe to say that the rainy season is OVER!!: live in - Florida (FL)
  12. Santa Comes to Port Orange: Daytona Beach: 2013, crime, title - Florida (FL)
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  16. New York Soon to Trail Florida in Population (NY Times article): 2013, wage (FL)
  17. Cities with Sizable Indian popluations in Florida: Miami, Tampa: restaurants, move to (FL)
  18. Florida Panhandle ethnic diversity: Panama City: vacation home, military, dangerous (FL)
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  23. Looking to relocate to west or NW nc or northern georgia mtns?: Iona: crime - Florida (FL)
  24. Florida Birders! Book Advice?: Vero Beach: neighborhood, living in, eat (FL)
  25. Buying a car - Volusia County: license, places, expensive - Florida (FL)
  26. Ft Walton Beach: Tampa, Clearwater, Panama City: rentals, low crime, townhouse - Florida (FL)
  27. OK, plans have changed! help and: Miami, Tampa: rent, homes - Florida (FL)
  28. crawfordville area: Tallahassee, Chiefland: moving to, design, rated - Florida (FL)
  29. Florida Residency for School: Fort Lauderdale, University: 2015, vehicle registration, insurance (FL)
  30. Schools, teachers, scheduling appointments: Sarasota, Bradenton: school district, live, budget - Florida (FL)
  31. Beaches and flood zones: oceanfront, insurance, houses - Florida (FL)
  32. Daily migration of seabirds ?: Sarasota, Venice: house, live, beach - Florida (FL)
  33. Lived in Russia, montreal, chicago, fort lauderdale, midwest. Where to next in FL?: Jacksonville: low crime - Florida
  34. Laid off after 8 months, do I qualify for unemployment?: Tallahassee: 2013, how much - Florida (FL)
  35. Thai restaurant in Gainesville: living, restaurants, price - Florida (FL)
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  43. News, 805 nude swimmers gather for skinny-dipping record: Miami, Bal Harbour: 2013, beach - Florida (FL)
  44. Moving to South/Southwest Florida with young children: University, Naples: sales, 2014 (FL)
  45. Chicago to Florida By Road - USA holiday 3 weeks in dec: Miami: 2014, rental (FL)
  46. Foreclosure: Unknown tenant changed to my name: Homestead: 2014, foreclosures - Florida (FL)
  47. Is there a demand for Medical Sonographers?: find a job, wedding - Florida (FL)
  48. Callery-Judge Orange Grove Sold to Minto Homes: Seminole, Palm Beach: HOA fees, home builder - Florida (FL)
  49. Private school for special education: daycare, moving to, budget - Florida (FL)
  50. go kayaking--what binoculars do you use?: buying, roofing - Florida (FL)
  51. Happy Thanksgiving Florida Forum: Miami: safe, best time, humid (FL)
  52. As a taxpayer, how would you like to determine exactly how much you pay in taxes and then how what you pay is used?: insurance - Florida (FL)
  53. florida humidity and osteoarthritus: Citrus Hills: location, typical, time - Florida (FL)
  54. Buying for investment in Orlando or Ft. Myers: Cape Coral, Fort Myers: apartments, renter - Florida (FL)
  55. IT job opportunities in FL - ready for a change: Tampa: extended stay, apartment - Florida
  56. YoungProfessionalsNoKids:WhereToLive?: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: condo, lawyers, house - Florida (FL)
  57. Shopping on Thanksgiving: sale, how much, camping - Florida (FL)
  58. Travelling From Easthampton Mass to the Florida Keys: Jacksonville: safe, moving to (FL)
  59. Questions about moving to Florida:where to live and disaster preparedness?: Miami: high crime, houses (FL)
  60. Relocating to FL from IN..Best city for Construction Field?: Miami: high crime, how much - Florida
  61. Happy hanukkah, Florida forum! (FL)
  62. Which insurance company: DMV, cost, drivers license - Florida (FL)
  63. Report bad intersection?: Miami: city hall, to live, cars - Florida (FL)
  64. If you lose your dog.: live, pit bulls, licensed - Florida (FL)
  65. Nacotee or not..... help need advice: Jacksonville: waterpark, schools - Florida (FL)
  66. florida's never ending road construction: Tampa, Orlando: condo, subdivision, maintenance - Florida (FL)
  67. Relocation to Florida: Orlando, Port Orange, Sanford: low crime, home, safe neighborhoods (FL)
  68. Which is the busiest beach on the gulf side in February?: Clearwater: restaurants, bars - Florida (FL)
  69. Moving to North FL: Tallahassee, Gainesville: house, buy, public schools - Florida
  70. Is it legal to catch and eat conch in Florida?: Miami: home, live (FL)
  71. What Is Best City In FL For Single 20-Somethings: Miami: rent, loft - Florida
  72. Apartment Community lease: rental, month to, house - Florida (FL)
  73. Best affordable beach living?: Pensacola, Niceville: insurance, buy, cost of living - Florida (FL)
  74. Taylor-Morrison: appointed, short sale, home builder - Florida (FL)
  75. Husband thinking of taking a job in Fl. HELP: Winter Haven: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  76. Contractors for big pine key florida: mobile home, purchasing, offer - Florida (FL)
  77. Know of a monthly rate hotel?: Orlando, Dania Beach: to rent, hotels, home - Florida (FL)
  78. Until the State of Florida, recognizes ALL Marriage Licenses: drivers license, gay (FL)
  79. help me with a major life decision: Clearwater: rentals, mortgage - Florida (FL)
  80. Ormond Beach Investment Property: Daytona Beach, Holiday: sales, real estate, oceanfront - Florida (FL)
  81. Renting in apartment Florida: eviction, credit, landlords (FL)
  82. Southeast Florida Relocation: Miami: apartment, renting, motel (FL)
  83. Article about 40 Most Insane Things That Happened This Year In Florida: Spring Hill: crimes, rated (FL)
  84. Gainesville,FL Elementary schools and homes to rent.: 2013, for rent - Florida
  85. Fast casual restaurants in Gainesville: Ocala, Archer: live, best, places - Florida (FL)
  86. job relocation.: Orlando, Fort Myers, Jupiter: low crime, middle school, living - Florida (FL)
  87. Brevard area colleges: Seminole: community college, versus, classes - Florida (FL)
  88. How is Venice?: Sarasota: new construction, pros and cons, single - Florida (FL)
  89. How do I get rid of tiny spiders?: apartment, house - Florida (FL)
  90. So. Fla women: club, cheapest, drive - Florida (FL)
  91. Job Creation in Florida--Rick Scott's Record: Miami: 2013, insurance, employment (FL)
  92. Citizens Insurance Woes: Miami, Tallahassee, Hernando: sales, real estate, 2013 - Florida (FL)
  93. Coyotes and Screened Open Windows: Spring Hill: buy, living, safe - Florida (FL)
  94. Fort Myers area or Fort Lauderdale area?: Miami, Tampa: for sale, how much - Florida (FL)
  95. Dumb Drain: house, construction, floor - Florida (FL)
  96. another post about public transportation in FL..: Clearwater, Boynton Beach: hair salon, apartments - Florida
  97. do Speeding tickets have to be issued at the stop?: Miami: school, live - Florida (FL)
  98. Will Florida Surpass the State of New York: taxes, live (FL)
  99. Relocating to FLORIDA from IN-HELPP!!: Clearwater, Dunedin: transfer, best schools, organic - Florida
  100. Laughter about Winston sex assault case disturbing: 2013, crime - Florida (FL)
  101. For who moved to Florida where did you move from and when?: Tampa: 2013, home (FL)
  102. Towns/cities with historic/older houses for sale?: St. Petersburg, Orlando: renting, employment - Florida (FL)
  103. Don't worry about Charlie Crist: attorney, office, donations - Florida (FL)
  104. Is there place in Florida with a decent amount of jobs and pay that coincides with cost of living: Spring Hill: fit in, rental (FL)
  105. 50-100k jobs in Florida?: homes, income, locations (FL)
  106. Moving from OH to FL in 2014: Tampa, Orlando: sales, apartment, rent - Florida
  107. Looking for Less Tropical Gay-Friendly Area (ie, Northern Florida): Jacksonville: apartments, to rent (FL)
  108. Out-Of-State Registration Transfer: Spring Hill: insurance, to buy, DMV - Florida (FL)
  109. $50k-100k jobs in FL part 2 - How much do you make?: Jacksonville: middle-class, real estate - Florida
  110. How hard is the job market for with no skills or skills: Spring Hill: houses, buy - Florida (FL)
  111. Florida home construction - protecting against high winds?: Miami, Palmetto: insurance, condos (FL)
  112. Help me find a luxury community with young families: Miami: transplants, for sale - Florida (FL)
  113. Can't Decide Which Area is Best: Miami, Clearwater: high crime, schools, university - Florida (FL)
  114. If I moved from CT to Florida would I feel...?: Jacksonville: live, restaurant (FL)
  115. Tampa - Is it fast paced, just right, slow paced?: Miami: transplants, house - Florida (FL)
  116. Why do people consider Florida such a bad place?: transplants, how much (FL)
  117. Thinking of moving from Michigan to Lakeland Florida: Tampa, Orlando: apartments, rent (FL)
  118. jobs left in florida: Spring Hill: land, nursing, employers - Florida (FL)
  119. to move to Florida in the near future, uestions.: Tampa: apartment complexes, rentals (FL)
  120. Seminole county vs broward county. Looking to relocate from NY!: Miami: transplants, rent - Florida (FL)
  121. Closed on a home and cars were left are they ours now?: sales, real estate - Florida (FL)
  122. What would happen if Florida could not support its incoming population.: homes, job market (FL)
  123. Sharks Big Issue On the Beach??: Daytona Beach, Naples: schools, dangerous, bars - Florida (FL)
  124. what are inexpensive( nice) Florida cities: Tampa, Orlando: apartment complex, safe area (FL)
  125. So Long Florida: Miami, Tampa: 2013, apartments, insurance (FL)
  126. Florida weather year around?: Jacksonville, Miami: living in, areas, interior (FL)
  127. Road trip from Miami to Tampa area. interesting places on the way ??: Sarasota: hotel, house - Florida (FL)
  128. Are there real estate sites that show insurance costs?: Miami: sale, HOA fees - Florida (FL)
  129. Experts say not enough people are recycling in Central Florida: Jacksonville: 2013, appliances (FL)
  130. It isn't hot today!: Miami, Orlando: live, store, grocery - Florida (FL)
  131. Whats more important? Location or Family?: Orlando, Destin: home, pros and cons, living - Florida (FL)
  132. Ya just have to wonder why we choose to live in Florida: Orlando: 2013, house (FL)
  133. Native Floridian food?: Miami, Tampa: homes, homeschool, live - Florida (FL)
  134. Florida Keys: Clearwater, Key West, Sunset: appointed, rent, hotel (FL)
  135. Ssdi: insurance, lawyer, gated - Florida (FL)
  136. Best Florida Economy?: Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa: 2013, job market, salary (FL)
  137. What do you keep your AC thermostat set to?: car, summer - Florida (FL)
  138. Miami Beach ranked number 5 in best places to live; Fort Lauderdale 25: Tampa: condos, how much - Florida (FL)
  139. Possibly with of towns: Tampa: transplants, to rent - Florida (FL)
  140. Are Craft Fair/Shows big in Florida?: Melbourne, Sarasota: buy, live in (FL)
  141. Just Florida Being Florida - 2 convicted murderers mistakenly freed from Florida prison: Spring Hill: 2013, vs (FL)
  142. Hubris amongt Northerners living in FL: Tampa, Spring Hill: insurance, home, transfer - Florida
  143. Diverse 55+ community?: Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale: real estate, HOA, condo - Florida (FL)
  144. read if you are moving to Florida.: Miami: theater, school (FL)
  145. What areas are in the flood zones?: Miami, Cape Coral: real estate, 2013 - Florida (FL)
  146. Looking for a city that promotes an active lifestyle for the whole family: Jacksonville: high crime, house - Florida (FL)
  147. Why so few non-migrating songbirds in Florida?: Tampa, Vero Beach: home builders, neighborhoods (FL)
  148. Employer Called Ambulance, But I Got The Bill......Minus What My Insurance Paid. Is This Right?: how much, employment - Florida (FL)
  149. What happened and why: Spring Hill, Winter Park: section 8, transplants, real estate - Florida (FL)
  150. City in Florida with best public transportation?: Miami, Tampa: neighborhoods, living (FL)
  151. the choice of where to call home?: Miami, Homestead: insurance, buying a home - Florida (FL)
  152. Census: Income is Stagnant in Florida: sales, hotels, incomes (FL)
  153. Where to start my business?: Jacksonville, Tampa: insurance, credit card, Home Depot - Florida (FL)
  154. where should we move to???: Miami, Orlando: high crime, home, find a job - Florida (FL)
  155. Best Family-Friendly Florida Costal Town to Relocate to?: Dunedin, Naples: middle school, move to (FL)
  156. Speaking of education...: 2013, insurance, good schools - Florida (FL)
  157. How far north do you need to have heat in the home in Florida?: Jacksonville: hotel, houses (FL)
  158. Florida schools - Not so bad afterall?: Spring Hill, Niceville: low income, 2013 (FL)
  159. For all who find fault with Florida - Questions abound: Tampa: low income, sales (FL)
  160. Is Florida over crowded?: Miami, Hollywood: 2013, new home, buy (FL)
  161. Florida Political Landscape: Tampa: neighborhood, income, income tax (FL)
  162. Buying Naked in Pasco County!: Tampa: house, safety, kitchen - Florida (FL)
  163. FLA Cities Underwater By 2100: Miami, Tampa: beach, estimates, estates - Florida
  164. Beach litter - what is most harmful to wildlife ?: food, rating - Florida (FL)
  165. tornadoes ????: Wellington: 2013, mobile home, neighborhood - Florida (FL)
  166. Best place to move in Florida?: Jacksonville, Orlando: houses, unemployment rate, school (FL)
  167. Florida cheaper but mediam home prices 12th?: Miami, Tampa: sales, real estate (FL)
  168. Universities In Florida: Miami, Tampa, Orlando: 2014, home, dorms (FL)
  169. FL License Plate: sales, car registration, credit card - Florida
  170. Intrastate rail service in Florida: Jacksonville, Miami: home, bankrupt, taxes (FL)
  171. Looking for a good, affluent place to live in Florida for young professional: Miami: power lines, insurance (FL)
  172. What Florida coastal town is breeziest on a daily basis: Miami: best, area (FL)
  173. Is Dunedin perfect or is there other FL city for me?: Vero Beach: where to stay, for sale - Florida
  174. Why South Florida is the best part of Florida.: Miami: 2013, rent (FL)
  175. Florida - 8th most dangerous state: 2013, crime, college (FL)
  176. Florida Forum members, What does your screen name mean?: Miami: home, school (FL)
  177. Recommend cities in Florida for raising kids: Jacksonville, Tampa: homes, job outlook (FL)
  178. Young Retirees Thinking of Moving to FL: Jacksonville, Clearwater: low income, for sale - Florida
  179. Democrat Charlie Crist officially files for governor: 2013, buy - Florida (FL)
  180. quality of FL schools: Tampa, Palm Harbor: 2013, school district, teacher salaries - Florida
  181. Wilton Manors VS. Key West VS. South Beach for gay people: Miami: foreclosure, condo - Florida (FL)
  182. Florida continues to fall short of its goal of transforming itself into a high-tech state brimming with high-paying jobs: Jacksonville: 2013, insurance (FL)
  183. Best city in FL for young professionals?: Jacksonville, Miami: apartment complexes, crime - Florida
  184. Want to Re-locate to NC: Tampa: 2013, crime rate, home - Florida (FL)
  185. Can you belive this?: 2013, lawsuits, land - Florida (FL)
  186. Curious of good locations to find rural areas in FL to do small scale farming (AKA Gentlemen's Farm) with large acreage: Indiantown: appointed, living - Florida
  187. Thinking about moving to Florida: Miami: real estate, homes, neighborhood (FL)
  188. Cheapest, Safest Coastal City in Florida for a Single Female?: St. Petersburg: 2013, violent crime (FL)
  189. Florida Keys. Key Largo: Miami, Fort Lauderdale: fit in, real estate, cliquey (FL)
  190. which big cities are most dangerous?: Jacksonville, Miami: renting, crime rate, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  191. Rick Scott on Job Creation in Florida: sale, insurance (FL)
  192. Taxes calculation problem: home, calculator, suburban - Florida (FL)
  193. Wats up everyone!: North Palm Beach, Palm Beach: living in, best place, golf - Florida (FL)
  194. 5th Least Obese Metro Area in Country: Naples: 2014, statistics - Florida (FL)
  195. FR-44 insurance required after I move states?: car insurance, legal - Florida (FL)
  196. Trying to find opinions on Ocala: current - Florida (FL)
  197. Happy New Year, Florida! (FL)
  198. Offering FL office space, possibly startup capital.: sales, lease - Florida
  199. America's #1 Pet Friendly Hotel is in Florida: hotels, beach (FL)
  200. From Ohio to Florida: St. Petersburg: salary, moving to, barber (FL)