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  1. News, Creative Consumer: Time to Fix or Trash Your Appliances?: dishwashers, stoves - House
  2. Bats in the Belfry: fireplace, chimney, build, best - House
  3. faux stucco: installation, mold, insulation, building - House
  4. Brick veneer home has no weep holes: foundation, laminate, window - House
  5. Foundation issue & slab leak- home warranty ???: phone, plumber, costs - House
  6. Building up kitchen floor 1/4 .: subfloor, vinyl, color, installing - House
  7. Let's talk Solar Electric Systems...: floor, roof, furnace, windows - House
  8. Does know about MI contract laws const?: lien, phone, cost - House
  9. Carraige Doors for Garage: pricing, building, washing, pictures - House
  10. Permitting/inspection: color, converting, installing, bathroom - House
  11. Cement Flooring? What do you think?: vacuum, paint, smell, bathrooms - House
  12. Removing old security system tape from windows: mullions, heat, paint - House
  13. tips on installing a pocket door? Or, which one I should buy?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  14. Walk-in closet lighting recommendations?: roof, alternatives, Home Depot, window - House
  15. Wiring for Internet, Phone and Cable: rooms, vent, better, between - House
  16. teeny tiny pass thru laundry room: how much, washer, ceiling, bathrooms - House
  17. looking for COMPREHENSIVE guide on kitchen remodeling: kitchens, cabinets, building - House
  18. Need on low int. low income rehab loan, historic preservation: roof, windows - House
  19. Need to replace section of glued down Engineered hardwood?? HELP: color, damage - House
  20. Ceiling peeling.: vinyl, paint, ceilings, bathrooms - House
  21. stick vac?: hardwood floors, vacuum, cleaner, converting - House
  22. changes in exterior: shingles, foundation, windows, painting - House
  23. Where do I put bleach to unclog air conditioner?: Air Conditioners, vac, drain - House
  24. Air registers--Choosing for efficiency?: grille, ceiling, better, ducts - House
  25. fire alarms: phone, installed, detector, light - House
  26. mud jacking cost?: how much, stairs, concrete, vent - House
  27. Lennox AC's: how much, installed, build, electric - House
  28. quickest way to do a subfloor over uneven kitchen and bathroom floor: how much, foundation - House
  29. Crawl space - minimum height: floor, dehumidifier, drain, stone - House
  30. EON Decking: best, duct, reviews, purchase - House
  31. News, U.S. heating oil dealers clamp down on unpaid bills.: costs, New York - House
  32. ? on painting a stained closed in porch: windows, ceramic, smell - House
  33. Sewage pumps: floor, drain, installed, bathrooms - House
  34. HVAC problem: heating, insulated, insulation, leaking - House
  35. Spray-in foam insulation: floor, how much, rooms, compare - House
  36. Got another one ...: bathroom, glass, light, crawlspace - House
  37. Where can I find the best deals on bathroom fixtures and bath renovation supplies?: granite tile, flea - House
  38. stucco house with gas dryer broke vent: replacement, company, cement
  39. Log Homes, types, results...+ and - of..: building, material, Florida - House
  40. We Need Sub Forums Under House: cleaning, building, interior, area
  41. What's the best way to refinish a stained wood floor?: hardwood floor, vacuum - House
  42. News, Upside down house built in Germany.: toilet, vents, table
  43. How not to do it: flooring, roof, laminate, furniture - House
  44. Stove has lost it's shine...: paint, plastic, fix, metal - House
  45. Four Seasons Sunrooms: floor, how much, roof, foundation - House
  46. Dry rotting bathroom flooring to remove?: subfloor, install, glue - House
  47. Need covered patio/awning/something on trailer! Advice: outside, wood - House
  48. Driveway sealant...: floor, painting, cleaner, cleaning - House
  49. Which of the following ... Pt 2: washer, paint, bedrooms, toilet - House
  50. PB Teen: ducts, sheets, products - House
  51. Oregon basement concrete deterioration: foundation, pools, cost, build - House
  52. How to extend the seasonality of a screened in porch: floor, furnace - House
  53. Water coming up through garage slab?: foundation, drains, plumbing, vent - House
  54. what to ask bathroom contractor?: tiling, subfloor, vinyl, granite - House
  55. Stackable Washer & Dryer (moved from the NC forums): floor, front loader, Home Depot - House
  56. Guesstimate on a retaining wall (moved from NC forum): how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  57. Bath/Kitchen remodeling companies in DFW: tiling, sink, appliance, bathrooms - House
  58. Can I add a new spigot??: vinyl, hot water heater, install, plumber - House
  59. Would like have this tree house when you was a kid?: build, dogs
  60. [Bathroom] Have One of: tank, toilet, light, price - House
  61. Countertops: flooring, granite countertops, sink, appliance - House
  62. Converting from a two family to single family home!!!: code, mount, permit - House
  63. Reg. seepage: basement, repair, driveway, buying - House
  64. smell?: heat, vacuum, ceiling, crawlspace - House
  65. Crestline Modular Home company: floors, modular homes, installing, cabinets - House
  66. Ridding palmetto bugs.: floor, fireplace, Lowes, windows - House
  67. Porcelain Tile Job Help: flooring, laminate, square feet, crack - House
  68. Portable air con units, tips?: Home Depot, Air Conditioner, heat, convert - House
  69. Well water?? Help!: tank, tanks, installed, kitchen - House
  70. Is this flooring price resonable? advice us: hardwood, heat, refinishing - House
  71. new carpet, fumes, and sleeping: window, smell, ceiling, installed - House
  72. Making Attached shed an outside room..what2do with floor?: windows, insulated - House
  73. Really Awesome Deal On Kitchen Cabinets!: Lowes, price, building, ducts - House
  74. Profit from home: how much, better, between, buying - House
  75. Cost to heat a home???: how much, windows, electric heat, insulated - House
  76. home sales: good, free - House
  77. GE Washer & Dryer -: washers, front loader, pool, appliance - House
  78. Countertop Grout. Ick!: countertops, Home Depot, color, appliance - House
  79. Alarm company *warning*: window, phone, install, better - House
  80. fireplace vented insert questions: fireplaces, heater, stoves, install - House
  81. how to remove green stuff from shingles: roofing, painting, smell - House
  82. good deals on appliance suites now?: dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  83. super cleaning parquet floors: hardwood floor, vinyl, laminate, drain - House
  84. loose floor tile: subfloor, how much, ceramic, installing - House
  85. WWYD-Tile or HD Laminate?: granite tile, painting, kitchen, cabinet - House
  86. Lux Florida builder files Chapter 11: homeowners, Texas, doors, large - House
  87. Home Heating Oil Haters Experience... Electric On Demand Water heaters?: furnaces, tank - House
  88. Our walkway needs help: painting, install, stain, prices - House
  89. Vacuum rec, or exp. with central vac?: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  90. what comes first when redoing upstairs-walls,floor, doors ??: wood floors, refinish, paint - House
  91. plumbing issue in new home. (moved from NC forum): floor, drains - House
  92. Help! Needs Tips For Cleaning Soot: floor, fireplace, washer dryer, windows - House
  93. Care for travertine tile: floors, cleaner, stone, cleaning - House
  94. Adding a Woodstove/Building an Outdoor BBQ Grill: roof, fireplace, heating - House
  95. 30 yr timberline roof cost???: how much, roofing, Home Depot, colors - House
  96. Help! Plumbing problem too!: roof, hot water heater, drain, sink - House
  97. How expensive is granite flooring?: how much, granite countertops, heating, ceramic - House
  98. If it were you, what would you do?: hardwood, how much, vinyl - House
  99. help finding studs in my old house: foundation, windows, heater
  100. how to fix gouges in hardwood floor?: Home Depot, Lowes, heat - House
  101. Problems With Neighbors: insulated, apartment, price, building - House
  102. Easy Water conditioner..: dishwasher, heater, sink, appliance - House
  103. Garage Door Opener: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, installation - House
  104. Need opinions from regulars and plumbers on this one...: floor, Lowes, tank - House
  105. Hardiplank/Cement Siding: floor, vinyl, foundation, refinish - House
  106. advice on granite countertops: tiling, flooring, engineered, Home Depot - House
  107. Duel fuel ranges: engineered, pool, stoves, appliance - House
  108. In home/garage tornado shelters: floor, storm shelter, foundation, alternatives - House
  109. Looking for certain kind of panels: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  110. Help - Rattling ceiling fan: bedroom, cleaning, light, replace - House
  111. Liquid Propane ?: fireplace, tank, stoves, convert - House
  112. News, Expert: Granite counter tops may be unsafe.: granite tile, Lowes, laminate - House
  113. House/Moving Sale...pricing: paint, furniture, cost, repair
  114. Can someone help me paint this picture?: flooring, vinyl, granite - House
  115. Landscaping Costs: how much, granite, installed, cost - House
  116. Cricket inside the wall is driving me crazy!!: fleas, bedroom, detector - House
  117. Quick: pool, Lowes, microwave, stove - House
  118. How long does it take to paint 2-story exterior?: washer, pool, painting - House
  119. One more wood top on my kitchen island - why?: hardwood, how much - House
  120. Roof, Windows, or Insulation? Where to begin?: heat, insulated, drains - House
  121. Time/money spent on yardwork?: compare, fence, replace, removal - House
  122. Avg cost for kitchen??: flooring, vinyl, countertop, washer - House
  123. New home construction - include paint?: paint color, dining room, price, code - House
  124. Big metal S's on old stone/brick buildings...: floors, ceiling, chimney - House
  125. Smell of cigarette smoke in house, Can it be cleared up?: floors, how much
  126. kitchen countertop: tiling, granite, Home Depot, stove - House
  127. Family Room: floor, windows, heating, paint - House
  128. Driveway alarm: Home Depot, window, cost, dogs - House
  129. Does Riddex Plus work?: floor, rooms, kitchen, glue - House
  130. Kicking sound in my wall: heating, bathroom, insulation, toilet - House
  131. Water from under concrete driveway: pools, air conditioning, tank, drain - House
  132. Brick homes low maintenance - NOT!: vinyl, foundation, paint, installation - House
  133. Vapor barriers and cinder block walls: tiling, flooring, roof, vinyl - House
  134. Crawl space Encapsulation: floor, how much, roof, foundation - House
  135. Is there ANYTHING that REALLY fixes cracks in ceilings???: floor, foundation, paint - House
  136. Septic / Leach Field situation: pool, tank, tanks, sinks - House
  137. Drain Tile installation...: floor, foundation, drains, steel - House
  138. Mystery wet spots: flooring, roofing, vinyl, pool - House
  139. Cost to build a house: hardwood floors, window, convert, bedrooms
  140. no hot water in Kitchen: dishwasher, water tank, sink, bathroom - House
  141. Will A Point of Use Water Heater Work For Me?: washer, hot water heater - House
  142. vinyl flooring pros out there?: subfloor, color, furniture, installing - House
  143. Toilet glugging: floor, roof, washer, tank - House
  144. Converting a Bromine Pool to Chlorine Pool?: vinyl, vacuum, drain - House
  145. hvac maintenance contracts - worth it?: floor, how much, heat, insulation - House
  146. Caisson foundation: floor, washer, furnace, pool - House
  147. Would you buy this Kirby for 1800.00?: how much, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, light - House
  148. The Shark Steam Mop -: hardwood floors, vinyl, countertops, laminate - House
  149. backer board needed for glass tile backsplash?: floors, countertop, colors - House
  150. mold in washing machine?: washers, front loader, pools, Lowes - House
  151. Favorite home improvement book?: Home Depot, warm, building, repair - House
  152. (Dumb) about BBQ smoke and patio roofQ: how much, roof, vinyl - House
  153. Best kitchen advice/worst kitchen mistake: flooring, roof, vinyl, countertops - House
  154. Novice : replace AC and furnace together?: window, Air Conditioners, electric heat - House
  155. asbestos tiles in house: floor, how much, vinyl, phone
  156. Ceramic Floor Alternatives Bath and Kitchen: hardwood floor, vinyl, laminate, drain - House
  157. Bathroom renovation ideas...can you critique or my thoughts on my project? Thanks: floor, granite - House
  158. mold behind kitchen wall?: countertop, Home Depot, sink, installed - House
  159. Electric Heat vs. Oil heat: how much, fireplace, furnace, air conditioning - House
  160. Slab Foundation: floor, fireplace, phone, drain - House
  161. Rodents: sink, kitchen, warm, basement - House
  162. Shower Heads: how much, curtains, convert, install - House
  163. can you lay wood floors 3 years later and have it match?: flooring, refinish - House
  164. Pros and Cons of Condo Living: floor, roof, foundation, townhome - House
  165. Dug well: ceramic, smell, stone, interior - House
  166. Schedule to do housework: floors, grill, windows, vacuum
  167. Repainting hardboard masonite siding: roofing, washer, windows, plank - House
  168. quartz countertops: granite, color, stone, kitchen - House
  169. Rotted Sill Plate...: subfloor, how much, foundation, window - House
  170. Would you think this was neat to add...?: hardwood floors, pictures, Reno - House
  171. Help choosing a gas grill?: Home Depot, Lowes, heating, sink - House
  172. Hardwood floor refinish: refinishing, paint, install, dining room - House
  173. Removing the ‘smoking smell’ from a place that has hardwood / Pergo Laminate Flooring: painting, cleaner - House
  174. Water Filter for Whole House (moved from NC forum): washers, ceramic
  175. Which of the following things would annoy you, if your neighbor did them?: color, electrical - House
  176. Water UV ultraviolet Water treatment options: install, plumber, lights, brands - House
  177. Advice needed on house with Pooper in front yard: grill, windows, tank
  178. Can I easily switch over to a metal roof?: roofing, plank, asbestos - House
  179. Electrical Advice Needed: phones, microwave, couch, appliance - House
  180. Steel Column supports: floor, insulate, sinks, plank - House
  181. Real wood v laminate v tile: hardwood floors, vinyl, heat, refinish - House
  182. Holy Cow for Holy Cow: floor, granite, smell, cleaner - House
  183. asbestos on water heater flue -- replace or wait?: floor, shingles, furnaces - House
  184. Water Spots on Shower Door & Walls: floor, railing, cleaner - House
  185. putting real shutters on house: vinyl, windows, painting, cleaning
  186. Old Fashion Bladed Lawn Mower?: how much, smell, gas, lighting - House
  187. What do you think of for deco?: roof, vinyl, heat - House
  188. Carpet smells like pet odor: subfloor, vacuum, paint, installing - House
  189. ? Protection for Home Owners: lien, how much, roof, pool - House
  190. What is the price for one impact resistant window including installation ?: bedroom, hurricane - House
  191. Stucco homes San Diego: how much, paint, costs, square feet - House
  192. Prepaying home heating oil: company - House
  193. Lombardo homes: build, builder, quality - House
  194. Electrician Needed - LA SGV: electrical, outlet, wall, home - House
  195. Sonic Scrubber - House
  196. LG Steam Dryer: repair, replace, company, clothes - House
  197. built with ceb or terrablock?: pros - House
  198. New issue of Consumer Reports: worth, best, buying - House
  199. BLock foundations daylight basement waterproofing?: floor, foundation, drains, leak - House
  200. Alternatives to sand mounds: rated, buy, good, rate - House