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  1. Boiler: how much, Lowes, water heaters, vacuum - House
  2. Tyvek and Tar Paper sandwich ????: shingles, vinyl, paint, plank - House
  3. Electricians-need: pool, bathroom, kitchen, code - House
  4. Premiere Garage - Is your garage worth upgrading?: flooring, paint, cabinets - House
  5. Birds in the house: ceiling, room, condo, light
  6. Home buy - Crawl base has mold.: how much, bedroom, cleaning - House
  7. Asbestos insulation in attic (moved from Chattanooga, TN forum): flooring, insulating, ceiling - House
  8. Moldy Long Island Roofs: shingles, pools, window, cleaner - House
  9. sewer smell from washing machine: floor, roof, washer, tank - House
  10. Can someone help me out with what this tile is called: flooring, vinyl - House
  11. Mystery: washer, tank, drain, sink - House
  12. Need ideas on how to remodel a 1972 Jim Walter home: floor, how much - House
  13. Rooms not heating equally...: wood floors, how much, furnaces, grills - House
  14. TV Niches for old style TVs: fireplace, furniture, living room, vs - House
  15. carpet removal and treatment: subfloor, paint, smells, cleaning - House
  16. Home Decorators Collection: Home Depot, Lowes, furniture, bathroom - House
  17. restoring entrance signs: paint, glass, light, vs - House
  18. Britony Combi SE 80 - Boiler problem: heating, lights, best, cheaper - House
  19. RePlumbing a House: foundation, Lowes, water heater, color
  20. Hardwood floors installed-did they do a bad job?: phone, sink, plank - House
  21. URGENT HELP NEEDED - New home Kitchen upgrade at design center: flooring, granite - House
  22. Household product Scams: HEPA filter, alternatives, pool, color
  23. Hardie on 2006 house has moisture between studs on the outside: vinyl, windows
  24. Pads to protect hardwood from furniture feet?: sofa, install, kitchen - House
  25. Monolithic Dome?: roof, light, steel, concrete - House
  26. Blinds..What Brand?: springs, windows, color, bathroom - House
  27. Frozen pipes, didn't bust though: heater, insulation, plumbing, warm - House
  28. HE detergent vx 2X detergent: washer, front loader, drain, smell - House
  29. crawl space vents?: floor, dehumidifier, heating, install - House
  30. Jen Air Oven - Temperature is wacky - Suggestions?: dishwasher, phone, appliance - House
  31. Freezer not freezing: how much, heater, vacuum, appliance - House
  32. Wood stain not coming out the right color: conditioner, refinish, stairs - House
  33. Crickets: floor, room, warm, outside - House
  34. Bamboo floors from Costco??: subfloor, refinish, install, rooms - House
  35. Convection Oven Cooking, when to use?: conversion, convert, cost, electricity - House
  36. This Old House: Home inspection nightmares
  37. Exterior painting of a split level: how much, vinyl, color, cleaning - House
  38. Painting exterior of house: windows, warm, siding, cold
  39. Septic repair: tank, tanks, drain, installed - House
  40. Carpet Pad Thickness and rating: flooring, Home Depot, paint, installed - House
  41. Tips for using a paint sprayer: floor, how much, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  42. New Heating/Air System Cost: how much, furnace, radiators, sq ft - House
  43. How do you hang Christmas lights on stucco?: paint, install, outside - House
  44. Converting from forced hot air to hot water or steam heating: how much, AC - House
  45. moldy shower caulk: paint, installed, cleaning, warm - House
  46. How to remove a tamper proof aerator?: plumber, faucet, pipe - House
  47. Gas Fireplaces: furnace, heater, stoves, paint - House
  48. Wine cellar - resale value?: insulated, converting, installing, room - House
  49. 2 Remodeling home...consult architect or interior designer first?: countertop, color, family room - House
  50. Venetian Plaster from Behr: Home Depot, color, appliance, bathrooms - House
  51. Has owned a home with Termite infestation ?: how much, microwave, bathroom - House
  52. issue with the hotwater at the townhome, s? (about to close): tank, drains - House
  53. Design center selection - what to & what no to: flooring, how much - House
  54. christmas tree: Home Depot, apartment, lights, cold - House
  55. Has heard of Rhino exterior house paint?: painting, ceramic
  56. Vacuum Repair: HEPA filter, replacing, filters, pump - House
  57. shower head: washers, Home Depot, Lowes, water heaters - House
  58. Vampires: windows, heat, insulate, couch - House
  59. How often do you steam clean your carpet?: loading, paint, cleaner - House
  60. History Channel: Insulation: insulating, installed, glass, warm - House
  61. adding a master bed/bath to existing house: how much, bathroom, cost
  62. Brick pointing in Winter?: window, heat, painting, chimney - House
  63. Home security camera system ?: installed, detector, cost, vent - House
  64. Buying kitchen cabinets ONLINE..the good, the bad and the ugly!: installed, glass - House
  65. have an order in with iFloor?: hardwood, laminate, phone - House
  66. water filtration systems: ceramic, smell, install, kitchen - House
  67. converting an electric house to gas heat: opener, furnace, hot water heater
  68. News, Woman told to remove Christmas lights.: worth, pressure, rated - House
  69. Lowering house expense: company, Las Vegas, rates, rate
  70. Velux Sun Tunnels: windows, heat, installation, stained - House
  71. Christmas Lights: code, circuit, load, rated - House
  72. wire size: electrical, circuit, load, wiring - House
  73. Carpet Pad for area rug: hardwood, smell, room, mold - House
  74. replace old - but functioning - heat pump?: floors, windows, air conditioning - House
  75. Caulk in shower not curing-ideas?: paint, bathroom, plumbing, glass - House
  76. Prefab log homes...: windows, price, building, interior - House
  77. Need Fence Ideas: build, concrete, better, permit - House
  78. Bellied sewer line...??: sink, installation, plumbing, toilet - House
  79. Fireplace-type Electric Stove: how much, heaters, tanks, stoves - House
  80. EZTREAD Staircase Refacing System: refinish, smell, installed, carpeting - House
  81. News, Ga. man cleaning with blowtorch sets fire to house.: cleaner, outside
  82. House/Room Humidifiers: floor, heating, tanks, bathtub
  83. News, Home Sweet Shipping Container?: window, air conditioning, colors, appliance - House
  84. 250 Gallon Propane Tank Usage: fireplace, furnace, Lowes, windows - House
  85. how long is the typical life span of a residential water heater ?: how much, tank - House
  86. Dryer vent condensation....HELP!: floors, roof, washer, pool - House
  87. Ideas to Re-cover my kitchen chairs: how much, curtains, painting, dining room - House
  88. hardwood floor-straight vs diagnal: fireplace, furniture, installing, living room - House
  89. Do you think this house is cute?: window, stone, rooms
  90. Perc test?: tank, tanks, sinks, bathrooms - House
  91. Frigidaire DW just out of warranty; quits: how much, dishwasher, Lowes - House
  92. Women!!!: tank, paint, sinks, bathroom - House
  93. Earthworms in the water?: Lowes, water tank, drain, cleaning - House
  94. How Best To Remove Mold Safely?: HEPA filter, subfloor, washer, vacuum - House
  95. death to home owners associations: how much, condo, price, better - House
  96. Housing Market?: how much, cost, cold, worth - House
  97. insulation price: Home Depot, Lowes, insulate, prices - House
  98. water damaged wood floor: wood floors, loading, refinishing, color - House
  99. Concrete sealer/vapor barrier?: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, drains - House
  100. Comparing Lowes to Home Depot: home project, phone, sinks, cleaner - House
  101. Best Kind of Bird Feeder?: roof, Home Depot, Lowes, paint - House
  102. Kitchen cabinets refacing: overlay, how much, granite, refinish - House
  103. dishwasher, where to put it: floor, countertop, drain, loading - House
  104. I fell off the roof again: floor, window, bedroom, cleaning - House
  105. Finding tiny holes eaten in wool clothing: windows, smell, conversion - House
  106. Cleaning stainless steel appliances: grills, windows, cleaner, glass - House
  107. PHOTOS:Is this caused by mice or insects??: window, warm, building - House
  108. under counter lights: how much, countertops, color, installing - House
  109. bleach on granite counter tops?: pools, tank, smell, cleaner - House
  110. experience buying Ready to Assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets online: Home Depot, color - House
  111. know much about brace frame construction?: floors, shingles, foundation - House
  112. Lowes Installation - Reviews Wanted: washer, Home Depot, pool, sink - House
  113. Sewer line jetting: washer, drain, color, plumber - House
  114. Backyard Water Feature!!!!!: granite, pool, ceramic, lights - House
  115. leaves, leaves, leaves: light, worth, backyard, oak - House
  116. water damage on bathroom linoleum tile: subfloor, overlay, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  117. Non HVAC heating?? (moved from TN forum): how much, fireplace, windows - House
  118. Gas logs... Vented or non-vented: fireplaces, furnaces, window, hot water heater - House
  119. Attic Fan (Opinion's wanted): shingles, vinyl, air conditioning, heating - House
  120. Loud Gas Furnace: Need Help: roofing, bedroom, chimney, lights - House
  121. Remodeling Costs?: flooring, how much, roofing, foundation - House
  122. How to light a gas furnace? dryer?: how much, washer, furnaces - House
  123. Wood/Pellet/Coal Stoves: fireplace, furnaces, air conditioning, heating - House
  124. I need to fix my main powerline roof mast, looks like it's coming off: roofing, mold - House
  125. Can you tell me if it's 100 or 200 amp by the circuit breaker photo?: furnace, square - House
  126. What do you consider a luxury in a home?: hardwood floors, granite countertops - House
  127. Family Raffling $1M Home in California: build, vent, best, duct - House
  128. Water Softner, is it requried?: fireplace, heater, sink, smells - House
  129. doing DIY right now?: hardwood floors, roof, vinyl, fireplace - House
  130. What is the typical cost of a home inspection on new construction: pool, sinks - House
  131. $ of Removing Popcorn Ceilings: floors, how much, painting, asbestos - House
  132. Heat pump: floors, fireplace, furnaces, Air Conditioner - House
  133. Help - Dishwasher water doesn't get hot enough: floor, pool, water heater - House
  134. News, Cash found in Ohio house's walls sparks feud.: bathroom, kitchen, cabinets
  135. Bathroom Tub-Liners: tiling, how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  136. Low Well Pressure: how much, tank, tanks, drain - House
  137. hot water tank installation: drain, insulation, plumber, gas - House
  138. I want to add floor ducts/vents to my heater/AC because all the heat stays on ceiling: how much, furnace - House
  139. Tips Needed 40 year old Door knob?: paint, cleaner, furniture, cleaning - House
  140. House Leveling: flooring, how much, foundation, window
  141. electrician charged me what??!!!: paint, ceiling, installing, kitchen - House
  142. Heating with Coal, is it for Me?- A Beginners Guide: hardwood, how much - House
  143. Water spots on ceiling--children flooded bath tub: floor, drain, curtain - House
  144. Gutter Guard - At Last! One that actually works!: shingles, install, cleaning - House
  145. Plastic wate pipes in a 2003 house ?: heat, drains, color, sinks
  146. Garage door opens on it's own: opener, AC, lights, cost - House
  147. What species is this wood floor?: hardwood, engineered, laminate, plank - House
  148. Drain problem!: floor, roof, Lowes, drains - House
  149. Can I get sued if plaster ceiling falls on tenant?: floor, roof - House
  150. Using vinegar in the wash to help musty linens?: how much, washer, front loader - House
  151. Has tried Silver Reflective Paint on black roof shingles ?: foundation, heat - House
  152. Vinyl removal?: hardwood floor, roofing, laminate, heating - House
  153. Unsticking a Light Bulb?: installed, bathroom, glass, vent - House
  154. Brands of Cork Flooring: engineered, refinish, colors, plank - House
  155. Sticky stuff off pots - HELP: dishwasher, stove, paint, cleaner - House
  156. Whole house remodel cost: tiling, hardwood floors, shingles, foundation
  157. Home Inspections: roofing, dishwasher, furnace, window - House
  158. Has quality workmanship deteriorated over the past several years?: flooring, foundations, insulating - House
  159. Tankless hot water heaters: roof, jacuzzi, washer, Home Depot - House
  160. Decreasing air vent noise: grille, air conditioning, heating, ceilings - House
  161. Trying to find age of Carrier furnace: engineered, heat, phone - House
  162. Living in Home while Renovating: flooring, hot water heater, drains, stove - House
  163. Removing Old House Odors: hardwood floors, how much, windows, painting
  164. Installing a front door...: how much, Home Depot, window, painting - House
  165. Sleep Number Mattress Owners/Users---: how much, laminate, heat, sink - House
  166. Crawlspace ventilation and moisture control: flooring, how much, dehumidifier, washers - House
  167. Household products that WORKED: floor, humidifier, pool, windows
  168. Insulation: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, insulate - House
  169. Help with Squirrel or Something in Attic: smell, insulation, light - House
  170. scientist types know about heating water?: floors, fireplace, pool - House
  171. previous owners didn't get proper permits: tanks, costs, building, basement - House
  172. Electrician labor charges: how much, phone, installing, light - House
  173. How can you tell if a ceramic tile floor is sealed: hardwood floor, Lowes - House
  174. White house, red doors(exterior). What should I trim it out with?: how much, roof
  175. Scratched refrigerator finish.. help?: color, appliance, kitchen, apartment - House
  176. am I the only one who hates double sinks in the master bath?: washer, bathrooms - House
  177. Kitchen Sink leaks: drain, plumbing, glass, light - House
  178. Older Houses vs Newer: shingles, engineered, convert, installed
  179. bathroom exhaust fan install: roof, Home Depot, Lowes, ceiling - House
  180. Need a ballpark for electrical upgrade and tips: washer, heating, stoves - House
  181. Well Pump Pressure: how much, tank, tanks, vacuum - House
  182. Wall ovens-fan noise-help: heat, microwave, couch, dining room - House
  183. Electric Dryer safty: flooring, washer, furnace, heat - House
  184. Carpet Cleaners and Steamers Overrated?: hardwood, dehumidifier, Lowes, sofa - House
  185. furnace: humidifier, fireplace, electric heat, installed - House
  186. ventless fireplace: fireplaces, sofa, heater, ceilings - House
  187. Wood Floors refinished.. how long before you can walk on it: hardwood, windows - House
  188. Why in the world is my steam heat so loud?!: pool, phones - House
  189. What do you do with your poles?: tiling, color, ceramic - House
  190. Who lives in a stone house and loves it?: foundation, furnace, window
  191. Heat Pump having trouble at this cold temp: fireplace, Lowes, heating - House
  192. York furnace problems: furnaces, heating, vacuum, installed - House
  193. translucient ceilings - House
  194. Freestanding Fireplace-type Electric Stove: heat, duct, purchase, old - House
  195. funny household story: removing, moving, good
  196. Video Security Systems: cost, new, plug, direct - House
  197. Pros and Cons to Vent Free Propane Heater: stove, install, living room - House
  198. Cushioned vinyl flooring: installation, room, kitchen, options - House
  199. Installing an Aluminum Fence: vent, wall, brick, prevent - House
  200. News, Wash. man can keep fancy tree house.: siding, washing, remove