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  1. Basement flood: foundation, pool, windows, vac - House
  2. Vinyl Dye: paint, mold, build, outside - House
  3. Glass Block Windows: vinyl, Home Depot, installed, bathroom - House
  4. Perimeter Drain and Sump Pump pit in walk out basement: roof, foundation - House
  5. Can I have my acrylic tub refinished?: Home Depot, bathroom, showers - House
  6. Materials for Constructing Window Wells: windows, room, codes, concrete - House
  7. Talk to me about Travertine floors: tiling, how much, color, ceramic - House
  8. Gas Well?: convert, install, natural gas, pipe - House
  9. Strange Houses Around The World: flooring, windows, heat, furniture
  10. doors lock?: window, room, codes, mattress - House
  11. Sand Clogging Drains?: how much, vent, good - House
  12. Removing anti freeze stains from a driveway: cleaner, prices, concrete - House
  13. RBID homes?: Atlanta, area, home, good - House
  14. extra windows: curtains, couch, ceiling, living room - House
  15. No-clog gutter experiences/recommendations?: shingles, installation, pricing, comparison - House
  16. HVAC Retrofit: flooring, furnaces, air conditioning, electric heat - House
  17. Repairs to wood fence: Home Depot, Lowes, painting, installing - House
  18. indoor staircase railings: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, code - House
  19. tub waxing: floor, showers, glass, wax - House
  20. GE Gas cooktop/hood: appliance, kitchen, build, electric - House
  21. NewHouse- overhead lighting: ceiling, installation, bedroom, kitchen
  22. wrought iron staircase balister: floor, how much, granite tile, fireplace - House
  23. Is it Dead?: appliance, dryer, light, price - House
  24. Matching windows all around the house?: mullions, heat, colors, room
  25. Getting Scratches and scoffs off Tile: cleaner, kitchen, stain, carpet - House
  26. tumble marlbe backsplash/granite: color, ceramic, kitchen, glass - House
  27. Need help removing paint dust from crevises in hardwood floor: vacuum cleaner, refinish - House
  28. Farmhouse sink renovation: bathtubs, sinks, bathroom, kitchen
  29. bathroom/kitchen photos: laminate, paint color, cabinets, toilet - House
  30. Will I have a problem having the air off all the time?: paint, furniture - House
  31. Thoughts on radiant heating a concrete slab floor of a sunroom.: fireplace, furnace - House
  32. Refacing cabinets??: Home Depot, Lowes, laminate, paint - House
  33. Main circuit breaker box: phone, electrical, outside, best - House
  34. Wood Deck Care?...: floor, color, furniture, installed - House
  35. Geothermal a/c and heat?: floor, window, AC, room - House
  36. Energy Star: Federal Tax Credits good through 12/31/07: washer, heating, appliance - House
  37. Sealing masonry: granite countertops, insulate, paint, stone - House
  38. Calculate Sq Ft for Fence Help: how much, stain, building, estimate - House
  39. Another bathroom preference poll: bathtub, sinks, bathrooms, cabinets - House
  40. What to do about a new broken patio?: foundation, Home Depot, curtain - House
  41. Purple ink on table??: stain, glass, iron, cold - House
  42. Hardwood & Pet Dishes: hardwood floors, room, damage, rated - House
  43. repair, worth, company, system - House
  44. Pier and curtain foundation: building, crawlspace, interior, worth - House
  45. favorite granite countertop: flooring, color, sink, appliance - House
  46. wilsonart etate plus laminate floor: hardwood, pool, price, basement - House
  47. Help Me Cover Up Water Heater: floor, vinyl, Home Depot, curtain - House
  48. about basement shower-plumbing problem: water tank, installed, plumber, steel - House
  49. 3 B/R or 4 B/R better for resale?: floor, vinyl, pool - House
  50. installing attic vents and bathroom exhaust vents: how much, roof, AC - House
  51. Metal Tiles: kitchen, copper, backsplash, good - House
  52. Knowing your properties real value: floor, Lowes, appliance, conversion - House
  53. if you order water filters for your fridge....: kitchen, repair, filter - House
  54. kitchen cabinet: ceilings, cabinets, better, construction - House
  55. Do you have a Garage Door Opener?: phone, install, room - House
  56. Storing CDs: furniture, bedroom, cleaning, cost - House
  57. Who would repair our stoop?: cost, code, concrete, vent - House
  58. Counter offering an initial bid on a house: room, cost, square foot
  59. Components in TV niche?: fireplace, heat, living room, cabinet - House
  60. I have to share this saga of mold: HEPA filter, flooring, roofing - House
  61. Frame Windows do they help sell a home in today's market: mullions, colors - House
  62. Making a powder room (no tub) into a Master Bath: floor, foundation - House
  63. Undermounting a kitchen sink: granite countertops, sinks, installation, bathrooms - House
  64. Energy Efficiency Features for a new house: roof, windows, air conditioning
  65. Better to have irrigation system put in by the builder?: Home Depot, installation - House
  66. Cheap carpet manufacturers- why so cheap/how to replace?: flooring, vacuum, color - House
  67. 2.5 Million G.E. Dishwashers Recalled: dishwasher, townhome, heating, appliance - House
  68. To paint or not to paint - an exterior foundation?: color, warm - House
  69. Crawl space help!: curtain, stone, cost, building - House
  70. relocation: prices, better, NYC, new - House
  71. Window Wells: windows, installed, lighting, code - House
  72. Has ever used one of Closet makeover companies?: how much, washer - House
  73. Television stands latest recalls: phone, furniture, vent, between - House
  74. real estate: flooring, window, colors, smell - House
  75. First Garage Sale-Tips: how much, prices, cold, better - House
  76. Wasp or Bee nest...: fireplace, heater, stoves, gas - House
  77. Privacy fence installation: hardwood floor, how much, vinyl, Lowes - House
  78. Housing: buy, property, San Diego, Raleigh - House
  79. Has replaced a drop-in electric range?: countertop, stove, cabinet - House
  80. Solid wood floors - help: hardwood, how much, engineered, Home Depot - House
  81. Cork floors: flooring, vinyl, refinish, installed - House
  82. Electric meters: town house, pool, heater, appliance
  83. GE Stove: gas, glass, oven - House
  84. Door Hinge Adjustment: installed, bedroom, frame, large - House
  85. CFLs & My Neighbor's Contractor-A Love Story: phone, railing, light - House
  86. Toilet Cleaner?: sink, bathroom, stains, build - House
  87. ever wire a shed?: floor, Lowes, phone, room - House
  88. Saving on electric bill: how much, dehumidifier, dishwasher, front loader - House
  89. tankless water heaters: floor, dishwasher, water tank, tanks - House
  90. Paint or stain front porch: refinishing, railing, color, weather - House
  91. why no wood on 2nd floor: subfloor, how much, Home Depot, laminate - House
  92. Why does my neighbor have an extension cord running to the utility/power pole in the yard between us?: window, phone - House
  93. favorite poster/artwork for house: color, furniture, dining room, kitchen
  94. Stained Concrete: tiling, floors, vacuum, color - House
  95. way to fix hardwoods without sanding: hardwood floors, how much, vacuum - House
  96. Experienes with builder upgrades? Smooth ceilings?: Home Depot, Lowes, refinishing, paint - House
  97. What functional purpose does a sunroom provide?: flooring, fireplace, windows - House
  98. Pre-engineered hardwoods or Pergo/laminate floors? And why?: refinish, installation, family room - House
  99. Remodeling for the spatially,: floor plans, fireplace, dishwasher - House
  100. Need advice on the front load washers!!!: floor, front loader, heat - House
  101. Air conditioning fan mode...: floor, Lowes, windows, phone - House
  102. with Front Loader get a Funk smell on your clothes?: washer, pool - House
  103. new home material cost: how much, granite, laminate, gas - House
  104. Upgrade questions: hardwood floors, vinyl, water heater, microwave - House
  105. Laundry room on the first floor: washer, installation, cabinets, dryer - House
  106. Plastic vs. copper pipe plumbing: washer, installation, plumber, apartment - House
  107. Best way to clean hardwood floors?: hardwood floor, engineered, Home Depot, vacuum - House
  108. NEVER contract a builder to build a custom home: granite, pool, appliance - House
  109. neighbor parking in my driveway: vinyl, room, build, vent - House
  110. Do city ordinances override homeowner association covenants?: build, forced, driveway - House
  111. HughesNet or Wildblue opinions????: how much, home phone, installation, best - House
  112. Radon Testing: gas, cost, damage, energy - House
  113. Converting a garage to a rec room: flooring, how much, windows - House
  114. Build your own home?!?: floor, how much, roof, granite countertops - House
  115. of home inspections: roof, phone, cost, building - House
  116. What to do with new shed floor??: subfloor, vinyl, painting - House
  117. Bamboo Flooring: hardwood, engineered, heating, colors - House
  118. ideas on crazy neighbour mowing?: build, fence, best, oven - House
  119. Septic Tank Problems: tanks, drains, installation, toilets - House
  120. Townhomes: Pros and Cons of an 'end unit'?: floor plans, washers, townhouse
  121. Property issue: vinyl, phone, codes, fences - House
  122. Is Radon Over-Hyped?: floor, foundation, furnace, Lowes - House
  123. Solar Fence Lights: vinyl, lighting, electric, weather - House
  124. flood history: plumber, toilets, cost, pipes - House
  125. windows by front door: vinyl, Lowes, curtains, living room - House
  126. Terrazzo Floors: flooring, granite, Lowes, colors - House
  127. Getting things in writing from contractors?: roofing, painting, price, pipes - House
  128. with HVAC stuff?: Air Conditioners, heating, installing, light - House
  129. Storage sheds: Lowes, furniture, hurricane, toilet - House
  130. Antique Dresser: refinish, smells, cabinet, dryer - House
  131. Do You Know Where You Live ?: build, square, better, forced - House
  132. Corian or granite?: granite tile, laminate, colors, sinks - House
  133. Polybutylene pipes?: laminate, paint, installation, plumbing - House
  134. Weird to mix cermanic/hardwood flooring?: hardwood floors, how much, vinyl, pool - House
  135. Rusty Toilets!: tanks, cleaner, bathrooms, cleaning - House
  136. Recommend Manufacturers for Appliances: floor, dishwasher, front loader, pool - House
  137. 12 year old babysitter sleep in house: floor, springs, couch, bedroom
  138. Thermostat setting: floor, roof, pool, windows - House
  139. choose central vacuum when building a home?: hardwood, painting, installed - House
  140. Hardwood or Wilsonart/Pergo: hardwood floors, how much, engineered, vinyl - House
  141. Do you Own or Rent your house?: flooring, reroof, heater
  142. Straw bail houses. The home of the future?: floor, windows, heating
  143. Masonry: how much, roofing, foundation, Lowes - House
  144. Pigeon Repellant?: roof, dogs, vent, outside - House
  145. Salt Water Pools, Why??? (moved from Dallas, TX forum): convert, install, costs - House
  146. How many of you own your house outright?: cost, worth, replace
  147. Best Home Security Companies: floor, windows, home phone, installed - House
  148. need permits or not?: floors, roof, windows, refinishing - House
  149. Distressed hardwood floors: refinishing, curtains, paint color, plank - House
  150. Treating Well Water: pool, tank, tanks, smells - House
  151. what is the fair pay for cleaning service: townhome, vacuum, curtains - House
  152. Central Vacuum??? are they worth the expense?: hardwood floors, heater, ceramic - House
  153. Has replaced carpets in LR &BRs w/ wood floors?: hardwood floors, vinyl - House
  154. Vessel sinks: foundation, installed, bathroom, worth - House
  155. flipping homes: how much, painting, sink, carpet - House
  156. McMansion's: floors, bedrooms, energy, remove - House
  157. Icky basements - fixable? Worth it?: floors, foundation, washer, pool - House
  158. Opinion on a mini washer: how much, bathtub, cleaner, molding - House
  159. Teeny, tiny wall sinks. Urban myth?: floor, how much, Home Depot, conversion - House
  160. Building deck/screened in porch: flooring, how much, Home Depot, railing - House
  161. staircase banitster: how much, Lowes, railing, install - House
  162. Ventless fireplaces: how much, townhouse, heating, stove
  163. Gas or Electric range?: furnace, heat, stove, convert - House
  164. Cost to refinish hardwood?: hardwood floors, how much, engineered, Home Depot - House
  165. Let's Dish on Stand Mixers: appliance, kitchen, brands, cold - House
  166. Find your house by satellite.: pools, color, fences, best
  167. Stainless vs. White Appliances: flooring, granite, dishwasher, microwave - House
  168. Well vs. municipal water: roof, tank, sink, appliance - House
  169. What is the deal with popularity of french doors: installation, room, glass - House
  170. home liens???: lien, homestead, how much, light - House
  171. Tearing plaster off the ceiling to expose boards?: hardwood, roofing, foundation - House
  172. Air Conditioner Keeps Running: heating, vents, outside, cold - House
  173. Single Sink vs. Double Sink: sinks, bathroom, resale value, cabinet - House
  174. What is your first impression of this house??: hardwood floors, vinyl, granite
  175. Ge Vs Ge Profile Appliances: dishwasher, pool, microwave, stove - House
  176. 4 inch granite backsplash vs tile backsplash: window, color, kitchen, cabinets - House
  177. Replica gas stoves?: appliance, convert, kitchen, insulation - House
  178. granite vs quartz vs soapstone: flooring, laminate, color, stone - House
  179. Removing Old Countertops: flooring, how much, granite, dishwasher - House
  180. Are metal roofs a good thing?: roofing, heat, color, stone - House
  181. Stucco Exterior - advantages and disadvantages: vinyl, build, siding, better - House
  182. Red Brick or permastone Fireplaces in homes -- dated?: windows, paint, stone - House
  183. know how to get nail polish off of carpet?: flooring, paint - House
  184. Smallest desirable size of a bedroom: floor, townhouse, furniture, convert
  185. Alarm systems...what parts?: opener, window, installed, master bedroom - House
  186. Help deciding on Granite: flooring, engineered, granite countertops, Home Depot - House
  187. Are jets in the master bath good for resale?: flooring, countertops, jacuzzi - House
  188. decks to surround an above ground swimming pool: overlays, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  189. Bathroom Remodeling/Shower doors: floor, curtain, install, cleaning - House
  190. Built-in-microwave vs. range hood: heat, stove, cleaner, kitchens - House
  191. Pulling up carpet / wood floors - contractors?: hardwood floors, vacuum, refinishing - House
  192. Contractor vs. Do It Yourself: tiling, flooring, how much, roof - House
  193. home security systems?: floor, windows, installing, room - House
  194. News, Latest Solar Cells Look Like Regular Roof Shingles.: installing, slate, glass - House
  195. kerosine heater: system, good - House
  196. Fisher-Price to Recall Nearly 1M Toys: paint, between, pictures, company - House
  197. Air tubs recommendation?: how much, pools, salt, whirlpool - House
  198. security storm door: remove, inside - House
  199. RECALLS: Tree stands, tot shoes, flashlights, tire pumps, earrings: heating, phone, replacement - House
  200. Hudsons/Broyhill, over promise and under deliver: home, rate - House