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  1. idea on how to obtain house plans in NY for old house?: drain, installed
  2. Is eczema really caused by detergents?: dishwasher, bathroom, cleaning, kitchen - House
  3. Refinish cabinets or replace countertops - which first???: floor, vinyl, refinishing - House
  4. Shark or bissell steam mop: cleaning, tile, porcelain, extension - House
  5. plumbing with CSST (flex gas line): phone, plumber, stainless steel - House
  6. Repairing a loose fence post: steel, pipe, concrete, best - House
  7. The ULTRAMAX?: AC, ceiling, lighting, electric - House
  8. New Dimmer wiring: color, installation, detector, plumbing - House
  9. AV System hardware: installed, mount, good, quality - House
  10. Calling all geothermal heat system owners!: furnace, heating, gas, pump - House
  11. proper way of water damage repair: hardwood, washers, water heaters, stains - House
  12. News, Cops Find Robber Using GPS-enabled Microwave.: appliance, build, construction - House
  13. Suggestions: fireplace, color, furniture, room - House
  14. Need help choosing stove/fireplace: floor, furnace, heaters, insulated - House
  15. Paint for Touch Up: Lowes, paint color, room, best - House
  16. Cleaning Engineered Hardwood Floors: laminate, cleaner, washing, vinegar - House
  17. Can you sand down extra joint compound and fiberglass mesh tape?: paint, bathroom - House
  18. Sewer gas smell from washing machine: washer, tank, drain, sinks - House
  19. kitchen island exhaust hood: glass, stainless steel, brands, vent - House
  20. Finishing Walkout Basement: Virtual Sites?: floor, paint, slate, building - House
  21. School me on heat pumps: homestead, floor, heaters, insulated - House
  22. Ashley furniture or mathis brothers: floor, sofas, couches, living room - House
  23. Porcelain tile: vacuum, installed, kitchen, best - House
  24. Turning off closed captioning on Sony Bravia TVs: options, turn - House
  25. Cost of running gas line to house?: how much, furnace, water heater
  26. Converting crawlspace to liveable space?: floor, foundation, kitchen, cost - House
  27. Ballpark Estimate For Re-roof: how much, roofing, prices, sq ft - House
  28. Exterior front door: windows, price, standard, ducts - House
  29. Cost to Insure Historic House (in case it needs to be re-built): code, basement
  30. Installing cultured stone: floor, fireplace, heat, insulated - House
  31. Where can I find water table information for my town/area?: basement, iron - House
  32. How to install external hanging lanters??: Home Depot, ceiling, lighting, electrical - House
  33. noise from water heater: floor, tank, insulating, drain - House
  34. Is this crack cosmetic or structural? (Picture inside): floor, roof, painting - House
  35. Whole house humidifier - cost?: heating, installation, bedroom, upstairs
  36. cleaning siding diy: roof, vinyl, washer, cleaner - House
  37. Armstrong Cushionstep: hardwood, vinyl, pool, laminate - House
  38. home hvac: furnace, heater, installation, gas - House
  39. Renting - improving the bathroom?: tiling, subfloor, vinyl, townhouse
  40. Renting - Insulation Problem - Help: floor, roof, Home Depot - House
  41. Stamped concrete patio: color, smells, installation, cleaning - House
  42. New bed help!: furniture, bedroom, cost, mattress - House
  43. Easy life furniture: sofas, room, light, company - House
  44. Preserving my deck?: stain, best, between, duct - House
  45. Redoing an old house from start to finish - a free Blog: floors, stone
  46. When a neighbor clears land and then yours begins to flood: how much, heat - House
  47. Home AC/heater: floor, sinks, installing, cost - House
  48. Federal Report On Chinese Drywall: copper, new, home, problems - House
  49. on cold tile floor?: floors, how much, foundation, Home Depot - House
  50. why is there a rise in allergi diseases?: detergent, check, using - House
  51. about venting of gas stove: windows, heater, microwave, stoves - House
  52. Back basement moisture problem: floor, ceiling, cost, concrete - House
  53. what sort of diseases affect people in the home environment?: Texas, design - House
  54. Electric heat dilemma: floor, how much, vinyl, Lowes - House
  55. Advice on a garage door problem?: opener, cold weather, doors, good - House
  56. Separate programmable thermostate on separate floors? Help with settings.: air conditioning, heater, bedrooms - House
  57. Steam radiator heats slowly: heating, conversion, radiators, plumbing - House
  58. Home heating obtions.......: fireplaces, furnace, tank, insulated - House
  59. searching for this item: better, buy, material, table - House
  60. measuring temperature: floor, windows, heat, insulated - House
  61. Tapping into existing drain line in basement?: washer, Lowes, loading - House
  62. Americans no longer have the biggest homes - Article: Australia, new - House
  63. Electric water heater problem....??: tank, installed, shower, faucet - House
  64. Puzzled ~ Thermostat: heater, bedrooms, gas, upstairs - House
  65. How to insulate concrete floor: subfloor, laminate, tank, insulating - House
  66. Removing metal interior door frames.: wood floors, installed, steel, building - House
  67. Insulating an interior door: room, refrigerator, best, seal - House
  68. Which tool to use to cut hardware cloth?: how much, cost, electric - House
  69. Moving Condo Intercom: floor, ceiling, install, apartment - House
  70. Home Warranty: dishwasher, air conditioning, water heater, stove - House
  71. Non-skid pads for rugs on bamboo flooring: hardwood, living room, kitchen - House
  72. Skylight replacement: roof, installation, glass, leaking - House
  73. Radon testing: installing, build, basement, pressure - House
  74. The Home in 2050... what will it be like?: wood floors, granite, heating - House
  75. Is the following situation safe in my bedroom? (electrical): heater, appliance, install - House
  76. Baseboard radiator issue: flooring, laminate, heater, drain - House
  77. my berkey light purifiers don't work: replacement, filters, cement, system - House
  78. Gas Valve for Fireplace: furnace, heating, light, leaking - House
  79. Whirlpool dryer thermal cutoff blown: heat, electric, replace, plastic - House
  80. Hot air heating sytem: furnace, water heater, installed, detector - House
  81. Replacing HVAC: humidifier, furnaces, electric heat, install - House
  82. Travertine: fireplace, cleaning, shower, best - House
  83. Concrete Stain: floor, granite, dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  84. Ticking sound coming from vent when A/C or Heat is on: furnace, warm - House
  85. Do adverts/media persue you to buy cleaning products? - House
  86. New kitche sink.....Plumbing questions!: countertops, dishwasher, drains, sinks - House
  87. Driveway Lip Repair: slab, concrete, replace, remove - House
  88. What is this??: mold, light, concrete, wall - House
  89. Attic Furnace & Insulation...: insulate, ceiling, rooms, pipe - House
  90. HE Top loaders -- latest word on reliable machines?: subfloor, engineered, washers - House
  91. Getting rid of stuff: furniture, price, vent, worth - House
  92. Extremely high natural gas usage: fireplace, AC, water tank, insulated - House
  93. Backsplash good for home?: granite countertops, stove, color, ceramic - House
  94. The strange case of the disappearing dead mice.: building, crawl space, interior - House
  95. Where to find a 4 foot tall door?: floor, paint color, ceiling - House
  96. Counter Depth Refrigerators Questions???: appliance, room, kitchen, cabinets - House
  97. If you painted your kitchen cabinets...: floor, paint color, cleaning, kitchens - House
  98. Would Electric and Gas Meters have a battery?: smells, install, apartment - House
  99. Steam Washer/Dryer Combos - Overrated or Not ??: floor, dishwasher, front loader - House
  100. Emergency Heat on heat pump?: washer, heater, insulated, microwave - House
  101. Water drip sound: Lowes, heater, bathroom, kitchen - House
  102. Grout Cleaner?: floors, ceramic, bathrooms, cleaning - House
  103. Puzzling Furnace Problem: furnaces, tank, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  104. To wall mount or recess medicine cabinets---help!: master bedroom, insulation, glass - House
  105. Replacing electric panel: apartment, cost, code, electrical - House
  106. Refrigerators: dishwashers, Home Depot, stoves, color - House
  107. Turning off waterand pipes freezing in winter: washer, furnace, window - House
  108. Recepticle melted- smoky: water heater, phone, microwave, sinks - House
  109. Pest Control Service: windows, bathroom, glass, company - House
  110. Oopsing Your House With Lots of Color, Ever Done It?: flooring, Home Depot
  111. Adding an outlet ??: cleaner, install, bedroom, code - House
  112. Frozen pipes and/or well problems: tank, insulating, insulation, shower - House
  113. Home Depot and Lowes: hardwood floor, countertop, tanks, painting - House
  114. Ideas on home buying?: how much, Lowes, room, cost - House
  115. HVAC ..: floor, grille, AC, heating - House
  116. Need insulation - what do we look for?: how much, windows, heaters - House
  117. removing tile on concrete: vinyl, heat, install, stain - House
  118. Dishwasher repair prices: appliance, cost, code, worth - House
  119. what are the affects of being dirty?: smell, iron, home - House
  120. how do you go about washing your clothes?: window, colors, kitchen - House
  121. HVAC brands -- which one???: AC, heating, appliance, installation - House
  122. Why are we Too clean?: floors, washer, smells, stone - House
  123. Yes, we did it. Painted Knotty Pine before and after: fireplace, windows - House
  124. Ballpark figure of what it costs to build a small cabin?: foundation, appliance - House
  125. Washer/Dryer Combos ??: how much, washers, front loader, Home Depot - House
  126. Beginning woodworking: floor, laminate, color, furniture - House
  127. Too cold for an air source heat pump?: fireplace, furnace, Lowes - House
  128. How to know if wall is a load bearing wall?: floor, roof - House
  129. Can you sand latex paint?: light, steel, better, replacing - House
  130. Best detergent to get ground-in mud out of clothes?: dishwasher, color, cleaner - House
  131. wood floors: hardwood floor, vacuum, cleaner, cleaning - House
  132. How do I insulate a top floor bonus room?: subfloor, roof, vinyl - House
  133. Termite Damage, New or Old?: how much, roof, foundation, ceilings - House
  134. Ok guys.... Is a Home Alarm a good Idea?: windows, phone, cost - House
  135. Extreme Makeover Homes Forclosure: stove, appliance, cost, compare - House
  136. Over-the-range microwaves with Recirculating Filter Kits vs venting directly out of the house?: how much, roof
  137. Opinions on wood stairs: hardwood floors, engineered, townhome, paint - House
  138. Install gutter myself?: vinyl, Home Depot, installing, hurricane - House
  139. Heat pump odor - dirty sock syndrome: how much, dehumidifier, furnace - House
  140. Uneven floor - need help in home purchase: subfloor, vinyl, foundation - House
  141. have a Dyson vaccum cleaner?: floors, vacuum cleaner, phone, dining room - House
  142. Dishwasher is leaking...Help: floor, appliance, install, kitchen - House
  143. 3 Story Houses: Ever Own or Live In One? What Did It Look Like on the Inside/Outside?: floor plans, pool
  144. How to join 2 copper HVAC pipes together without brazing: heat, sink, installing - House
  145. Oven venting issue: furnaces, window, water heaters, microwave - House
  146. Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets made in USA....experiences: floor, Home Depot, laminate - House
  147. I lived in a haz-mat house: floor, furnace, window, tank
  148. Why doesn't toilet completely flush?: subfloor, how much, tank, drains - House
  149. Home security systems: how much, phone, install, room - House
  150. Are rooftop Decks Worth it?: floor, how much, roof, fireplaces - House
  151. tell me there is an easy way to clean tarnished silverware ?: cleaner, cleaning - House
  152. Help ! Strange smell...: floor, heating, sink, smells - House
  153. furniture?: sofa, refinish, dining room, price - House
  154. Help! How do i get rid of this oil smeall??: floor, how much - House
  155. New Refrigerator: pool, vacuum cleaner, stove, cleaner - House
  156. How do you start your fires with a wood burning stove??: hardwood, heat - House
  157. American houses: vinyl, foundation, window, heating
  158. Neighbors messing up grass - rude: townhouse, install, cleaning, dogs
  159. Our Flip House......A Weekly Story: pool, color, sinks, bedroom
  160. Electric heating types: floor, fireplace, furnace, window - House
  161. How many of you have solar films on your windows?: hardwood, double pane windows - House
  162. experience with articulated mounts for flat-screens?: installed, family room, steel - House
  163. Is dishwasher a waste?: pool, loading, sink, family room - House
  164. Does finishing a basement allow you to get a tax break?: window, ceiling - House
  165. FTHB- Inspection- 20yr old furnace/AC.. how much to replace? help!: floors, furnaces - House
  166. Thermostat .....Heating on the East Coast..............: furnace, heater, room - House
  167. Holes in bathroom tile...what can be done?: countertop, color, installed - House
  168. best way to wash out sweat funk from shirts?: washer, smell, cleaner - House
  169. Can't live in my new house... HELP: flooring, windows, tank
  170. Do I need a plumber or Lowe's?: Lowes, drain, sink - House
  171. Carpet or Laminate (pergo) in Bedrooms?: hardwood floors, engineered, vinyl, Lowes - House
  172. to replace entry door without replacing frame/jamb?: paint, installation, glass - House
  173. West Elm: hardwood, sofa, phone, furniture - House
  174. Help with over-the-stove microwave: roof, fireplace, furnace, pool - House
  175. Circuit breaker: grill, water heaters, microwave, convert - House
  176. hiding a house key: opener, gas, apartment, cost
  177. minimum measurements for sink and faucet: granite, window, sinks, ceiling - House
  178. Spiders!: windows, vacuum, smells, room - House
  179. Do you have a shower stall seat? Wierd ..: granite, conditioner, install - House
  180. Programmable Thermostat...worth it???: how much, furnace, Lowes, windows - House
  181. I think I fried my outdoor electrical outlet by plugging in wet christmas lights! How do I fix it?: bathroom, circuit - House
  182. My hot water has been lukewarm all week--water heater problem?: floor, Lowes - House
  183. Remodeling & have electrical: countertop, pool, window, appliance - House
  184. Replacement windows for old mobile home: vinyl, Home Depot, heating, insulated - House
  185. D.r. Horton: cabinet, plumbing, faucets, price - House
  186. Help vizio or samsung: floor, colors, living room, lighting - House
  187. dumb electrical ..: heat, ceramic, lights, prices - House
  188. Chinese drywall remediation: how much, converting, mold, gas - House
  189. Informed Opinions?: how much, bathroom, price, compare - House
  190. What Is Your Perceived Value?: floors, how much, roof, foundations - House
  191. Dry stack concrete block to build a garage w/apartment over it?: floor, roof - House
  192. Plywood vs. OSB: subfloor, roofing, engineered, countertop - House
  193. Steam heat: heating, vacuum, drain, installation - House
  194. WARNING -- Beware of Radiant heat in a cold climate: hardwood, how much - House
  195. How to achieve perfect happiness.: build, best, between, material - House
  196. Corn fuel heater?: good - House
  197. Rotating house puts family in a spin.: Australia
  198. Want to save energy?: money - House
  199. GE Profile Induction range (free standing)?: electric, standard, between, reviews - House
  200. Help finding information about an remodel of a stone house: England, new