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  1. Wood repair: sofa, heater, vacuum, furniture - House
  2. Water and mold damage during home construction: floor, roof, dehumidifier - House
  3. blinds: windows, insulating, color, living room - House
  4. Home swaps: vent, best, driveway, Cary - House
  5. types of house, brick, siding, wood,: vinyl, heat, insulated
  6. Questions on new waste line to cespool- PVC vs cast iron: foundation, drains - House
  7. Energy saving tips: washer, hot water heater, curtains, appliance - House
  8. Ants: countertop, kitchen, square, dogs - House
  9. Ants Ants Ants: pool, kitchen, square, counter - House
  10. Bath to shower - what is it?: installing, showerhead, faucet - House
  11. Insulation for the Central Florida area (read mostly hot and humid): how much, roof - House
  12. Outdoor Grill placement: roof, window, tank, ceiling - House
  13. Deck Tiles Experience and Opinions Needed: flooring, granite, refinish, install - House
  14. Tankless for a one bathroom home?: floor, washer, water heater, stove - House
  15. window air and radiators: floor, windows, air conditioning, heating - House
  16. Installing 30 inch base wine rack next to base cabinets: granite, dishwasher, glue - House
  17. Hot water tank storage: drain - House
  18. Recirculating exhaust fan with Gas range/oven?: Lowes, window, water heater - House
  19. fence installation: labor, material - House
  20. replace carpet or wait?: flooring, vacuum, installed, light - House
  21. Thousand Leggers: dehumidifier, foundation, glue, apartment - House
  22. FrontPoint security: system, home, living, custom - House
  23. New Kenmore refrigerator mold on outside- HELP!: insulated, installation, cabinets - House
  24. HE Detergent in non-HE washer: apartment, rated, mount, buy - House
  25. Water seal for deck: stain, wood, sanding, cheaper - House
  26. Approximate value and practicality of home addition: floor, roof, fireplace - House
  27. adding a second bathroom?: how much, sink, bathrooms, shower - House
  28. Board and Batten siding: vinyl, painting, stain, pricing - House
  29. Keeping bedbugs OUT: floor, curtain, furniture, kitchen - House
  30. Mold / funk smell when attic fan is on?: floors, pool, AC - House
  31. Advice on two vastly different hardwood quotes for the same space: townhome, paint - House
  32. French Doors Installation: how much, windows, refinishing, painting - House
  33. Planning in building our first new house!: foundation, plumber, light
  34. Hard Water Stains: windows, sink, stain, steel - House
  35. Gutter/Leaf Guard: roofing, drain, installed, cleaning - House
  36. How to best use 2000 - 3000 dollars on incentives for new house: washer, front loader
  37. need help evaluating patio work (photo): roof, granite, AC, heat - House
  38. Removing mature shrubs: gas, best, duct, yard - House
  39. Foundation of House damaged: drain, plumber, damage, company
  40. Video, Learn how Air Conditioners Work.: heat, duct, liquid - House
  41. Weatherking - Rheem: townhouse, furnace, AC, heating
  42. Pre-hung Doors: Split vs Flat Jamb: install, compare, basement, between - House
  43. I found a Black Widow next to the front entrance......: windows, molding - House
  44. insulate basement ceiling?: floor, furnace, insulated, laundry room - House
  45. Spiders and spider webs: cleaning, build, seal, moulding - House
  46. Non-toxic ways of getting rid of house fleas?: flooring, vacuum, smells
  47. How to remove paint from screens?: replace, material, cheap, good - House
  48. Contoured Doors on Refrigerators: pool, appliance, cost, ducts - House
  49. Looking for good CFL to replace 60W clear incandescents outdoors: color, lights - House
  50. Refacing Kitchen Cabinets: Home Depot, installation, kitchens, shower - House
  51. What do I need to make this gutter collect water from the roof ? take a look at pic: roofing, installed - House
  52. Mice in Cottage Attic Crawlspace: smells, bathroom, cabinet, remove - House
  53. Concrete Cleaner: cleaning, worth, better, ducts - House
  54. bilco basement doors: foundations, install, glue, steel - House
  55. Central AC issue: heat, drain, pipe, warm - House
  56. Could It Be My Washing Machine???: washer, loading, leaking, cost - House
  57. Dead animal, natural gas leak or other?: roof, windows, water tank - House
  58. floor register/vent not working: heat, installed, bedrooms, leaking - House
  59. What do I use to clean cermic tile???: floor, Home Depot, ceramic - House
  60. line painted kitchen cabinets with.....what?: color, glue, price, between - House
  61. getting glass tile and ceramic tile: tiling, Home Depot, paint - House
  62. Landscape after Heavy Rain: build, concrete, fence, better - House
  63. Lightning tripping electric hot water heater - or something: tank, sink - House
  64. New windows: window company or contractor?: curtains, installation, prices, better - House
  65. Bugs in the House - on a crawlspace.: floors, windows, warm
  66. odd damp spot on interior wall: roof, window, AC, paint - House
  67. Gutter down spout: how much, roof, washer, drain - House
  68. HELP! advice needed on leveling basement floor: flooring, furnace, laminate - House
  69. how to fix this problem for granite kitchen counters?: stove, color, stone - House
  70. Need advice, problems with carpet quote.: flooring, how much, installation, disposal - House
  71. Electrical Circuit Breakers: AC, heaters, stoves, appliance - House
  72. Mount Projector Screen or Make a New Stand?: roof, window, paint - House
  73. Source for paver edge restraint.: foundation, Lowes, window, cost - House
  74. Temporary boiler bypass - do I need it?: floor, water heater, drain - House
  75. Cedar Siding Restoring: washer, painting, plank, cleaner - House
  76. External Maintainance Requirements: pool, painting, rooms, mold - House
  77. Hp gas condense water heater?: Lowes, appliance, energy, pump - House
  78. GE refridgerator: appliance, stainless steel, price, pipe - House
  79. Recarpeting: Lowes, color, bedrooms, mold - House
  80. clarify: Magnetic Screwdriver/Magnetic Bit Holder: stainless steel, better, ducts - House
  81. Have as big, or little, home as your want......: heat, rooms, apartment - House
  82. Mexican Tile- sealed or unsealed?: how much, vinyl, furniture, stone - House
  83. about Masonite/Abitibi siding: laminate, paint, vent, crack - House
  84. If you have bought custom exterior shutters lately....: vinyl, weather, best - House
  85. Rust stain on concrete and bricks: grill, color, cleaning, iron - House
  86. Hard water stains on brick: washer, color, vinegar, damage - House
  87. Tax credits: price, energy, duct, purchase - House
  88. Tapcons or wedge anchors to secure aluminum columns to concrete slab for patio overha: roofing, pool - House
  89. News, Pictures of 6 Amazing Tree Houses.: couch, build, backyard, family
  90. Generator won't start: tank, gas, hurricane, dryer - House
  91. 50's Ranch - How Would You Update Floor Plan?: how much, roof, fireplace - House
  92. Gas water heater choices with tax credit: tank, installation, cost - House
  93. Hvac issue?: furnace, install, light, attic - House
  94. Concrete, moisture, hardwoods: engineered, heating, basement, slab - House
  95. Laminate or floating floors: subfloor, engineered, plank, installation - House
  96. FHA standard grade materials and upgrades: furnace, appliance, kitchen - House
  97. Cleaning up oak treads...: hardwood floors, color, cleaner, install - House
  98. Hydro sysems...Im lost and the house im looking at house has one: air conditioning, heating
  99. News, Home Renovators Alert: House Passes Caulkers Bill.: windows, heating, cleaner
  100. how to make an outdoor trellis out of 2inch mini blinds: slate, glue - House
  101. Is there a best time to buy an air conditioner/gas heat combination system?: furnace, heating - House
  102. Adding a Loft: ceilings, furniture, bathroom, condo - House
  103. How much to replace...: Lowes, window, colors, installation - House
  104. Craftmark Homes: compare, building, washing, company - House
  105. ADT Monitoring Service: installed, light, company, ducts - House
  106. Outdoor stair treads: floor, window, smell, stairs - House
  107. insurance - water & sewage: worth, damage, pump, sewer - House
  108. What can you use a WINE CELLAR for???: flooring, humidifier, insulated - House
  109. Someone Needs a Pickup Truck: roof, disposal, load, worth - House
  110. air duct cleaning: how much, furnace, air conditioning, heating - House
  111. Bee invasion inside my home... NO ONE WOULD HELP!!!: floor, fireplace, phone - House
  112. on Patio Tiles; Natural Stone or Porcelain Tiles: floor, alternatives, refinishing - House
  113. In need of new fridge.....Looking for french door fridge with ice and water dispenser on outside.. ideas on brands?: pool, refrigerator - House
  114. Neighbor questions my yard drainage: how much, roof, pool, drains - House
  115. Ants!!!!: window, stove, sink, cleaner - House
  116. Going on vacation, what is your checklist?: opener, dishwasher, window - House
  117. Finding out whether or not a neighborhood has a gas line hooked up: how much, water heater - House
  118. Nail Down vs. Glue Down?: subfloor, engineered, laminate, installation - House
  119. wall outlet is not connected to circuit breaker?: basement, square, electric - House
  120. tips on paver stone patio DIY?: how much, foundation, installing, cost - House
  121. Funky smell from shower drain - recommendations on how to get rid of it?: flooring, roof - House
  122. Floor people broke my toilet! help: flooring, how much, countertop - House
  123. Gutter cleaning............Costs......................... ..: how much, roof, townhouse, hurricane
  124. Wiring / electrical: ceiling, installed, bedroom, light - House
  125. Lawn mower has black smoke coming from exhaust: tank, drain, gas - House
  126. Maximum safe temperature for inside of house (for energy savings): hardwood, curtains
  127. Central air unit has a high pitched noise: electrical, circuit, vent - House
  128. Replacing the Kitchen Faucet Too Close but soo far: sink, installation - House
  129. concrete patio, paver stones, or deck?: vinyl, kitchen, slate, cost - House
  130. hot water takes forever to reach bathrooms: dishwasher, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  131. Best way to place a parking space?: pool, Lowes, stone - House
  132. Do you like/dislike open kitchen floorplans?: floor, granite, fireplace - House
  133. Roofing for pergola?: vinyl, furniture, install, leak - House
  134. Need on attic fans,: roofing, window, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  135. Searching For POWERFUL Whole House Window Fan: floor, Home Depot, Lowes
  136. Air conditioner cycles on/off every 10 mins: furnace, phone, installed - House
  137. Radon in granite countertops?: floor, color, living room, kitchens - House
  138. new grout cracking: subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  139. Basement water intrusion: subfloor, roof, foundation, fireplace - House
  140. Bathroom mirror cleaning?: washers, window, smells, cleaner - House
  141. Kitchen Renovation/Gutting Questions: floor, how much, vinyl, washer - House
  142. enjoy living in organized chaos over a meticulously neat home?: floor, countertop - House
  143. Advice needed on block in bath pipe: roof, vac, drains - House
  144. countertops: granite, Home Depot, laminate, color - House
  145. really old houses: hardwood floors, how much, humidifier, foundation
  146. Deck repair or just paint: color, light, damaged, cracking - House
  147. How Mad Would You Be? House Numbers: paint, building, repair
  148. How long do wood fences typically last?: drain, paint, installed - House
  149. A Shower Cleaning Tip: sink, mold, glass, tiles - House
  150. Home alarm system: windows, phone, apartment, cost - House
  151. Annual Central A/C maintenance?: grill, Air Conditioner, heating, vacuum - House
  152. concret slab unlevelness: floor, foundation, compare, build - House
  153. Thru the wall AC: floor, windows, heaters, conversion - House
  154. Holmes on Homes: how much, paint, kitchens, cost - House
  155. basements vs slab: floor, washer, windows, ceilings - House
  156. HOA's Gone Wild...: roofing, pool, color, appliance - House
  157. Dishwasher water line connection: sink, install, plumber, apartment - House
  158. Sugar Ants- I hate them!: phone, sink, bathroom, glue - House
  159. Garbage Disposals with septic tanks: how much, washer, tank, sink - House
  160. Building a Detached Garage: floor, roof, foundation, drain - House
  161. Flooring Help: Transition Strips: hardwood, engineered, vinyl, Lowes - House
  162. another about front loaders: floor, how much, washer, Home Depot - House
  163. A/C blower motor runs a while, then will not start again: AC, heater - House
  164. Need advice about storm doors: Home Depot, Lowes, installing, glass - House
  165. fridge doesn't fit! Need advice cutting drywall: refinish, kitchen, build - House
  166. Need help with reducing echo: flooring, laminate, window, heater - House
  167. Type of hardwood opinion: subfloor, engineered, insulated, refinish - House
  168. Renovating an Older Home?: floor, roof, granite, foundation - House
  169. Best Family Floor Plan?: fireplace, washer, windows, microwave - House
  170. new hvac vs. new windows>: roof, air conditioning, heat, insulating - House
  171. Laundry room design: floor, how much, countertops, washer - House
  172. Are your cupboards neat and organized?: countertop, stove, sink, bedrooms - House
  173. would you buy shrubs from Kmart/Walmart?: Lowes, price, cold - House
  174. Washer-dryer for apartment without connections?: washers, heat, sink, appliance - House
  175. Dishwasher issues!: cleaning, glass, brands, vinegar - House
  176. Recommend Your Gas Grill: how much, Lowes, stainless steel, price - House
  177. pressure washer: how much, shingles, washers, pool - House
  178. AC unit plug doesn't match wall outlet: window, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  179. on Honeycomb or Cellular Shades: springs, windows, heat, insulating - House
  180. water softener/water filtration system: remove, company, filter, duct - House
  181. How do I reduce heat in my house?: floor, roof, windows
  182. Small Snake(s) coming into the house?: floors, furnace, ceiling
  183. electricians speak Spanish?: installation, slate, electrical, circuit - House
  184. Water in Crawlspace & Garage: foundation, air conditioning, mold, glass - House
  185. Natural Gas line for a grill: how much, tanks, stove, convert - House
  186. What is the best/most powerful circular saw on the market?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  187. Painting a Victorian Home Help: color, room, molding, building - House
  188. Buying a house with a well: water tank, insulated, sinks, smell
  189. HE Washers - Maytag Bravo or Kenmore Oasis Elite?: front loader, pool, laundry room - House
  190. Revaluation questions: floors, Lowes, AC, heat - House
  191. Ultimately, would you prefer to live in a house or apartment?: floor, windows
  192. central air non efficiant: roof, furnace, windows, AC - House
  193. Need a new vacuum and have back problems..: cleaner, installed, room - House
  194. HELP! how do I fix holes?: tank, stoves, paint - House
  195. I am starting to understand the allure of the big box: Home Depot, laminate - House
  196. Satellite TV in an apartment - Can I?: window, installation, apartments - House
  197. News, Homeowner goes online to eliminate thousands of bees in front yard.: warm, driveway - House
  198. Bathroom Remodel Pics Request: shower, closet, small - House
  199. I need advice on hardwood flooring: engineered, Home Depot, install - House
  200. Small appliance repair: microwave, replace, remove, copper - House