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  1. about emergency shut off: pools, water heater, appliance, install - House
  2. Vinyl window capping: windows, installed, worth, replacement - House
  3. Expansion Joint in brick wall - what material?: installed, build, weather - House
  4. Window well taking in water (Help): windows, installing, sleeping room, mold - House
  5. Best bug killing product?: hurricane, comparison, warm, vent - House
  6. Hedge trimmer recommendation: Home Depot, gas, cost, electric - House
  7. How to remove a vanity in bathroom: hardwood, vinyl, granite - House
  8. Frame-less shower door (Clear vs. ultra clear): curtain, color, ceiling - House
  9. Leaking Sky Lights.: roof, installed, replace, energy - House
  10. Is it the thermostat or the heating system?: furnace, AC, repair - House
  11. Bonus room above garage: floor, insulated, paint, carpet - House
  12. Standing water in shower -------: floor, drain, bathroom, tile - House
  13. In-Garage lighting.: opener, ceiling, installation, detector - House
  14. How to clean capiz shell.: outside, spray, working - House
  15. Electrolux washer message no water draining ?: dryer, washing, remove - House
  16. Crack in concrete slab under bedroom floor: foundation, Home Depot, vac - House
  17. square footage and add ons: floor, converting, plumbing, costs - House
  18. installed outlet insulators?: floor, how much, foundation, washer - House
  19. HVAC: dehumidifier, furnace, installing, detector - House
  20. Whats is difference Stucco/Woodframe Home?: floor, insulated, sink, concrete - House
  21. Built in kitchen trashbaskets: floor, Lowes, conversion, cabinets - House
  22. cost to build screened porch: roof, vinyl, ceiling, slate - House
  23. Metal frame/canvas garage shelters: steel, price, compare, building codes - House
  24. Halloween Gag: better, yard, porch, chair - House
  25. HVAC not blowing hot air - thoughts?: room, warm, remove - House
  26. News, Another 10 Creative Sinks.: bathroom, disposal, redo, modern - House
  27. News, Students to get emails from washing machines.: washers, installed, apartment - House
  28. Faucet Replacement?: sink, appliance, cleaning, kitchen - House
  29. linoleum or Sticky Tile: flooring, vinyl, color, install - House
  30. Moving washer/dryer downstairs and adding bathroom in old wash room: floor, how much - House
  31. GE (electric) clothes dryer noise: repair, vent, replace, remove - House
  32. Advice on fixing a door...: painting, install, molding, glue - House
  33. Plaster and Painting - HELP?: ceiling, room, mold, glass - House
  34. Windows and Installation in San Diego: vinyl, price, better, replacement - House
  35. Tall Crawl Space > Finished Basement?: flooring, foundation, windows, heat - House
  36. littering: fence, blown, property, covered - House
  37. My Heil Furnace Hates Me: heater, gas, lighting, pipe - House
  38. Running utilities to a carriage house: how much, furnace, water heater, convert
  39. Keeping Screen Porch Warm: fireplace, Home Depot, heaters, curtains - House
  40. Lowes Drywall settlement and questions: smell, appliance, installed, rooms - House
  41. Rubber seal loose from frigerator freezer door: Home Depot, appliance, glue - House
  42. knocking out this half wall and putting in a nice banister...: grill, refinish - House
  43. Is water heater jacket really: washer, furnace, tank, insulated - House
  44. Fix a window that doesn't stay up...: vinyl, springs, Home Depot - House
  45. Hot Tub under covered deck or not ???: roof, pool, windows - House
  46. Moths: bathroom, kitchen, glue, outside - House
  47. Does know why????????: heat, vacuum, cleaning, filter - House
  48. attic and roof: roofing, Home Depot, furnace, Lowes - House
  49. What do you think of washable home air filters?: Home Depot, furnace, heating - House
  50. Genie PRO951C/A garage door: opener, code, outside, better - House
  51. Dehumidifying the basement: dehumidifier, furnace, hot water heater, mold - House
  52. Help for Heat Pump!: AC, tank, natural gas, electric - House
  53. Room/crack between edge stones and driveway: warm, concrete, yard - House
  54. Northern Nights Sheets: prices, washing, worth, buy - House
  55. Loud Noise of When is Flowing Through Pipes: water heater, bathtub, sink - House
  56. Exterior Color Opinions Needed!: vinyl, foundation, Home Depot, windows - House
  57. Gas fireplace pilot: heat, plumber, aluminum, check - House
  58. How to replace vinyl tiles in two small bathrooms: flooring, Home Depot, ceramic - House
  59. Lightening Grout: cleaner, duct - House
  60. Bona or Bruce?: hardwood, cleaner, between, duct - House
  61. Inadequate Water Pressure or Insufficient Hot Water???: water tank, ceramic, sink - House
  62. Why are there window stains on the window sills?: how much, windows, ceilings - House
  63. Need HVAC for a small guest house.: floor, alternatives, windows
  64. Site or Pre Finished Hardwoods?: hardwood floor, vacuum, refinish, color - House
  65. What color should I paint the stucco?: floor, roof, vinyl - House
  66. Professional carpet cleaning or new carpet?: how much, Home Depot, color, cleaner - House
  67. Gaskets for floor/water pipe gaps (baseboard heat)?: hardwood, Home Depot, installing - House
  68. Experiences with Electrolux Appliances?: pool, microwave, stove, kitchen - House
  69. Oxiclean in an LG HE front-loading washer: best, remove, flush - House
  70. Water Leak?: how much, townhouse, pool, water heater
  71. Bedroom.. NO WINDOWS: floor, humidifier, paint color, ceiling - House
  72. Can cleaned carpets give off toxic fumes?: humidifier, furnaces, windows - House
  73. Installing water softener, no loop available: pool, water heater, room, kitchen - House
  74. Epoxy floors?: flooring, how much, Home Depot, stains - House
  75. Where to find Grand King size bedroom sets?: furniture, price - House
  76. How to build an inexpensive easy indoor child saftey fence?: Lowes, living room - House
  77. Adult Treehouses: windows, stove, rooms, building
  78. Flushing a water heater that's located in the Attic: townhome, tank, drains - House
  79. Need Wood Wax That Coats: furniture, good, free - House
  80. replacing old thermostats oil furnace: floor, air conditioning, water heater, living room - House
  81. Fixing a linoleum tear?: flooring, vinyl, stoves, furniture - House
  82. Would like to rent 2 Bed Condo near Moreno Valley, Perris or Murrieta Area in CAlifornia. Appreciate rmation - House
  83. Basement floor??: painting, carpet, glue, remove - House
  84. Intermittent hot and cold water in shower: washers, water tank, tanks - House
  85. Burglar Alarm: installed, replace, systems, new - House
  86. Taking paint of off outside door frame: how much, heat, molding - House
  87. Laminate Floor Board Repairs: flooring, how much, installed, cost - House
  88. Residential UV System: installed, leaking, pipe, standard - House
  89. Painting mesh fireplace screen: fireplaces, grill, heat, stoves - House
  90. Voltage leaking back into the off leg of a 3-way circuit: installed, dining room - House
  91. Load bearing wall or not?: roof, engineered, loading, ceiling - House
  92. Cleaning a brick fireplace...what to use?: floor, Home Depot, paint - House
  93. have masonry knowledge?: washer, cleaner, staining, insulation - House
  94. Kitchen OTR MW/have you ever...?: granite countertops, window, microwave, stoves - House
  95. Basement walls & drywall alternatives?: dehumidifier, windows, paint, ceramic - House
  96. Good canister vac?: vacuum, appliance, compare, stairs - House
  97. Toilets: Lowes, insulated, standard, existing - House
  98. Contractor not getting the job done......HELP!: lien, window, plumbing - House
  99. Cost to Stucco a small house: color, stone, better, removing
  100. Granite countertop sealer: granite countertops, Home Depot, Lowes, vac - House
  101. Mold created by register/ducting: AC, heat, insulating, cleaner - House
  102. outdoor walkway advice needed: foundation, sinks, stone, install - House
  103. Carport advice: engineered, installed, steel, building codes - House
  104. SIPs building with them?: roof, foundation, fireplace, heat - House
  105. Dishwasher leak fix: pool, appliance, plumber, light - House
  106. Its 2010, is there way to remove set-in stains?: stain, dryer - House
  107. Mortar repair and power washing: washer, color, insulation, light - House
  108. renting out my home: phone, rooms, detector, outside - House
  109. We just bought used cast-iron gas heat stove . . .: furnaces, heaters, stoves - House
  110. Toilet repair: floor, tank, drains, plumbing - House
  111. New Roofing: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, phone - House
  112. Stationery squirrel in my cellar, need new ideas.: floor, heat, light - House
  113. Where to buy insulated drapes online?: heat, curtains, sinks, living room - House
  114. Your advice on how to deal with contractor (sort of contractor): laminate, sofa - House
  115. Do I need to provide water and food to the contractor and workers?: apartment, repair - House
  116. How do I know what size septic tank I have?: how much, front loader - House
  117. Does have polished concrete floors?: flooring, how much, color, appliance - House
  118. Gas or Electric stove poll: fireplace, grill, heating, stoves - House
  119. How long does a filter last?: how much, Home Depot, furnaces, Lowes - House
  120. Help with heating/cooling options in new home construction.: floor, roof, foundation - House
  121. Need help with a rot: floor, how much, roof, washers - House
  122. What can you tell me about ceramic tile cracks over concrete slab foundation?: floor, color - House
  123. Renting Old House- 2 prong outlets: vinyl, insulate, loading, appliance
  124. Crazy stories from apartment life?: floor, townhouse, pool, windows
  125. no hot water: Lowes, water tank, drain, sink - House
  126. Adjoining land being built up a foot higher than mine: pool, drains - House
  127. Exterior Paint Help: how much, roof, vinyl, foundation - House
  128. Cost of Heating System?: floor, roof, dishwasher, furnace - House
  129. Best Cleaning Solution for Rug Doctor (or other carpet machines): floor, alternatives - House
  130. dresser drawer pulls in two sizes that match (2.5 and 3 ): Home Depot, paint - House
  131. Choosing a ladder: aluminum vs fiberglass: painting, ceilings, room, lights - House
  132. Do you have clocks in your bathrooms????: how much, stove, living room - House
  133. Subfloor: hardwood floor, refinish, plank, installing - House
  134. Spray Foam Insulation: floor, foundation, laminate, insulating - House
  135. Mice!: sink, bathroom, kitchen, cabinets - House
  136. tips on building interior storm windows?: floor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  137. When do you put your xmas tree up?: lights, warm, outside - House
  138. Does a house built in 1905 might have asbestos?: flooring, furnace, detector
  139. How to clean black sink?: granite, stove, ceramic, sinks - House
  140. Who hates Fabreeze?: stove, smells, furniture, room - House
  141. Removing dry red wine stain from carpeting?: floor, Home Depot, sofa - House
  142. electricians help.: washer dryer, appliance, living room, kitchen - House
  143. Heating 300 sqft space: townhouse, furnace, window, AC
  144. Inexpensive Security Systems: Home Depot, installation, cost, worth - House
  145. Old 2-prong outlets: how much, microwave, convert, installation - House
  146. Garbage bins should be kept inside?: townhouse, heater, smell, cleaner
  147. Upstairs neighbor banging on his floor on purpose: window, ceiling, cleaning - House
  148. How to clean extremely dirty hardwood floors?: hardwood floor, townhouse, refinishing
  149. Refrigerator recommendation: pool, phone, appliance, installation - House
  150. Material Advice For Water Heater Door: pools, Lowes, color, stained - House
  151. Looking for ideas on laundry room space: floor, washer dryer, loading - House
  152. Semi-rant on s what I'm looking for in a house': floor plans, granite
  153. dryer venting: floor, roof, washer, front loader - House
  154. gas smell from outside natural gas lantern: appliance, plumber, leak - House
  155. Is it tacky?: furniture, dining room, kitchen, iron - House
  156. Our log home is drafty--how to remedy?: color, install, light - House
  157. Can you put laminate over tile?: hardwood, how much, vinyl, dishwasher - House
  158. Contractor Help: colors, kitchen, price, best - House
  159. Bio Ethanol Fireplace, have you got one?: fireplaces, heaters, stoves - House
  160. Wood Floor Water Damage: hardwood floors, how much, roofing, vinyl - House
  161. Concealed spaces: floor, fireplace, bedroom, chimney - House
  162. What kind of wire is this?: heater, appliance, kitchen, insulation - House
  163. Smell in new rental: floors, roof, granite, dehumidifier - House
  164. wine and marble floor...: flooring, cleaner, stone, cleaning - House
  165. Framing: subfloor, glue, hurricane, disposal - House
  166. Just discovered a crack in my granite countertop...: subfloor, granite tile, foundation - House
  167. Is it worth it to put natural stone on the entrance walkway?: prices, siding - House
  168. Whole home A/C Brand recommendations?: floor, furnaces, installation, bonus room - House
  169. Funky odor in garbage disposal - help: floor, vinyl, dishwasher - House
  170. GE Refrigerator Shelf problems: dishwasher, cleaning, cost, damaged - House
  171. When neighbors don't respect boundaries: cost, build, siding, iron - House
  172. Replaced entire bathroom sink faucet an it still drips!: washer, hot water supply, sinks - House
  173. bid for house or run?: ejector, how much, furnaces, hot water heater
  174. For that have a regular house-cleaning service...: how much, vacuum, cleaner
  175. For of you with a lot of land...: pool, AC, bathroom - House
  176. Central Air - thoughts on one unit for 2 floor house: floors, heat
  177. How do i wire knob and tube wire to conventional: flooring, heat - House
  178. 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills: roof, furnace, windows - House
  179. my toilet roars at me: pipes, building, flush, porcelain - House
  180. What size bed should I get? Single male, 25, renting a room: bedroom, stain - House
  181. How long should it take?: wood floors, refinish, color, ceiling - House
  182. Fear of bed bugs and used furniture: flea, paint, cleaner - House
  183. Light Switch Heating Up: how much, loading, smell, room - House
  184. Does all wood furniture smell?: floors, refinishing, paint, smells - House
  185. Installing bamboo floors ourselves...bad idea?: hardwood, foundation, fireplace, laminate - House
  186. Where Would You Put The Kitchen Cabinet Handles?: countertops, washers, stove - House
  187. Do you make guests remove shoes?: floors, laminate, appliance, installed - House
  188. US Mailboxes: pool, color, apartments, vent - House
  189. Duplex with no HOA - neighbor issues: roof, jacuzzi, townhouse
  190. Am I weird or what?: bathroom, gas, light, pillow - House
  191. For that asked - pics and details of garage flooring epoxy in Raleigh (PICS - LONG!): how much, Home Depot - House
  192. gas leaks: heating, installed, detector, plumber - House
  193. Oven Exterior Too Hot: cleaning, kitchen, insulation, gas - House
  194. HVAC - Shared grilles for Heating and Cooling: floors, furnace, pool - House
  195. Oil furnace ignition: heat, electrical, replace, filter - House
  196. Electric cooktop/range recall for fires - Electrolux & Frigidaire: ranges, duct - House
  197. Cedar and pine wood toxicity: furniture - House
  198. Oreck Orbiter: hardwood, rooms, cleaning, stains - House
  199. Rezoned? - House
  200. News, Would the City Shut Down Your Kitchen?: floor, apartment, coat - House