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  1. Installing hardwood floors: hardwood floor, Lowes, glue, buy - House
  2. We Need a new roof..skylight: how much, heating, ceilings - House
  3. Running lamp cords under rugs: couch, furniture, room, warm - House
  4. Need bath/shower handle help: Lowes, bathtub, plumber, pipes - House
  5. Waterproofing Stucco: foundation, grill, painting, slab - House
  6. How do you print out an ADT invoice?: system, check, using - House
  7. Need ideas for back patio: how much, roof, pool, window - House
  8. lg dishwasher: pool, install, gas, dryer - House
  9. Water pressure fluctuating: Lowes, water heater, sink, installing - House
  10. clothes with mildew / mold ... how to clean?: drain, colors, smells - House
  11. Soundproofing: floor, how much, ceiling, installation - House
  12. Retrofit can lights: Lowes, conversion, ceiling, installation - House
  13. Auxilary faucet not working.......: drain, bathroom, leak, pipes - House
  14. Which HVAC System?: how much, furnace, heater, rooms - House
  15. Uneven Water Pressure in Shower: water tank, appliance, install, plumbing - House
  16. Oil tank fill pipe: plumber, leaks, repair, vent - House
  17. Cleaning soap scum from shower doors: Lowes, cleaner, installing, bathroom - House
  18. Winterizing: wood floors, furnace, Lowes, hot water heater - House
  19. Heating problems -- one who knows far more about it than I can give me insight into: floor, Lowes - House
  20. Dyson Animal Vacuum Problem: tank, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, outside - House
  21. Free 3D modeling tools you can use for your housing projects.: window, painting - House
  22. Heat vs. AC costs: electric heat, ceiling, bedroom, electric - House
  23. Insurance Company And Roofing Rant: cost, repair, damage, replace - House
  24. Deep Freeze/Outlet Not Working: smell, bathrooms, kitchen, lights - House
  25. Tiles stuck on top of dresser: vinyl, heating, ceramic, asbestos - House
  26. Hot water mystery: hot water heater, sinks, kitchen, shower - House
  27. Appliance allowance on a new build - 3500: hardwood, washer, microwave - House
  28. Advice: 'Boiler Room' rebuild: how much, shingles, furnace, water tank - House
  29. Radiant Heat: floor, tank, stoves, electricity - House
  30. AC/Heater main trunk: roof, grille, windows, insulate - House
  31. Atlantic Water testing: Home Depot, appliance, best, company - House
  32. Can this be done - Brick over Tile on porch: window, paint - House
  33. need advice for sound absorption solution in my home: hardwood, windows, curtains - House
  34. Tired of Your Home Smelling Like Animals? (if you have them): windows, smells - House
  35. Plumbing nightmare!!!: installed, pipe, electrical, replace - House
  36. Level Chairs on an Uneven Floor: furniture, slate, tile, ducts - House
  37. Low Well Pressure: tank, leak, pipe, electricity - House
  38. Steam cleaning, sanitizing, vacuuming: hardwood floors, heating, tanks, vacuum cleaner - House
  39. Lead mitigation costs for door replacement: HEPA filter, how much, Home Depot, painting - House
  40. Intrepid wood burner ?: heater, stoves, glass, worth - House
  41. Sliding Closet Doors: install, cost, build, slab - House
  42. Sloping floors: subfloor, foundation, cost, build - House
  43. Exterior house paint color - which white?: lighting, comparison, warm
  44. Sears Friends and Family Sale or Washington’s Birthday: washer, stove, appliance - House
  45. how to add style to roofline of ranch: roof, railing, colors - House
  46. Gas fireplace insert- what to use underneath?: my fireplace, sofa, stove - House
  47. Finishing Densarmor wall boards: paint, installed, bathroom, mold - House
  48. Ice on Gutters. Remove or let be?: roofing, foundation, heating - House
  49. Dacor Downdraft Raised Vent: heat, cleaning, build, repair - House
  50. What kind of professional installs attic ventilation?: roof, furnace, heat - House
  51. Dark spot on attic wall: roofing, fireplaces, installed, bedroom - House
  52. What is the effect of a mold in the bathroom?: windows, smell - House
  53. Surprising home energy hogs: how much, pool, heat, phone - House
  54. My master bathroom makes a loud groaning sound in the pipes when you flush: roof, washer - House
  55. Kitchen GAS Cooktop Options?: heat, microwave, stove, price - House
  56. Hardwire generator to gas furnace blower: opener, washer, furnaces, appliance - House
  57. Water/leak in ceiling from gutters - what do I do now (re electrical esp)?: damage, breaker - House
  58. AC home unit HVAC: When running the HEATER, the outside fan turns on and off in 5 second intervals.: Home Depot, toilet - House
  59. Water in toilet tank keeps turning on about every hour...: drain, leaking - House
  60. How to check the temperature of the Hot air coming out of the Vent: Home Depot, furnace - House
  61. indoor humidity level: floors, how much, humidifier, fireplace - House
  62. Terrazzo floors: installed, building, cement, systems - House
  63. Water pooling in the yard: how much, foundation, pools, drains - House
  64. Gas furnace fire level: furnaces, water heater, best, efficient - House
  65. front-load washer: washers, water heater, loading, warm - House
  66. Whole home HUMIDIFIER for a brand new house: hardwood floors, furnace, heating
  67. Mysterious dried black urine spot?: floor, foundation, pool - House
  68. Putting hardwood in two rooms, one was carpet, other vynal: hardwood floors, glue - House
  69. Who to see about a leaking chimney?: flooring, foundation, basement - House
  70. tight miter joints: hardwood, install, molding, glue - House
  71. Got uotes for fencing... reasonable prices?: how much, vinyl, townhouse
  72. hardwood floor: plank, installed, kitchen, build - House
  73. steam radiator heat...questions: washer, heating, install, room - House
  74. New kitchen with great organization: how much, engineered, fireplace, Home Depot - House
  75. Home addition cost: room, kitchen, plumbing, square foot - House
  76. Home warranty: how much, washer, furnace, drain - House
  77. Purchasing A Home: repair, better, buying, old - House
  78. 95% efficiency unit vs 80% efficiency unit: how much, furnaces, electric heat, installation - House
  79. Sealing Granite and Stone Veneer: roof, color, sink, kitchen - House
  80. Adding a bathroom to a detached former garage: window, heater, convert - House
  81. Outside heater: floor, roof, drains, install - House
  82. Wax vs. rubber flange under toilet: heat, installation, mold, toilets - House
  83. speed cook ovens: heating, microwave, appliance, installed - House
  84. Just 2 bedrooms on main floor - is it a issue for resale: windows, price - House
  85. Bridgewater or North Edison: townhouse, apartment, better, between
  86. Defective wood used for fence?: color, smells, room, stain - House
  87. Spray or brush masonite siding?: overlays, painting, cleaner, stain - House
  88. Cold house/insulation: how much, windows, heat, insulated
  89. Kitchen sink noise: washers, phone, plumbing, faucet - House
  90. cleaning soot out of carpet: floors, window, vacuum, painting - House
  91. May it be damage?: insulation, pipe, basement, interior - House
  92. Septic system questions: how much, tank, bedrooms, best - House
  93. Fence pricing?: vinyl, Home Depot, install, steel - House
  94. Leaky faucet repair: washer, drain, sink, bathroom - House
  95. 68-75 Medicine Cabinet Reccomendations?: bathtub, bathroom, kitchen, cabinets - House
  96. cast marble for kitchen countertops: granite, sink, kitchens, stain - House
  97. Cost of gut-renovation for 2BR apartment: tiling, floors, countertops, windows - House
  98. Heat: how much, furnaces, heating, ceiling - House
  99. Recommendations for good maid and carpet cleaning companies? - House
  100. Main highway: floor plans, how much, vinyl, windows - House
  101. Cleaning stained grout: Lowes, vacuum, cleaner, stone - House
  102. Mist coming from vents in home: floor, humidifier, heating, furniture - House
  103. Heat Pump Quote in NC: furnace, price, cold, best - House
  104. Does a little hardwood increase home value?: hardwood floor, roof, engineered - House
  105. Changing fan light kit: ceiling, installing, bedroom, standard - House
  106. Help. Trying to install outlet: paint, bedroom, build, electrical - House
  107. A crack on the wall of the townhouse, how serious is it?: vinyl, foundation
  108. Bird help: smell, appliance, condo, light - House
  109. my plumber story: phone, leaking, cost, pipes - House
  110. on Dish & Direct: roof, install, cost, standard - House
  111. Sleep Number or TempurPedic?: heat, smells, installed, mold - House
  112. Neighbor built up common wall with no permit, should I email him or let inspector deal with it?: roof, phone - House
  113. Convert gas fireplace to wood burning?: floor, ceramic, conversion, install - House
  114. Dark clothes coming out of the washer with white lines?: front loader, loading - House
  115. Mattresses People: prices, vs, pillow, best - House
  116. Were we just ripped off for a water heater replacement?: Home Depot, furnaces - House
  117. Outdoor fixture keeps blowing bulbs: loading, lights, warm, build - House
  118. mold: floor, dehumidifier, Lowes, tank - House
  119. Garbage disposal: do's and don'ts?: washer, drains, sink, smell - House
  120. Shut off valve bathroom: washer, Lowes, drain, sink - House
  121. Kitchen counter: granite, installed, bathroom, stain - House
  122. Replacing a sump pump check valve.: granite, heating, vacuum cleaner, drains - House
  123. living on a 3/4 acre lot?: window, basement, interior, stairs - House
  124. wobbly toilet: subfloor, vinyl, drain, paint - House
  125. sliding doors to french doors: floor, vinyl, townhome, window - House
  126. Another hot water: dishwasher, tank, sink, shower - House
  127. Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged: hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  128. Do Mobile Homes Have Studs?: floor, roof, modular homes, installed - House
  129. Insulating a garage attic that is sheet rocked.: floor, roof, Home Depot - House
  130. Foundation problem??: flooring, vinyl, window, ceramic - House
  131. Leveling uneven floors on second floor: hardwood floors, foundation, fireplace, insulated - House
  132. Best shower cleaner for hard well water?: water heater, kitchen, stains - House
  133. Give me estimate on replacement windows: heat, insulating, installed, glass - House
  134. Baseboard, Crown, Door/Window Casings - Wood Materials: hardwood, windows, paint - House
  135. Small One Bath House - Keep the Tub or Remodel for Walk In Shower?: bathtub, bathroom
  136. How to prevent change orders when remodeling?: paint color, appliance, plumbing - House
  137. Mold spores in a bathroom: how much, window, smell, bathrooms - House
  138. Painted driveway: pool, tank, color, stone - House
  139. Heat pump vs radiator, cost-wise?: air conditioning, heating, kitchen, radiators - House
  140. Insulating crawl space. Spray foam insulation vs termites: subfloor, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  141. Does new carpet increase home value?: hardwood, color, kitchen, cost - House
  142. Kitchen cabinet choice: hardwood, how much, countertops, cabinets - House
  143. Excessive Power Usage: floor, humidifier, dishwasher, furnace - House
  144. Redoing Hardwood Floors: refinishing, appliance, stained, molding - House
  145. Heat Pump help for the ignorant: floor, fireplace, heaters, installation - House
  146. Piping gas to a gas gril: fireplace, grill, tank, conversion - House
  147. Dampness in New Foundation: floor, dehumidifier, heater, insulate - House
  148. Black mold......ewwwwww!: roof, paint, cleaner, ceiling - House
  149. Changing from gas to electric stove: heat, convert, apartment, cost - House
  150. What do you use when cleaning...: how much, drains, sink, cleaner - House
  151. Help with electric heat pump: floor, fireplaces, townhouse, furnace
  152. Running electrical cable into main circuit panel: Home Depot, install, replace - House
  153. Foam Crown Moulding: paint, ceiling, installing, dining room - House
  154. Copper Thefts, Take Precautions: flooring, roof, AC, heating - House
  155. Changing an electric wall outlet: AC, insulated, ceiling, installed - House
  156. Kenmore, Maytag, or Whirlpool HE Washer?: washers, front loader, colors, smells - House
  157. opinion about this vaccum cleaner?: how much, vacuum cleaner, costs, compare - House
  158. How do I fix this stove?: dishwasher, color, sink, appliance - House
  159. direct tv/ cable mess: phone, colors, installation, shower - House
  160. Does this porch remind of Fenway?: carpet, outside, pictures - House
  161. urinal in new house???: sink, smell, bathrooms, toilet
  162. Putting a freezer in the garage: Lowes, heat, appliance, cost - House
  163. Raised porches and that diagonal slat stuff......: how much, paint, convert - House
  164. Paid to be on HGTV: phone, cost, vents, worth - House
  165. How long does it take to paint entire interior of house: hardwood floors, how much
  166. Diagnose my lawn mower?: tank, gas, remove, mount - House
  167. Mystery water: floor, roof, townhouse, window
  168. Steam heat + central air = mutually exclusive?: air conditioning, heating, ceiling, convert - House
  169. Lighting: Home Depot, color, install, dining room - House
  170. Pilot Lights on Stove: pool, windows, stoves, smell - House
  171. about entry door replacement.............: hardwood, how much, foundation, installed - House
  172. Building my 1st home - Family with 2 kids: floor, foundation, heating - House
  173. Recommended Brands/Types of Replacement Windows: mullions, vinyl, insulated, installation - House
  174. Help! Flashing on vent loose, allowing water in: hardwood floors, roofing, heater - House
  175. Should I tip hardwood installer guys?: hardwood floor, how much, paint, cleaner - House
  176. Running out of hot water in shower, 50g water heater: how much, townhouse
  177. Dealing with pigeons: floor, window, glue, plumber - House
  178. kitchen cabinet door replacement: color, sink, bathroom, kitchens - House
  179. Who is sick of hearing about spa-like bathrooms?: flooring, granite - House
  180. Granite: sinks, install, kitchens, cost - House
  181. ice dam electrical cables: how much, roofing, vinyl, pool - House
  182. Just threw away a bunch of CFL's: ceilings, room, lights - House
  183. Home Energy Audit results...what to do now!: floor, how much, roof - House
  184. Water Leak, Fallen Tree and Insurance: pool, leaking, cost, pipe - House
  185. Soap scum failure: curtain, cleaner, bathroom, shower - House
  186. skystream: furnace, stove, appliance, bedroom - House
  187. Would you consider this Granite ?: overlay, granite countertops, appliance - House
  188. Easement (Cutting Down Trees): gas, vs, electric, worth - House
  189. new pool owners: pools, Lowes, vacuum, cleaner - House
  190. No Water Coming Out Of Hot Water Side: floor, tank, insulated - House
  191. Need siding advice: how much, vinyl, windows, painting - House
  192. Water/Sewer Line Insurance: heating, installed, plumber, leak - House
  193. Tankless Water Heater?: how much, Home Depot, tank, appliance - House
  194. Hiring painters, yard workers or handymen, do you care if they are legal to work in the US?: painting, rooms - House
  195. Shop Door Leak: remove, rubber, to fix, garage - House
  196. Bathroom tiles water stain: floor, cleaner, dryer, washing - House
  197. ESP Total Care: cost, replace, sewer, brick - House
  198. Floors USA - feedback?: hardwood, install, using - House
  199. former Primestar customers who have Direct TV since the buyout years ago?: phones, rental - House
  200. Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets: Home Depot, installed, home - House