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  1. Wiring wall sconces- DIY?: fireplace, ceiling, install, lighting - House
  2. Getting ink off a sofa: Home Depot, color, stains, carpet - House
  3. Wasps in the garage: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, room, concrete - House
  4. Central A/C: floor, vacuum, convert, living room - House
  5. U.S. Ceramic Tile -- s?: floor, granite, opener - House
  6. Dehumidifier in closet?: floor, drains, refinishing, laundry room - House
  7. HVAC - zoning an old house: flooring, how much, roofing, windows
  8. Cleaning old marble door threshold: paint, stone, bathroom, stain - House
  9. Installing Slider windows w/ nailing fin.: glass, standard, vent, cracked - House
  10. Washing Machine Technical Oil: washer, pool, dryer, better - House
  11. on house reassessment.: floors, how much, roof, paint
  12. Concrete/Cement Countertop: countertops, laminate, installation, vs - House
  13. 40 year old Exhaust Fan: ceiling, bathroom, condo, electrical - House
  14. Wrong thermostat for heat pump?: floor, furnace, AC, heating - House
  15. fiberglass or steel door in basement: insulated, painting, install, cost - House
  16. don't know which mail box is ours: Home Depot, remove, new - House
  17. Sealing up utility hole in side of house: Home Depot, heat, convert
  18. Need advice on painting the bathroom: windows, heat, color, ceiling - House
  19. When to use Grinder vs Sewage Ejector Pump?: tank, tanks, drain - House
  20. Who repairs rugs?: dining room, carpet, damaged, Atlanta - House
  21. Cedar shake maintenance cost: how much, roofing, washers, color - House
  22. Help-sink mount problems: countertop, ceramic, sinks, install - House
  23. Interior foundation piers DIY: subfloor, how much, Home Depot, drain - House
  24. treating mold in crawlspace?: subfloor, roof, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  25. draining and refilling pool: pools, weather, best, filter - House
  26. Chinese drywall concerns: how much, townhouses, Lowes, phone
  27. Travertine tile and glass shower: floor, cleaner, stone, installed - House
  28. Layout for a tiling with a diagonal pattern: floor, family room, kitchen - House
  29. Removing bird poop from the wood siding: floor, windows, paint - House
  30. Solid wire VS Stranded wire: pool, heat, price, electrical - House
  31. buying a log house - what to look out for?: refinish, building
  32. Water Softeners: how much, dishwashers, tank, appliance - House
  33. ecoshield replacement windows: glass, code, cracks, California - House
  34. Steam Vacuum Cleaners: floor, tank, loading, furniture - House
  35. Plumbing: ejector, phone, plumber, price - House
  36. Insulated Register Boxes/Boots vs Non-Insulated: insulation, cost, versus, build - House
  37. Contractor complaint process: lien, install, kitchen, plumber - House
  38. Roof damage from hail?: roofing, heat, phone, condo - House
  39. Your experience with home(s) made from Integrated Concrete Blocks: roof, granite - House
  40. black flies: vents, best, duct, yard - House
  41. Under water stairs ( to pier) cinderblock ok?: painting, concrete, material - House
  42. Leak in common wall ..: drain, condo, build, best - House
  43. Products/tips for cleaning surfaces?: flooring, countertops, stove, cleaner - House
  44. dryer not heating up fully: how much, roof, vinyl, pipe - House
  45. Faucet aerator: installed, bathrooms, apartment, vent - House
  46. own a Shark?: floors, smell, cleaning, vinegar - House
  47. Roofing Quotes: price, sq ft, repair, replace - House
  48. Replaced o-ring but faucet still leaking: Home Depot, ceramic, sink, installing - House
  49. HELP!....Yellowing: windows, painting, cleaner, appliance - House
  50. Clever: sink, bathrooms, code, outlet - House
  51. Open plumbing vent in crawl space?: Lowes, drains, smell, glue - House
  52. Neighbors with bird mites, bedbugs or both: floor, alternatives, smell - House
  53. How to remove bathtub drain?: heat, plumber, glass, damage - House
  54. Birds flying in thru soffit vent!?!?!?!: floor, paint, living room, building - House
  55. Recommendation for HVAC system: AC, heating, installing, versus - House
  56. Contractor wants silver paint...?: roof, alternatives, heat, installation - House
  57. Best Way To Clean A HE Top Loader Washing Machine - Bleach/Whirlpool's Affresh Tablets: washers, front loader - House
  58. Buying HVAC Units Online: furnace, heat, installing, cost - House
  59. How to fix creaky hardwood floors?: hardwood floor, laminate, ceiling, living room - House
  60. Need Insulation help: floor, how much, roof, window - House
  61. what a ****ter: smells, cleaning, toilet, price - House
  62. Cost to install entry door: how much, Home Depot, insulated, phone - House
  63. Painting Window Sash Sides?: vinyl, windows, installed, light - House
  64. A crack on the foundation?: floor, how much, engineered, townhouse
  65. Electrical cord issue -- turning brown?: heat, ceiling, installed, kitchen - House
  66. Floor Stain - Minwax Ebony or Jacobean: hardwood floors, how much, colors - House
  67. Keyless Entry Options - Back Door: system, garage, home - House
  68. Hybrid heating systems: furnace, heater, gas, warm - House
  69. sealant/adhesive for cooktop: countertop, color, appliance, molding - House
  70. Chimney Cap?: roof, fireplaces, windows, heating - House
  71. Painting sunroom interior aluminum panels: Home Depot, Lowes, windows, color - House
  72. Garage floor epoxy and organization: bedroom, kitchen, cabinets, mold - House
  73. How to vapor seal a concrete floor?: hardwood floors, engineered, paint - House
  74. Let's say I want to buy a few LED bulbs: Home Depot, color - House
  75. basemint laundry/basin sink - cleaning agents?: bathtub, ceramic, faucets - House
  76. Turbines or Attic Fan.....: heat, insulating, light, warm - House
  77. Hot water recirculating pump - monthly electric costs: how much, tank, insulated - House
  78. Bathroom Retrofitters - Opinions?: tiling, floor, vacuum cleaner, refinishing - House
  79. propane gallons usage estimate: dishwashers, water heater, paint, installed - House
  80. Coil Cleaning At Condos?: Home Depot, air conditioning, cleaner, faucet - House
  81. Help: P Trap to wall connection leak??: washers, sink, installed - House
  82. Binishells: pictures, efficient, California, ground - House
  83. News, New Heat Pump Could Last 10,000 Years, Experts Say.: heating, smells, build - House
  84. Modern Version of Time-Life Home Repair Series?: roofing, warm, best - House
  85. Best use for Silicone Based Sealant: grill, stone, glass, price - House
  86. repairing kitchen drawers: roof, vinyl, laminate, kitchens - House
  87. Picture mouldings in older house...where to find hangers?: painting, cabinets, molding
  88. Shower tile was painted & now it's peeling: how to fix?: drain, refinish - House
  89. Help - getting chocolate frosting out of carpet: living room, cleaning, stain - House
  90. Zoning Laws / Ordinances Part 2: paint, smell, electric, vent - House
  91. Air-Conditioning/Heating Vent Register Covers: how much, ceiling, rooms, electric - House
  92. Kraftmaid Cabinets in Washington DC Area: flooring, how much, granite, Home Depot - House
  93. Ceiling fan install in sloped ceiling: floor, paint, installing, bedroom - House
  94. NEW AC OUT: 98 degrees/heat index-ideas?: ceiling, installed, repair, outside - House
  95. Citronella candle wax on teak furniture: heating, cleaner, stain, carpet - House
  96. Propane Grill Problem: how much, tank, gas, leak - House
  97. Water Heaters in Tandem: tank, installation, showers, plumber - House
  98. HELP! Trapped with Ants!: Home Depot, Lowes, furniture, bathroom - House
  99. Advice needed about porch & robin fledglings,: smells, compare, dogs - House
  100. One Central AC to heat both floors of 200 yr old house?: furnace, window
  101. Mailbox Post: vinyl, granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  102. Redo Lawn: how much, roof, cost, sq ft - House
  103. Suggestions on BBQ Grill to Buy: Home Depot, tank, gas, price - House
  104. Sump Pump Cover/Lid?: Home Depot, paint, plank, ceiling - House
  105. screen/storm door installed on wrong side: installing, repair, vent - House
  106. Why would bedroom get WARMER at night?: floor, roof, furnace - House
  107. How much did you put down on your house purchase?: price, building
  108. Water heater stain on floor: tank, tanks, drain, plumber - House
  109. Plumbing problem: subfloor, roof, pool, vac - House
  110. Tub corroded around overflow drain...: floor, pool, refinish, sinks - House
  111. Bathroom ceiling light/exhaust fan?: Home Depot, Lowes, installing, build - House
  112. HOA vs. Locking Mailboxes: install, standard, vent, replace - House
  113. Sewage Smell From Bathroom Sink: Lowes, drain, bathtub, sinks - House
  114. Hardwood stairs - Dog going up and down: installing, bedrooms, stained - House
  115. GE Profile Spacemaker 2.0 microwave jvm2070....touch screen problem?: hardwood floors, dishwashers, heat - House
  116. Firewood Storage: how much, fireplace, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  117. Furniture from Value City Furniture: floor, how much, springs, laminate - House
  118. Sponge Drawer: countertop, dishwasher, ceramic, sink - House
  119. Flat Roof Replacement Costs: roofing, stone, master bedroom, kitchen - House
  120. help me decide what this is ..: steel, iron, construction - House
  121. shared lot - what to do when planning to buy: standard, vent - House
  122. Help! I flushed my keys down the toilet!!!: floor, tank, drain - House
  123. Greasy Jeans. Help!: cleaner, cleaning, stained, repairing - House
  124. Does basement humidity affect upstairs living space humidity of house?: hardwood floor, roof
  125. Help me identify this!: floor, pool, heater, cleaning - House
  126. Heat Wave and Drought: Patio Pavers Separating: foundation, sink, installation - House
  127. Interpreting radon test: cost, basement, crawlspace, vent - House
  128. Truss or stick roof? Thinking about a green roof.: build, load, between - House
  129. Getting the stink out of the fridge: drains, smells, cleaning - House
  130. Anti-siphon wall faucet/hydrant: pool, phone, drains, sinks - House
  131. Home Inspection Nightmares.: hot water heater, shower, light, compare - House
  132. slate in my backyard worth anything?: costs, building, construction, buy - House
  133. Ballpark cost to gut, repumb, rewire, reinsulate: hardwood floors, shingles, foundation - House
  134. Best way to wash t shirts?: washers, color, smells, apartment - House
  135. Shipping Container house! WOW!!: shingles, windows, hurricane, cost
  136. What would you want zoning laws, HOA, and other rules to forbid your neighbor from doing?: paint, smell - House
  137. Replacing steam system with hot air furnace?: hardwood, furnaces, heater - House
  138. HELP - water leak - how big a problem?: floor, roofing, vinyl - House
  139. Can you splice aluminum and coppper wire?: heat, ceiling, light - House
  140. Insulation??????(with photo): flooring, furnace, Lowes, heating - House
  141. Buy a house with water in basement?: floor, foundation, furnace
  142. Time to buy a new Grill. Weber or Holland?: how much, Lowes, heat - House
  143. What is the best Tool for ........: floor, Lowes, ceramic, kitchen - House
  144. Hate Your Granite Counters?: how much, granite countertops, fireplace, laminate - House
  145. using DirectTV for tv and cable for internet?: how much, phones, living room - House
  146. Privacy Fence cost sharing: paint, compare, warm, build - House
  147. Can little me dig fence post holes?: how much, window, install - House
  148. Plexiglass/Accylic panels in Home windows to deter burglary?: living room, cleaning, costs - House
  149. Phillips head screws vs. flat: install, building, square, vent - House
  150. Steam iron with NO Auto Shutoff?: standard, best, between, pump - House
  151. How to clean off soap scum on slate tiles in shower?: ceramic, cleaner - House
  152. Recommendations fo New House setup -- outlets, lights, .: floor, fireplace, sofa
  153. hardwood floors: engineered, Home Depot, Lowes, furniture - House
  154. Would you buy a house next to a zig zag house?: how much, bedrooms
  155. Termite Treatment - New Home: foundation, cost, warm, vs - House
  156. How much to pay a friend helping me out with a project: paint, gas - House
  157. Cable or Satelittle TV - New Home: roof, installing, price - House
  158. Need help Painting: flooring, Home Depot, Lowes, color - House
  159. News, $6,390 toilet features bidet, heated seat: conversion, install, room, plumber - House
  160. Pirate ship bedroom for six year old boy.: bedrooms, price, vents - House
  161. How to deter squirrels from chewing: roofing, paint, dogs, vents - House
  162. Canceling Monitoring on Alarm System: phone, installed, cost, code - House
  163. How to break into own house and not cause damage?: window, apartment
  164. How to deal with noise complaint due to flooring- HELP!: vinyl, townhouse
  165. What do you flush down the toilet (besides the usual)?: drain, sink - House
  166. Plumbing for a Pool Bath in a Detached Garage: floor, Home Depot, pools - House
  167. what is fake stainless steel?: vinyl, dishwasher, grill, heat - House
  168. Home Warranty: appliance, leak, cost, warm - House
  169. What is behind A/C register vents.......??: grills, bathroom, cleaning - House
  170. Plumbing Problem: washer, water tank, sink, bathroom - House
  171. I just bought new bed sheets......: smell, washing, vent, iron - House
  172. Installing Dishwasher - Required Height: hardwood, vinyl, granite, tank - House
  173. gotten rid of their encyclopedias?: furniture, room, replace, mount - House
  174. Hardie Board: floor, color, plank, installing - House
  175. Electronic Equipment by TV: my fireplace, heater, convert, room - House
  176. A/C out with no hot water: Home Depot, water heater, phone - House
  177. Quality furniture - sofas: couch, convert, cost, brands - House
  178. vinyl siding, white spots: how much, color, installing, cost - House
  179. help. Am I being too picky with this kitchen remodel workmanship?: floor, overlay - House
  180. Looking for driveway ideas: Home Depot, grill, color, installed - House
  181. Can you convert a regular swimming pool to a heated pool?: how much, roof - House
  182. My garbage was stolen!: worth, purchase, yard, freeze - House
  183. good alternative to ugly chair mat for carpet?: hardwood floor, laminate, ceramic - House
  184. Confused with Central AC: floor, furnace, Air Conditioners, heating - House
  185. Why are electric stoves more common than gas? And what's your preference?: tank, cleaner - House
  186. Broken Stovetop (glass/ceramic flat top): appliance, kitchen, cost, electric - House
  187. What NOT to do w/elect glass cooktop~: stoves, sink, cleaner - House
  188. Should I hire an unlicensed contractor?: lien, opener, refinish, paint - House
  189. Attic insulation: roof, furnace, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  190. Spray foam insulation on underside of roof in attic: shingles, insulated, ceilings - House
  191. what am i looking at?: how much, windows, gas, light - House
  192. How would this house look with an extra window in the front?: floor, roof
  193. Wrapping Metal Ducts with Insulation: AC, heating, insulated, cleaning - House
  194. above ground pool problem: replace, walls, England, new - House
  195. News Video, Woman Survives Chainsaw Accident.: room, removing, oak, Chicago - House
  196. Caring for eucalyptus outdoor furniture: patio, polyurethane, pros - House
  197. Tips on getting rid of flies?: sink, bathroom, kitchen, shower - House
  198. Is Concrete paver edge ok in NY area?: lien, cold, cracking - House
  199. Moth Ball Smell from house: floor, window, smells, upstairs
  200. What type of retaining wall?: wood, material, pavers - House