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  1. scraping porch paint in old colonial: floor, heat, color, sink - House
  2. 220 vac Electricity usage monitors?: how much, AC, water heater, install - House
  3. Wiremold - Experience: ceiling, room, lights, remove - House
  4. Reset water heater? No hot water...bradford white: water tank, drain, plumber - House
  5. Think Small: A Housing Model: room, shower, apartments, toilet - House
  6. Rekeying locks - Kiwkset and Schlage - Common Key: best, replace - House
  7. What is the best way to vapor Barrier a crawl space?: floor, foundation - House
  8. help with housing negotiation: how much, roof, opener, appliance - House
  9. Hard to open sliding windows: vinyl, installed, cleaning, glass - House
  10. driveway sealer: brands, cracks, best, coat - House
  11. Cleaning Procedures - Your Favorites: humidifier, windows, color, smell - House
  12. Sealing a driveway: washer, versus, concrete, cracks - House
  13. Dismantle or saw up wood playset? Best method?: basement, electric, weather - House
  14. Vapor barrier in bathroom: foundation, heating, cleaning, mold - House
  15. about Central Air unit: furnace, grille, AC, heat - House
  16. News, Medieval well discovered beneath couple’s living room.: floor, foundations, stone - House
  17. Tiling Cement Board Covered Deck: flooring, paint, ceramic, plank - House
  18. Air conditioner, Broan vs. Maytag: pool, appliance, install, outside - House
  19. News, Amid Drought, Homeowners 'Fix' Lawns With ... Paint: colors, vent, iron - House
  20. Air Handler Filters: how much, grille, AC, furniture - House
  21. What do you know about Asbestos?: furnace, stove, pipes, basement - House
  22. Closed on our house in St. Louis today!: warm, buying, car garage
  23. Blue/green stuff on bathtun drain pipe: cleaner, cleaning, leaking - House
  24. Dissolving residue from old putty (caulk?) on widow panes: heat, glass, remove - House
  25. Exterior wood painting/staining: Home Depot, color, stain, cold - House
  26. Rental home has settled from foundation-huge gaps!: windows, room, insulation - House
  27. Best way to get porcelain stovetop clean?: cleaning, glass, outside - House
  28. Transporting Shower Glass Door: Lowes, showers, toilet, prices - House
  29. Vinyl Shower Pan Ding - Not Cracked - Repair: glass, damage - House
  30. Does AC condenser need to be replaced too?: alternatives, heat, installed - House
  31. Fixing a small crack in a porcelain sink: Home Depot, Lowes, bathtub - House
  32. Hardwood Floors Vacuum: ceramic, furniture, cabinets, light - House
  33. Congrats to harrychickpea!: Texas, good - House
  34. News, Put Away your Fly Swatter, Grab the Bug-A-Salt: window, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  35. Interior Paint: Home Depot, Lowes, color, bathrooms - House
  36. First Time Home Buyer Rockville,Md: complaints, safe, area, moving - House
  37. Deck stains - no joy.: how much, color, cleaner, stain - House
  38. Finding center of property?: building, square, best, systems - House
  39. Home security: install, toilets, refrigerator, brands - House
  40. Water pressure low and now it is fine!!: tank, appliance, circuit - House
  41. Emergency generator for the house: natural gas, cost, basement, vents
  42. Shutter on house..: fixing, homeowner, to fix
  43. How long should a tank of propane last on a grill?: how much, drain - House
  44. Quick Temporary Fence Ideas: roof, Home Depot, Lowes, install - House
  45. how to remove shower drain: glue, tile, existing, new - House
  46. food safe adhesive for silicone gasket?: glue, duct, plastic - House
  47. Bolthole leak in the basement wall: repair, outside, worth, purchase - House
  48. Fake Rock over the well ideas!: building, remove, pictures, ducts - House
  49. Build a Natural Gas Burner for Fire Pit: fireplaces, glass, stainless steel - House
  50. Transforming plated-brass (gold) plumbing fixtures?: bathtub, paint, bathroom, cleaning - House
  51. Attic insulation trampled down in spots: air conditioning, ceiling, installing, warm - House
  52. Can I just paint over chipping trim paint & rotting wood?: roof, color - House
  53. News Video, Man accidentally kills 40,000-sq-ft lawn: pools, square, yard - House
  54. Could me in whether or not this wall can be taken out?: foundation, sink - House
  55. Can I Use EXterior oil paint indoors?: furnace, windows, painting - House
  56. Favorite brand of central air conditioner: water heaters, appliance, installed, electric - House
  57. Hanging Wallpaper While Preserving the Paint Under It: curtain, rooms, build - House
  58. Reducer floor molding: floors, room, tile, between - House
  59. Long lasting outdoor gas mantle?: converting, glass, vent, better - House
  60. danger with ungrounded elec panel?: how much, appliance, plumber - House
  61. Execellent Plumbing Supply: phone, sink, installed, shower - House
  62. Condo is cool downstairs but warm up: floor, fireplace, AC - House
  63. Problem with tubular skylight: heating, insulated, install, room - House
  64. News, Rossen Reports: Are air-conditioning repairers being competent and: old, good - House
  65. Minimum federal efficiencies for air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and water heaters effective 2015: tank, natural gas - House
  66. repairing water damaged ceiling for neighbor: wood floors, tank, installed, bathrooms - House
  67. new ideas for bathtub shower doors?: vinyl, curtain, color - House
  68. DIY EPDM Membrane - Over Patio: roof, alternatives, pools, painting - House
  69. Bathroom rugs on new ceramic tile floor: tiling, floors, vinyl - House
  70. how to get aluminum from screens off windows?: paint, cleaner, master bedroom - House
  71. Dirty Water Water Heater: Home Depot, drain, plumber, faucets - House
  72. Mobile Home Lot Preparation: phone, install, apartment, cost - House
  73. Pest control..DIY: warm, vinegar, ducts, homeowners - House
  74. where to put the ac: floor, window, Air Conditioner, heat - House
  75. Fix window leak?: floor, roofing, windows, installed - House
  76. Need help w/HVAC upgrades: heat, install, room, kitchen - House
  77. Where to Store a Propane Tank Around the House: grill, furniture, gas
  78. Lowe's Iris whole home automation: Lowes, phones, appliance, installed - House
  79. Bathroom vent fan.: roof, ceiling, installation, shower - House
  80. Security Cameras Outdoors: how much, tank, installation, costs - House
  81. Who do I call: Leaky Window??: vinyl, windows, installation, insulation - House
  82. 'Drainz' Septic Treatment Products containing DRAINZYME: Home Depot, tank, smell, toilet - House
  83. Propane Logs in Fireplace: floor, fireplaces, tank, stove - House
  84. refinished wood furniture before?: how much, refinishing, painting, stained - House
  85. Why won't my toilet stop refilling?!: how much, tank, sink, kitchen - House
  86. Upgrades Nor or later for a new Home: opener, grill, installation - House
  87. Home Insurance - Prior Claims: pool, window, drain, room - House
  88. Broken Window-: floor, vinyl, springs, windows - House
  89. What to do about this roofer?: roofing, phone, paint, ceilings - House
  90. saw a roach-help!!: bathrooms, kitchen, compare, vent - House
  91. Home inspection issues - would you buy this house?: ejector, foundation, Air Conditioners
  92. What would you add when re-wiring your house?: floor, washers, Home Depot
  93. What to do... leather chair not leather: smell, furniture, compare - House
  94. HVAC and ECM motor: dehumidifier, furnace, AC, heating - House
  95. open entry to basement: floor, window, heating, railing - House
  96. Attic Ventilator Fan: roof, townhouse, AC, heat
  97. Ants appear after pest control? Help!: phone, room, costs, building - House
  98. Brick Stoop Pulling Away and Sloping: foundation, drains, paint, sinks - House
  99. Replacements for security spot lights: roof, color, lighting, cost - House
  100. Kitchen Cabinets: countertops, Lowes, laminate, color - House
  101. Has tried this space heater, and your opinions?: alternatives, fireplace, windows - House
  102. New Fridge: Home Depot, pool, Lowes, air conditioning - House
  103. I need help with smoke detector: phone, smell, installation - House
  104. I am not satisfied with Electrolux: dishwasher, pool, vacuum cleaner, painting - House
  105. Interior Painting - Acrylic vs Latex: color, cleaner, room, cleaning - House
  106. Stanly or Troy-bilt?: washers, flea, windows, mold - House
  107. Cost to build a loft space: floor, heat, ceilings, bedroom - House
  108. Projects you COULD do, but pay to have done: floors, shingles, painting - House
  109. decor above kitchen cabinet: how much, stove, ceramic, ceilings - House
  110. Need to Seal/Recoat My Driveway: Lowes, window, paint, cleaning - House
  111. what is this extra stuff growing in my grass?: Home Depot, vent, worth - House
  112. What type of pipe would u use to run water from the water meter to your house: install, plumber
  113. new electric chainsaw not cutting: Home Depot, gas, light, concrete - House
  114. Toilet with a lot of flush power: Lowes, tank, cleaner - House
  115. What a good indoor humidity percentage setting: hardwood, furnace, double pane windows - House
  116. Soundproofing walls: floors, townhouses, heating, insulated
  117. Which Patio Doors - Wood, -Alum. - Vinyl ?: roof, Home Depot, windows - House
  118. AC repairman appears to have caused water leak, damaging wall... do we have recourse?: pool, phone - House
  119. Air quality in house, open ducts in crawl space. HELP: floor, insulated
  120. Tree damage insurance: washers, sink, compare, electric - House
  121. My neighbor comes and goes at all hours of the day...what's going on?: windows, light - House
  122. Solid element electric cooktops - why never very popular in the U.S.?: alternatives, heat - House
  123. kitchen flooring for a temporary fix (2-3 years): hardwood, vinyl, vacuum - House
  124. Pool, Chlorine.: drain, color, sink, smell - House
  125. Major Basement Flooding Problems: drains, plumber, toilet, pipes - House
  126. SEER upgrade: furnace, grille, Air Conditioners, heat - House
  127. Callers at the door: window, conversion, glass, cost - House
  128. Standby Generator - db Issues: townhome, furnace, Air Conditioner, installed - House
  129. Basement obviously flooded at stage- serious?: floor, foundations, laminate - House
  130. Water from kitchen water STINKS!: sink, smells, installing, bathrooms - House
  131. Can/Should I cut my neighbor's trees that hung 3-10 FEET over the property line & covers my side?: townhouse, cost
  132. Air conditioner click and clip sound: window, heating, vacuum, drain - House
  133. Odor: window, air conditioning, smells, bedroom - House
  134. My nieghbor as contractor: roofing, color, plumbing, building codes - House
  135. have experience or thoughts on Solatube Skylights?: floor, roof, appliance - House
  136. Hot water heater - Standby heat loss: pool, water tank, sink - House
  137. Craftsman trimmer with Expand-it attachments: Home Depot, brands, better, replacing - House
  138. Is the ground wire necessary?: floors, microwave, appliance, installed - House
  139. hiring handyman: Home Depot, window, phone, painting - House
  140. Ceiling Paint Brands: flooring, shingles, Home Depot, laminate - House
  141. watering the lawn frequency: how much, pool, installation, costs - House
  142. Who in the world would caulk where the wall meets the ceiling??: flooring, foundation - House
  143. supporting a shed floor -- 16-foot 4x6's?: flooring, install, cabinet - House
  144. Help with ceiling fan install?: Home Depot, installation, room, lighting - House
  145. with Air Duct Cleaning, or Ozone Generator Treatment?: Home Depot, furnace, Lowes - House
  146. Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator ice maker not working: light, circuit, repair - House
  147. Trees, cut down or don't cut down: cost, damage, best - House
  148. HOA Liable for Chronic Flooding?: engineered, foundation, drains, install - House
  149. Buy Central A/C unit online and have local person install: how much, furnace - House
  150. Building a custom home (w: flooring, foundation, windows, heater - House
  151. problem with bird next 60 feet above entrance!: washer, smell, cleaning - House
  152. Tiny, tiny bugs in bathroom - psciod mites?: phone, drains, bathtub - House
  153. helpy! Best carpet cleaning solution: colors, cleaner, stain, carpets - House
  154. Which is a Better Company? AHS Home Warranty OR Total Protect Home Warranty?: fireplace, dishwasher - House
  155. Replacing pipe from pump to water tank.: pool, Lowes, smell - House
  156. outdoor shed -- misc. questions (PIC): floor, roof, Home Depot, installed - House
  157. How to remove construction dust from painted textured walls?: HEPA filter, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  158. Need help terminating contract w/Contractor: tiling, floor, granite, stove - House
  159. So much dryer lint!: floor, how much, washer, front loader - House
  160. House market low, is it worth renovating more?: floor, how much, roofing
  161. Clunk from Pipes after shutting off valve: washer, Lowes, drains - House
  162. darkening out window from sun: dehumidifier, Lowes, windows, curtains - House
  163. disposer backs up: dishwasher, Lowes, drain, sink - House
  164. What would deter you from buying a house in a certain neighborhood?: how much, color
  165. 3-unit condo but no HOA: roof, townhouses, cost, replacement
  166. Electronic Pest Repellent-harmful to humans?: energy, wall, exterior, buy - House
  167. Living Near a Whiskey Distillery Safe?: washer, smell, asbestos, mold - House
  168. How to frame a roof.: Lowes, hurricane, building, square - House
  169. storm windows -- very basic questions!: floor, Air Conditioner, heating, install - House
  170. Outdoor Wooden Storage Box. Protective coat or shingles or other?: roofing, Home Depot - House
  171. building shelves with Simpson strong tie brackets?: home project, roof, alternatives - House
  172. Do It Yourself Natural Gas Repairs: furnace, pool, water heater, plumber - House
  173. Clogged Sewer line or something: Lowes, phone, drains, curtain - House
  174. What would deter you from buying a house in a certain neighborhood? Pt. 2!: smells, cleaner
  175. Ongoing help with building a fort: flooring, roofing, vinyl, window - House
  176. Bathroom Update: floor, roof, drain, sink - House
  177. sliding door area leak during rain: floor, how much, shingles, ceiling - House
  178. Water Damage - Should I Buy: hardwood, roof, dishwasher - House
  179. Home Warranty Plans- Recommendations?: furnace, Air Conditioner, appliance, leaking - House
  180. Attached vs Detached garages...: townhome, kitchen, cost, building - House
  181. Not stay in a house until their fleas are ALL gone?!: flooring, vacuum
  182. A/C not blowing cold!: pool, Air Conditioner, insulated, prices - House
  183. I hate recaulking the tub!: floors, pool, ceramic, cleaner - House
  184. Help Roaches!!!: heat, apartment, outside, average - House
  185. What do you think of this product idea?: how much, dogs, fence - House
  186. electrical issue, just a bad outlet or something more?: living room, lights, circuit - House
  187. Tips for new landlords?: painting, repair, best, seal - House
  188. Sweet Smell from A/C Vent in Bedroom?: AC, heat, insulated - House
  189. electric outlets on a screened porch: floor, pool, windows, bathroom - House
  190. Which way should I run my laminate floors? (Pictures included): hardwood floors, plank - House
  191. Updating Bathroom Hardware: colors, bathrooms, kitchen, stain - House
  192. Think like a criminal! Critique this security system...: windows, phone, install - House
  193. IDC Electrical Connectors for Household wiring?: install, room, insulation, plumbing
  194. help me understand insurance for new home: flooring, roof, granite - House
  195. shower ripout, installing shower pan liner, and tile.: tiling, floor, how much - House
  196. Should I paint my baseboards?: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes, painting - House
  197. Champion Windows?: how much, vinyl, Lowes, heat - House
  198. Cooling went down - HVAC cooling / cost: how much, furnace, AC - House
  199. News, Bees take over Ontario home, might have 2000 pounds of Honey.: ceiling, kitchen - House
  200. Cellular shades - House