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  1. What would you recommend for the exterior of this house?: shingles, vinyl
  2. Home remodeling cost: flooring, kitchen, plumbing, light - House
  3. Wood chimney cap?: shingles, fireplace, paint, installation - House
  4. Should we replace our stucco with brick? Costs???: color, light, leaking - House
  5. Shiny sealant for garden slabs: concrete, outside, backyard, safe - House
  6. Dehumidiers: Recommendations: floor, how much, dehumidifier, furnace - House
  7. Solid Stained Patio Peeling- Need Suggestions: washer, color, stain, light - House
  8. Cracked and dirty caulk -> how to fix to repaint: windows, bathroom - House
  9. Calling plumber for small/big problem: floor, how much, phone - House
  10. Is this paint still good?: color, smell, bedrooms, compare - House
  11. Sealing the air handler cabinet: cabinets, cost, pipes, repair - House
  12. Siding Options: vinyl, foundation, sink, plank - House
  13. locating septic field lines: tank, steel, pipes, building - House
  14. Do I have a bad water tank?: washers, pool, Lowes - House
  15. Fireplace things--not sure what it is called or how to fix: heating, paint - House
  16. Marco Natural Gas Fireplace (Model B36CFI) won’t turn on: fireplaces, installed - House
  17. Plumbing/tub/shower issue: heat, installation, bathroom, showers - House
  18. News, More than 21-foot wasp nest found in home.: pools, construction, 2013 - House
  19. Water damage house--busted pipe: cost, worth, company, legal
  20. Cleaning a Chandelier: floor, curtain, colors, sink - House
  21. wet tile saw ...: Lowes, cost, damage, cheap - House
  22. wet cutting tile saws: tiling, floors, granite tile, Home Depot - House
  23. Install motion sensor light over shingle?: roofing, washers, heat, ceiling - House
  24. Mirror stains tough to remove?: paint, cleaner, room, stain - House
  25. How many days after drywall texture is new home usually completed?: flooring, paint color - House
  26. Strange problem with my bathroom grout: floor, vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  27. Is my floor refinisher doing the job properly?: floors, how much, vacuum - House
  28. help me think about a kitchen/mud room remodel (PICS): floors, granite countertops - House
  29. Wood garage door - cable has detached from bottom: opener, steel, outside - House
  30. Uneven/Sloping Floors First Time Buyer Dilemma: how much, foundation, furniture - House
  31. Spray Foam Insulation the Answer, Or Is It?: installation, duct, complaints - House
  32. Need Black Stain Recommendations: color, furniture, brands, standard - House
  33. Decipher this GE wall oven model #: appliance, replacement, between, cement - House
  34. Attic insulation: install, glass, sealing - House
  35. A positive about a company: Lowes, paint, lighting, cost - House
  36. Suddenly noisy top loader washer: floor, cold, system, difference - House
  37. Gas hot water heater issue?: tank, drain, install, cleaning - House
  38. Undercounter fridge drawer location: washers, furnaces, AC, heat - House
  39. Electrical Box Fan Rated?: paint, wood, covered, good - House
  40. hot tub technical problem: heater, installing, code, replace - House
  41. Water damage visible in attic, roof leak: roofing, installed, bathroom - House
  42. Attic insulation of a northern workshop: roof, painting, ceiling, installing - House
  43. Dumb furnace: floor, heater, stove, room - House
  44. sticky adhesive residue: glass, remove, plastic, softener - House
  45. Need suggestions for living room lightining: floor, painting, ceiling, furniture - House
  46. DIY Screened Porch on Existing Covered Patio: colors, converting, installing - House
  47. Sump Pump average prices ?: tiling, how much, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  48. Repainting brick/block foundation.: alternatives, washer, color, cost - House
  49. fast drying, fan or dehumidifier: room, best, remove, moisture - House
  50. sunroom questions: floor, grill, windows, sofa - House
  51. Re-finished hardwood flooring issue: heating, refinishing, color, furniture - House
  52. Turning a steel barn into finished square footage?: roof, foundations, windows - House
  53. Irrigation Controller Hunter: install, pricing, compare, crawlspace - House
  54. Deck After Olympus Deck Cleaning: washer, railing, color, cleaner - House
  55. Granite slab vs granite overlay countertops?: installed, kitchen, company, material - House
  56. Intex Pool--Cleaning of Bottom & Heating: floor, roof, heater, vacuum - House
  57. Septic leech field... built around existing tree: springs, plumber, pipes - House
  58. Bed quality: how much, price, pillow, mattresses - House
  59. adding a bathroom to a master bedroom dressing area (try 2!) WITH FLOOR PLAN: flooring, window - House
  60. Mail order house plans: windows, bedrooms, code, buying
  61. Townhome Fence Ownership?: townhouse, installing, build, construction
  62. How to increase cooling efficiency - old apartment: Home Depot, window, curtains - House
  63. What Could Be Under There?: how much, foundation, plumber, faucet - House
  64. Video, Opening a Can Like a Boss!: vent, screen, money - House
  65. Uplighting Cathedral ceiling ideas: windows, living room, mount, wall - House
  66. What fence would look good with this house?: fences, wood, backyard
  67. Refrigerator for Free from the Water and Power Company?: appliance, toilets, costs - House
  68. help me determine if this is mold: townhome, smells, insulation - House
  69. For curiosity - around what year did electronic ignition gas furnaces become norm?: heater, pipe - House
  70. New Electric Range Smell: stoves, smells, appliance, gas - House
  71. Want to build a garage but issues with ground water. Recharge system?: install, building - House
  72. Wood burning stove insert: fireplace, stoves, convert, installed - House
  73. Well water system with smelly hot water: water tank, tanks, price - House
  74. Removing chimney for oil furnace - popular?: floors, roof, foundation - House
  75. Semi-custom home - what options will I have?: hardwood, how much, vinyl - House
  76. difference in Brushed v. Satin Nickel?????: color, sink, bathroom, light - House
  77. Reclaimed Hardwood Floor: laminate, refinish, color, installing - House
  78. Proportion of hot/cold water in single handle faucet: sink, bathroom, shower - House
  79. Trying to ID/ date a hinge: cleaning, iron, best, duct - House
  80. Humidifier in a heat pump system?: heater, stove, smell - House
  81. 2 basement questions..: subfloor, roof, vinyl, washer - House
  82. How much to install the Door bell Intercom and where: cost, build - House
  83. fake stone-hardie board: engineered, vinyl, paint, installation - House
  84. Washer & Dryer hook-up attached to my house: window, phone, bathroom
  85. Found step crack on the brick wall. Need suggestions.: foundation, window, stair - House
  86. Steam Boiler Temp Fluctuations?: cold, thermostat, home, older - House
  87. Repainting a Painted Brick House: roof, color, cracks, better
  88. Gum Carpet Removal: how much, microwave, stain, light - House
  89. Driveway Seal Coating: how much, roofing, paint, gas - House
  90. Need advice about siding and deck repairs: floor, plank, install - House
  91. PVC Black Wire/Mesh Fence??: installation, dogs, vent, best - House
  92. Propane Gas dryer line: install, electric, valve, plug - House
  93. Kitchen tile advice needed: wood floors, countertops, Home Depot, color - House
  94. musty smelly toilet tank: smells, cleaner, mold, toilets - House
  95. In-Ground Pool Cost: pools, heat, install, plumber - House
  96. Drywall installation: pool, window, ceilings, installing - House
  97. Sherwin Williams paint problem?: how much, paint color, living room, best - House
  98. exterior paint job v. new windows: vinyl, heating, insulating, painting - House
  99. Is this a reasonable remodel budget for?: floor, shingles, window - House
  100. simplify living: floors, countertop, washer, vacuum - House
  101. New home(to us) labor time estimate: hardwood floors, how much, hot water baseboard - House
  102. on replacing interior doors: window, painting, installation, stain - House
  103. Cost to Add a Basement??: foundation, jacuzzi, furnace, ceiling - House
  104. Removing unused phone land lines and wires: pool, phones, paint - House
  105. 1940 house, cracks on plaster. Keep cracks, fix or replace with sheet rock?: foundation, insulated
  106. what little things do you MISS when cleaning because you are used to them?: fireplace, rooms - House
  107. Need paint colors/schemes: wood floors, Lowes, dining room, kitchen - House
  108. Three story house - why is first floor considered basement?: floors, jacuzzi
  109. How to eliminate strong cooking odors?: floor, townhome, windows, curtains - House
  110. Should I buy one of spot carpet cleaners or just go ahead and buy the regular carpet cleaners: Home Depot, tank - House
  111. Nice big house or expensive house but little to no furniture?: floors, roof
  112. Retractable screen door: windows, installing, condo, compare - House
  113. AC repair or replace? Could use advice: roof, furnaces, window - House
  114. Gas stove safety devices.: fireplace, pools, stoves, appliance - House
  115. Basement/cellar with dirt walls and partial dirt floor: floors, foundation, furnace - House
  116. how do I trim shrubs? (PIC): windows, between, driveway - House
  117. cheap wood paneling in tile, want new pick best option: floor, washer - House
  118. live by a church?: windows, convert, bedroom, apartment - House
  119. Mirrored Backsplash: granite, windows, stove, paint - House
  120. Dishwasher With Stainless Interior - Problem: cleaner, stain, stainless steel, remove - House
  121. Protect teak outdoor furniture: color, cleaner, cleaning, building - House
  122. Summer kitchen: grill, stove, sink, bedroom - House
  123. Thinking of adding sliding closet doors to room. Need opinion.: paint, sink - House
  124. Building a fence: vinyl, code, concrete, vent - House
  125. Another year, another season where can't get my lawn mower to run... help?: tank, tanks - House
  126. Car exhaust enters living room above garage?: furnace, heat, phone - House
  127. RootX: floor, foundation, drains, bathtub - House
  128. grass that the lawn mower misses?: Home Depot, pools, gas, prices - House
  129. Keeping outside lights on for safety?: floor, how much, townhouse, pool
  130. Slab House Settlement: foundation, loading, ceiling, installed
  131. lawn mowing etiquette confusion: drain, cleaning, gas, electric - House
  132. How Do I turn Off This Radiator (Pics): windows, heater, paint - House
  133. Help on Split Level Insulation: flooring, foundation, Home Depot, furnace - House
  134. in love with an old brick split-level with several issues? Should we pass?: subfloor, how much - House
  135. Has heard of this brand of laminate??: hardwood floors, installing, living room - House
  136. swamp (evap) cooler: roof, windows, Air Conditioners, heating - House
  137. News, Man ordered to install septic system, insists his outhouse is just fine: how much, Home Depot
  138. Gas range craze?: washers, heater, loading, stoves - House
  139. When taking shower - water pressure drops every couple of minutes: dishwasher, hot water heater - House
  140. Two story with only one bath, no half bath!? Is this common?: floor, washer - House
  141. New minimum federal standards for gas furnace AFUE in northern U.S. in effect as of today: roof, furnaces - House
  142. Pave????: paint, standard, fences, best - House
  143. move thermostat over 4 or 5 inches?: how much, furnace, heating, paint - House
  144. A House in the trees: better, yard, liquid, door
  145. How to get pocket door off its track: installation, repair, worth - House
  146. Deal breaker or easy fix thats not a ton of $$?: roofing, laminate - House
  147. What to do with tilted house: hardwood floors, how much, granite, foundation
  148. Gas Hot Water Heater Pilot Won't Stay Lite: how much, jacuzzi, Home Depot - House
  149. Looking to get central air installed- questions for experts: air conditioning, heating, ceilings - House
  150. Youngest family in neighborhood?: townhouse, warm, siding, outside
  151. Furnace Filter Location: grill, AC, paint, installation - House
  152. Do home warranties usually exclude pre-existing problems?: washer, water heater, appliance - House
  153. fitted sheet is too loose---tips on sewing to adjust?: mattresses, better, ducts - House
  154. Local mansion back on sale (previously featured on extreme homes): heater, couch - House
  155. Who do I hire to excavate my sewer line and for how much?: Home Depot, tank - House
  156. There's something fishy about this air conditioning repairman...: window, Air Conditioner, vacuum - House
  157. Home Wiring - Neutral & Ground Wires.: install, room, code - House
  158. How do you know which side of street the water main is on?: plumbing, natural gas - House
  159. Removal of water feature/pond?: how much, pool, drains, stone - House
  160. Water pipe twisted - how to fix?: how much, sink, install - House
  161. AC thermostat - heat pump: roof, Home Depot, furnace, Air Conditioner - House
  162. Cost of labor for a 5x8 bathroom remodel: tiling, bathtub, sink - House
  163. home cooling: roof, window, Air Conditioner, heating - House
  164. Want to buy, but not sure how much to pay: floor, shingles - House
  165. Building Apartment Above the Garage: floor, roof, engineered, foundation - House
  166. Selling the house but asked to leave the attachments???: opener, fireplace, pool
  167. Stone beds in front yard -- asking for trouble?: window, toilet, glass - House
  168. Extremely Loud Rheem Power Vent Natural Gas Hot Water Heater: furnaces, windows - House
  169. Old solid wood vs New Engineered wood: hardwood floors, foundation, laminate - House
  170. establishing property line with fence, plants,: how much, paint, versus - House
  171. Most affordable way to repair this shower? (photo): tiling, how much, color - House
  172. Wonder how many all-original 50s-70s homes are still out there?: flooring, vinyl - House
  173. How can I reduce outdoor cigerette fumes?: pool, windows, smell - House
  174. Dishwasher issues?: countertop, drain, sink, installed - House
  175. electric ?'s/ outlet gauge: floors, how much, vinyl, Air Conditioners - House
  176. Kitchen Update advice: floor, countertops, laminate, window - House
  177. Buying an old house: would you consider electrical issues a major problem?: roof, foundation
  178. Tiny Black Moths: flea, town house, vacuum, drains
  179. Living/Family Rooms: Hardwood floors vs Carpeted floors?: hardwood floor, vinyl, laminate - House
  180. Replacing Hazardous Stab-Lok Circuit Breaker Panel in Condo: installed, price, building - House
  181. What is your basic cleaning routine for a large home?: flooring, dishwasher - House
  182. Which do you prefer: a laundromat or home W/D?: washers, pool - House
  183. Fixing outside corner bead that is cracked, other finshing s?: foundation, heater - House
  184. The truth about clothes dryers, filters and dryer sheets: heating, sink, smell - House
  185. Engineered retention wall - very high estimation, HELP: foundation, cost, building - House
  186. oppinions on exterior house color-blue: Lowes, stove, paint color, ceiling
  187. Curb Appeal Ideas for New House?: how much, roof, windows, color
  188. using LED light bulbs?: heat, sink, ceiling, family room - House
  189. painting the exterior of a medium-sized house: washer, windows, heat
  190. Attic Vents in S. Florida: flooring, roof, heat, paint - House
  191. Do It This Week/Weekend . . . OR BUST: stove, paint, living room - House
  192. Electric bill is freaking driving me crazy! UP 150% from last year!: window, heating - House
  193. bathroom fan vents improperly placed near attic roof?: Home Depot, heater, bathtub - House
  194. Homebuilders scrap 'master bedroom' because of racist, gender-biased connotations: floor plans, bathrooms, washing - House
  195. HOA: There's actually something worse than oppressing freedom of speech and political opinion...: sofa, color - House
  196. Just bought a house with a Zen Garden. What do you do with it?: flooring, kitchen
  197. Asbestos Floor Tiles- DH doesn't want to recover them: flooring, paint, kitchen - House
  198. Pipes making squeal high pitched noise?: washer, tank, drain, toilet - House
  199. 3M Clear Security Film Costs: how much, installed, area - House
  200. codes or industry standards for moisture control below grade: flooring, convert, installed - House