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  1. Fan for use in metal ducts around fireplace...: my fireplace, cost, warm - House
  2. where to run oil line in basement: floor, furnace, tank - House
  3. Baseboard heat in addition not adequate: fireplace, insulated, ceiling, install - House
  4. slow leak out - bathtub spout: floor, bathroom, replace, remove - House
  5. EZE Breeze Vinyl Window Systems: installed, existing, duct, screen - House
  6. Cracking bathroom paint: window, paint color, ceiling, installing - House
  7. Burnt stove top..: ceramic, cleaner, glass, electric - House
  8. Cost to build deck railing: Home Depot, Lowes, paint, compare - House
  9. Hot Tub temperature setting?: Lowes, heater, insulate, drain - House
  10. Fence Damaged In Storm How hard to replace?: repair, concrete, damage - House
  11. Furnace mount humidifier: windows, AC, water heater, converting - House
  12. re-grouting/re-corking bathroom shower: color, install, tile, remove - House
  13. yard questions (drainage and landscaping): drains, damage, better, removal - House
  14. Maintenance cost 1% of value. Still unclear...: flooring, furnace, AC, appliance - House
  15. Running a gas line to gas range: fireplace, townhouse, furnace
  16. Stackable Washer and Dryer?: washer dryer, appliance, installed, mold - House
  17. Installing bathroom faucet - do I have to remove sink?: cracking, plastic - House
  18. Basement Wall: floor, how much, countertop, foundation - House
  19. Houston deal on top of the line LG Washer & Dryer: washer dryer, front loader - House
  20. Suggestions on building a noise reduction berm.: washing, fence, construction - House
  21. Whoopsie! Boulder bowling in Italy: built - House
  22. How to Select Pool Company?: pools, Lowes, heat, installation - House
  23. Homeowner's Insurance Rates In Central Florida: how much, pool, windows, phone - House
  24. Leaving unfinished basement unfinished, but...: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, windows - House
  25. Does a dishwasher have to have a vent cap?: drain, plumbing, codes - House
  26. Water Softener Maintenance: how much, sink, install, kitchen - House
  27. Basement Sink Drain Solution Brainstorm Needed: floor, foundation, drains, ceiling - House
  28. home owner needs plumbing help! Leaky toilet in basement.: water tank, mold - House
  29. .: pool, painting, cleaning, dogs - House
  30. LiftMaster MyQ technology: opener, phone, install, bedroom - House
  31. built in closets: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, paint - House
  32. Things I learned in my home remodel: flooring, roof, countertops - House
  33. What to do for doggie-scratched wood floors: hardwood floors, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  34. New Homeowner: Flooring:: hardwood floor, carpet, repair, replacing - House
  35. Fridge issue: air conditioning, heater, vacuum, refrigerator - House
  36. crawlspace drainage: roof, foundation, drains, installing - House
  37. Plantation shutters that don't open...: windows, bathroom, costs, building - House
  38. Click-flooring installation: vinyl, room, carpeting, tile - House
  39. Heat pump questions?: humidifier, townhouse, furnace, installed
  40. Termites in Trees: installing, homeowners, system, Florida - House
  41. Surface improvements to foundation concrete: paint, remove, sanding, material - House
  42. Vertical Cracks on Brick Walls: roof, drain, pipes, repair - House
  43. heat pump fan doesn't work: furnace, electric heat, install, cost - House
  44. CA: General Contractor and Workers Comp.: bathroom, cost, better - House
  45. Rotten wood: foundation, Lowes, repair, better - House
  46. Does this Match??: countertop, color, stone, bathroom - House
  47. replacing a 2001 thermostat (PIC): floor, my fireplace, furnace, heat - House
  48. creaky floors plus: sink, bathroom, mold, carpet - House
  49. Covered PATIO Turnkey vs Split Jobs: roofing, Lowes, phone, ceilings - House
  50. The big new house or work with what we got?? Thoughts everyone?: roof, foundation
  51. Replacing Bathtub Trim Ring Pieces: pool, drain, shower, plumber - House
  52. replace gas boiler/heater more than cost to convert from oil: Air Conditioner, water tank - House
  53. Pex fitting and size which is better? crimp or press: washer, sink - House
  54. Pond Water Leaking What to do?: pool, cleaning, compare - House
  55. housekeeping/chores apps for iPhone?: smells, cleaning, detector, dryer
  56. Dryer vent: roof, Lowes, vacuum, cleaner - House
  57. HVAC Unit Runs Continuously: heat, insulation, warm, weather - House
  58. simple way to put a restriction in a return?: furnace, grill - House
  59. Why won't my screw tighten on wall?: bathroom, plastic, wood - House
  60. new construction - stackable laundry: washers, front loader, loading, installing - House
  61. Gas fireplace - gas usage (Pilot): how much, furnaces, water heaters - House
  62. Asbestos worrys =/: floor, washer, vac, ceilings - House
  63. Thick crack in the countertop: granite, sink, stone, install - House
  64. New toilet valve - slow drip: pipe, replace, wall, fixing - House
  65. Corner cabinet lazy susan repair ?: how much, pipe, between, pictures - House
  66. Insulating where basement wall meets house wall: floor, drain, ceiling
  67. Soffit baffle: floor, installed, insulation, vent - House
  68. Ideas on a potentially frozen drain pipe?: floors, roof, heater - House
  69. Textured sealer/finish for ceramic tiles.: floor, jacuzzi, Home Depot, paint - House
  70. News, Do you use Propane to heat your House? Propane shortage adds to winter woes.: alternatives, furnace
  71. News, Video: ‘Mystery house’ in North Carolina contains useful secret: building, 2014
  72. DIY Electrical help ??: vac, cost, circuit, repairing - House
  73. Help me fix a broken toilet flush: better, replace, pictures - House
  74. Repairs to washing machine done cheap: washer, laminate, appliance, install - House
  75. Need ideas to whiten/brighten old bath tub: drain, bathtub, color - House
  76. Bleeding a cast iron steam radiator?: furnace, heat, room, pressure - House
  77. Fill gaps in hardwood?: hardwood floors, humidifier, heater, refinish - House
  78. DIY oil furnace tuneup without a combustion analyzer.: tank, tanks, stove - House
  79. Converting Carpeted Stairs to Hardwood Stairs: overlays, engineered, refinish - House
  80. In-line plumbing vents: roof, drain, sinks, install - House
  81. There's no place like home, Toto: faucet, leak, outside, best - House
  82. Old houses - North east vs Georgia: foundation, sink, mold
  83. Looking for a Cozy Beach Home?: sq ft, cold, 2014, porch - House
  84. Battery Storage Fire Warning! 9 volt,AA: cleaning, New Hampshire, Ohio, safe - House
  85. Turning a studio into 1 bedroom: curtains, ceilings, apartments, build - House
  86. Cost of Gunite Pool--Really that high?: vinyl, pools, heat, glass - House
  87. Tile for a 3 Season Porch: floor, stone, installed, slate - House
  88. 10 Hideouts We’d Be Happy To Call Home: between, 2014, range - House
  89. Stick vs upright vacuums: hardwood, sofa, couch, furniture - House
  90. Est. Cost to Remove Indoor Lap Pool: floor, roofing, pools - House
  91. Cost to build a new house?: vs, code, standard, construction
  92. Clogged Washing Machine.: roof, washer, Lowes, drain - House
  93. wood fireplace insert - a good idea?: floor, how much, furnace - House
  94. Snow and Ice on Flat Roof - Help!: water heater, toilet, damage - House
  95. HVAC how to fix one air register blowing much more air than others: install, bedrooms - House
  96. Water rapidly dripping from light fixture...HOW?: floor, roof, drain - House
  97. Commercial refrigeration/freezers in a home kitchen?: water heater, appliance, installed - House
  98. master bedroom hot in winter: floor, furnaces, window, heating - House
  99. Lingering Smoke Smell from Previous Owner: floor, insulating, painting, smells - House
  100. Should there we a pool/outdoor living sub-forum?: pools, furniture, building - House
  101. Allure Vinyl Flooring Warranty: Home Depot, plank, bathroom, glue - House
  102. Weight of tile floor: tiling, subfloor, dishwasher, laminate - House
  103. Dirt Basement and Bugs/Mice: floors, dehumidifier, tank, drain - House
  104. Gas furnace replacement...: Lowes, install, insulation, natural gas - House
  105. Do I need to Fasten Wood To Concrete when doing basement framing: floor, ceiling - House
  106. DIY Movable fence - need advice: vinyl, Lowes, window, plank - House
  107. How can people live like slobs and feel good about themselves?: washer, sink - House
  108. New House Systems: roof, vinyl, countertops, furnace
  109. Headroom requirements for bedrooms?: floor, window, heat, ceilings - House
  110. Insulation - light switch: insulate, installed, electrical, outside - House
  111. Before and Afters: flooring, bathtub, sink, bedroom - House
  112. Roach Infestation Nightmare, Help!!: Home Depot, stove, sink, living room - House
  113. Wall Mounting for a Complete: Home Depot, AC, appliance, build - House
  114. So many nit-picky people: flooring, granite, microwave, color - House
  115. Drainage Dispute With Neighbor: Home Depot, pool, drainage pipe, stone - House
  116. Mailman walks through landscape rock instead of sidewalk: phone, living room, concrete - House
  117. bathtub /jacuzzi usage ?: floor, how much, fireplace, springs - House
  118. Is heating required in every room?: floor, heaters, stove, ceiling - House
  119. Black Marks on Chrome Faucet: sink, cleaner, bathroom, cleaning - House
  120. How to fix soil erosion along edge of driveway?: Lowes, warm, concrete - House
  121. Who to call to get at WHY pipes are freezing?: Home Depot, heater - House
  122. concealed electrical junction boxes: floor, insulating, refinish, ceiling - House
  123. News, Now Washington is coming for your wood burner....: my fireplace, furnaces, heaters - House
  124. Water coming out of the house: granite, foundation, smell, plumber
  125. Kitchen Island Distance to Cabinets: dishwasher, stove, sink, appliance - House
  126. What's With This Crazy Circuit Breaker?: washer, Air Conditioner, vacuum cleaner, loading - House
  127. Class-Action Suits to Move Foreword on Frontload Washers: front loader, loading, smells - House
  128. Trains...all..night..long: conditioner, heater, insulated, phones - House
  129. Basic home automation package: install, lights, cost, code - House
  130. Land property...: drain, install, codes, standard - House
  131. Odd wiring in kitchen outlet?: sink, light, electrical, circuit - House
  132. EPA: New wood stove regulations: hardwood, stoves, installing, bathroom - House
  133. Removing concrete driveway, DIY?: installed, stain, steel, electric - House
  134. Hot Water Issue in Shower: water heater, sink, installed, bathroom - House
  135. Open toilet in basement: floor, drain, curtain, sink - House
  136. help! too many broken things in the house and clutter: floor, how much
  137. Need Washing Machine - I need HOT WATER!!: washers, front loader, pool - House
  138. Roof Leaks: roofing, heat, installation, chimney - House
  139. Gas fireplace: fireplaces, furnace, water heater, smells - House
  140. desertsun41: cabinets, vent, best, 2013 - House
  141. Close Call Today - Thermostat malfunction: floor, furnace, heaters, dining room - House
  142. Dealing with Homeowner's Claim Adjuster: hardwood, how much, dehumidifier, heat - House
  143. alternative form of heating other than gas and electric.: floor, my fireplace, furnaces - House
  144. Home Cheapo electrical idiocy - now what? (bizarre): floor, laminate, paint - House
  145. water leak near window: roofing, paint, ceiling, living room - House
  146. Where/How do you store reusable shopping bags?: insulated, colors, sink - House
  147. Ok its time: grill, ceramic, stone, install - House
  148. Marvel refrigerators and freezers?: appliance, kitchen, cost, basement - House
  149. Should i buy a home where the slab has settled???: floor, how much - House
  150. My Master Bath remodel: flooring, heater, color, appliance - House
  151. Quote for door replacements way too high...: floor, opener, Home Depot - House
  152. Is powder room fan OK behind toilet?: tank, drains, bathtub - House
  153. Secret Entrance Door: floors, color, square foot, siding - House
  154. Leathered stone countertops?: granite countertops, laminate, color, installed - House
  155. Grey cabinets with black counters?: wood floors, countertops, color, appliance - House
  156. about sinks: granite, dishwasher, colors, installation - House
  157. Big black bird banging my gutter??: floor, windows, ceiling, bedroom - House
  158. Child-proofing house: hardwood floors, sink, furniture, living room
  159. 38k foundation repair on new home!: floors, fireplace, windows - House
  160. What to do With Fireplace Ashes: homestead, floor, window, kitchen - House
  161. Just moved in dryer plug doesn't match :(: Home Depot, furnaces, water heaters - House
  162. Our Brand NEW 900 sq foot Concrete driveway is RUINED!!!: refinishing, installation, staining - House
  163. Heating: Hydronic Radiant Heat: flooring, how much, windows, hot water baseboard - House
  164. New construction painting: vinyl, fireplace, windows, color - House
  165. Induction cooktops...are they becoming more common?: countertop, dishwasher, microwave - House
  166. ALWAYS count on a snafu: heater, bathtub, paint, plumbing - House
  167. Which goes best? Quartz opinion!!: floor, countertop, color, kitchen - House
  168. Contractor fee to come out for estimate? how do you feel about that?: Home Depot, Lowes - House
  169. Predatory remodeling: Home Depot, Lowes, paint, bedrooms - House
  170. Light Switch Wiring: color, code, electricity, replacement - House
  171. smooth/Flat Top Stove vs regular coil based: dishwasher, ceramic, cleaner - House
  172. Wall seam splits after reroofing?: floor, roofing, foundation, windows - House
  173. My smoke detectors going off...: fireplace, heat, vacuum, stove - House
  174. Make this house more attractive: how much, roof, windows, drain
  175. Location ideas for media cabinet?: floor, heater, couches, ceiling - House
  176. Saving money on home purchase?: vinyl, Lowes, colors, bathroom - House
  177. Updating kitchen advice: granite, Home Depot, laminate, refinish - House
  178. Bed bugs in case goods?: hardwood, sofas, furniture, apartment - House
  179. Questions about custom house design!: flooring, how much, roof, countertops
  180. Grease on garage floor..: cleaner, cleaning, stain, leak - House
  181. replace 1 bathtub with a washer/dryer ... viable? crazy?: floor, washer dryer, Home Depot - House
  182. News, Appliance Warranties: Wasteful or Worth It?: dishwasher, cost, circuit - House
  183. Gates not closing, dog escaped & killed: pools, room, apartment - House
  184. OTR microwave with good lighting: countertop, pool, heat, stove - House
  185. Keeping Fence from Rotting: drain, installation, steel, build - House
  186. Refinishing hardwood floor with edge groove: engineered, plank, stain, build - House
  187. home.inspection lasted only an hour and.25.minutes: how much, shingles, paint - House
  188. Using sheetrock backwards: Home Depot, paint, installing, cost - House
  189. 12 ft slider: wood or vinyl: pool, windows, painting, gas - House
  190. Buying Home With Septic: how much, dishwasher, pool, tank - House
  191. Furnace exhaust pipe sealing: roof, warm, electric, siding - House
  192. Do circuit breakers work both ways?: AC, sink, installed, mold - House
  193. is this in bathroom: water heaters, bathtub, sink, shower - House
  194. 15A outlet on 20A circuit: washer, Air Conditioner, heater, vacuum - House
  195. Problem keeping dryer vent hose connected to dryer: room, pipe, versus - House
  196. new windows don't seem to matter for keeping cold out: floor, how much - House
  197. Roof washing: new - House
  198. basement remodeling: floors, how much, vinyl, insulated - House
  199. News, Build a streamlined laundry room: Lowes, stain, repair, removal - House
  200. Bathroom Cabinet Quote - House