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  1. Where do I begin when adding a garage w/ apartment?: bedrooms, codes - House
  2. How to clean vintage sink?: refinishing, paint, sinks, converting - House
  3. Siding Woes: paint, plank, cost, repair - House
  4. lights in house don't work: load, area, new, old
  5. Plank Vinyl Over Existing (Vinyl?) Tile: flooring, paint, asbestos, glue - House
  6. Different shading on wood: hardwood floors, engineered, refinishing, living room - House
  7. PORCELAIN TILES: Am this as flooring. What has your experience with them been like?: vacuum, color - House
  8. Recommendations on regular cleaning of hardwood floors?: vacuum, couches, furniture - House
  9. Faucet or Valve Replacement Help: sink, bathroom, moving, small - House
  10. House Foundation: ceiling, family room, building, basement
  11. What's the going rate for someone mowing your backyard?: how much, company, landscaping - House
  12. Too much lint on clothes after washing in front loader: washers, apartment - House
  13. Doorbell issue: townhouse, phone, install, electric
  14. Soap for cleaning exterior trim & Hardiplak siding?: washer, painting, plank - House
  15. Well Depth, Well Pump, and GPM: how much, window, water tank, tanks - House
  16. Is there a combo CO, smoke and fire alarm?: heater, stove, detector - House
  17. Refurbish shower doors: install, cleaning, stained, glass - House
  18. Sealing around fireplace damper?: heat, chimney, light, basement - House
  19. Laminated window frames: vinyl, windows, colors, vent - House
  20. What are wall plaques?: kitchen, mold, prices, duct - House
  21. Vinyl flooring and Skimcoating?: subfloor, Home Depot, AC, ceramic - House
  22. Suggestions for DIY water extraction: dehumidifier, foundation, AC, vac - House
  23. Improve AC performance?: floor, roof, townhouses, window
  24. Eze breeze screened in porch: roof, installation, cost, interior - House
  25. Metal Fencing?: roofing, foundation, springs, Lowes - House
  26. Electric paper shredder jammed: costs, vent, outside, remove - House
  27. Dryer vent/pipe and gas pipe exhaust right outside my window. Is this safe?: floor, furnace - House
  28. Residential DIY landscaping: drains, cracks, best, pump - House
  29. Lumber Liquidators hardwood flooring: hardwood floor, engineered, vinyl, alternatives - House
  30. Engineered hardwood installation: hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, refinish - House
  31. REAL SLATE FLOOR.... using real slate slabs as kitchen wante on wear, practicality,: flooring, vinyl - House
  32. Foundation Experts: drain, installing, plumber, pipe - House
  33. Talk to me about basic AV improvements!: windows, install, blinds - House
  34. Light switch neutral wire: installed, bathroom, code, electrical - House
  35. Maytag ice maker is bad;: install, warm, replacement, remove - House
  36. Roach poop?!: floor, windows, color, smell - House
  37. Install wall oven without a base cabinet: granite, installing, gas - House
  38. lost 30% of my power - breaker issues?: insulation, dryer, lights - House
  39. Installing an Exterior Hose Bib - DIY?: foundation, drain, bathroom - House
  40. how to fill travertine holes: floor, color, cleaner, installed - House
  41. Gap in top plate, how much is too much: roof, drain, installed - House
  42. DIY Ways To Raise House Value?: floors, color, smell, furniture
  43. STAIN or PAINT kitchen cabinets: how much, conditioner, color, cost - House
  44. Tankless water heater natural gas: installing, pipe, remove, pressure - House
  45. closet dilema: square, better, clothes, efficient - House
  46. Wood patio deck: hardwood floor, plank, material, table - House
  47. Exterior home paint colors: shingles, vinyl, window, rooms - House
  48. Mid-Build New Construction Advice: roofing, granite, air conditioning, color - House
  49. Is a 20 foot deep back yards itch a 7 foot easement too small for a pool?: foundation, glass - House
  50. Leaking Light Fixture: roofing, cleaner, ceiling, bathroom - House
  51. Dryer cord: colors, appliance, install, cabinet - House
  52. solar screens recommendation: how much, windows, heat, curtains - House
  53. what type of contractor handles this?: roof, drains, installation, bathrooms - House
  54. Tire dressing = cheapest driveway sealer: stains, leaks, costs, concrete - House
  55. What kind of contractor does this work?: floor, drainage pipe, installing - House
  56. The Wishy-Washy Washing Machine Company of Walla Walla, Washington: washers, front loader, Lowes - House
  57. Termite protection: home project, foundation, Lowes, grill - House
  58. ideas for enjoying backyard during summer: pool, Lowes, cleaning, light - House
  59. Does snake-away really work?: crawl space, copper, property, enclose - House
  60. Do I have a broken Water Pipe?: foundation, dishwasher, drain - House
  61. Outside Noise from Window A/C Unit: AC, heating, appliance - House
  62. dryer smell from front loader: washer, cleaning, mold, building - House
  63. Dishwasher Leaking...should I return?: Home Depot, Lowes, hot water heater, sinks - House
  64. Need advice - how to put on a central air duct register over new sheetrock: ceiling, vent - House
  65. gutter experts Have a leak in elbow section...: roof, drain - House
  66. Cause of condensation on ceiling/around AC vent: insulated, installed, room - House
  67. Bathtub leak on bottom: Home Depot, refinishing, kitchen, glass - House
  68. How to fix this broken wood door?: how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  69. 1/8 drywall over plaster...will it hold up?: Lowes, insulating, painting - House
  70. Rain leak in fireplace: roof, heat, ceilings, install - House
  71. Zorbx and off-gassing furniture: window, sofa, color, smell - House
  72. Retractable awning,: paint, installed, homeowner, patio - House
  73. The Woodsman's Cottage: 2015, wooden, home, built - House
  74. New deck - lumber vs composite pricing: railing, stained, cost - House
  75. How to remove fertilizer salts stains from concrete: cleaning, removing, clothes - House
  76. A/C is not cooling: heating, vents, cold, best - House
  77. Cat Deterrent has a high pitched noise: good, garden, small - House
  78. Wood floors, the best way to clean dust: how much, Home Depot - House
  79. Water damage from upstairs toilet overflow: floor, ceiling, bathroom, mold - House
  80. Instant Hot Water Systems: furnace, water tank, drain, sink - House
  81. Cleaning the gutters: cleaner, vent, worth, better - House
  82. Border landscaping ideas: weather, best, driveway, material - House
  83. Carpet tiles in room attached to garage: subfloor, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  84. Oreck XL help --- it sparks at times?: cleaning, filter, large - House
  85. Best low cost method for refinishing a gunite swimming pool?: paint, cleaning - House
  86. Home improvement fails: worth - House
  87. Is it to splice wiring in the “can” portion of recessed LED lighting?: heat, ceiling - House
  88. Conversion to salt water pools: converting, installing, cost, purchase - House
  89. Two breakers must be on: heating, sink, electrical, circuit - House
  90. water softener ~ need advice on capacity: install, showers, square, iron - House
  91. Is Home Depot/Lowes the best place for a small shed?: paint, steel - House
  92. Blower fan keeps running - Builder/HVAC says it's normal?: floor, windows - House
  93. 13 year old AC out of Freon: window, heat, leaks, cost - House
  94. Rocky toilet: vac, phone, plumber, cost - House
  95. Epoxy Grout good now?: color, bathroom, compare, building - House
  96. How far to keep termite-infested furniture from the house?: paint, square, best
  97. Cost to rebuild my house: how much, compare, building, basement
  98. Soapstone spotting issue - what is this and how to fix?: countertops, refinish - House
  99. When to replace a fridge?: how much, compare, disposal, electric - House
  100. Weed control in rosa rugosa hedge: damage - House
  101. Can't believe it but it worked.....: drain, pipe, repair, washing - House
  102. Insect Killer: outside, best, yard, burning - House
  103. Woke up to flooded first floor of sewage and water: plumber, pipes - House
  104. Deck Problem With Squirrels & Bees: railing, stained, glue, repairing - House
  105. Moldy smell coming after spill down crack between counter & stove: dishwasher, vent - House
  106. questions about carpenter ants: floor, roof, Air Conditioner, vacuum - House
  107. Home Inspection Tip: heater, appliance, lights, compare - House
  108. problems with closets in bathroom: dehumidifier, drains, bathtub, smell - House
  109. what would you suggest for this tree? keep or cut off?: foundation, fence - House
  110. Fluid Dynamics:: Whole House Fan: floor, how much, Lowes, windows
  111. ladder: painting, ceiling, room, glass - House
  112. Staining furniture questions: Home Depot, color, stain, best - House
  113. average moisture content of a concrete slab ?: hardwood, engineered, vinyl - House
  114. Plumbing Problem: floor, sink, room, kitchen - House
  115. Spray Foam Insulation in Attics?: roof, Home Depot, AC, heat - House
  116. Garage Door Getting Hung Up Upon Opening: opener, springs, phone - House
  117. Asbestos Questions: floor, vacuum, painting, ceilings - House
  118. Drain flies?: floor, foundation, vacuum, drains - House
  119. What can be causing drips and leaks?: floor, roof, AC - House
  120. How to get rid of raccoons in attic?: smell, worth, better - House
  121. How many of you have been bitten by mosquitoes despite wearing DEET repellent?: alternatives, smell - House
  122. HVAC attic unit keeps running after I turned it off.: AC, heat - House
  123. Should I install vent prior to re-roofing?: floor, installing, bathrooms - House
  124. Best Home Alarm & Why?: phone, install, apartment, costs - House
  125. Insecticides vs. natural diatomaceous earth for home insect repellent?: washer, fleas - House
  126. HVAC experts on drain hose/leak: floor, furnace, pool - House
  127. Fujitsu vs mitsubishi multi split ac: window, heating, stove, install - House
  128. Sand Bed 3,150lbs (7'x8'x 9 ) in 10x20 room -- can it work?: subfloor, engineered - House
  129. How to clean poop off the wall: color, cleaning, stain - House
  130. What do you think about snake house buyers?: drains, ceiling
  131. Fixing Mold Without Spending $15,000: roof, Lowes, paint, smell - House
  132. Urine odor on concrete: flooring, cleaner, installed, steel - House
  133. What Kind of Heat should I use?: floor, Lowes, air conditioning - House
  134. mortgage going up due to escrow analysis?: homestead, costs, best - House
  135. Black walnut trees: cost, iron, cracking, removing - House
  136. Someone keeps cutting our rental home's grass...: phone, vs, ranges - House
  137. Trashed apartment. Cleaning Service? Or... ?: floor, dishwasher, bathrooms, kitchen - House
  138. Replacing dishwasher flatware basket: pool, appliance, room, cleaning - House
  139. Would you consider a house from 1997 a new house?: roof, windows, AC
  140. Mold Issue in New House: engineered, humidifier, foundation, window
  141. Why are people so intolerant of different preferences in houses?: flooring, roof
  142. How common is this nowdays?: how much, windows, microwave, convert - House
  143. Electric not working breaker not flipped: how much, roof, heating, install - House
  144. Got quote for $3,000 for sprinkler system install: drain, installing, plumbing - House
  145. Removing indelible ink from a suitcase?: vinyl, paint, stain, glue - House
  146. Water heater going bad: how much, tank, drain, installation - House
  147. Where do you store a wet dirty mop?: floors, washer, smell - House
  148. replacing a 2-car opening with a single garage door + a wall: floor, furnace - House
  149. My toilet was leaking & flushing on it's own for 3 1/2 days - roughly how much more will my water bill be this month?: pools, toilets - House
  150. BAMBOO FLOORING....HOME DEPOT...CLICK TOGETHER... out there use this product: hardwood, engineered - House
  151. Sink faucet broke in bathroom: floor, Lowes, paint, appliance - House
  152. Adding a front porch: how much, roof, engineered, windows - House
  153. Are fences normal for your area?: vinyl, pools, build, electric - House
  154. Can lilac bushes be a 'rooter'?: foundations, fence, damage, remove - House
  155. Installing Range Hood - Help!: microwave, paint, cabinet, plumbing - House
  156. Mosquiotes eating me alive: pools, smell, warm, build - House
  157. Squirrels in attic eating through ceiling: how much, foundation, smell, installing - House
  158. Contractors and paying by the hour integrity: plumber, glass, electric - House
  159. HVAC return right above gas stove?: floor plans, how much, furnace, grill - House
  160. Bathroom tile problems I give up....: flooring, color, installing, bathrooms - House
  161. Granite garage floors: flooring, Lowes, room, stains - House
  162. Need new dishwasher: pool, water heaters, sink, cleaner - House
  163. Electical - wall switch: ceiling, lights, electrical, better - House
  164. Entertaining as a major factor in house hunting?: fireplace, pool, grill
  165. Crazy motion activated light: install, detector, lighting, circuit - House
  166. Large black ants have moved in.: floor, bathroom, kitchen, toilet - House
  167. Builders - New development - can't have wood on 2nd floor?: subfloor, installation - House
  168. To Paint or Stain a Deck?: floor, washer, color, cleaning - House
  169. Vinyl siding or hardie plank or???: color, warm, build, damaged - House
  170. thoughts on infared heaters: fireplace, window, Air Conditioner, stove - House
  171. Why do they still make smoke detectors so obnoxious?: how much, cost, electrical - House
  172. Contractor asks to see other estimates before giving his?: how much, apartment, cost - House
  173. next door neighbor is president of HOA and making my life miserable: vinyl, painting - House
  174. Endless mowing next door: window, phones, company, duct - House
  175. Tankless Hot Water Heater: how much, washer, furnace, water tank - House
  176. No Silt When Water Heater Flushed but Coming Out Faucets: tank, tanks - House
  177. Fun home improvements?: pool, tank, vacuum, phones - House
  178. Folks who did extensive remodels/additions - advice/regrets?: flooring, how much, installed - House
  179. leak in bathroom: subfloor, drain, sink, ceiling - House
  180. Continuing discussion on manufactured homes from recent double-wide ..: subfloor, roof - House
  181. This is carpenter ant?: building, upstairs, vent, outside - House
  182. Dated but good quality wooden built in: cabinet, stainless steel, buy - House
  183. What color roof for a sage house?: shingles, heat, insulation
  184. After I purchase should I instal:: hardwood, laminate, refinish, smell - House
  185. Suggestions For Home Use Screw Gun: Lowes, sink, light, price - House
  186. Have tried Log houses for living?: wood floors, fireplaces, windows
  187. Saltwater Pools -- How do they compare to the regular pools?: vacuum, smell - House
  188. Are doublewide homes really that bad?: hardwood floors, roofing, vinyl, windows - House
  189. rounded drywall corners: windows, refinish, painting, condo - House
  190. Repair Refrigerator or Buy New One?: appliance, install, stainless steel, cost - House
  191. Can tell me what transition strips are?: price, build, slab - House
  192. Help me find a beautiful solution: convert, room, cabinets, glass - House
  193. Dyson DC65 Animal worth it?: HEPA filter, hardwood floors, vacuum cleaner, color - House
  194. Lowes or Home Depot: floor, cleaner, plumbing, pricing - House
  195. Electricity Rate: Fixed or Variable?: Lowes, natural gas, cost, compare - House
  196. Builder not painting beside door hinges?: installed, lighting, building, standard - House
  197. How often do you thoroughly clean the bathrooms?: floors, sink, cleaning - House
  198. ac is broke need help: repair, cold, replace, thermostat - House
  199. News, US retailer halts sales of all laminate flooring made in China: 2015, ducts - House
  200. News, Doctors Issue Warning About Cleaning Grills with Wire Brushes: grill, room - House