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  1. Uneven bath tub, repair or replace? No drain issues: glass, leaking, vent - House
  2. Prepping deck for stain...I cleaned and it dark: cleaner, remove - House
  3. Help identify bugs! Bed bugs or Termites?: window, warm, outside - House
  4. Dry-charged condenser units: furnace, AC, installing, leak - House
  5. HVAC cleaning the air-handler/evaporator?: heater, vacuum, cleaner, installed - House
  6. Electric Furnace/Heat, does it need a roof vent?: electric heat, chimney, replacing - House
  7. what's this filler called?: alternatives, building, concrete, vent - House
  8. Basement Basin and Sewage Piping: floors, install, pipe, code - House
  9. Fisher and Paykel double drawer dishwashers: how much, dishwasher, cleaning, kitchen - House
  10. new unit not cooling properly: furnace, vacuum, installation, outside - House
  11. Renting - Bathroom leak/soft floors: vinyl, ceiling, living room, mold - House
  12. Security needed: Solar motion sensor wall lights: roof, Lowes, AC - House
  13. Electric Heat Pumps - Cape Cod, MA: insulated, install, condo - House
  14. Mold - To Buy a Test Kit or Hire an Inspector?: toilet, light - House
  15. Load Bearing Wall Confirmation: subfloor, sofa, ceiling, furniture - House
  16. Retro fitting stairs, need advice: floor, railing, room, siding - House
  17. Small closet lighting: floor, heat, ceiling, installation - House
  18. Residential Generators questions: how much, fireplace, tank, stove - House
  19. New tile floor stinks!: flooring, cleaner, installation, remove - House
  20. Carpet slippery (recently cleaned): how much, Lowes, vacuum, cleaner - House
  21. Best Bed and Bedding Set up of your dreams: how much, washer, smell - House
  22. Best mask to wear while sweeping out rodent droppings?: painting, building, replacement - House
  23. retaining wall: engineered, color, concrete, better - House
  24. Outlet help: lights, building, circuit, replace - House
  25. HVAC - replace system or condenser WWYD?: floor, heat, installation - House
  26. DIY Mini-split installation - placement of Air Handler: roof, fireplace, window - House
  27. Garbage Disposal Wiring: dishwasher, sink, installing, kitchen - House
  28. closing off heat/ac vents: furnace, grill, heating, rooms - House
  29. Switch Loop on Bathroom light...or not?: code, circuit, outlet - House
  30. Hanging hammock under deck: floor, load, best, cement - House
  31. Siding Probelm??: shingles, vinyl, installed, metal - House
  32. Deer Fencing for all critters?: price, build, dogs, outside - House
  33. LED Dimmable Bulbs Blinking - HELP!: Lowes, convert, install, lighting - House
  34. Termite treatment to new home: foundation, Lowes, cost, build - House
  35. Window Trim = Water Intrusion?: floor, vinyl, pool, windows - House
  36. Flu liner rule of 7?: appliance, chimney, pipes, codes - House
  37. Oval rings on counters: hardwood floors, countertops, laminate, color - House
  38. Whirlpool fridge not defrosting.: Home Depot, Lowes, heater, appliance - House
  39. Storing a Yard Waste Can on side of shed?: Lowes, pipe, concrete - House
  40. Bar stool advice....: color, condo, building, table - House
  41. Shower tiling questions. Advice sought.: drain, painting, ceilings, installing - House
  42. Mounting a Low voltage Landscape transformer?: Lowes, ceiling, lighting, electrical - House
  43. Radiant Flooring: tiling, how much, heaters, paint - House
  44. Insurance claim disagreement - should they cover?: floor, vinyl, granite - House
  45. Construction drilling outside, dust and debris entering from window: fireplace, furnace, windows - House
  46. Low VOC carpet?: flooring, smell, basement, iron - House
  47. Dual Zone Heating / Cooling: floor, foundation, Home Depot, grill - House
  48. Quartz countertops adding an overhang: kitchen, replace, flush, existing - House
  49. Bay window cost - for a wall currently with no window: how much, vinyl - House
  50. Seal Stone Veneer: roof, window, color, install - House
  51. direct vent gas fireplace sealing: vacuum, installation, glass, pipe - House
  52. Can you have engineered and solid wood side by side?: flooring, refinish - House
  53. Thermostat setting for Radiant Heat in a concrete floor: heater, insulated, cost - House
  54. Local Government Lacking Enforcement In Cleaning Up Squaller Homes: how much, heat, mold - House
  55. vertical cracks in brick walls: concrete, cement, duct, wall - House
  56. Prep for painting chipped/peeling paint.: ceiling, asbestos, mold, glue - House
  57. Window Grills Error: grill, windows, rooms, blinds - House
  58. Heated Roof/Gutter Cables...Questions?: shingles, heater, insulated, chimney - House
  59. Is Interior Designer and Furniture Designer the same?: color, iron, difference - House
  60. DIY'ed blown in insulation?: floors, roof, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  61. Need help with ceiling sound insulation: hardwood floor, vinyl, foundation, furnace - House
  62. Safety issues with hiding gas boiler?: furnace, heat, installation, room - House
  63. Cost of concrete pier footings for Deck/Pergola?: build, labor, estimate - House
  64. Woodwork in 1920's bungalow: windows, heater, painting, asbestos - House
  65. Electric baseboard heating efficiency: sofa, heater, vacuum, couch - House
  66. Electric Tankless water heaters: how much, alternatives, tank, insulated - House
  67. concrete sealer for driveway?: how much, stain, glue, leak - House
  68. Concrete Driveway Cleaning: washers, Home Depot, Lowes, paint - House
  69. steam heat radiators and adding central air: floor, heaters, ceiling - House
  70. Whirlpool dishwasher won't drain: appliance, cabinet, vinegar, filters - House
  71. Pond weeds: vent, buying, clog, Michigan - House
  72. Pergo Gold underlayment: flooring, engineered, Lowes, laminate - House
  73. Sunroom post broken: floor, windows, heating, tile - House
  74. opinions inflatable pool: drain, cleaning, stained, mold - House
  75. Connecting dryer to outside exhaust vent: washer, paint, installed, laundry room - House
  76. Garage Structural Help: roofing, foundation, sink, building - House
  77. Heat Pump buying advice: furnace, Air Conditioner, electric heat, installing - House
  78. light bulb blew up: dehumidifier, windows, sink, ceiling - House
  79. Whats the best mold killer for crawlspace?: subfloor, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  80. Multipurpose tents - House
  81. Ceramic Tile Install Cost SE Michigan: tiling, Home Depot, installation, compare - House
  82. Packaged A/C + Furnace Unit -- Quoted Replacement Cost Reasonable?: how much, air conditioning - House
  83. Refrigerator water tubing is brown: color, stained, mold, best - House
  84. Bathroom Vanity: sink, cabinet, light, standard - House
  85. Should I caulk or grout the bathroom tub?: floor, Home Depot, window - House
  86. Replace old kitchen light box: lighting, area, new, design - House
  87. Need ideas for temporary bathroom flooring: subfloor, vinyl, installing, bathrooms - House
  88. Brick house I want to buy with step cracks,: floors, foundation
  89. Silly condo plumbing dilemma: roof, dishwasher, drain, stove - House
  90. Choosing Carpet: hardwood, vinyl, Home Depot, laminate - House
  91. How to enlarge hole for doorbell/chime button: Home Depot, paint, installed - House
  92. Caulking a Shower Stall: paint, ceramic, installed, cleaning - House
  93. Sun tube vs skylight?: roof, windows, heating, insulating - House
  94. Kitchen recycling bins - Liners?: cabinets, better, company, door - House
  95. Neighborhood power distribution ?? about neutral: electrical, vent, company, breaker - House
  96. Exterior Siding On Tudor House: tudor style, home
  97. New AC/Furnace/Dehumidier- Good Price?: dehumidifier, furnaces, grills, heating - House
  98. Options for workshop porch: alternatives, plank, concrete, plywood - House
  99. Driveway has cracked and lifting.. Need advice: foundation, phone, cost - House
  100. Furnace/AC issues.....worried about CO: washer, AC, hot water heater, living room - House
  101. 1/2 diameter flag pole on front of house - do they make them?: Home Depot, paint
  102. Weird plant growth..: driveway, wood, blown, blue - House
  103. Window making popping sounds at night - in the summer??: vinyl, windows - House
  104. Mudjacking Costs in the Houston Area: alternatives, sink, cement, foam - House
  105. Metal Storage Shed: roof, stained, building, best - House
  106. What would cause the light bulb in the overhead garage unit to burst??: shatterproof, opener - House
  107. Heat pump wiring: heating, color, installation, condo - House
  108. Installing a pool light - Having Trouble.: color, electric, repair - House
  109. There are crickets in my basement ceiling and I'm not getting sleep: floor, appliance - House
  110. Insurance for perennially leaking roof: roofing, ceiling, cost, repairing - House
  111. replacing ceiling fan with chandelier (fan light stopped working): installation, lights, build - House
  112. New flex hose and new hot water heater, still have Brown water in the bathroom: color, install - House
  113. How much to replace? home systems questions: lien, vinyl, furnaces - House
  114. Bath vs Lavatory faucets... difference?: springs, bathroom, plumbing, toilet - House
  115. Closing in an Exterior Window: floor, windows, heater, curtains - House
  116. Kitchen has valves that I have no idea what they do: paint, laundry room - House
  117. Your Fridge: What brand and type do you have: pool, room, kitchen - House
  118. 1000 sq ft flat roof - easy to repair leaks?: how much, roofing, drains - House
  119. Where to place the radon test jars?: floor, foundation, fireplace - House
  120. I bought a used wool blanket-would you use it without cleaning: washer, cleaner - House
  121. Being your own Contractor: floor, roof, painting, bonus room - House
  122. Neighbors bothering my workmen: phone, kitchen, slate, best - House
  123. Efficient toilets...really? Cleaning so much...: washer, Lowes, loading, stoves - House
  124. I hate water aerators. with me?: roof, drain, shower - House
  125. Refrigerator ...: how much, pool, heat, appliance - House
  126. Supplementing Oil Heat With an Oil Filled Space Heater: furnace, Lowes, window - House
  127. how to troubleshoot open hot on receptacle tester: cabinet, dryer - House
  128. What flooring is best for basements?: heater, paint, ceramic, building codes - House
  129. smoke detector issues: ceiling, master bedroom, cleaning, insulation - House
  130. Brick Pointing - temporary cover the wall with ?: flooring, roof, pools - House
  131. Geothermal heating & cooling - pros and cons??: dehumidifier, furnace, water heater - House
  132. Blower blowing condensate off AC coil down the duct ?: floors, furnace, Lowes - House
  133. Exterminator's, worth the money?: flea, apartments, price, building - House
  134. Calling who live in late 80s-90s houses - quality?: subfloor, vinyl
  135. HOA - basketball hoops should not be visible from street!: driveway, backyard - House
  136. Help me find the perfect washer based on needs: washers, pool - House
  137. New Build - How Crazy Should We Get with Sound Insulation?: subfloor, how much - House
  138. ATVs in the 'burbs?: how much, square, rated, yard - House
  139. Toilet String Broke?: plumber, toilets, repair, replacement - House
  140. Has bought furniture from Costco?: floor, couches, family room, best - House
  141. Brand New Central A/C Prolems: furnace, pool, tank, vacuum - House
  142. Storage building issue: price, remove, buying, property - House
  143. Wood or Faux Wood Blinds - Flimsy or Sturdy?: Home Depot, Lowes, windows - House
  144. Freezer Cold, Refridgerator Warm: pools, heater, drain, refrigerator - House
  145. Help sealing dryer vent line.: how much, AC, installed, bathroom - House
  146. Concrete patch and resurfacing...: painting, repair, vent, damage - House
  147. Converting to modern fireplace?: fireplaces, grill, heat, colors - House
  148. Water heater stop working: hot water heater, phone, smell, plumber - House
  149. Bathroom ventilation fan placement: window, phone, ceiling, installing - House
  150. Does notice how people are now keeping a storage Pod in their yard, indefinitely?: warm, code - House
  151. what do you think of this flooring for an informal room?: hardwood, how much - House
  152. Ideas for this ugly porch: roof, railing, paint, cleaning - House
  153. Favorite paint brand?: floor, Home Depot, color, living room - House
  154. Features for new toilet: floor, tank, install, bathroom - House
  155. Does see pretty sheets at the thrift store and make curtains out of them ?: cleaner, bedroom - House
  156. See Through Curtains?: window, blinds, kitchen, apartment - House
  157. House design: Garage with the house or not?: opener, heating, loading
  158. Home Security - List your tips/tricks/ideas: vinyl, opener, windows - House
  159. looking for a cost effective way to fill my old pool: granite, foundation - House
  160. Your ways to clean the inside of a microwave: heating, cleaner, cleaning - House
  161. Asbestos in Rental Property: floor, dehumidifier, fireplace, furnace - House
  162. carpet or vinyl planks in bedrooms?: hardwood floors, how much, laminate, vacuum - House
  163. What type of refrigerator do you prefer?: floor, how much, Home Depot - House
  164. I spread Diatomaceous Earth around my apartment to deal with I safe?!: flea, pool - House
  165. Piggie back dryer circuit from stove circuit.: installing, apartment, cost - House
  166. Dehumidifier in house: hardwood, AC, heater, drains
  167. Mold on dirty toilet ?: floor, how much, stains, plumber - House
  168. Stovetop Burners Orange/dancing flames?: fireplace, ceiling, installed, bedroom - House
  169. How to clean a really dirty sink and walls?: Home Depot, Lowes, window - House
  170. Does this Panel need to be replaced (pics): how much, heating, paint - House
  171. garbage disposal issues.: sink, installed, leak, vs - House
  172. Wall Mounted Toilets: floor, overlay, dishwasher, tank - House
  173. Building new house: budget planning: flooring, how much, roofing, fireplace
  174. Super High SEER A/C and Heat pumps: how much, roof, dehumidifier - House
  175. Buying a PreFab Home??: foundation, modular homes, installation, price - House
  176. Magtag Fridge is TOTALLY OUT: washers, pool, Lowes, heat - House
  177. roof replacement - cracks: shingles, foundation, painting, ceiling - House
  178. CFL & LED waste of money?: sink, kitchen, lighting, cost - House
  179. Bedbug Repellent: heat, vacuum, smell, bedroom - House
  180. Does ceilings/walls look crooked?: floor plans, roof, window, living room - House
  181. Plumbing - Hose bibs and branching off lines: heater, ceiling, installed - House
  182. Building a fire pit?: Lowes, grill, drains, install - House
  183. What should I know about installing hardwood floors?: how much, engineered, laminate - House
  184. Complete Gut renovation of 1914 Foursquare HELP: how much, foundation, furnace, central heating - House
  185. Do You Find Backing Out of a Garage Painful?: install, room, build - House
  186. Help with Plumbing: heating, drain, sink, install - House
  187. My garbage disposal is leaking: drains, loading, sink, install - House
  188. Someone want to help me understand this outdoor plumbing/irrigation setup?: smells, pipes - House
  189. Can someone help me pick a mattress: couch, price, interior - House
  190. Vaulted Ceiling Painting Help: floor, color, ceilings, living room - House
  191. When did Knob & Tube wiring stop being installed? (United States): roof, ceilings - House
  192. Dead space between shelves: windows, cabinet, light, steel - House
  193. Lake View or Lake Access Home?: windows, costs, build, iron - House
  194. Best, least expensive way to avoid getting termites: foundation, painting, steel - House
  195. Earthy, musty smell in apartment kitchen; landlord won't do anything: subfloor, countertop - House
  196. How big is too big?: drain, shower, toilet, glass - House
  197. Home repairs and saving: how much, appliance, company, purchase - House
  198. I spy.... window problems?: windows, staining, siding, replace - House
  199. None - House
  200. Home Fire/Burglary Safe Recommendations: price, concrete, rated, buy - House