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  1. Cost to convert walk in crawl space to pseudo-basement/storage: how much, conversion - House
  2. Finished Basement egress: floor, washer, window, heat - House
  3. Thermostat - Two Wires On Same Terminal?: furnace, heating, install - House
  4. Driveway water runoff problem: drain, installing, pipe, tile - House
  5. Floor air registers are cutting down on air flow: grill, room, warm - House
  6. Slight vibration in floor after flushing upstairs toilet: plumber, pipes, tile - House
  7. Roto Rooter - Is it a scam?: how much, washers, Home Depot - House
  8. Outdoor Waterproof Plaster-type Material: paint, molding, tile, better - House
  9. How to fix/mask scuffs/scratches on brand new hardwood floor?: engineered, Lowes - House
  10. Sealer for this stone floor?: siding, concrete, vent, best - House
  11. Exterior House Trim Color Ideas?: roof, windows, paint color, mold
  12. Sagging floor / supporting floor joists: hardwood, how much, roof, foundation - House
  13. HELP! Rock-hard, black tarry glue on my bathroom wall!: floor, paint, plumber - House
  14. Uneven light switch solution?: installed, replacing, pressure, drywall - House
  15. Squeaking floors.. tips to fix.: hardwood floors, vacuum, painting, ceiling - House
  16. Brown dust/mold streaking down dry wall? Termites?: bathroom, stain, outside - House
  17. Painting a new garage door: how much, vinyl, opener, color - House
  18. Commode plugged with lime (Hard Water): bathroom, building, vinegar, better - House
  19. Exterior repainting of house: color, cleaner, ceiling, glass
  20. Critters around the yard: foundation, pipes, crawl space, dogs - House
  21. Free Advice : Google Township Minutes: alternatives, heater, installed, costs - House
  22. Hand held steam cleaners: floor, vinyl, drains, color - House
  23. Best Window AC: insulate, curtains, bedroom, insulation - House
  24. Calcium on faucets: cleaner, cleaning, shower, plumbing - House
  25. Heating an addition in a house with radiators: floor, window, AC
  26. Garage door opener: company, 2014, wall, new - House
  27. Anderson vs. Harvey: vinyl, window, installed, glass - House
  28. Best Way to Clean Old Soot of a White Painted Mantle?: how much, my fireplace - House
  29. Sprinkler issue - leak or something: Home Depot, cleaning, pipes - House
  30. Hiring bin rental services: furniture, disposal, remove, company - House
  31. Spackle or Tape/Mud this Closet: vacuum, painting, room, best - House
  32. Problem With Battery-Powered Chain Saw: replacement, cement, rated, buy - House
  33. Topdressing the yard: conditioner, installed, build, best - House
  34. Need Advice, Foundation Problem.: paint, repair, crack, company - House
  35. Stripping paint from doors: hardwood, heat, painting, cleaner - House
  36. Best product for crab grass?: ducts, covered, green, extension - House
  37. 1931 wood floors stapled down in places? (not carpet staples!): hardwood, upstairs, remove - House
  38. for the HVAC experts.: floor, furnace, tank, smells - House
  39. Neighbor's cooking smells coming through MY oven: flooring, window, central heating - House
  40. Your Experience With House Cleaning Services: floor, vacuum, cleaner, furniture
  41. Weak concrete colum: foundations, water tank, load, outside - House
  42. Wood filler for bench?: paint, furniture, stain, glue - House
  43. how to remove too much Thompson's water seal from a fence panel?: painting, vent - House
  44. Should I leave the A/C on during summer vacation?: dehumidifier, window - House
  45. fabric paint for upholstery: slipcovers, painting, couch, smell - House
  46. Is this normal for AC piping: replace, duct, aluminum, small - House
  47. Mystery 220V line in kitchen island: flooring, dishwasher, water heater, sink - House
  48. Masonry: 174 S/f Brick Wall Labor Cost: build, construction, existing - House
  49. Oxi Fresh Vs Chem Dry vs Stanley Steemer-which way do i go?: family room, cleaning - House
  50. Repairing moulding at the bottom of wood siding: windows, replace, remove - House
  51. Dish washer help ?: dishwasher, drain, leaking, disposal - House
  52. where to post on appliance repairs: pool, heating, gas - House
  53. Baby Powder on Carpet?: HEPA filter, vacuum cleaner, smells, cleaner - House
  54. Combining light switches: what do I need?: lighting, circuit, stairs - House
  55. Labor Costs per square foot to install tile & engineered hardwood?: lien, vinyl - House
  56. Putting in a new fence & neighbor has sprinkler on property: installation, pipes - House
  57. Garage door ringing sound when opening and closing: opener, springs, replacing - House
  58. Identify track lighting: Home Depot, standard, better, replace - House
  59. Apartment Sent Electrician To Fix AC But Still Not Cooling Rooms, Have To Stand In Front Of Vent To Feel Anything..: Home Depot, heat - House
  60. Do I need drain mat under brick patio?: floor, grille, drains - House
  61. Climate control solution for small studio?: window, Air Conditioner, heater, install - House
  62. pilaster shelf clips.: colors, standard, duct, buy - House
  63. Cleaning A White Granite Composite Sink: granite countertops, sinks, cleaner, install - House
  64. Tumbled marble as kitchen backsplash?: stove, installed, cleaning, kitchens - House
  65. Home Steam Shower Install: ceiling, best, wall, exterior - House
  66. Dishwasher install?: countertop, drain, sink, plumber - House
  67. Recent yardworkers and the splash blocks: installed, vent, weather, best - House
  68. Sealing granite? DIY?: color, cleaner, stone, kitchen - House
  69. Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rods: Home Depot, curtains, paint, room - House
  70. The unbeatable artillery fungus on side of house and railings: vinyl, washer
  71. Remodeling/insulating porch: hardwood, stove, kitchen, standard - House
  72. How to combine two coax inputs to whole home?: roof, room, costs - House
  73. Designing and building a custom home: how much, fireplace, pool, window - House
  74. Would you spray insecticide upon moving into a new home just for proactive measure?: floors, fleas - House
  75. Ideas How To Hang A Larger Poster: window, glue, mount - House
  76. Uneven floors: hardwood floors, bathroom, basement, downstairs - House
  77. Changing oil in lawnmower: vacuum, drain, gas, 2013 - House
  78. Laborers/Contractors unreliable?: flooring, pool, laminate, dining room - House
  79. Color for new roof and gutters: roofing, stone, slate, building - House
  80. Water Damaged Engineered Wood Floor: flooring, washer, phone, color - House
  81. Remodeling kitchen-online cabinet companies?: installing, cabinets, plywood, buy - House
  82. Septic Safe Cleaners?: tank, drain, paint, sink - House
  83. protecting wood surface furniture: glass, light, vent, wax - House
  84. Home Depot installers (not happy): flooring, roofing, vinyl, windows - House
  85. Hot and Cold Water Reversed in Shower: tiling, installed, plumber - House
  86. Shower temp is fluctuating: washer, hot water heater, bathtub, install - House
  87. Bedbugs won't go away --documenting-dealing with pest-control company: vacuum, curtains, furniture - House
  88. Driveway sealcoat: paint, vent, cracks, seal - House
  89. Home Fire Extinguisher Maintenance: Home Depot, leak, electrical, concrete - House
  90. Help me understand the basics of septic systems.... ..: pools, Lowes, water tank - House
  91. Exterior window border: floor, vinyl, Home Depot, windows - House
  92. Best Spray Recommendation for Indoor Spiders: ceiling, vent, cheaper, prevent - House
  93. Does ductless require a return air-flow?: flooring, window, air conditioning, heating - House
  94. Front Doorway: windows, installation, glass, steel - House
  95. Hired a contractor to get kitchen countertop installed and I think everything I could possibly think of went wrong.: how much, phone - House
  96. Baking soda on hardwood floors: laminate, conditioner, couches, stain - House
  97. Should I be worried about the corrosion?: painting, gas, leak - House
  98. How often to replace wired smoke and CO detectors?: ceiling, install, cleaning - House
  99. Need Someone To Install A New Dryer Vent: vinyl, heat, ceiling - House
  100. Advice needed from experts - pre-drywall inspection findings from our new home: floor, roof - House
  101. Suggestions on what to do with dropped soffits in foyer and kitchen: hardwood, how much - House
  102. Standing water in tub, drain is good, tub eroding?: flooring, pool, phone - House
  103. Ants in apartment....what to do?!: wood floors, vacuum, living room, kitchen - House
  104. Best way to clean hardwood floors: laminate, refinish, cleaner, dining room - House
  105. Elastomeric versus real stucco: engineered, foundation, color, insulation - House
  106. My Trash Can is Missing: replacement, company, cement, driveway - House
  107. Microwave Problems: countertop, townhouse, Home Depot, heat
  108. Keeping Things Nice and Clean and Organized or Disorganized?: sofa, vacuum, microwave - House
  109. Bee/Wasp deterrent or repellent ?: paint, stain, warm, building - House
  110. Ceiling fans...: air conditioning, heating, installing, room - House
  111. Turning off power while gone for extended period of time: washer, Lowes - House
  112. Snow cover for areaway: subfloor, railing, paint, install - House
  113. My mut keeps digging into neighbors yard! Help!: build, dogs, concrete - House
  114. Radon fan installation cost too high?: how much, shingles, installing, pipe - House
  115. Weird smell, who to call?: floor, townhouse, painting, sink
  116. Furnace leaking.: floor, drain, installation, pipe - House
  117. Cleaning sticky wooden bowl: how much, color, smell, light - House
  118. Cost for Transfer Switch? (For Generator): how much, Home Depot, installation, dryer - House
  119. painting unpainted cabinets: Home Depot, smell, furniture, installed - House
  120. Does know what type of bugs this is?: flea, furniture, kitchen - House
  121. Smoke detectors and the annoying chirping, 9V batteries: ceiling, prices, build - House
  122. Outside speaker cover keeps falling off: grill, heat, paint, installed - House
  123. Finishing basement without contractor: flooring, fireplace, refinishing, paint - House
  124. How to attach basketball goal to hollow block wall?: floor, Home Depot, ceiling - House
  125. AC Installation: how much, Home Depot, furnaces, Lowes - House
  126. Broken deadbolt...should I replace all exterior locks?: Home Depot, install, cost - House
  127. Do you have phantom light switches in your home.: floor, ceiling - House
  128. What to do with sump pump effluent?: foundation, washer, pool - House
  129. Looking To Seal A Driveway: paint, build, cracks, best - House
  130. surround sound system in the house?! help!: floor, how much, heater
  131. New deck. Paint, stain or something: how much, heat, color - House
  132. Best way to figure out cost to build house: how much, bathroom, kitchen
  133. Learning what it is to live in a house: furniture, rooms, mold
  134. Landscaper Issue- Insight Needed: lien, light, cost, better - House
  135. Flue Pipe Sealing in the Attic: roof, Home Depot, furnace, water heater - House
  136. Rate your House?: hardwood floors, fireplace, paint, stone
  137. An Odd about CFLs!: Home Depot, Lowes, color, lighting - House
  138. i bought my house then discovered .....: subfloor, heating, drainage pipe, paint
  139. I hate silicone caulk: granite, paint, showers, glass - House
  140. Would you say you have a good view from your bedroom window?: lights, fence - House
  141. Drainage Easement concerns: pools, phone, drains, installing - House
  142. New Home Add Ons: hardwood, granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  143. Spring Cleaning?: floors, how much, vinyl, townhouse
  144. Keep this fixture or convert to canned light?: installing, laundry room, cabinets - House
  145. Housing Appears To Be Primarily Targeting The Bourgeoisie?: laminate, hot water heater, curtains - House
  146. Getting New Kitchen Pots Due to Dirtyness/Flies?: sink, cleaning, stain - House
  147. How to clean a narrow bottle?: drain, cleaner, cleaning, stained - House
  148. valances over plantation shutters?: windows, curtains, paint color, ceilings - House
  149. Is my HVAC unit really low on freon?: AC, leaking, cost - House
  150. about granite: granite countertops, color, stone, installed - House
  151. Skunk(s) under house: floor, how much, smell, lights
  152. Has seen the Samsung Family Hub Fridge? Has Huge Tablet Like Touchscreen: how much, Home Depot - House
  153. DIY home security systems vs professional?: floor, townhome, windows, water heater - House
  154. What to do with this kitchen: countertop, window, heater, stove - House
  155. What to do with this nasty looking concrete patio & marginal back yard? Deck, or New patio? Ground cover plants?: roof, Home Depot - House
  156. HVAC changeout - decent price?: Lowes, heat, installation, insulation - House
  157. fire hazard doing own outlet?: heat, appliance, lighting, electrical - House
  158. Water bubbling up through grout?: flooring, roof, engineered, foundation - House
  159. Fiberglass , wood or wrought iron entry door?!: how much, insulating, painting - House
  160. Upgrading regular plugs to GCI? How involved is it?: springs, smell, convert - House
  161. I need tools: Home Depot, Lowes, plank, light - House
  162. Restore old gas range (moderate corrosion and baked on grease): grill, stove - House
  163. How important is master closet size?: tiling, floor, alternatives, window - House
  164. Replacing Toilet Seat - Plastic or Wood?: vinyl, laminate, color - House
  165. Best Granite cleaner/ protectant: window, color, smells, installed - House
  166. Which Central Vacuum Is the Best?: hardwood, Lowes, convert, installed - House
  167. Room lighting for a newly built house (townhome): opener, phone, colors
  168. Terminate termite bait monitor stakes in yard, or not?: floor, heat, furniture - House
  169. Solar Tube Installed: roof, ceiling, installation, costs - House
  170. Detached garage build- Begins in May!: roof, windows, plank, ceiling - House
  171. Yard pole light switch: vs, square, electrical, circuit - House
  172. Fix the lock or change the door: paint, installation, better - House
  173. Repair or Replace Washer & Dryer: washers, Lowes, appliance, laundry room - House
  174. Rehab without permits: flooring, how much, heating, paint - House
  175. Need hardware items, can't name them, so can't find them: springs, Lowes - House
  176. Building House - Arch vs Square to gain space?: windows, curtain, couch
  177. Hail Storm and Roof Replacement: roofing, leaks, cost, comparison - House
  178. I Need a New Roof: roofing, installing, cost, build - House
  179. Where to find inexpensive led light strips for under cabinets: Lowes, cleaner - House
  180. Appliances for new home: washers, front loader, Lowes, microwave - House
  181. I don't like Halogen.: floor, color, ceiling, convert - House
  182. Sun sails to shade open porch: how much, pool, installing, light - House
  183. Musty Smell Coming from A/C Vents?: heating, bedroom, cleaning - House
  184. Tips and advice for new homeowners!: floor, how much, roof, opener - House
  185. Missing hard wired footage: electric, vents, better, mount - House
  186. Would you purchase a used couch??: sofa, couches, smell, cleaner - House
  187. What is in your garage?: floor, shingles, washer, pool - House
  188. How could this garage conversion *not* be a good idea?: sink, convert - House
  189. new outlets in home: dishwashers, vacuum, phones, microwave - House
  190. Running a generator in the rain: room, gas, lighting, electric - House
  191. New house construction materials really worse?: HEPA filter, hardwood floors, how much, shingles
  192. Long-lasting LED lightbults and the best place: Home Depot, Lowes, laundry room - House
  193. Drain hot water heater?: tank, installed, plumber, gas - House
  194. DIY build a house?: how much, foundation, installed, plumbing
  195. Key copy services (like at a hardware store): Home Depot, replace, buy - House
  196. Worth it to do tyvek wrap and window replacement on 1920's house?: how much, shingles
  197. Remodeling - shower or tub: jacuzzi, sink, installing, bathroom - House
  198. Buying a house that needs roof replacement(Atlas chalet shingles): roofing, installed
  199. Basketball Hoop Modification: buy, table, old - House
  200. Options for finishing older unfinished exterior foam blocks?: foundation, paint, cost - House