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  1. Repairs- How costly...: hardwood, roof, windows, color - House
  2. New furnace and A/C: how much, furnaces, AC, installed - House
  3. Mexican Tile Kitchen?: floors, colors, installed, cabinets - House
  4. about reverse osmosis: tank, drains, toilet, cost - House
  5. FYI when buying a new mattress: springs, slate, mattresses, better - House
  6. Cost to add front porch?: building, square feet, concrete, cold - House
  7. removing kitchen faucet: heater, sink, install, bathroom - House
  8. Dustbuster - the best one for carpets?: floor, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  9. plants,gutter,rain barel stop flooding: roof, drains, color, install - House
  10. Alternatives to gutters?: foundation, drains, best, rated - House
  11. Replace BR countertops, double sinks: granite, Home Depot, Lowes, laminate - House
  12. Getting New Fence Boards to Grey: installing, weather, old, spray - House
  13. More on the Trickle-down Effect of Bankruptcy: installed, condo, costs - House
  14. Engineered Hardwood Flooring: Lowes, color, plank, installed - House
  15. How to clean travertine with Dawn?: ceramic, cleaning, showers, tiles - House
  16. Builder will redo my brick. What do I need to do?: roofing, engineered - House
  17. Flatware: dishwasher, stains, stainless steel, washing - House
  18. What besides satin nickel?: alternatives, kitchen, cabinet, glass - House
  19. Infomercials: worth, purchase, check - House
  20. Brown sheetrock ??: color, install, bathroom, cabinets - House
  21. Wicker Chair -polyurethane protection: Home Depot, paint, furniture, bedroom - House
  22. Tile inserts: installing, bathroom, showers, cost - House
  23. Can I build my own radiant floor heating system?: water heater, gas, stainless steel - House
  24. News, Your Toughest Cleaning Questions Answered!: better, home, garden - House
  25. Sloped yard-drainage: foundation, drainage pipe, installed, stain - House
  26. about rotting wood at the base of my house: foundation, glass
  27. Suggestions on cleaning oil stain: floor, Lowes, drainage pipe, painting - House
  28. deadbolts: phone, installed, door, built - House
  29. SFH: homestead, townhouses, convert, apartments
  30. swing set red wood....what type of stain: washer, refinish, color - House
  31. about re-landscaping my backyard (building a retaining wall on sloped lot): floor, engineered - House
  32. Granite Slab Yards: color, kitchen, cost, standard - House
  33. Where do we go? CA, VA, FL? HELP: window, costs, iron - House
  34. Where to find hunter green plastic items?: Home Depot, painting, bathroom - House
  35. Flat Rock resin patio pavers: foundation, paint, stone, installation - House
  36. Termite complications in Arizona: window, painting, ceiling, apartment - House
  37. Musty carpet odor: floor, windows, painting, smells - House
  38. Water Softener (moved from San Antonio): Home Depot, Lowes, installation, plumber - House
  39. really good wood sealers?: smell, stains, fence, best - House
  40. Another Builder files for Protection - House
  41. Top Ten Products for 2007: floor, windows, water heaters, bathroom - House
  42. putting a house on a lot...: how much, heat, building, interior
  43. Choosing cabinets brands?: laminate, cracked, best, construction - House
  44. Sewer Gas Problem: floor, roof, tank, vacuum - House
  45. Cover For Walk-Out Basement?: hardwood, roofing, foundations, drain - House
  46. Home Security Devices: windows, furniture, cleaning, lights - House
  47. Bruce Floors.. need advice..: hardwood floor, Lowes, refinishing, cleaner - House
  48. Check out the TN forum non-electric house: homestead, floor, building
  49. On Cleaning an Oven: smell, cleaner, disposal, vent - House
  50. Pest control problem - need advice on spiders!: window, vacuum, ceilings - House
  51. Anything I should do before turning central AC on for the spring?: washer, heating - House
  52. hair dye spots in bathtub! rental apt: bathtubs, paint, stain - House
  53. What's the name for a gas stove top doohickey?: stoves, appliance, ranges - House
  54. hardwood steps: how much, sink, installing, carpet - House
  55. refurbishing kitchen cabinets: stain, glue, apartment, repair - House
  56. News, 10 things savvy exterminators won't tell you.: foundation, warm, repair - House
  57. Double-hung windows: hardwood, vinyl, dehumidifier, Lowes - House
  58. Toilet setting for you plumbers: flooring, Home Depot, tank, drains - House
  59. experience with hardwood flooring darkening?: remove, between, wood, difference - House
  60. Split level: convert, living room, kitchen, basement - House
  61. magnetic or electro magnetic water they work?: conditioner, heat, cleaner - House
  62. Nail Polish spill: smell, carpet, remove, soap - House
  63. know how to remove slight (human) urine odor from carpet ?: Lowes, windows - House
  64. Offer price on house??: windows, paint, appliance, kitchen
  65. News, Mysterious Flow Turns Yard Into Pond.: sink, Orlando, ground - House
  66. Garage Door Opener: Home Depot, Lowes, ceiling, installing - House
  67. Appliance recommendations (small and large): hardwood, how much, dishwasher, front loader - House
  68. Romving Hinges From Concrete: install, steel, vent, iron - House
  69. Scooba?: hardwood floors, vacuum, color, cleaner - House
  70. Cost to repoint a chimney: how much, repair, outside, weather - House
  71. Raffling a house?: better
  72. Kitchen advice: Home Depot, Lowes, appliance, cabinets - House
  73. How to check for molds?: moisture, door, home, good - House
  74. Solatube on Tile?: how much, shingles, heat, installing - House
  75. Cleaning ceramic top stoves...: pool, heating, cleaner, light - House
  76. Old top-loading washer is drip-filling with water when not running.: drains, appliance - House
  77. Is there a way to relocate the heating vents on my ceiling closer to the floor?: hardwood floors, furnace - House
  78. 9 year old wall to wall, and white grout!: how much, heat, smells - House
  79. Getting granite to be shinier?: floors, phone, refinishing, bathroom - House
  80. Laundry room floor?: hardwood, vinyl, stone, bathroom - House
  81. Will you buy a house that you used to: floor, foundation
  82. Portable evaporative (swamp) coolers?: how much, alternatives, window, AC - House
  83. News, homes worth less than their copper pipes.: flooring, window, air conditioning - House
  84. Carpet beetles?: hardwood floors, fleas, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  85. Would you buy a lighthouse?
  86. Brick homes: roof, heat, color, insulation - House
  87. Plasma swing arm mount: interior, load, forced, flush - House
  88. Fireplace Clean-Out: my fireplace, chimney, steel, build - House
  89. Tunneling under paver pathway...: best, replace, remove, pavers - House
  90. Should I get a new AC: furnaces, vacuum, installation, cleaning - House
  91. Laundry room overflow drain: floors, washer, furnace, tank - House
  92. News, The Best Places to Buy Foreclosed Homes.: sink, property, blue - House
  93. home grants/loans for div. woman, business owner?: vent, worth, buy - House
  94. News, Woman Accused Of Burning Home On Eve Of Foreclosure.: build, green - House
  95. bagless vacuums?: HEPA filter, how much, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  96. Electrical Breaker Box and Wiring: how much, Home Depot, heaters, install - House
  97. Need about water softeners: tank, bathtubs, sinks, smell - House
  98. Centex leaving my state: hardwood floors, granite, ceilings, cabinets - House
  99. Dryer sheets or liquid softener?: vacuum cleaner, smell, cleaner, build - House
  100. Making this old house energy efficient - Are old metal windows a lost cause??: vinyl, Lowes
  101. Sitting Room in Master Suite: sofa, furniture, family room, cabinet - House
  102. What are the best woodburning stoves?: fireplaces, heater, smell, cleaner - House
  103. Wool carpeting?: hardwood, install, dining room, cleaning - House
  104. vacuum cleaner: price, vs, repair, worth - House
  105. lingering dog pee odor: subfloor, smells, cleaner, cleaning - House
  106. The Granite Fad - what's next?: floor, engineered, alternatives, Lowes - House
  107. Removal of acoustic ceiling tiles: floor, heat, asbestos, installation - House
  108. Home Insurance: how much, roof, townhouse, worth
  109. Keeping bees/wasps away: smell, glass, prices, compare - House
  110. Your House: hardwood, vinyl, windows, paint
  111. Typical costs for 2 zone heating and cooling: floor, how much, furnaces - House
  112. Preffer living: townhouses, pools, apartments, condominium
  113. Is this Wood Flooring Price Really Inflated?: hardwood floor, how much, engineered - House
  114. Front load machines: washer, front loader, Home Depot, pool - House
  115. installing ceiling fans: how difficult?: townhome, Home Depot, ceilings, bedrooms - House
  116. Building for my island: floor, how much, springs, tanks - House
  117. dark detergent for front-loader washer?: how much, front loader, Lowes, colors - House
  118. First Rehab Project: Main Bed and Wiring: floor, how much, Lowes - House
  119. Up or Down?: dishwasher, cleaner, toilet, build - House
  120. sun heat to dry clothes: floor, grill, AC, smell - House
  121. Mr. Clean Dry Erase Sponges: vinyl, countertops, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  122. deadbolt only on one side?: Home Depot, windows, phone, installed - House
  123. Clogged Toilet/Sink?: phones, drains, bathroom, kitchen - House
  124. What do you like about your flooring?: hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate - House
  125. Septic tank problem!!??: washer, tanks, drain, sink - House
  126. new construction & options: hardwood, how much, roof shingles, vinyl - House
  127. Where can you walk to from your house?: heater, furniture, gas
  128. Obstinate Plumbing: floor, how much, washer, tank - House
  129. Travertine floor and shower stall.. How do I clean this???: flooring, granite - House
  130. Rust stains on driveway-: pool, conditioner, paint, stain - House
  131. how do u fix a door that won't fully close?: how much, installed - House
  132. What is the difference between flying ants and carpenter ants?: foundation, windows - House
  133. Cleaning silk plants: washer, shower, warm, circuit - House
  134. Leaky basement.: floor, roof, humidifier, foundation - House
  135. Thinking about going total electric: how much, furnace, Lowes, heaters - House
  136. Recommendation for Battery-Operated Screwdriver: color, cost, electric, brands - House
  137. product for water spots ?: granite, paint, sink, smell - House
  138. As many bathrooms as bedrooms and large houses with few bedrooms: floor, pool
  139. another cleaning: drains, sink, smell, toilet - House
  140. Putting filters in return air vents -- good idea?: floor, how much, alternatives - House
  141. Toilet Seat Up Or Down: bathrooms, vents, worth, better - House
  142. Your House: Shoes on or Off??: hardwood, vacuum, bathroom, shower
  143. Stainless Steel appliances: cleaner, cleaning, plastic, mount - House
  144. Laminate: hardwood floors, vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  145. Crazy how to add a/c to garage: roof shingles, window, AC - House
  146. toilet advice: how much, tank, tanks, room - House
  147. Plumber's Crack: heat, drain, color, sink - House
  148. Flushing Cigerette Butts: tank, drains, sink, installed - House
  149. Is your oven/stove attached to the wall for safety?: floor, granite - House
  150. Air Conditioning: window, Air Conditioner, smell, installed - House
  151. Crawl Space Moisture: floors, roof, dehumidifier, Air Conditioners - House
  152. Problems replacing faucet: Home Depot, sink, installation, bathroom - House
  153. metal roof?: roofing, vinyl, springs, heat - House
  154. Advice - Tankless water Heater: how much, dishwasher, Lowes, tank - House
  155. Washing clothes advice: washer, colors, stains, lights - House
  156. front load washer/dryers: floor, how much, vinyl, loading - House
  157. BEES Are EATING My HOUSE!!: vinyl, window, paint, stone
  158. toilet won't stop running: how much, tank, drain, cleaning - House
  159. Pillow-top mattresses..Pro's and Con's: slate, cost, vent, worth - House
  160. small house living: floor, how much, fireplace, windows
  161. Central Air help really need your help for problem!: drain, leak - House
  162. What do you use to clean your kitchen cabinets??: granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  163. Mulch In The Backyard?: engineered, drain, convert, installed - House
  164. How much work & money goes into owning a pool?: pools, heat - House
  165. A Basement-to have or not to have?: floor, foundations, furnaces - House
  166. moldy smelling towels: floor, washer, pool, loading - House
  167. zodiac countertops: granite, laminate, sinks, stone - House
  168. How do you remove rust stains in bathroom?: how much, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  169. Help choosing central air conditioning brand: floor, furnace, Lowes - House
  170. Best push lawn mower: prices, brands, cold, worth - House
  171. Do you not stain/powerwash your decks?: floor, washer, Lowes - House
  172. help with new house exhaust fan problem so pass inspection!: how much, shingles
  173. Value added - Gourmet Kitchen: fireplace, pools, microwave - House
  174. pillows: splurge or go cheap?: price, mattress, worth, best - House
  175. If you had it to do over . . .: hardwood, countertops, fireplace - House
  176. Where to install smoke /carbon monoxide detectors: furnace, water heaters, vac - House
  177. Green?: alternatives, windows, heating, drain - House
  178. Radiant floor heating???: flooring, foundation, laminate, stove - House
  179. Opinions Wanted...... Which Sink Should We Buy?: how much, granite, color - House
  180. Plumber's .....stinky shower: roof, heating, drains, sinks - House
  181. Pot From The 60's: stove, color, cleaning, stains - House
  182. about furnace fan: dehumidifier, washer, heating, drain - House
  183. Best exterior paint: colors, insulation, plumbing, cost - House
  184. Brown Water From Faucet: hot water heater, plumber, gas, steel - House
  185. Engineered Hardwoods in resale value: laminate, refinish, plank, install - House
  186. Are Corian sinks supposed to stain?!: granite, paint, smells, kitchen - House
  187. Building your house........With your hands!!: floor, how much, roofing, foundation
  188. Termite bait systems around exterior: floor, how much, roof, installed - House
  189. Water pressure from shower head not strong enough...: roof, washer, sink - House
  190. in-wall plumbing leak: vac, drain, paint, cleaner - House
  191. Radiator heat is not strong enough...: window, hot water baseboard, drain, installed - House
  192. Easiest home improvements to DIY: tiling, hardwood floor, vinyl, granite - House
  193. 2nd Floor Laundry Rooms: washer, front loader, drain, color - House
  194. Whirlpool Duet Questions: dryer, washing, detergent, second - House
  195. Woolite Rug Stick: area, new - House
  196. Making Roller Shades - House
  197. News, Woman Wants to Remove 60K Bees in Walls.: green, Greenville, home - House
  198. Home Insurance: how much, blue - House
  199. News, Neighbors Fork Over Payback Prank. 3,000 Forks Planted In Yard.: Iowa, Nashville - House
  200. Kurran undermount sinks: ducts, products - House