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  1. Deck railings over concrete patio: washer, plank, stain, mold - House
  2. How To Repair A Skewed Door: plumber, old, contractor - House
  3. Step cracks block foundation before modular house srrives: cost, build, crawlspace
  4. Raising/Leveling Post and pier with no crawl space: floors, foundation, windows - House
  5. Can't remove my bathroom faucet. Help,: Home Depot, sinks, plumber - House
  6. General Pool Maintenence: how much, vacuum, cleaner, conversion - House
  7. Circuit breaker finder: detector, outlet, safe, good - House
  8. Dining rooms, dormer windows, # of bedrooms and other design/layout questions...: floor plans, roof - House
  9. rain damage during construction: hardwood floor, roof, AC, refinishing - House
  10. Cost to install electric in new inground salt water pool: Lowes, heater - House
  11. installing High velocity central air.: floors, fireplaces, AC, heaters - House
  12. wiring for a garbage disposal using existing outlets: dishwasher, sink, convert - House
  13. Winterized foreclosure-home inspection?: Lowes, window, heating, drain - House
  14. Bathroom fan vent - air into attic: roof, air conditioning, installed - House
  15. Securing 24 depth cabinets: forced, plywood, wood, good - House
  16. Removing dried latex caulk from painted wall: heat, light, repair - House
  17. Looking for suggestions on sun room flooring options.: hardwood floors, laminate, stone - House
  18. Mechanical (Dial) Thermostat Wiring/Operation: heaters, color, install, electric - House
  19. Tipping housecleaners (who are part of a service): hardwood floors, granite, bathrooms
  20. Do you prefer buy shelf/rack in your garage or do it yourself?: ceiling, furniture - House
  21. Why a stove pigtail ?: floor, Home Depot, appliance, installing - House
  22. Roaches in toe kick space...: stove, paint, appliance, installed - House
  23. how to add water timer to pipes: Home Depot, installation, kitchen - House
  24. Vinyl siding brands: installing, insulation, damaged, crack - House
  25. Propane fire pit will not light: furnaces, tank, smell, gas - House
  26. every hear of Abbyson Living: sofa, color, appliance - House
  27. Mystery Odor in House: windows, curtain, smell, bathrooms
  28. Zoned air conditioning: second floor zone blowing hot air: repair, outside, damage - House
  29. Storing Food in the Fridge: countertop, color, room, kitchen - House
  30. Sprucing up exterior painted metal front door?? Dull looking finish.: painting, price - House
  31. driveway resurface/replace: how much, cost, compare, repairing - House
  32. a level's bubble: washer, front loader, curtain, installed - House
  33. Cablemate adhesive: Lowes, painting, remove, wall - House
  34. Hot and Cold tubing from Wall to Washer: leaks, replace, cement - House
  35. Paint on wall bubbling out: roof, Air Conditioner, bathroom, kitchen - House
  36. flooring labor cost: vinyl, plank, installing, underlayment - House
  37. Kitchen Cabinets with Beset Finishes (Not Custom): cost, best, between - House
  38. Solar Window Film - DIY: vinyl, Lowes, windows, curtains - House
  39. How to clean hard water stains off toilet.: Home Depot, stone, toilets - House
  40. Best time of year to paint or stain a deck (in the Northeast): build, vent - House
  41. How new roof with insurance works?: roofing, fireplaces, plank, cost - House
  42. Is my AC leaking?: pool, heat, insulated, drain - House
  43. order reclaimed lumber for home delivery?: wood, table, new - House
  44. Do Turbines help cool the attic?: roof, Lowes, heat, paint - House
  45. Is this mortar between the bluestones?: stone, slate, cost, concrete - House
  46. Whirlpool gold edition refridgerator: light, replace, doors, small - House
  47. property line issues: windows, furniture, lights, stairs - House
  48. Repairing concrete slab cracks: Home Depot, Lowes, color, glue - House
  49. Porch fan: ceiling, installed, light, electrical - House
  50. Ready to assemble cabinets: how much, Lowes, refinish, furniture - House
  51. Troubleshoot HVAC problem?: floor, Air Conditioner, heat, warm - House
  52. Gathering ideas about new house build: floor, ceilings, bathroom
  53. installing a programmable thermostat: how much, furnace, air conditioning, heating - House
  54. Missing screw from fence gate latch: washer, install, kitchen, repair - House
  55. Problem with one tie indentation in new aspahlt driveway: stone, install, glue - House
  56. Losing Water Pressure Mid-Shower: bathtub, showerhead, plumber, toilet - House
  57. Raising Up a Bed's Boxspring: mattress, replace, between, rated - House
  58. How to attach screw threads back onto lightbulb: glue, glass, replace - House
  59. Can't decide on Aura or Regal: colors, smell, ceilings, walls - House
  60. No water flow on hot side of faucets: washers, tank, drain - House
  61. Cooling 3 story House with 2 HVAC Units.: floor, window, AC, heating
  62. Repainting a porch rail, top surface only: vacuum, installed, stain - House
  63. Getting recycling..: townhouse, room, apartment, condo
  64. Faucet will not shut off: washer, plumber, new, old - House
  65. Thermostat problem: Air Conditioner, heat, outside, replace - House
  66. bed slats: cost, building, buy, yard - House
  67. Fibre Glass Curtains: slipcovers, washer, bathtub, washing - House
  68. Recommend Oil Heating Furnace and Boiler: tank, insulated, convert, install - House
  69. Drilling holes on my property -- electrical and gas maps: pool, drain - House
  70. A/C 1st floor and/or 2nd floor: town house, furnaces, AC
  71. Floor lamp replacement bottom.: vinyl, Home Depot, loading, mold - House
  72. Household Chemical Wastes: paint, disposal, electricity, vents
  73. window sill protection in apartment?: flooring, vinyl, windows, heat - House
  74. Heat pump fan sporadically spins but stops and makes a squeeling noise.: pool, heaters - House
  75. Storm Door Install - How Difficult?: installing, molding, standard, cheap - House
  76. Painting Garage Floor: vinyl, Lowes, color, ceramic - House
  77. Can't use of of my leach field lines, for reason.: tank, installed - House
  78. Security system from cable provider: window, phone, installed, apartment - House
  79. Drilling Sound in Apartment: heating, phone, appliance, ceiling - House
  80. Replacing rotten stud in wall: window, drain, curtain, paint - House
  81. What would you think this electrical work would cost?: floor, heating, appliance - House
  82. Securing the house from police recommendations: floor, windows, install, glass
  83. Can you use a window air conditioner for a through the wall installation?: roof, windows - House
  84. cleaning out pipes in your house: how much, dishwasher, tank, drains
  85. renter going through stoves: windows, AC, water heater, drain - House
  86. What can I use to pressure treat or permanently seal/protect wood outdoors?: granite, window - House
  87. volt-Ampere ratings: pool, window, AC, heaters - House
  88. Home Security Camera - Reviews: phone, installed, cost, outside - House
  89. House with an Identity Crisis: vinyl, stone, interior, siding
  90. What size rug does this look like?: sofa, furniture, room - House
  91. House wired with coaxial cable: Necessary?: heating, paint, furniture, living room
  92. Contractor exceeded quote: subfloor, how much, price, interior - House
  93. Outlets and Light Fixture Stopped Working: Home Depot, Lowes, loading, electricity - House
  94. Need advice: New central air or wait till it totally dies?: floor, windows - House
  95. Alarm Systems and/or Cameras Do They Deter or Invite?: window, phone - House
  96. Do you have an over-the-range microwave that you really like?: countertop, dishwasher - House
  97. Need a tile saw: Lowes, ceramic, cleaner, price - House
  98. Drywall Nail or Screw Pops-round 2: roof, foundation, heat, ceilings - House
  99. Sharkbite: Lowes, drain, convert, faucet - House
  100. Don't you just love the FREE section of Craigslist: countertops, phone, sinks - House
  101. How much should I plan to spend on bathroom remodel?: floor, granite - House
  102. Lawn Mowing - How late is too late?: pool, heat, phones - House
  103. Water heater in the attic - Solutions?: roof, AC, hot water heater - House
  104. where to buy used appliances and furnitures without getting screwed?: dishwasher, Home Depot - House
  105. Trim bottom of door without splintering: Home Depot, room, carpet, vent - House
  106. Should I get a bigger ceiling fan?: Lowes, AC, ceilings - House
  107. How many Houses have you lived in?: apartments, condo, build
  108. red cedar shingles: how much, phone, color, smell - House
  109. HVAC sizing: how much, air conditioning, heat, install - House
  110. way to get a nice scent in home without spray or incense?: smells, cabinets - House
  111. New roof through Insurance: roofing, installation, cost, standard - House
  112. Cleaning around a stand alone tub: heater, cleaner, installing, bathroom - House
  113. Who uses a HOME WARRANTY COMPANY? if so how much is the montly fee and come out (deductable fee)?: dishwasher, Air Conditioner - House
  114. Repairing bullet hole in vinyl fence: Lowes, bedroom, build, replacing - House
  115. Need recommendation for gas powered pressure washer: vinyl, Lowes, cost - House
  116. Remote Landlord (Rent your home in another city): flooring, opener, bathroom - House
  117. Neighbor built a wall serious help and advice: drain, vent, outside - House
  118. How long to paint interior ourselves?: floors, how much, windows, color - House
  119. Repairs Needed to Meter Pole, Tips: install, pipe, electrical, concrete - House
  120. Confused on Sheets: heat, bedrooms, pillow, iron - House
  121. Fireworks in your residential neighborhood?: roof, light, outside, permit - House
  122. Does besides me hate the glass top stoves?: heat, cleaner - House
  123. Changing Locks - But How to Remove the Locks: interior, better, replace - House
  124. Need help choosing a Drill: Home Depot, window, furniture, bathroom - House
  125. advice on a second AC for a histoirc home's second floor: hardwood, how much - House
  126. Appliances-scratched/dented- experience?: floor, dishwasher, Lowes, stove - House
  127. Help with obtaining permits: how much, foundation, room, plumbing - House
  128. How hard is it to switch out bathroom sink faucets?: Home Depot, drain - House
  129. Overnight guests: homestead, floor, how much, pool - House
  130. Stairs to basement- carpet or paint?: pool, stain, build, better - House
  131. Temporary Window Shade Recommendations: Home Depot, windows, installation, rooms - House
  132. Room is smelling!: flooring, roof, dehumidifier, window - House
  133. Lawn not absorbing water: drains, vent, cheap, backyard - House
  134. s on what to do with a Broken Television?: cost, code - House
  135. Water filters to remove lead?: sink, plumber, leaking, cost - House
  136. Air Conditioner needed: window, heater, appliance, install - House
  137. My Theromostat is wacky. insight?: roof, windows, AC, heat - House
  138. Mini Split ductless A/C vs heat pump: roof, furnace, window - House
  139. Should I or shouldn't I flood out my neighbor?: how much, costs, standard - House
  140. Has ever rented the RUG DOCTOR..did it work?: floors, Home Depot - House
  141. Mexican Tile?: vinyl, washer, paint, ceramic - House
  142. Walkout basement with No Inside stairway to Main Floor: furnace, installed, family room - House
  143. Humid one side of house only: floor, roof, Home Depot, Lowes
  144. Improving old floor tiles: hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, living room - House
  145. Circuit breaker keeps tripping in one room after replacement: appliance, ceiling - House
  146. Bathroom gutted: need shower wall ideas: tiling, flooring, jacuzzi, drain - House
  147. Earliest someone should mow lawn?: smell, condo, better, moisture - House
  148. Have you ever gone back to a house you lived in 30+ years ago...: homestead, roof
  149. Maintaining A Lawn Pop-Up Drainage Emitter: drain, installed, pipe, build - House
  150. Water in the crawl space: floor, dehumidifier, foundation, springs - House
  151. Roof Repair Estimate: shingles, leak, cost, removing - House
  152. Removing an old asbestos pipe: HEPA filter, how much, Home Depot, furnace - House
  153. Where to get an electric cord fixed?: vacuum, phone, color - House
  154. Simple Plumbing Fix, Won't Stop Leaking at Threaded Connection: flooring, washers, glue - House
  155. Blocking the Central AC vent in our bottom most room: floor, windows - House
  156. Cost per square foot means what exactly?: flooring, roof, paint - House
  157. Do You Have a House Cleaner or Maid: floors, countertops, vacuum
  158. Using D-Con in a vacant house.: flooring, foundation, Lowes, hot water heater
  159. Bought our first home - and it has a BUG PROBLEM! (Roaches, ants, wasps,: foundation, flea - House
  160. Living Room Tiles that look like HARDWOOD?: engineered, washer, window - House
  161. Ever Lived In/Seen A Lustron House?: roofing, air conditioning, heating
  162. Air Conditioning Questions?: floor, how much, furnace, windows - House
  163. Can i live in my own illegal basement???: window, stove, ceilings - House
  164. How often do you change your SHOWER CURTAINS?: colors, glass, door - House
  165. Hot/Humid Weather Inside Apartment Cause Damage To Cabinet and Floor?: laminate, windows - House
  166. AC Gets Cord Hot, Didn't Last Year, AC Itself?: washers, window, Air Conditioner - House
  167. Quote for attic and wall insulation: Lowes, heat, insulating, cost - House
  168. My mother is scared to buy and install another dishwasher, and s why....: floors, vinyl - House
  169. pots and pans and mess: sink, ceiling, kitchen, cabinets - House
  170. Is this tub/shower plumbing roughed in correctly?: floor, how much, window - House
  171. I have lost all motivation to do more work on my house: hardwood floor, roof
  172. Tile showers that do not leak?: floor, vinyl, fireplace, window - House
  173. Thermostat in bedroom?: furnace, AC, heat, phone - House
  174. what is a sump pump?: foundation, Lowes, plumbing, toilets - House
  175. House smells musty when weather is hot: subfloor, roof, laminate
  176. Which do you think is more of a hazard to the inside of a home.. extreme hot weather or cold weather?: dehumidifier, foundation - House
  177. Advantages & disadvantages of having 1 AC unit for 2 interior zones?: dehumidifier, heating - House
  178. Ants. How do you deal with it?: floor, Lowes, drain - House
  179. Closing garage to turn into livable space. How to seal the bottom edge?: flooring, windows - House
  180. Is it good for cleaning toilet bowl?: cleaner, toilets, cost - House
  181. TWP Stain questions.: Home Depot, Lowes, paint, cold - House
  182. Kitchen remodel-need help choosing cabinets: glass, best, replace, company - House
  183. Where do you store your spare carabiners?: floor, pool, laundry room - House
  184. What kind of keychain do you use?: opener, light, square feet - House
  185. New House from Hell: foundation, fireplace, pool, window
  186. Can I DIY my own AC unit replacement?: roof, vacuum, installation - House
  187. Dormer vs Turbine: Air Conditioner, heat, installation, insulation - House
  188. homedepot garage door installation: opener, Home Depot, ceiling, installing - House
  189. Condensation on ceiling HVAC diffusers: grill, heat, installed, rooms - House
  190. Brand new cement driveway looks like swiss cheese: concrete, best, construction - House
  191. Suggestions on getting rid of sheet rock dust off of tile floors: vacuum, installed - House
  192. Breaker Board Replacement & Insurance: installation, price, electrical, repair - House
  193. Who uses their soaker tub? Waste of space?: fireplace, jacuzzi, townhome - House
  194. Which ball valve to use?: heater, tanks, installing, plumbing - House
  195. Hip roof alterations: how much, windows, showers, price - House
  196. A/C operations when not at home: how much, roof, windows - House
  197. Crawl Space Humidity Help (I am overwhelmed with: floor, dehumidifier, foundation - House
  198. How much do you budget per month for home maintenance?: roof, furnace - House
  199. R-22 dry charge HVAC condensers banned by U.S. DOE: install, leaks - House
  200. Ranch Gate Opener: light, vent, systems, powered - House