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  1. Is it safe to use gas starter to keep wood burning in fireplace: heat, vacuum cleaner - House
  2. Corian vs. quartz.....opinions: granite countertops, color, sink, cleaner - House
  3. Weird thermostat issue: floor, heat, warm, electric - House
  4. Coffee Tables: sofa, curtain, paint, living room - House
  5. Cost of Replacing Outdoor Stair Railing: vinyl, townhouse, phone, color
  6. Under kitchen sink odor: dishwasher, drains, smell, installed - House
  7. heater: tank, drain, faucets, pipe - House
  8. When buying a replacement concrete driveway...: heating, drains, installed, shower - House
  9. Venting the range hood: floor, shingles, countertops, washer - House
  10. Pricing Help on Various Small Jobs to Prep House For Sale: Carpet, Painting, Windows,: how much, vinyl
  11. Electric Radiators/Runtal: floors, engineered, Lowes, windows - House
  12. Switch boxes set too deep - How to shim switches?: washers, Home Depot - House
  13. Cost to open up a wall into Living Area?: floors, how much, painting - House
  14. Where is the ending point for a backsplash?: floor, countertop, microwave - House
  15. Odd About Oil Furnace: heating, radiators, leaking, pipes - House
  16. News, A 20-Foot Christmas Tree Wouldn't Fit in Their Home, but Family Had a Genius Solution: roof, lights - House
  17. Contractors insured? Bonded?: pool, cost, standard, vent - House
  18. double wide 24' x 45' built 1973': sink, kitchen, cabinet - House
  19. Fence line post too deep?: Lowes, pipe, concrete, best - House
  20. Wind and Hail Insurance. ever heard of Weston Insurance?: versus, company - House
  21. Vented or non vented gas logs: fireplace, stove, chimney, vs - House
  22. Closed cell foam: flooring, insulated, drains, installation - House
  23. What's this doodad under my sink?: install, plumbing, faucet, build - House
  24. Columbia Gas - Columbia Service Partners?: cost, interior, repairing, worth - House
  25. pulling crew in middle of a roofing job: color, install, compare - House
  26. Major problem with my Culligan Water Fitration System.: Lowes, sink, leaking - House
  27. Motion sensor + LED - light stays on 24-7: replace, wiring, new - House
  28. Kitchen floor not level, need help: subfloor, overlay, vinyl, foundation - House
  29. HVAC Zone Issue: furnace, heating, dining room, kitchen - House
  30. can you have two different widths of hardwood floors side by side: colors, plank - House
  31. Faucet diverter knob: paint, shower, leaking, build - House
  32. Subfloor repair: contractor or DIY: how much, ceiling, installing, family room - House
  33. Draft Coming From Under Stove: floor, Home Depot, insulating, paint - House
  34. Inquire about average time and cost for apartment update: flooring, bathtub, sink - House
  35. GAS FIREPLACE : Vent free or vented. getting one not sure which one to get: humidifier, fireplaces - House
  36. Buying a house - AC: windows, heating, ceiling, install
  37. Downspout Covers: roof, Home Depot, drain, pipe - House
  38. Tile around fireplace - drywall vs cement board: my fireplace, paint, ceiling - House
  39. Travertine shower sealer: tiles, vent, better, estimate - House
  40. Is fiberglass mesh (on the back of tile) bad for health?: installing, insulation - House
  41. Oil burner making a strange noise: furnace, tank, installing, cost - House
  42. Building a commercial building...: how much, cost, square feet, electrical - House
  43. Plumbing Rant And Request For Solutions: how much, installation, glue, plumber - House
  44. Squeaky oven door: dishwasher, repair, better, soap - House
  45. breaking up cement: floor, vinyl, Home Depot, bathtub - House
  46. how to decorate our home with handmade things: interior, new, moving - House
  47. Heater not blowing hot air: build, electric, circuit, breaker - House
  48. damaged/torn Thermo-ply: how much, engineered, window, drain - House
  49. Home Inspection--Foundation crack: paint, basement, slab, repair - House
  50. One condo to another: townhouse, bedroom, apartment, basement
  51. Windows have Condensation on the Inside: floor, fireplace, furnace, double pane windows - House
  52. Home central heat/ac: furnaces, heater, installed, gas - House
  53. Termite Policy + Fungi: installed, room, leak, vs - House
  54. How much is a reasonable bid for a furnance: furnace, windows, AC - House
  55. Toilet water supply not reaching new toilet: floor, Home Depot, tank - House
  56. No power in my bedroom but power from the electrical box: bathroom, light - House
  57. about folding shelf brackets: countertops, appliance, kitchens, gas - House
  58. stone backsplash and sealer: color, kitchen, plastic, covering - House
  59. Garage door bounces when closing at half way mark: opener, springs, paint - House
  60. hot water heater issues: townhome, AC, tank, leaking - House
  61. Kitchen fire - insurance: floor, how much, dishwasher, paint - House
  62. American Standard air-handler & furnace issue?: heating, light, codes, replace - House
  63. Recommendations for Handyman in DC/MD/VA area to fix stoop: foundation, kitchen - House
  64. Odd wiring in old house: how much, roofing, ceiling, installed
  65. Keeping grout clean in high traffic area, or seal?: hardwood, Lowes, ceramic - House
  66. What is going on inside windows?: Home Depot, glass, replacing, between - House
  67. Renovation Costs for Long Island, NY: wood floors, how much, countertops, fireplace - House
  68. Owen corning basement products: flooring, sofas, heater, insulating - House
  69. Efflorescence in crawl space - old or new, will this need work: roofing, drains - House
  70. Rectangular chandelier install: floor, Home Depot, ceiling, dining room - House
  71. Waterlogged Footing, foundation and crawlspace solutions. . .: drains, installing, costs, build - House
  72. Building Code for Positive Drain: foundation, Lowes, drains, plumbing - House
  73. Pest Control: couch, carpet, apartments, basement - House
  74. Need advice on issue with new house: shingles, foundations, drain
  75. Long drain for thick sink: drains, bathroom, standard, replace - House
  76. Building a small house in Florida: roof, insulation, plumber, hurricane
  77. Plumbing Advice Needed: foundation, sinks, installation, shower - House
  78. Intermittent sound of water running through pipe...: tank, color, sink - House
  79. Home security system 2g to 4g...: cost, replace, company, existing - House
  80. Backyard lighting needs help!: windows, ceiling, install, interior - House
  81. Alternative Heat Source?: fireplaces, furnace, tank, stoves - House
  82. Unethical contractors`: Home Depot, pool, phone, repair - House
  83. Can I leave my clothes in the dryer for a day?: washer, heat - House
  84. Lots of math to get a nice house: floor, windows, rooms
  85. 1 Light flickering the other doesn't come on fluorescent light: kitchen, cost, worth - House
  86. I have a microwave: countertop, stove, smells, appliance - House
  87. Cost of stand alone garage?: roof, opener, windows, paint - House
  88. Does still use Feather dusters?: vacuum, room, replace, using - House
  89. Electrician won't return to finish: electrical, circuit, best, reviews - House
  90. Vacuum Comparison Bissell and Shark: vacuum cleaner, couch, cleaner, appliance - House
  91. NEW FRONT LOADER ON 2ND FLOOR - HARDWOOD CONCERN/Vibration: hardwood floors, washers - House
  92. Side Entrance Door- glass or not?: floor, window, installing, bathroom - House
  93. for you electricians: heaters, appliance, electrical, circuit - House
  94. Old House - Brass or Bronze Door Hardware?: colors, cleaner, cleaning
  95. property near power substation: resale value, light, concrete, worth - House
  96. Mold(?) on bottom of mattress: flooring, dehumidifier, heater, smells - House
  97. Best Toilets of 2017: Home Depot, price, pipes, compare - House
  98. Where is the worst place you have ever slept?: floor, laminate, furniture - House
  99. Type of screws needed to reinforce subfloor?: Lowes, heating, color - House
  100. Old toilet disposal: tanks, appliance, install, plumber - House
  101. Name your all time favorite type of pillow: price, replace, rated - House
  102. pipe leak in slab: floor, sinks, ceiling, bathroom - House
  103. The Mystery of the Floor Water- Can you solve it???: hot water heater, bathtub - House
  104. Furnace Maintenance?: grills, heating, drain, cleaning - House
  105. I'm on Vacation and I left glade-plug ins in my apartment... should I be OK? Is there sort of hazard?: smell, warm - House
  106. Issue with Recently Refinished Hardwood Floors: furniture, stains, carpet, repair - House
  107. Cost of replacing a standard alcove tub with clawfoot tub?: flooring, how much - House
  108. Light bulbs for ceiling fan: shatterproof, Home Depot, heat, appliance - House
  109. Upgrade 30 year old furnace or get house wrapped?: vinyl, windows, air conditioning
  110. Pocket Doors?: flooring, how much, foundation, laminate - House
  111. outside lighting: Home Depot, windows, install, bedroom - House
  112. I have a backsplash: how much, Lowes, install, square - House
  113. Should a carbon monoxide detector be up high or close to the floor?: windows, heater - House
  114. Mirrors in house changed?: heating, paint, bathrooms, apartment
  115. shortcuts to dusting?: fireplace, washer, furnace, AC - House
  116. Simply Safe for security system...?: windows, installing, price, code - House
  117. Double Pane Windows (insulated windows) ARGHHHH!: vinyl, townhouse, Lowes, paint
  118. What is the worst damage that has been caused to your house?: roof shingles, washer
  119. What Type Of Infrastructure Is This?: phones, cost, outside, forced - House
  120. Bathtub water going down slowly...: Home Depot, drains, sink, cleaner - House
  121. Help Buying Bedroom Sets (Or Furniture) - Finding Quality: sofas, couch, smell - House
  122. How much do I not want radiators?: humidifier, fireplace, dishwasher - House
  123. Oil stain in granite-Help!: granite countertops, dishwasher, Lowes, paint - House
  124. Why Marble?: granite, refinishing, installed, bathrooms - House
  125. New furniture dilemma: sofas, color, couches, cost - House
  126. What color outdoor light bulbs for Thanksgiving?: ceiling, install, lighting - House
  127. Would you buy a house that had a grave in the garden: resale value, 2013
  128. could you eat food grown in a cemetary: area, ground, large - House
  129. Exterior home cleaning(brick and siding) for back of house: washer, pool
  130. Do you move furniture around for the holidays?: dining room, basement, mount - House
  131. VERY simple contemporary cabin/cottage design plans?: floor, convert, bathrooms - House
  132. Gas Water Heater issue: furnace, tank, appliance, lighting - House
  133. Outside water valve: vinyl, washer, hot water heater, sinks - House
  134. HANSSEM Cabinets...opinions?: Home Depot, appliance, installation, kitchen - House
  135. Samsung washer recall: washers, Home Depot, phones, loading - House
  136. Is it crazy to finish the attic behind my closet and add a tiny dwarf door?: floor, how much - House
  137. vent pipes in the yard: drain, vents, outside, flush - House
  138. GFCI Issue: appliance, install, bathroom, detector - House
  139. Leak from mystery pipe: floor, washer, furnace, tank - House
  140. what to do with left over Halloween candy: heater, remove, buy - House
  141. Carpenter's Equation: how much, rooms, cost, better - House
  142. use a window fan to bring warm air into a cool house?: windows, heater
  143. Multi-ladders: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, window - House
  144. steam oil boiler: floor, heating, convert, install - House
  145. Cost for new fridge?: Home Depot, Lowes, stainless steel, refrigerator - House
  146. 10 year old houses that look new, and then that look 30 years old: hardwood floors, vinyl
  147. Hateful neighbors: townhouse, repair, fence, replace
  148. How to keep water from escaping tub/shower: floors, curtain, ceramic - House
  149. Refrigerator reccomendations: pool, Lowes, appliance, condo - House
  150. Comments about Furniture/home decor: how much, painting, living room, kitchen - House
  151. Cleaning a pie dish that has been outside a while: dishwasher, grills - House
  152. Where do you guys place the toaster oven?: heat, microwave, cabinets - House
  153. Funny Sound in the House: roof, window, bathroom, kitchen
  154. painting a house? how do i do it?: shingles, vinyl, Lowes
  155. Down duvet vs down alternative: washer, heat, insulating, color - House
  156. Toilet Recommendations: Home Depot, cleaner, installed, bathroom - House
  157. Advice on finding a roof leak: shingles, vinyl, pool, windows - House
  158. Help! Ants or Termites?: heater, glass, light, warm - House
  159. Radon Mitigation Issue in a new home: flooring, asbestos, installing - House
  160. Getting ready for winter. What do we really need?: fireplaces, furnace, grill - House
  161. What's with the stainless steal appliances love affair: microwave, color, cleaner - House
  162. What is safe to scrub the grout with on my ceramic floors?: Lowes, windows - House
  163. patching wood siding for the winter: how much, heat, paint, building - House
  164. New marble floors scratched after installation: flooring, countertop, painting, bathroom - House
  165. Do you get your furnace or boilers tuned up yearly?: furnaces, hot water baseboard - House
  166. How often do you feel ripped off by a contractor?: flooring, Home Depot - House
  167. help with urine hardwood stains?: hardwood floors, how much, laminate, refinishing - House
  168. Cracks in basement wall: foundation, window, drain, leak - House
  169. stopped having garage sales?: price, worth, better, duct - House
  170. have you put your Christmas decoration up/out: basement, vent, outside - House
  171. Exterminator offering free termite inspection...should I do it?: foundation, vacuum - House
  172. Crawl Space Vapor Barrier - Yes/No?: floors, foundation, install - House
  173. Embarrasing topic - clogged toilet: drain, bathroom, toilets, washing - House
  174. Outdoor Christmas/Holiday Decorations You Dislike: roof, color, lights, rated - House
  175. Rug Doctor VS Professional cleaning: Lowes, tanks, vacuum, drain - House
  176. What is this device in my garage: hot water heater, installed, gas - House
  177. mystery puddle (water, not pee) near toilet? Help: flooring, vinyl, washers - House
  178. Will someone invent an easier-to-clean toilet??: floor, Lowes, converting - House
  179. Weird windows: paint, build, basement, outside - House
  180. Should I turn off the main water valve when vacationing for a week?: springs, water tank - House
  181. Combing A/C Fins vs. Replacement: AC, radiators, washing - House
  182. 6 common mistakes when operating the garbage disposal: dishwashers, tank, tanks - House
  183. House of Obama: ceilings, furniture, living room, kitchen
  184. What brand of sink is this?: how much, Home Depot, Lowes, tank - House
  185. bathfitter lifetime warranty issues: drain, bathtub, paint, ceiling - House
  186. Why is the home furnace turning on only at night?: heat, living room - House
  187. Septic/leech field.: homestead, how much, room, price - House
  188. Would you buy a home that has an HOA?: standard, cement, area - House
  189. Cheapest heater for a 24 x 15 bedroom?: fireplaces, Home Depot, window, heaters - House
  190. Window won't close properly: vinyl, windows, master bedroom, warm - House
  191. milk paint? Chalk paint?: tank, refinishing, railing, painting - House
  192. I'm noticing my t-shirts are shrinking after a wash/dry: washer, Lowes - House
  193. How easy (or hard) is it to swap out a doorknob? (interior doors): installation, bathroom - House
  194. gas or woodburning: fireplaces, cleaning, chimney, pipes - House
  195. Crazy HOA rules.: smell, dogs, vent, outside - House
  196. Plumbing mystery: floor, AC, tank, drain - House
  197. Economical and DIY way to clean fabric furniture and other hard to clean things: sofas, cleaner - House
  198. News, Glitch in Christmas tree lights sets fire that kills couple: room, salt - House
  199. High level drywall finish - Level 4 / Level 5 - House
  200. Foundation/Crawl Space Vents Pre 2003: standard, damaged, replacement, pictures - House