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  1. Tip for who's mailbox has been broken into or has a remote mailbox: repair, best - House
  2. Kohler Toilet problem: tank, mold, vent, vinegar - House
  3. Venting over the range: stoves, kitchen, ranges, mount - House
  4. How Do YOU Remove Green Yuck From Trex?: flooring, cleaner, mold - House
  5. cracked foundation on a new garage build, what to do: lien, floor - House
  6. cutting a larger opening in Granite countertop: how much, sink, room - House
  7. Sealing wood/pressure treated wood: floor, roof, window, Air Conditioner - House
  8. Insurance issue - kitchen: Home Depot, Lowes, colors, cabinets - House
  9. Problem with HOA: roof, fireplace, vacuum, installed - House
  10. Keeping centipedes out of the house (natural home remedies)?: flea, townhome, lights
  11. about cook stove?: countertop, heat, stoves, gas - House
  12. Pipe leak - Drywall damaged. Safe to DIY?: foundation, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  13. Mortar color mismatch: stone, cleaning, stain, building - House
  14. Termite infestation and swarming: kitchen, cabinets, apartment, building - House
  15. What type of roof is this?: roofing, insulate, warm, tile - House
  16. Cleaning Pots and Pans: kitchen, mold, apartment, stainless steel - House
  17. Central Vacuum system vs Dyson: floors, installed, rooms, cleaning - House
  18. furnace topic:fan shuts off when the heat comes on: furnaces, heating - House
  19. How to effectively get rig of flying ants: vacuum, sink, kitchen - House
  20. Have you ever been evicted/kicked out of a house?: paint, convert
  21. caulking that shrinks??: Lowes, windows, paint, convert - House
  22. Replacing old HVAC registers: floor, furnace, grill, window - House
  23. Ideas on extending a baseboard vent: Lowes, convert, living room, steel - House
  24. Alternative to Moen push/pull faucet that keeps sticking?: ceramic, plumber, price - House
  25. Kilz Original oil based primer: how much, windows, heat, painting - House
  26. How do you heat your shop?: floors, tank, insulating, stoves - House
  27. Power Washing House: and a ladder makes all the differed (bonus gutters): roof, washer
  28. Why it costs so much to insure your home: roofing, square, repair - House
  29. Lost mail key: cost, replacement, company, cement - House
  30. Are there true variable speed packaged AC Units?: AC, heat, gas - House
  31. Automatic, Propane, Generator for 700 sqft house?: furnace, air conditioning, heater, microwave
  32. Help installing Nest Thermostat E: heating, color, codes, best - House
  33. Sealing the shroud on an air conditioner: roofing, foundation, paint - House
  34. In door ice maker - too small?: appliance, room, gas - House
  35. Advice for distressing kitchen cabinets: color, replace, remove, wall - House
  36. cast iron gas heater stinks: stove, color, smells, installed - House
  37. Undercabinet light: install, kitchens, cabinets, lighting - House
  38. Gas insert 2 flues confused: fireplace, conversion, convert, chimney - House
  39. Finding a good house cleaning service: washer, cleaner, load, worth
  40. Toilet again: drains, sink, bedroom, shower - House
  41. Dishwashing machine and food disposer questions: washer, drain, sink, install - House
  42. Gas heater pilot would not light... What to check?: tank, vent, propane - House
  43. how to turn on fan without AC OR HEATING ON Nest 3 thermostat.: HVAC, green - House
  44. Installing a water dispenser in a refrigerator: Home Depot, light, cost - House
  45. Should I be monitoring radon levels?: floors, install, detector, basements - House
  46. Explain Three Types Of Refrig/Freezer Defrost Modes: slate, price - House
  47. Attic Trusses: flooring, roof, engineered, loading - House
  48. Paint Dry/Recoat Time: floor, window, refinishing, painting - House
  49. Pros and Cons of Hydro-Jetting a Sewer Line: drains, sink, bathroom - House
  50. How soundproof is my townhouse?: windows, vacuum, sink, smells
  51. Lighting math: heat, convert, room, cost - House
  52. Power washers for frequently dirty porches, screened decks: Home Depot, cleaner, cleaning - House
  53. Storm Door: insulated, install, glass, cost - House
  54. Can you clean an AREA RUG with a carpet cleaner?: flooring, washer - House
  55. Other rooms in the house that are useful and/or trendy: sofa, convert
  56. Where can I buy Vetter casement window latches?: windows, replacement, cement - House
  57. House styles: windows, tudor style, price, cracked
  58. Chimney Issue - Spalled Bricks: roof, drain, vent, weather - House
  59. Repairing CSST flex gas pipe. Need and advice a sap: fireplace, heat - House
  60. Ink Explosion in Dryer, Advice Needed: smells, stains, gas, electric - House
  61. Sump pump to sewer: floor, foundation, drain, install - House
  62. Can I bury the doorbell?: heat, paint, appliance - House
  63. Pest I.D. Help: water heater, sheets - House
  64. Need Advice: what to buy: countertop, Lowes, grill, heat - House
  65. Is this a common spider?: outside, wall, Missouri, ground - House
  66. Repairing an office chair: floor, Lowes, furniture, steel - House
  67. French Doors - Need Opinions: paint, stained, interior, vent - House
  68. High water pressure for a few seconds: tank, plumbing, faucet - House
  69. Camphor to get rid of indoor mosquito?: window, heat, room - House
  70. Who still makes non-digital Mechanical Home Propane Furnaces central heating?: floor, window - House
  71. Brick retaining wall in the backyard - going out: installing, build, basement - House
  72. Pipes stolen from vacant house.: floor, dehumidifier, window, plumbing
  73. White rubbery gunk around sink stopper: drains, bathtub, installation, bathroom - House
  74. Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaners... (Drop in Pills): washers, tank, smells - House
  75. Ceiling fan: room, light, steel, build - House
  76. Kitchen Aid Mixer Oil Leak: cabinet, leaks, repair, fix - House
  77. My shower knob hard to turn .....: plumbing, replace, marble, free - House
  78. bow best to improve this floor?: hardwood floors, laminate, refinish, installation - House
  79. Can gas fireplace insert be removed for solid fuel use: conversion, convert - House
  80. Overseed before or after winterizing?: light, weather, best, yard - House
  81. Heat pump or add an air return ?: floor, furnace, Lowes - House
  82. Sewer back up: cleaner, convert, plumber, toilets - House
  83. I can usually find anything; but not this: 18-inch paint roller SHIELD: painting, vent - House
  84. AC and Furnace Condensate Line: floor, dehumidifier, drain, installation - House
  85. Electrical Panel making humming/buzzing noise when light switch for overhead lights turned on?: vacuum, ceiling - House
  86. Wiring 24 LED downlights on one switch/circuit...ok?: heater, ceiling, installing - House
  87. Best place to by good quality sectional and bed online in $1,000-ish range: sofa, couch - House
  88. Under sink drain tubing: vinyl, dishwasher, drains, install - House
  89. How to unscrew water softener head?: tank, plumbing, leaking, pipe - House
  90. Commercial electrical systems upgrade: how much, fireplace, cost, build - House
  91. Walkway repaired (mortar): floor, slate, pipe, brands - House
  92. Repair or replace/upgrade oil hydronic system to heat pump: hardwood floors, furnace - House
  93. 1/2 to 3/4 natural gas line for fire pit: furnace, stove, appliance - House
  94. Exposing Slump Block: window, insulating, insulation, electrical - House
  95. Might be shopping for a fridge soon...: color, sink, appliance - House
  96. Recessed Ironing Board Cabinets: install, laundry room, kitchen, build - House
  97. How to remove kitchen faucet...Long bolts?: sink, plumbing, leaking - House
  98. Additional parking: granite, sinks, stone, costs - House
  99. Where to buy Spanish styled box windows?: build, worth, construction - House
  100. Hampton Bay Tipton 34 in. Steel Deep Bowl Fire Pit: how much, Home Depot, heat - House
  101. Removing scratches in cast resin countertop: countertops, sink, bathroom, glass - House
  102. How the **** do contractors stay in business?: hardwood floor, roof, pool - House
  103. The best oven liners: smell, cleaning, ovens, reviews - House
  104. Termite swarms in LA apartment: foundations, window, bathroom, kitchen - House
  105. Removing a Marble bathroom threshold: flooring, stone, downstairs, cracked - House
  106. Buying an empty and vacant house??: plumbing, leaks, price, cold
  107. 4 wire outlet convert to 2 wire?: code, electric, circuit, vent - House
  108. Remember Sleepy's?: condo, mattresses, company, purchase - House
  109. I want to my house become a learning Museum: pool, convert, bathroom
  110. Burglar proof Tempered Glass?: flooring, how much, roof, Home Depot - House
  111. tricks for getting ceiling tiles to lie flush?: heating, vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  112. Tripped my GFCI and can't reset: bathrooms, kitchen, lights, electrical - House
  113. Sort of weatherproof screened porch: Lowes, windows, paint, install - House
  114. Dislike drywall textured surfaces: paint, ceilings, furniture, bathroom - House
  115. Simple outdoor electric circuit: foundation, color, install, lights - House
  116. Opinions for a Shower Head: ceiling, install, bathroom, cleaning - House
  117. Help diagnosing a washer problem: stove, appliance, furniture, apartments - House
  118. How much are you paying to lease your propane tank?: pool, stove - House
  119. Full rehab 1920 house: hardwood, roof, granite, furnace
  120. Reusable non melamine plastic plates: washer, heat, microwave, glass - House
  121. Need advice -- problem withe new pavers install: Lowes, slate, light - House
  122. Which kind of fireplace?: fireplaces, window, heating, stove - House
  123. Unoccupied vacation home burns 1KW per day; is this normal?: microwave, appliance - House
  124. Water Damage(ground floor): flooring, how much, foundation, water heater - House
  125. how can I make a raised attic floor?: flooring, Home Depot, ceiling - House
  126. Whole house carbon filter.: how much, countertop, pool, Lowes
  127. Honeywell thermostat no time displayed?: heat, installed, light, square - House
  128. building a garage with living quarters on the down low: sink, install - House
  129. I had flooring installed.. now all wrinkled.: vinyl, Home Depot, laminate - House
  130. Is this fridge worth saving?: pool, vacuum, drains, sink - House
  131. For townhouse lovers: windows, living room, kitchen, apartments
  132. If you have the right filter in your furnace, should you need an air purifier?: humidifier, fireplaces - House
  133. is it to make a toilet flush faster?: tank, vacuum, drains - House
  134. How can I make better use of this hallway (house plan pic): heating, painting
  135. Your secret to cleaning stainless steel pot with burnt stuff inside: how much, microwave - House
  136. How to whiten clothes and other laundry questions?: washer, color, smells - House
  137. Odd Amazon Delivery: window, couch, dogs, Oregon - House
  138. which shark?(vacuum): hardwood floors, cleaner, carpet, glue - House
  139. uestions about cleaning...: drain, sinks, cleaner, stone - House
  140. Trailer in a greenhouse: floor, tank, insulated, stove
  141. Loose marble floor tiles: subfloor, installed, bathroom, toilet - House
  142. Worst decade for homes: wood floors, ceilings, price, pipes - House
  143. home owner liability for Trespasser injury or death: pool, condo, fence - House
  144. Powerful kitchen exhaust: how much, microwave, stove, smell - House
  145. HOA in Texas: foundation, pool, installing, apartment - House
  146. New Fridge Shopping: mullion, pool, appliance, kitchen - House
  147. Walk In Closet DIY: hardwood, phone, color, sink - House
  148. Ideas for Storage Shed Replacement: floor, shingles, foundation, Lowes - House
  149. When you were younger , when did you think you would own a home?: rooms, condo - House
  150. Adjusting water level in toilet bowl: tank, drain, install, bathroom - House
  151. Pavers: seal or not to seal?: drainage pipe, pipes, vent, better - House
  152. Buying a home with foundation settling - When is it a red flag?: floor, resale value - House
  153. Animals In My Trash: paint, smell, codes, concrete - House
  154. Hiring a handyman for a day: shingles, asbestos, cleaning, light - House
  155. Boiler heat - Radiator heat: floors, humidifier, furnace, windows - House
  156. Fifty year old GE central heat electric furnace: Air Conditioner, heating, natural gas - House
  157. Who Has a Home Office with a Great Desk Chair ??: furniture, steel - House
  158. Whole House Generator: how much, fireplace, tank, appliance
  159. Air purifiers to clean the air or really just for your mental state?: HEPA filter, floors - House
  160. Strongly putting in an inground, gunite pool. advice from who have had a pool put in?: how much, pools - House
  161. Bathroom / Medicine cabinet, yes or no?: installed, condo, washing - House
  162. Washer Without Agitator: washers, front loader, condo, dryer - House
  163. Does each house have water meter?: how much, foundation, installed, plumbing
  164. Dumb 'But' ...: roof, washers, pool, paint - House
  165. Help! Power Outage Fried a Main Breaker!: kitchen, plumber, costs - House
  166. Bugs coming up from shower drain: dehumidifier, dishwashers, furnace, AC - House
  167. Water in basement: floor, how much, pool, window - House
  168. Bedroom noise: Home Depot, pool, windows, insulated - House
  169. Backup Fridge Continues To Suffer Incontinence: floor, Home Depot, drain, appliance - House
  170. Brita or Pur - water filtration: washer, water tank, ceramic, sinks - House
  171. New toilet help: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, cleaner - House
  172. Safety bars for bathtub/shower: installation, bathroom, showers, glue - House
  173. with full finished basements: washer, paint, ceilings, bathroom - House
  174. Electrical: stove, mold, steel, circuit - House
  175. Removing lots of tree stumps...: gas, backyard, covered, chain - House
  176. suggestions on hiding the microwave: floor, granite, opener, stove - House
  177. Describe your ideal home and lifestyle: roof, townhome, heater, bedroom - House
  178. Dryer timer doesn't work: appliance, kitchen, plumber, condo - House
  179. Boring Master Bathroom: windows, bathtub, curtains, color - House
  180. Ever Build Above an Attached Garage?: floor, roof, foundation - House
  181. Removing mildew from luggage?: vinyl, washer, color, smells - House
  182. Are two story houses safer from intruders looking to do physical harm than single story homes?: floor, windows
  183. Rust staining from well water: Home Depot, hot water heater, installed, stains - House
  184. I need a fridge that will fit in a 68.5 x 36 space.: Home Depot, pool - House
  185. I skipped my last mortgage payment because I sold my home but....: lien, company - House
  186. Refinishing Furniture: how much, paint, cabinet, glue - House
  187. Best kitchen tablecloth/protector?: vinyl, dining room, glass, vent - House
  188. Estimating propane usage?: how much, fireplace, tank, tanks - House
  189. VOC air quality: HEPA filter, window, heat, stove - House
  190. Empava Induction Cooktop: how much, heat, appliance, kitchen - House
  191. What is considered LEVEL in a floor?: hardwood floors, fireplace, drain - House
  192. Which window in your home do you have the best view from?: floors, pool - House
  193. Furnace repair problems- should I expect a discount?: AC, heating, install - House
  194. Wood stove: floor, roof, fireplaces, windows - House
  195. Humming noise in the house: tank, ceiling, bedroom, apartment
  196. Good Home Design App for Android?: phone, furniture, square foot, interior - House
  197. $26k house flip: hardwood floors, roof, foundation, windows
  198. Which Solid Color Stain?: building, siding, better, duct - House
  199. My Problem With The Rebound Snow Markers: install, damage, best - House
  200. Gimmick or useful - 1 time free re-amortization for house