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  1. smelly bathroom sink: roof, water tank, vacuum, drain - House
  2. Lean-to greenhouse: yard, sunroom, garden
  3. Safe to expand crawl space?: floor, foundation, bathroom, kitchen - House
  4. New Pool Owner (Multiple s): how much, Home Depot, pools, heaters - House
  5. 2 story ceiling repairs: roof, paint, living room, light - House
  6. Cover dirt/mud under stairs: granite, stone, carpet, concrete - House
  7. Water Softener - Smell after new installation: tank, drain, color - House
  8. Sentricon-- Worth It or Not?: roof, installing, price, build - House
  9. GOOD or BAD experience with ELECTRIC WATER HEATER?: water tank, tanks, install - House
  10. building a balcony off bathroom: shower, outside, between, pictures - House
  11. How to drill holes in rocks: heating, stone, glass, concrete - House
  12. News, 'Crazy' Ants Swarm Houston Area, Ruin Electronic Devices.: electrical, outlet, yard - House
  13. Fireplace Blower: heating, installed, room, gas - House
  14. removing paint from brick: fireplace, cleaning, molding, glass - House
  15. Radon mitigation/ Air purification: windows, install, light, basements - House
  16. Hardwood floors have lost their shine: dogs, remove, sealer, ducts - House
  17. hardwood floors: engineered, laminate, color, sink - House
  18. how to resurface a ceiling?: vinyl, paint, ceilings, master bedroom - House
  19. a/c unit in house not leaking water.what gives?: AC, heat
  20. Parts for a whirlpool gold microwave?: stove, appliance, vent, plastic - House
  21. Structural warranty for existing home: appliance, plumbing, build, construction - House
  22. Cleaning Brick: fireplace, vacuum, paint, glass - House
  23. another new pool owner: drains, installed, company, ground - House
  24. News, Just a small house. Greenwich Flushes Billionaire's 26-Bathroom Supermansion Plan.: bathrooms, square
  25. Pellet Stove: fireplaces, heat, stoves, chimney - House
  26. Roof - Reflective and/or Solar Coating Recommendations: roofing, Home Depot, AC - House
  27. Terrazzo inlay options: concrete, ground - House
  28. Termites found and we need a clean termite letter....closing in less than 3 weeks HELP!: cost, outside - House
  29. WARNING: When Buying Bedding for your home: smell, stain, costs - House
  30. Cedar home painted...issues/upkeep?: flooring, refinishing, painting, furniture - House
  31. Asking landlord to repair damages I caused?: stove, paint, cleaning - House
  32. wax on wood: stain, steel, iron, best - House
  33. gas firesplace: fireplaces, tank, tanks, smell - House
  34. tile/grout cleaning: floors, Home Depot, vacuum, color - House
  35. emptying house WHATS HOT FOR GARAGE SALE?: heat, stove, appliance
  36. Efficient wood burning fireplace insert: furnace, grill, air conditioning, heating - House
  37. Recommend a Good Shower Caulk: floor, installation, glue, tiles - House
  38. Country/Cottage Themed house: paint color, furniture, room, light
  39. Electrical - Light fixture: ceiling, cleaning, lights, circuit - House
  40. installed a solartube on their own??: how much, windows, heat - House
  41. fan deck for millenium paints: Home Depot, Lowes, paint color, interior - House
  42. best roofing material to reflect heat: insulating, ceiling, convert, master bedroom - House
  43. Walkway in front of house made from Macadam?: drain, color, carpeting
  44. Full concrete in crawl-space or not?: floor, drains, building, crawl space - House
  45. Fixing Up an Old Mailbox: paint, install, cleaning, light - House
  46. News, Evicted - the woman whose garden weeds grew so high they could be seen from SPACE.: floor, window - House
  47. Termite Bond: cost, repair, damage, company - House
  48. Exterior house needs painting?: vinyl, cost, interior, siding
  49. Need help with uneven baseboards: floor, rooms, kitchen, molding - House
  50. Carpet Pad - How important is 8lb?: floors, install, living room - House
  51. window or portable ac unit: floor, dehumidifier, windows, heat - House
  52. hate their pillowtop mattress?: sink, steel, mattresses - House
  53. KIng Pillows & Cases vs. Queen: foundation, furniture, master bedroom, price - House
  54. pool liner: vinyl, pools, converting, plumbing - House
  55. difference in one furnace heating and zoned heating: installed, rooms, radiators - House
  56. Removing caulking from bathtub: heat, paint, cleaner, cleaning - House
  57. Blocking off crawl space: floors, dehumidifier, foundation, furnace - House
  58. converting a vinyl pool to concrete?: drain, price, replace, removing - House
  59. HVAC duty cycle display: air conditioning, price, building, thermostat - House
  60. Carrier Trane or Lennox: Air Conditioner, installation, cost, warm - House
  61. New Construction Home: Home Warranties: appliance, cost, building codes, repair - House
  62. Honeycomb in Concrete Column- Wat to do?: floor, roof, foundations - House
  63. News, Backyard pizza oven cooks up trouble with community ban.: grills, curtains - House
  64. solve weird washer mystery.......: washers, water heater, bathrooms, plumber - House
  65. Installing a stone-surround fireplace - costs?: how much, cost, standard, best - House
  66. A/C season: filters - House
  67. Bird Mite infestation - HELP!!!!!!!!: washer, fleas, living room, cleaning - House
  68. Having hardwood floors and a swimming pool????: kitchen, between, Toronto - House
  69. Extending existing balcony: floor, install, prices, building - House
  70. Do you think this was an April Fools?: bathrooms, showers, glass - House
  71. Gas Stove Cooktop Cleaner: kitchen, stains, washing, vinegar - House
  72. Grease stains?: stain, oven, screen, green - House
  73. Watersoftneing system: washer, furnace, water heaters, installation - House
  74. wood floor matching and width ?: hardwood, engineered, refinish, color - House
  75. Do gutter helmets work?: shingles, Home Depot, Lowes, installing - House
  76. Shoe storage/display ideas for closet: floor, vinyl, vacuum, color - House
  77. etched marble: granite, fireplace, refinishing, color - House
  78. structual problem?: vinyl, heat, installation, build - House
  79. refinishing parquet floor?: hardwood, ceramic, kitchen, cost - House
  80. Can wood decking be left unfinished?: painting, stains, weather, seal - House
  81. Central Air & Gas Furnace Maintenance/Tune Ups: window, heating, cleaning - House
  82. New Exterior House color advice needed (Moved from NC forums): how much, roof
  83. Buried Oil Storage Tank: tanks, leaking, concrete, remove - House
  84. How do I get rid of moths?: window, cleaner, ceiling - House
  85. 1 master BR vs 2 Master BR for resale value: floor, pool, master bedroom - House
  86. Ideas to cool down house with big windows?: vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes
  87. Direct Buy: Home Depot, phone, smell, kitchen - House
  88. Pool Pump: how much, pools, heat, installed - House
  89. Hardwood vs carpet vs tiles vs vinyl: hardwood floor, how much, engineered - House
  90. Mice!!!!!!!! (Moved from NC forums): how much, roof, countertop, Home Depot - House
  91. Hot Water Heater Issue?: furnace, tank, drain, sink - House
  92. Should I update the insulation in my attic floor?: how much, heating, insulating - House
  93. Mold - how concerned should I be?: how much, heat, install - House
  94. generators: how much, furnace, heat, microwave - House
  95. Gas versus Electric: how much, fireplace, furnaces, water heater - House
  96. Opinion needed: HVAC: Air Conditioner, heater, insulated, ceiling - House
  97. Explain different types of wood floors to me: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate - House
  98. Less than Standard Size Bathtub Needed: bathfitters, refinish, install, bathrooms - House
  99. Natural Gas Furnace and Central Air Conditioning: vinyl, Lowes, heating - House
  100. opinions on re roofing ?: overlay, how much, laminate - House
  101. undermount sinks: how much, granite, Lowes, laminate - House
  102. Earthquake retrofits: foundation, appliance, detector, insulation - House
  103. Curing time for hardwood floors?: how much, humidifier, air conditioning, refinishing - House
  104. A/C problem, Tech says restriction in freon flow: heating, installation - House
  105. Dual Zoned AC: floor, roof, heat, ceilings - House
  106. where can you rent a tile cutter?: Home Depot, Lowes, ceramic - House
  107. House personality and character: hardwood floors, how much, feng shui, fireplaces
  108. Garage Door Opening by Itself: wood floors, opener, installed, detector - House
  109. Buy a house with foundation problems??: tiling, hardwood floors, windows, painting
  110. How Do You Fix the Pressure on a Toilet Flush?: floor, tank - House
  111. looking for tile backsplash ideas: floors, granite, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  112. Garbage disposer backing into dishwasher: countertop, pool, drain, sink - House
  113. Paint that kills mold?: roof, window, drain, painting - House
  114. Springtails? have experience? (bugs): washer, microwave, color, sink - House
  115. Most Reliable/Best Refridgerator??: pool, phone, appliance, costs - House
  116. about very tiny little roach-like bugs: fleas, heat, drain - House
  117. closets in master bathrooms: windows, AC, heating, mold - House
  118. Looking for ant bait that works: floor, foundation, bedroom, kitchen - House
  119. Opinion on Electrolux kitchen appliances: alternatives, dishwasher, Home Depot, pool - House
  120. own a Steam Washer/Dryer: washers, pool, Lowes, colors - House
  121. Strange musty sweet smell in house: washer, AC, drain, bathroom
  122. Can a old HVAC system be zoned?: floor, how much, furnace - House
  123. Solar Powered Attic Ventilation Fan - s? Is It A Good Idea?: how much, roof - House
  124. Replacing windows on older home?: mullions, how much, vinyl, grills - House
  125. Oceanfront Home or Lakefront Home: Which do you prefer?: hurricane, cost, building - House
  126. Drexel Heritage: window, furniture, dining room, cabinet - House
  127. your floor replacing experience:: hardwood, Home Depot, Lowes, installed - House
  128. Your favorite house plants?: feng shui, window, cleaner, bedrooms
  129. Neighbor questions about property line and trees/fencing....: colors, installed, cost - House
  130. Toys in Toilet: vac, smells, plumber, toilets - House
  131. How the heck do I get marker off textured walls?: paint, cleaner - House
  132. shade sail or pergola?: flooring, roof, vinyl, windows - House
  133. Grout help: refinishing, color, cleaner, bathroom - House
  134. Do you really use your kitchen?: grill, drain, microwave, stove - House
  135. Pre-wiring a new home: floors, how much, fireplace, windows - House
  136. Your landscape ideas, tips, pictures:: pool, grille, heat, color - House
  137. Gag- sewer smell!! What is the reason? (Never had septic): roof, washer - House
  138. Central Air Setting: windows, AC, heating, ceilings - House
  139. Have Advice On Window a/c Units?(moved from GA forums): floors, roof - House
  140. twice a year hvac tune-up?: furnace, AC, heat, leak - House
  141. Are you a hoarder?: dishwasher, windows, sofas, stove - House
  142. Fixing porch steps: foundation, sink, glass, cost - House
  143. Are my doors too short????: hardwood floor, grill, windows, AC - House
  144. Smoke alarm/electrical!: how much, vacuum, painting, appliance - House
  145. Post Home Inspection Advice: floor, pool, heater, drain - House
  146. My doorbell keeps ringing!!!: electrical, circuit, outside, replace - House
  147. What the frick is a stem wall?: floor, foundation, room - House
  148. What would you do to your home with 2 billion?: pool, building, interior - House
  149. refinishing a kitchen sink ?: granite, Lowes, color, sinks - House
  150. House Insurance - HE7 vs. HO3: phone, cost, comparison, standard
  151. Retaining wall w/ interlocking blocks: engineered, foundation, Lowes, drain - House
  152. If a tree falls...: refrigerator, remove, yard, blown - House
  153. Hanging clothes outside to dry: washer, smell, shower, condo - House
  154. Strong Pet Odor - dogs and cats: flooring, paint, smells - House
  155. How do I stain my swingset?: washer, refinish, color, washing - House
  156. hard to add a door?: floor, how much, paint, bathroom - House
  157. Home inspectors - on insulation: how much, windows, heat, ceilings - House
  158. what one thing would you upgrade in your house?: floor, heating, bathroom
  159. ideas needed for siding a historic craftsman in a vinyl neighborhood: floor, shingles - House
  160. about natural gas odor a C/O Alarm: fireplace, furnace, hot water heater - House
  161. Reverse Osmosis waste water - Uses? (moved from SA forum): dishwasher, pool - House
  162. Lessons Learned - Popcorn removel: floors, how much, color, ceilings - House
  163. Heating oil = TREASON?: alternatives, appliance, cost, electricity - House
  164. How big of an inverter do I need?: how much, window, Air Conditioner - House
  165. Clog Way Down Deep That Drano Won't Fix.: drain, kitchen, shower - House
  166. City Neighbor's exhaust vent: heat, smell, dryer, code - House
  167. tank again-would you use sand,concrete or foam??: tanks, code, ranges - House
  168. Flat top stove, cleaning?: heat, cleaner, appliance, stains - House
  169. Does mold...stink?? I think I might have an issue...: floor, drain - House
  170. Is it to buy a lemon: roof, furnaces, AC - House
  171. AC not very cold-have Buyer's home warranty-reasons they might deny me coverage?: ceiling, install - House
  172. Dumb . roof leak: roofing, drain, ceiling, chimney - House
  173. from rails to walls -- can this be done?: floors, fireplace, windows - House
  174. Wood flooring cleaning: hardwood floors, engineered, laminate, cleaner - House
  175. Hire and Designer or not?: flooring, how much, washer, Home Depot - House
  176. take it or leave it: dishwasher, microwave, appliance, kitchen - House
  177. Front Load Washer/Dryer: floor, foundation, front loader, pool - House
  178. HE detergents: washer, front loader, pool, heating - House
  179. Wall mounted TV set: AC, furniture, installation, bedroom - House
  180. trying to find source of leaking ceiling: floor, roofing, windows - House
  181. a cedar home...: homestead, vinyl, insulating, drain - House
  182. Closets stuffed: help me let go!!!!: how much, vac, furniture, cleaning - House
  183. buying a house with buried oil tank: how much, tanks, installing
  184. Carpet replacement cost: flooring, how much, Home Depot, furniture - House
  185. Neighbor's noisy AC unit. . what can I do?: roofing, windows, air conditioning - House
  186. What to do about noisy neighbors?: bedroom, glass, vent, between - House
  187. Dyson Vacs: flooring, vacuum cleaner, cleaner, cleaning - House
  188. can you build over buried oil tank?: foundation, tanks, gas - House
  189. Economic Stimulus = Home Improvements: washer, Air Conditioner, paint, appliance - House
  190. Stop the Fuzz!!!!: vacuum, room, carpeting, build - House
  191. high efficiency oil burner: how much, furnace, tank, phone - House
  192. splitface brick: worth, sealing, Illinois, new - House
  193. News, Court orders tree split.: forced, Omaha, old, neighbor - House
  194. Buying Major Appliance Warranty: how much, washer, AC, dryer - House
  195. Hanstone: granite, installing, bathrooms - House
  196. other options?: washer, tank, tanks, sinks - House
  197. surround sound antenna? - House
  198. Home Surveillance: installation, lights, better, purchase - House
  199. on termite treatment: average cost, average, termites, home - House
  200. About buying new windows: heating, insulate, insulation, gas - House