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  1. Upcoming Annual Visit From Chimney Sweep: roof, stove, pipes, best - House
  2. Double storm doors for entry way - do exist?: windows, converting - House
  3. Strange interior door finish, unable to clean: laminate, paint, cabinets - House
  4. The right attorney: lien, foundation, windows, hurricane - House
  5. Renovate Entire House + Yards & Garage or Buy New.: installing, living room, kitchen
  6. Finding older storm window parts.: Lowes, windows, glass, outside - House
  7. Sagging Floors - Should I be concerned!: installed, crawl space, cold - House
  8. ID this in-home pest (tiny brown insect): bathroom, compare, door - House
  9. Your recommended wood filler for around cracked window frame: Home Depot, paint, repair - House
  10. Area of grey carpet discolored yelllow: vacuum, smell, cleaner, cleaning - House
  11. Dishwasher not filling: drain, sinks, appliance, toilets - House
  12. Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Heater like to Buy, need your Suggestions: AC, heaters - House
  13. Reliable source for product reviews and/or ratings?: appliance, furniture, installation - House
  14. Roof Coatings: roofing, window, paint, leaking - House
  15. Fencing for privacy?: grill, stone, codes, dogs - House
  16. Can a vacuum cleaner be used to purify the air in a small room?: HEPA filter, floor - House
  17. Resources / Sites For Restoring / Decorating Bungalows?: paint, ceiling, kitchen, slate - House
  18. Should You Seal Black Mastic?: subfloor, how much, engineered, paint - House
  19. 50 amp versus 60: water heater, appliance, installed, hurricane - House
  20. Garage floor ----------- Epoxy kits vs high quality sealer. Thoughts welcome!: flooring, foundation - House
  21. toilet fill valve?: plumbing, leaking, repairing, worth - House
  22. Generator transfer switch: installed, room, cost, electrical - House
  23. whats reason for ac vent diffuser direction towards windows and ceilings?: air conditioning, room - House
  24. 3 season room help: subfloor, shingles, vinyl, foundation - House
  25. Has o'-you used a ventless combination washer/dryer?: washer-dryer, appliance, building - House
  26. Home Security Outside Motion Detectors: phone, smell, installation, lights - House
  27. Is it to restore my wood floor or do I need to install new hardwood. Pics with more: hardwood floors, refinishing - House
  28. fence from curb: code, yard, property, Alabama - House
  29. about proper ventilation: roof, insulate, stove, installing - House
  30. Front door deadbolt is stuck in locked position: install, build, damage - House
  31. HVAC Return Air Falling Off: air conditioning, repair, best, remove - House
  32. about concrete: granite, building, slab, dogs - House
  33. Repairing flashing coming out.: roofing, drain, paint, installation - House
  34. - hear of this company?: plumber, pipes, build - House
  35. Patio pavers Techo-bloc colors: color, installed, slate, vent - House
  36. I need help repairing my front load maytag neptune washing machine: drain, loading - House
  37. Can recommend a good shower filter?: brands, iron, best - House
  38. Need help choosing paint color for kitchen and backsplash!: pictures, Chicago, counter - House
  39. Shed open to the elements: roof, cleaner, mold, vent - House
  40. Water Heater gas control valve leak: furnace, smell, appliance, installation - House
  41. Clogged Kitchen: drains, sinks, bathroom, cleaning - House
  42. Exterior Paint Color Viewer: load, better, purchase, good - House
  43. Reflective Roof Coatings: repair, remove, between, material - House
  44. Floors and carpets- which first?: hardwood floor, springs, refinishing, furniture - House
  45. Rusting appliance: refinish, stainless steel, basement, refrigerator - House
  46. Remodeling Basement Floor: flooring, laminate, appliance, install - House
  47. Power Washer - Soap?: washers, paint, cleaner, stain - House
  48. Protecting Floor When Sliding Fridge: hardwood floors, furniture, kitchen, carpet - House
  49. Steam Mops Hard Floor Cleaners: hardwood, vacuum, refinish, bathrooms - House
  50. Bucket Getting Moldy?: color, stains, shower, apartment - House
  51. plumbing problems, black gunk, backup from too much water: floor, roof, washer - House
  52. Window screen 1/4 inch wider: Home Depot, to fix, new, home - House
  53. How often does your sump pump run during the spring/early summer?: floor, how much - House
  54. Water heater breaker: installed, vs, electric, circuit - House
  55. how long until metal roof rusts?: paint, installed, steel, build - House
  56. Are there devices that can automatically turn on garage lights when pulling car in?: opener, convert - House
  57. Ferrule failure in bathroom vanity?: installed, plumber, leak, pipes - House
  58. Replacing anode rod in water heater: tank, ceiling, installing, best - House
  59. Basement Carpet was wet for a few days but now afraid of mold,: flooring, dehumidifier - House
  60. Scrap aluminum prices: windows, Air Conditioner, insulated, phone - House
  61. Linear Shower Drain Problem: floor, sink, installed, bathroom - House
  62. When it rains...: bathrooms, leaking, electrical, circuit - House
  63. HVAC operation: AC, rooms, leak, cost - House
  64. Dining room light has uplights, need more light: floor, ceiling, lights - House
  65. Replacement windows by Power HRG: how much, vinyl, paint, installation - House
  66. Smelly Hot Water from a New Gas Water Heater: tank, smells, installed - House
  67. Stainless steel cleaner/ shine/ restorer: Home Depot, Lowes, stove, smells - House
  68. Tin roof on concrete building: install, hurricane, lights, steel - House
  69. Seal coat driveway DIY: painting, concrete, vent, worth - House
  70. Egress on non-ground level condo: floor, window, bedrooms, code - House
  71. Is a water in basement thing always an issue?: floor, foundation, vac - House
  72. What is my Garage Door Made Of?: vinyl, insulated, color - House
  73. Smoke smell drifting in (not the usual: vinyl, windows, heat - House
  74. 2001 hvac anything to worry about?: how much, townhome, furnace, heating - House
  75. HVAC dilemma, no power anywhere for ac, perplexed?!: furnace, AC, installed - House
  76. Which is your favourite room in your home?: fireplace, windows, paint - House
  77. Has sound proofed their home office? How much cost?: floors, soundproof windows - House
  78. Door Knockers: light, vent, worth, 2013 - House
  79. Fixing a Fixer: Craftsman House Porch: hardwood, phone, colors, dining room
  80. LP HWH instead of NG missed during inspection: tank, stove, appliance - House
  81. Dehumidifier for basement: drain, smell, glass, warm - House
  82. Ideas on how to block kitchen island opening from theater room when needed: curtains, blinds - House
  83. Refrigerator dents: flooring, vinyl, laminate, heat - House
  84. Is it safe to plug power tools to indoor extension cords?: insulating, insulation - House
  85. Blender Stopped Working?: heat, appliance, glass, cost - House
  86. Sturdy throwaway paper plate that doesn’t “leak” does it exist?: microwave, price - House
  87. How to remove wife's name from house title, deed and mortgage loan without refinance?: lien, costs
  88. NextDoor: always entertaining: washers, painting, best, yard - House
  89. Managing a Too-Big House: hardwood floors, Home Depot, windows, heating
  90. old things in your house: floor, granite, opener, windows
  91. wince when houses are ripped up for renovation?: granite countertops, Home Depot, Lowes
  92. Dry rotted carpet pad stuck to hardwood: hardwood floors, heat, refinish - House
  93. New house - found mold, is it black mold?: washer, Home Depot, Lowes
  94. Why house?: apartment, condo, costs, code
  95. What would the back yard of your dreams look like?: pools, living room - House
  96. Need roof and paint color suggestions: roofing, windows, heat, stains - House
  97. Need Recommendations for Programmable Thermostat: Lowes, heating, appliance, cost - House
  98. Cannot figure out what little fans in ceiling are: roof, Lowes - House
  99. When to fire a contractor: cost, code, concrete, company - House
  100. cheapest way to reduce iron in well water?: tank, tanks, appliance - House
  101. Are spiders dangerous (pics attached)?: paint, room, basement, vinegar - House
  102. House numbers written out in words: standard, best, driveway, rated
  103. Asbestos wrapped pipe: HEPA filter, subfloor, vacuum cleaner, paint - House
  104. Have you ever looked up houses you used to live in...: how much, townhouse
  105. Home Security Systems: Lowes, windows, phones, installing - House
  106. Water filtration system questions: Home Depot, tank, ceramic, sink - House
  107. about attic insulation and heat: wood floors, roof, windows - House
  108. The vinyl siding has got to go!: overlay, roofing, alternatives - House
  109. Buy a new house or build full dormer extension?: how much, countertop, foundation
  110. Time to repaint.: shingles, windows, paint color, light - House
  111. Freezer door partially opened all night: heat, drain, cleaner, converting - House
  112. Flood-Prone Basement Flooring Ideas: vinyl, Lowes, vac, colors - House
  113. Nosy neighbor...: paint, ceiling, outside, cold - House
  114. Tell us about your strange neighbors: wood floors, dining room, blinds, kitchen - House
  115. Having a hard time getting a mice exterminator...: roof, fireplace, drain - House
  116. All white paint for interior of the house??: flooring, alternatives, paint color
  117. Replacing AC capacitor & contactor every five years: furnace, AC, heating - House
  118. HVAC repair - arm me with knowledge: how much, AC, install - House
  119. Dueling circular staircases lead to Bonus Room Tawnyuh, fetch Ricky, QUICK! Your dream main't-shun awaits!: pool, window - House
  120. Does prefer a small lawn?: how much, cost, outside - House
  121. New Homeowners: Advice: Home Depot, Lowes, grill, window - House
  122. Little lake house needs curb appeal: roof, windows, Air Conditioner
  123. Main circuit breaker stuck in off position and won't budge: installing, cost - House
  124. How Many Are having A/C Problems This Summer? Long Waits for Repairs?: window, AC - House
  125. To Line Shelves or Not to Line Shelves?: paint, sink, kitchen - House
  126. Getting rid of mice?: painting, smell, bathroom, kitchen - House
  127. Advice on pest control services (quarteraly services): cost, crawlspace, vents - House
  128. Do you really need a liner if you have a fabric shower curtain, and if so, can you use a plastic shower curtain: curtains, bathroom - House
  129. The American Lawn. Part 2. A waste of time and money: install, showers - House
  130. Home Advisor/Angie's Being Sued: cost, repair, vent, worth - House
  131. Removing black mastic from wooden stairs: flooring, vinyl, Lowes, heat - House
  132. Best garage door openers?- if mine needs to be replaced--Overhead Door: Lowes, heat - House
  133. Advice on kitchen island counter color: flooring, granite countertops, white cabinets, best - House
  134. How to keep squirrels out of trash?: Lowes, window, vs - House
  135. Where to shop for low price decorative items?: paint, furniture, apartment - House
  136. Cleaning shower and bathtub: Lowes, cleaner, bathroom, showerhead - House
  137. HVAC Confusion: windows, AC, ceilings, install - House
  138. Bought an old house with leaning retaining wall, what to do.: steel, cost
  139. The project from hell....pull the plug?: slate, lights, costs - House
  140. HVAC: Is it necessary to replace ductwork?: installing, bathroom, brands - House
  141. Tiny house - I'm in loooove....: floor, countertops, fireplace, windows
  142. Fence line matter: room, pipes, build, vent - House
  143. water heater life?: tank, tanks, furniture, install - House
  144. New Kitchen Cabinets: granite, color, stone, pricing - House
  145. Basement Bathroom plumbing finish questions: floor, drains, shower, plumber - House
  146. s for cheap housing?: flooring, how much, foundation, pool - House
  147. sticker shock -- partially removing a wall: floor, how much, Home Depot - House
  148. Living in a historic district and nonsense: phone, cleaner, stone - House
  149. Painting a plastic picnic table and a paint brush on a stick.: roof, vinyl - House
  150. Which of homes curb appeal would you rate from best to worst?: build, pictures - House
  151. Killing Yellow Jacket Nest in shed: light, build, electric, vents - House
  152. Patching holes prior to painting: insulated, colors, molding, glass - House
  153. a dumb but I need to ask about Window A/C: AC, heating - House
  154. Gaps during hardwood installation: subfloor, engineered, installing, staining - House
  155. Convert the Living Room into a Bedroom: floor, townhouses, sofas
  156. Old House Wiring: how much, heat, microwave, color
  157. City house, country house-- having a seasonal property: townhouse, window, heater
  158. Need ideas to protect grill from bears: smells, build, electric - House
  159. Does my pool have a leak?: pools, heat, cleaner, faucet - House
  160. Knife Switches: flooring, AC, heaters, installation - House
  161. Picking On HGTV Fun: hardwood floors, granite, pool, colors - House
  162. 4 Can Lights only shine dimly: ceilings, rooms, detector, kitchen - House
  163. Buying a new house need tips on how to start repairs: hardwood floors, roof
  164. Particulate in water: tank, sinks, install, stained - House
  165. Multi use Shed: roof, kitchen, build, slab - House
  166. Window with outside recess: windows, heating, color, install - House
  167. Irritated with Lowes: Home Depot, plumbing, cost, pipe - House
  168. Jack N Jill or Loft? Resale value: floor, living room, kitchen - House
  169. Popcorn ceilings don't bother me.: granite, AC, heating, bathtub - House
  170. McMansion blog: build, pictures, driveway, property - House
  171. What color shutters for my house?: siding, screen, garage, porch
  172. Condensation running off air duct in basement... what to do?: floor, dehumidifier - House
  173. Is Putting Area Rugs on Top of Carpet Tacky?: hardwood floors, fireplace, sofa - House
  174. Crawl Space Encapsulation vs. Vapor Barrier: floor, roof, granite, dehumidifier - House
  175. Can a Condo prohibit use of an external water spigot?: townhouses, sink
  176. Dishwasher: how much, pool, room, light - House
  177. Snake skins in and around my vinyl siding: heat, insulation, warm - House
  178. Stupid Washing Machine on Slab: flooring, vinyl, foundation, dishwasher - House
  179. Sump Pump Battery Backup... who has one?: AC, install, plumbing - House
  180. Exterior Renovation: color, siding, vent, cold - House
  181. Cookware All Clad: dishwasher, heat, color, installed - House
  182. Asbestos and floor tiles: tiling, subfloor, vinyl, Home Depot - House
  183. Connecting Galvanized Pipe to PVC Pipe: washer, Lowes, drain, sink - House
  184. Cushions and pillows on a screened in porch: sofa, furniture, iron - House
  185. Does closing the vent in a room damage the HVAC system?: floor, Air Conditioner - House
  186. Drink from basement powder room sink?: install, rooms, kitchen, glue - House
  187. Project Prices, Sticker Shock: tiling, flooring, how much, countertops - House
  188. Garage door goes back down: opener, paint, ceiling, installing - House
  189. We are (in the future) to buy a house. What unexpected expenses should we plan for?: flooring, home project
  190. Solar Pannels: how much, shingles, heat, installation - House
  191. replacing disposal with regular setup: washer, Home Depot, tank, drain - House
  192. Help! Fridge cabinet space is non-standard size: Home Depot, Lowes, appliance - House
  193. Concrete advice: help! 4-inch footer for our small home?: roof, engineered - House
  194. Cost to double nail cement siding: plank, installation, bedrooms, hurricane - House
  195. Whole house electricity monitor in real-time and stats: AC, heaters, appliance
  196. M/I homes or Lennar/Calatlantic: flooring, phone, colors, appliance - House
  197. venting rooms using smart switches?: paint, ceiling, installing, bathroom - House
  198. Cleaning Tips for Hair Dye: bathroom, vinegar, counter - House
  199. Covered patio options - House
  200. Big Olympic 1 Paint Sale Until August 18: Lowes, interior - House