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  1. Cinder Block Construction: insulating, drain, install, insulation - House
  2. Plumbing 101: how much, washers, tank, tanks - House
  3. help with filtered water faucet (leaking): washers, ceramic, sink, installing - House
  4. Ionic air filters....: countertop, grill, couch, smell - House
  5. Ceiling repair/paint after a leak: roof, laminate, paint color, stain - House
  6. Pocket door off track and jammed: room, carpet, worth, better - House
  7. Window has a leak.... Need ideas about how to fix: pool, windows - House
  8. Existing tool or home made tool to remove faucet lines: Home Depot, drains - House
  9. Gas Logs and Dampers in outdoor fireplaces: build, vent, crack - House
  10. Tenting Tile...How To Fix?: subfloor, kitchen, crawl space, slab - House
  11. Advice on hvac/duct work replacement?: floor, roof, foundation, furnace - House
  12. Mold in my basement---Long island. HELP!: foundation, heating, drain, installed - House
  13. Cooler roofing trend: heat, color, light, energy - House
  14. Brick repointing yourself?: how much, foundation, window, color - House
  15. If you could list questions to ask when choosing builder?: windows, warm - House
  16. Magnify 8x11 paper?: glass, best, large, options - House
  17. Capping off a chimney: how much, fireplace, insulated, stainless steel - House
  18. Plumbing drain and vents: floor, sink, installed, laundry room - House
  19. Infrared heating panels: AC, heaters, ceiling, bathroom - House
  20. Snow storm: neighbor's tree branch falls and hit my roof: shingles, phone - House
  21. how to clean a cloudy ceramic stove: cleaner, glass, steel - House
  22. Identifying issues in back of boiler: worth, replacing, company, cement - House
  23. Candle socket covers: floor, opener, heat, lighting - House
  24. Where to go for new home construction estimates?: appliance, cost, building - House
  25. whole home water softener: water heaters, phone, sink, install - House
  26. have experience with electric steam boiler for heating: tank, smell, cleaner - House
  27. Problem with reupolstering seat of office chair: springs, replace, remove - House
  28. Does have painted white/white washed brick or stone outdoors? Does it need a lot of maintenance?: washer, painting - House
  29. Porcelain sinks: cleaning, kitchen, stainless steel, better - House
  30. Blinds that open all the way with 1 movement?: installed, light, tile - House
  31. Family lives in a clay house: stove, kitchen, cost, electricity
  32. Septic inspection pays: permit, location, custom - House
  33. Removing coal stove from fireplace: heating, stoves, chimney, prices - House
  34. Acrylic brush on paint not fully dry after 4 days?: weather, between, coat - House
  35. Portable Air Purifier: cleaner, price, brands, filter - House
  36. Salt/Ice Melt: heat, color, build, concrete - House
  37. Would like an opinion about dishwasher depth/size?: flooring, granite, Home Depot - House
  38. Engineered Wood transition strips: hardwood, plank, installing, bedroom - House
  39. Bathroom sink aerator assistance,: alternatives, washers, Home Depot, paint - House
  40. Need to Replace Angle Valve on Inlet Pipe for Toilet: floor, washers - House
  41. Cold floor near exterior wall: flooring, windows, heat, installed - House
  42. recommendations for home fire ladders ?: bedrooms, best, buying, Florida - House
  43. Who to call for portico and railing: vinyl, install, lights - House
  44. Basement design for flooring: hardwood floors, vinyl, plank, apartment - House
  45. Plastic gutters vs. aluminum: vinyl, windows, paint, installing - House
  46. Kitchen Faucet Removal: fixture - House
  47. Advice on upgrading lower level: what order should I do things?: flooring, paint - House
  48. Help? - With a Sandstone Foundation and 100+ Yr Old Home?: dehumidifier, drains - House
  49. adding a heating vent on 2nd floor: flooring, furnace, heater - House
  50. Home has old chipped paint in exterior and interior of home. Lead+: windows, detector - House
  51. Messing with mini splits: floor, alternatives, electrical, outside - House
  52. Would you consider this leak to be a serious issue?: foundation, paint - House
  53. Roof and siding replacement: home project, how much, roofing, foundation - House
  54. Pans with ribbed bottoms: grill, cleaner, build, washing - House
  55. Home Security - Cameras, alarms, hurricane screens: roof, pool, windows - House
  56. Charming little bungalow renovation: floor, apartment, warm, yard - House
  57. Pool re steps: railing, condo, tile, stair - House
  58. ADU's, Modular Units,: floor, roof, foundation, furniture - House
  59. have vented gas log fireplace?: fireplaces, AC, heater, cleaner - House
  60. Smart thermostats for 2 HVAC systems ?: how much, furnace, Lowes, AC - House
  61. Cheapest kitchen cabinet door replacement.: overlay, vinyl, Home Depot, Lowes - House
  62. Shock chlorinate house plumbing: sink, smells, plumber, leaks
  63. Roomba Repair: vacuum cleaner, cleaner, install, cleaning - House
  64. Why American homes are build so horribly? Cardboard, plastic and plywood? Cheap and weak.: stone, cost - House
  65. Do sink drain cleaners really work: floor, drains, smell, bathroom - House
  66. How to make opening from 10 diameter to 11.5 diameter in 3/4 (2 cm) thick wood plank?: installing, worth - House
  67. Woman renovates flat for $6600 with recycled stuff and freebies: floor, sofa, furniture - House
  68. How Do I Store Boxes Things Came In While Saving Space: humidifier, paint - House
  69. Poll - Who makes the best sinks?: drain, installing, kitchen - House
  70. Only having hardwood in first level rooms??: hardwood floors, vacuum, furniture - House
  71. $16K house from Home Depot: flooring, how much, foundation, windows
  72. Uneven Floors; After new hardwood install: hardwood floor, laminate, installing, living room - House
  73. Water Heater installation costs?: Home Depot, tank, drain, room - House
  74. having a garage built: AC, room, cost, building - House
  75. undisclosed foundation repairs?: ceiling, stone, cost, building - House
  76. Getting the chrome ring out of the bathroom sink: drain, plumber, faucets - House
  77. New over hang leaking at seam: roofing, install, hurricane, code - House
  78. Storm door drags the ground: installed, glass, square, weather - House
  79. Replacing Kitchen Appliance(s): washer, stove, color, cabinets - House
  80. Discoloration on shingles: roof shingles, washer, cleaner, cleaning - House
  81. Stump grinding residue: sink, outside, remove, company - House
  82. Stripping a kitchen table/chairs: how much, refinishing, paint, furniture - House
  83. Best Smart Faucet: phone, bedroom, plumbing, glass - House
  84. Swiffer Mops ...ugghhh: floor, sink, washing, vinegar - House
  85. Recommendation for a dish strainer (kitchen): vinyl, dishwasher, heat, drain - House
  86. House temperature monitor: floor, air conditioning, heating, phone
  87. Never work with friends!: Home Depot, heat, color, ceiling - House
  88. If my windows get lots of condensation..: humidifier, furnace, heat - House
  89. Why are the cupboards cold?: fireplace, furnace, electric heat, insulating - House
  90. Will a grounded wire remove static electricity from carpet + clothes?: floor, vinyl - House
  91. Kitchen Faucets - Mixing and matching deck plates from different brands: how much, sinks - House
  92. Home remodel companies asking if we will get a permit: installing, bathroom - House
  93. ROI on new Master Bathroom: pool, convert, bathrooms, plumbing - House
  94. Carbon buildup on a 2 stroke cylinder head??: cleaner, cleaning, gas - House
  95. Bathroom over mirror light: install, bathrooms, glass, lighting - House
  96. What are the disadvantages of wood siding?: flooring, roof, vinyl - House
  97. Could You Live In An All-White Neighborhood?: townhouses, color, building
  98. Pass Through Window was removed: windows, phone, paint, sink - House
  99. Concrete Work Margins: cost, build, sq ft, replace - House
  100. Missing screws: Home Depot, Lowes, furniture, cost - House
  101. Ice storms and slippery steps and decks: tank, paint, glue - House
  102. Written Estimates: how much, painting, smell, ceiling - House
  103. Furniture Polish Recommendation: Home Depot, refinishing, railing, smells - House
  104. Outlet that I had a cruise power strip plugged into went dead (both receptacles).: vacuum cleaner, cleaner - House
  105. Best Flooring Material For Bedroom: hardwood floors, granite, laminate, furniture - House
  106. Organization photos: furniture, apartment, worth, fence - House
  107. electrical issue - treadmill setting off smoke alarm: smell, install, room - House
  108. Burst Pipe in unused vacation home: floors, dehumidifier, Home Depot, heating - House
  109. Metal roof - not the usual questions: windows, heat, color - House
  110. Purple Lights: heat, color, glass, compare - House
  111. Something that will shine: color, kitchen, refrigerator, tile - House
  112. Housing near a landfill: homestead, smell, price, outside - House
  113. Can a well prevent/mitigate flooding?: floor, foundation, drain, install - House
  114. Golf cart outlet: installed, electrical, standard, vent - House
  115. Is it normal to have a room in the house that is much colder than the rest?: furnace, windows
  116. Jack and Jill Bath Update - which type of tub is best?: heat, bathroom - House
  117. Organize your under sink area: floor, dishwasher, drain, colors - House
  118. Home improvement ideas for inheritance: fireplace, electric heat, bathtub, furniture - House
  119. Gas fire log inserts taken…: fireplace, replace, buy, legal - House
  120. Buying a Weber grill from Lowes: how much, Home Depot, appliance, gas - House
  121. Would this house having two front doors bother you?: living room, kitchen, breaker
  122. Fireplace: wood, gas, wood pellet, or electric: fireplaces, AC, heaters - House
  123. Is this how appliance repair works days?: lien, phone, paint - House
  124. Micro wave filter cleaning ?: microwave, stove, color, appliance - House
  125. AC Refrigerant Leak: How Bad?: heating, detector, stain, gas - House
  126. 1 Penetration of Shingled Roof?: roofing, Lowes, installing, leaking - House
  127. Cooking without a stove: floor, fireplace, grill, heat - House
  128. Pocket door: smells, installing, bathrooms, light - House
  129. Natural gas prices: wood floors, how much, fireplace, Lowes - House
  130. Looking for a grill brush (Weber): cleaning, mold, price, better - House
  131. ELEVATOR vs. CHAIR LIFT: floors, roof, dehumidifier, washer - House
  132. Can’t afford a programmable or smart thermostat?: Lowes, AC, heater - House
  133. Keeping a big dog, and housekeeper rescheduled: pay her: pool, cleaner
  134. Consequences of lawsuits against homeowners' associations: changes in the board?: oven, mount - House
  135. Why are space heaters such a high fire risk?: engineered, window, AC - House
  136. Purchase new construction or a house to remodel?: floor, pool, heating
  137. Septic System Idea: tank, installed, bedrooms, pipe - House
  138. about mounting combination smoke/CO two detectors: floor, water heater, stove - House
  139. Renovation idea for this structure: flooring, how much, roof, vinyl - House
  140. Open ground: townhome, insulated, install, kitchen - House
  141. Find Roof Leak Without Looking in Attic: shingles, window, ceiling - House
  142. What are your superstitions about houses?: plumber, buy, door, area
  143. Is 18' total building height a normal or adequate height for a 2-story residential house?: floor, roof
  144. Shingle roof. Is it supposed to be 1 layer or 2?: roofing, windows, colors - House
  145. Need help in home assessment. Multiple hairline cracks throughout home: how much, roofing - House
  146. Things you have always wanted for your home but never had?: floors, opener - House
  147. Ideas for cost savings: floor, Home Depot, Lowes, drain - House
  148. Help, I have smoke stains on my ceiling! Don't know how to get rid of them ?!: AC, color - House
  149. Leaking Delta tub spout - 10-12 days delivery for part: how much, sink - House
  150. New kitchen appliances and old-fashion wiring: floor, drain, loading, microwave - House
  151. Old fashioned sweeper: hardwood floors, how much, vacuum cleaner, smells - House
  152. House flies problem: roofing, window, AC, drains
  153. Should I Eliminate my dining table: floor, dining room, kitchen, cabinet - House
  154. Exteriors shutters. Opinions,: vinyl, window, hurricane, building - House
  155. waiting on appliances?: washer, loading, stove, paint - House
  156. Popcorn ceiling repair: paint, ceilings, room, light - House
  157. What colors for this home?: reroof, paint color, siding, best - House
  158. Handy man or electrician?: bathroom, lighting, electrical, circuit - House
  159. Odd Electrical issue: dehumidifier, washer, phone, smell - House
  160. Fire Alarms - new tech: floor, humidifier, windows, Air Conditioner - House
  161. Quiet timers in the house for lights: convert, room, best
  162. Would a side by side suit me?: pool, appliance, room - House
  163. Heat Pump Broke - Cost About Electric Heat: furnace, window, AC - House
  164. Remodel timelines/cadence: flooring, countertops, painting, furniture - House
  165. I washed my white xmas tree in the bath.: dishwasher, blinds, lights - House
  166. AC unit replacement, what can I do...what should I do?: furnace, Lowes - House
  167. Sheet hygiene: shower, dryers, warm, refrigerator - House
  168. Fridge size for apartment: appliance, bedroom, kitchen, costs - House
  169. Encapsulated crawlspace: floor, dehumidifier, AC, water heater - House
  170. Indecision with homeowners insurance: phone, prices, build, best - House
  171. that has had a chimney replaced?: roofing, fireplace, furnace - House
  172. Wall Mounted Propane Fireplace?: furnace, window, AC, tank - House
  173. What type of screws for mini blinds and drywall?: Home Depot, Lowes, window - House
  174. Issues with floors near vents: subfloor, humidifier, windows, AC - House
  175. Whole House Water Filtration recommendations experiences: furnace, windows, tanks, sink
  176. Instead of building a shed in your back yard, try this: Home Depot, paint - House
  177. Advice on dealing with grain beetles in apartment: countertops, bedroom, kitchen - House
  178. Humidifier I need has Proposition 65 Warning: dehumidifier, circuit, vinegar, duct - House
  179. water heater pilot light is out: floor, plumber, gas, cost - House
  180. Would you buy a used thermostat to save money?: color, price, worth - House
  181. Tankless Hot Water Heater: dishwasher, furnace, water tank, sinks - House
  182. Framing on new construction townhome: windows, installed, condo, glass - House
  183. Favorite brand of smart thermostat: AC, heat, color, ceiling - House
  184. Home security when in the shower!: how much, windows, phone, bathroom - House
  185. Pressure washer advice needed.: washers, paint, gas, light - House
  186. Metal roof to cure roof leaks?: roofing, AC, water heaters, ceilings - House
  187. Painting a subfloor...? Thoughts, opinions?: how much, vinyl, laminate, stains - House
  188. Doorbell issues: install, basement, electrical, outside - House
  189. has hybrid water heater?: dehumidifier, Lowes, insulation, shower - House
  190. Heat on or off in the bathroom: floor, how much, window - House
  191. Cold slab floor….: flooring, heaters, bathroom, carpet - House
  192. Bedroom flooring: hardwood floors, engineered, vinyl, townhome - House
  193. Demolished deck dilemma: granite, cost, concrete, fence - House
  194. Quieter generator: AC, microwave, appliance, conversion - House
  195. Washer wont stop spinning: washers, kitchen, basement, load - House
  196. Lowes Hardware protection plan for Weber grill: tank, drain, appliance - House
  197. Basement Floor Painting Project: fireplace, water heater, color, appliance - House
  198. Need tile removal advice: tiling, floor, Home Depot, paint - House
  199. Exposed Propane Line to Fireplace?: plumber, baseboard - House
  200. Stucco Water Barrier Issue?: leaking, interior, outside, sealing - House