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  1. Does have Mason Bee houses?: city, bees, house, new - Garden
  2. Can you identify this trailing vine?: flowers, Honeysuckle, northern, south - Garden
  3. Whats the best variety of carrot for a hot climate?: growing, spring - Garden
  4. Dracaena Deremensis: grow, leaves, planting, growth - Garden
  5. How well does Escarpment Live Oak handle clay soil? Humidity?: growing, palms - Garden
  6. Zone 10b Fall & Winter Planting & Pruning: growing, Fruit Trees, insects - Garden
  7. Poinsettia questions: growing, fertilizing, how to, leaves - Garden
  8. what to try potatoes.: growing, how to, city, cold - Garden
  9. Palm trees in Humid Continental climate: growing, palms, magnolias, spring - Garden
  10. Why do political boundaries matter so much when determining how native a species is?: growing, palms - Garden
  11. Hardy Hibiscus very spindly: flowers, landscape, growing, fertilizing - Garden
  12. Expensive Plants......: flower, grown, nursery, growth - Garden
  13. Is my garlic done for? Started growing early: spring, north, leaves - Garden
  14. Date palm tree in North Carolina: growing, palms, south, freeze - Garden
  15. Truffles and mushroom in north Carolina: mushrooms, trees, pond, crops - Garden
  16. Removed A Ground Cover Bed - Back To Nature: weeds, south, leaf - Garden
  17. Dog pee damage: lawns, grow, fertilizer, grass - Garden
  18. Cold Frame ?: tomato, how to, frost - Garden
  19. What is the best Indoor gardening Blog?: growing, trees, solar
  20. French drains show above surface of grass in a few spot: irrigation, landscaping - Garden
  21. Tomatoes from the Dwarf tomato plant project: growing, tree, peppers - Garden
  22. Blackberry canes die when tied up: growing, vines, blackberries, yard - Garden
  23. Tobacco Tree?: flowers, growing, butterflies, - Garden
  24. Marigolds: flowers, growing, fertilizer, bugs - Garden
  25. Can you identify two cactus plants?: grow, tree, backyard - Garden
  26. Swedish Ivy Potting: grow, trees, spring, leaves - Garden
  27. Palms in D group climates: grown, trees, north, subtropical - Garden
  28. Supplemental fertilizer?: lawn, grow, fertilizing, seeding - Garden
  29. Who knows how to grow Hami melon?: growing, fruits, sweet - Garden
  30. Tennessee man's 22.6-pound sweet potato might be a state record: crops, potatoes - Garden
  31. Days to Harvest: growing, containers, leaves, indoors - Garden
  32. bugs eating veggies: growing, vines, insect, vegetables - Garden
  33. Video, Adorable Groundhog Eating His Veggie Garden.: grass, vines, tomato
  34. 2,0000 Year Old Date Palm Seeds Actually Germinated: grow, trees, sprout - Garden
  35. Thinking about growing Purple potatoes: vines, leaves, plants, fast - Garden
  36. What should I do about my daffodil plant?: flowers, spring, leaves - Garden
  37. Seattle Plant ID Help: flowers, landscaping, growing plants, Hydrangea - Garden
  38. straw bale gardening-going to give it a try: flower, mushrooms, growing
  39. Tulips: flower, growing, front yard, spring - Garden
  40. This year's tomatoes: grow, peppers, peach, fruit - Garden
  41. Where do Milkweed caterpillars disappear to?: plants, seasons, green - Garden
  42. Does my blue spruce have Rhizosphaera?: landscape, tree, leaves, plants - Garden
  43. Crape Myrtle: growing, butterfly, trees, myrtles - Garden
  44. want to help me out with my pitiful looking lawn?: grass, yard - Garden
  45. How do Chinese Windmill Palms survive in hot-summer climates?: irrigation, growing, trees - Garden
  46. What can I put in a container with a peony?: growing, squirrel - Garden
  47. Will I have a rat prob in florida if I plant bougainvillea florida: trees, rats - Garden
  48. Cold hardy Palms & Bananas for Atlanta Georgia: growing, trees, south - Garden
  49. What pesticides work on Red Palm Mites? Help: spider, growing, palms - Garden
  50. Calif. mom crushed to learn plant she watered for 2 years is fake: leaves, plants - Garden
  51. Looking for a horticulture summer internship/class in the DC area: fruit, winter - Garden
  52. Leggy Seed Sprouts: grow, tomato, northern, city - Garden
  53. Ground Red Pepper Around Plants!!!: flower, landscaping, growing, fertilizer - Garden
  54. Moving my green giants: landscape, Arborvitae, trees, plants - Garden
  55. Is Needle Palm more flood tolerant than River Birch, or is it the other way around?: growing, palms - Garden
  56. Watering seedlings during the summer: growing, Dogwood, trees, north - Garden
  57. Peaches on tree: Fruit Trees, freeze, fruit, natural - Garden
  58. Day Lily Source?: grow, peonies, DayLilies, hostas - Garden
  59. MSU fertilizer for orchids: grow, backyard, plants, purchase - Garden
  60. Seeding annuals over cardboard sheet mulch?: flower, lawn, grow, grass - Garden
  61. Mystery Plant: insects, nursery, how to, leaves - Garden
  62. New eranthis (winter aconite): Just Late, or Bad Tubers?: weeds, city, planting - Garden
  63. Houseplant advice - more Gynura/Purple Passion or Velvet Plants - help!: flowers, grow - Garden
  64. Fertilizing Needle Palms in Zone 7a?? Advice: growing plant, trees, northern - Garden
  65. Flowers / Shrub Blooms By the Season: Butterfly Bush, Hibiscus, Lilacs, butterfly - Garden
  66. Snow peas: all leaves, no flowers: fruit, water, chlorine, live - Garden
  67. Is hydrogen peroxide a good anti-fungal agent for plants?: spider, grow, palms - Garden
  68. Which U.S. states have you seen palms growing outdoors, no protection in winter?: trees, Arizona - Garden
  69. Squash not setting fruit: flowers, grow, cucumbers, vegetables - Garden
  70. mangoes in los angeles. How do I tell if they're ripe enough?: avocados, tree - Garden
  71. How deer-prone are Needle Palms?: growing, Arborvitae, Forsythia, grass - Garden
  72. Need help with a Hydrangea: trees, hydrangeas, spring, nursery - Garden
  73. Can you identify this bushy plant with pinkish flowers?: trees, leaves, crepe - Garden
  74. Squash: flower, bugs, plants, fast - Garden
  75. Blueberry Wine: growing, fertilizer, spring, planting - Garden
  76. Fig tree propagation?: growing, trees, containers, yard - Garden
  77. Which pine species would be better in Tennessee? Which spruce species? Palm?: growing, palms - Garden
  78. Has used this grass seed (Water Saver)?: lawn, seeding, weeds - Garden
  79. Tree/Bush identification?: Hibiscus, flowering tree, plants, summer - Garden
  80. weed and seed pet area: lawns, fertilizer, grass, lawn - Garden
  81. how do I winterize the sprinkler heads under artificial grass?: lawn, snakes - Garden
  82. Mature and baby veg at the same time: flowers, fertilization, containers - Garden
  83. Tilling and aerating similarities/differences?: growing, seeding, grass, trees - Garden
  84. Can you identify this deciduous tree?: flowers, growing, 2014, trees - Garden
  85. Grass at 8700 ft elevation in Colorado: lawn, growing, seeding, trees - Garden
  86. What are the top five houseplants seen in Instagram?: growing, Ferns, Ivy - Garden
  87. rehab old irrigation system: lawns, landscape, trees, lawn - Garden
  88. What to plant in Triangle area of NC for non-gardener?: landscape, Ferns
  89. Jonathan Green & Sons Inc Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer - Garden
  90. Transplanted cedar tree (Northwest): grow, trees, yard, spring - Garden
  91. Transplanting In Zone 7: containers, spring, cold, summer - Garden
  92. Dying tree: grass, trees, spring, south - Garden
  93. Stunted sweet corn: grow, spring, how to, cold - Garden
  94. Can tell me what this berry is? I live in Northern California: flower, growing - Garden
  95. Royal Palm in Las Vegas?: grow, palms, tree, northern - Garden
  96. Experiences w/ Cat's Claw Vine in Inland Empire, California: flowers, irrigation, landscape - Garden
  97. What does it mean when a succulent ('crassula argentea') plant's leaves wrinkle up and droop?: feedback, plants - Garden
  98. Why aren't palms native to Tennessee?: grow, 2013, trees, north - Garden
  99. How Do I Save A Dying Fig Tree?: growing, insect, spring - Garden
  100. help my philodendron!: bug, how to, leaves, plants - Garden
  101. Too Hot To Transplant?: growing, leaves, plants, prune - Garden
  102. When to mow after overseeding?: lawn, grass, mower, spring - Garden
  103. How accurate is smoky mountains dot com fall colors predictive maps really?: palms, 2013 - Garden
  104. Ideas for my backyard: growing, Hibiscus, trees, concrete - Garden
  105. Bringing Hibiscus Indoors for the winter: growing, bugs, cat, south - Garden
  106. Is this a reasonable 'lawn' expectation?: lawns, irrigation, landscape, growing - Garden
  107. Your 2020 Summer Gardening Plans and Progress Reports: flowers, landscape, growing
  108. What are plants that flower quickly?: trees, vines, spring - Garden
  109. New to Coleus: growing, containers, spring, south - Garden
  110. What are you taking out, or putting in for fall?: flowers, tree - Garden
  111. What type of wood should I use for raised Garden Beds?: cypress, north
  112. Daffodils - all green and no flower...: flowers, fertilizing, squirrel - Garden
  113. Spring clean up and chores and what’s blooming now?: flowers, growing - Garden
  114. Need help to identify this flower: landscape, butterflies, tree, - Garden
  115. Planting trees guidance: growing, fertilizer, Fruit Trees, how to - Garden
  116. What's making holes?: landscaping, Hedges, grass, trees - Garden
  117. Crabgrass Prevention - Don’t Pass Up This Opportunity!: fertilizer, trees, plant - Garden
  118. If I drop a 900 pound concrete statue from a box truck onto grass, will it break?: Dayton, pictures - Garden
  119. Best Way to Get Rid of Ravenous Ravenous: backyard, plant, birds - Garden
  120. Help identifying,: flowers, landscape, grown, Clematis - Garden
  121. Tell Me What The Heck Is Going On With My Yard: lawn, fertilizer - Garden
  122. What is this weed?: lawn, grow, 2014, crabgrass - Garden
  123. shelter in place garden: flowers, growing, trees
  124. Shady Areas: flowers, grow, Dogwood, Ferns - Garden
  125. Plants for Hummingbirds/Butterflies: growing, Butterfly Bush, peonies, butterfly - Garden
  126. Horse Manure: plants, pets, weed, compost - Garden
  127. Struggle with the snow: backyard, spring, city, leaf - Garden
  128. Tree identification?: flowers, trees, yard, spring - Garden
  129. If you could replace all lawn grass, by what would you replace it?: flowers, lawns - Garden
  130. Have you ever planted a tree ?: Fruit Trees, crape, cypress, planting - Garden
  131. Rabbit manure: growing, fertilizer, grass, tomatoes - Garden
  132. Ground cover for slope: flowers, Ferns, grass, Ivy - Garden
  133. I am so full of myself right now: growing, grass, plants - Garden
  134. New Orchids: flowers, grown, manure, tree - Garden
  135. Fast growing TREE: Arborvitae, Maple Trees, weeds, plant - Garden
  136. Organic soil that is safe for pets (rabbits)?: fertilizers, grass, - Garden
  137. Cambium's Veggie Garden 2020 (Pics): 2015, tomatoes, peppers, city
  138. Identify Flowering Plant: flowers, grown, leaves, plants - Garden
  139. Tree growing back after being stumped: trees, pruning, summer, cover - Garden
  140. Pacific Northwest Plants: flowers, grown, backyard, spring - Garden
  141. When Is Fall Planting/Transplanting Time In My Zone?: iris, landscaping, growing - Garden
  142. Garden kneeler—useful for old knees?: weed, buying, cement, ground
  143. Failed sweet potato cuttings in water (Is that ? lol): flowers, spider - Garden
  144. What’s this vine with variegated leaves?: flowers, growing, Honeysuckle - Garden
  145. Identification of shrubs: landscaping, Arborvitae, front yard, spring - Garden
  146. Landscaping Bed Ideas - Where to start?: flowers, growing, seeding - Garden
  147. How big do Blue Spruce get before bearing cones?: growing, palms, trees - Garden
  148. How do I keep deer away from my Eastern White Pine saplings?: landscaping, growing - Garden
  149. How often should I aerate the yard?: lawn, irrigation, growing - Garden
  150. to acquire mature trees on the cheap?: growing, containers, vines - Garden
  151. Winterizing an irrigation system -: how to, freeze, water - Garden
  152. Add a fence, knock down the tree or repair the entrance for curb appeal: flower, lawn - Garden
  153. 2020 Tomato seeds: growing, tomatoes, nursery, planting - Garden
  154. Wood retaining wall leaning: concrete, backyard, feedback, summer - Garden
  155. What kind of fill dirt?: lawn, landscaping, cherry trees, front yard - Garden
  156. Fifteen Trees On Our Property.......!!!!!!: grown, flowering trees, spring, north - Garden
  157. Frustrated......with Agapanthus and Angel's Trumpet....: flower, growing, fertilizer, tree - Garden
  158. Does Remembers Her Name?: landscaping, trees, autumn, north - Garden
  159. Secret Jailhouse Garden: flowers, landscaping, butterflies, trees
  160. Flower bed border: landscape, growing, grass, butterfly - Garden
  161. Neighbor cutting my front lawn after telling them not to: grass, mower - Garden
  162. Perennials in Pots for the Winter: flowers, grown, butterflies, tree - Garden
  163. 10-10-10 All Purpose Fertilizer For The Lawn: landscape, crape, myrtles - Garden
  164. Preventing frozen hose bib: tree, yard, north, frost - Garden
  165. Spent a ton of money on 25 arborvitae - brown spots soon after planting: lawn, landscape - Garden
  166. Lawn Care 101 - Maintenance: lawns, fertilizing, grass, trees - Garden
  167. Renegade and defiant tomato plant.: flower, lawn, growing, trees - Garden
  168. Water Propagation ?: growing, fertilizing, Forsythia, containers - Garden
  169. Ever Feel Sympathy For Plants?: grow, trees, tomato, backyard - Garden
  170. Winter Gardening: flowers, grown, palm, magnolia
  171. Well, about to do it!: landscaping, trees, crape, concrete - Garden
  172. Voles and/or Mice Damage to Grass?: lawn, grow, fertilizer - Garden
  173. What are shrubs or trees that can easily root by cuttings?: grow, ficus - Garden
  174. Cleveland Selective or Bradford Pear?: flowers, grow, tree, back yard - Garden
  175. Is it true that Southern Live Oak won't grow in most of Tennessee?: grown, palms - Garden
  176. Sick of Cold Weather but...: cactus, leaf, plants, indoors - Garden
  177. Over edging lawn: growing, crabgrass, mowing, concrete - Garden
  178. Be Gone and STAY Gone! Tree of Heaven, Pear, Creeper: flower, growing - Garden
  179. Skunk deterrent or repellant: flower, lawn, grow, grass - Garden
  180. 2020 Ultimate Lawn Care Program: flower, fertilizer, Forsythia, seeding - Garden
  181. January Garden Color: flowers, Lilacs, tree, tomatoes
  182. Why do people not grow palms and Southern Live Oak in Atlanta and Memphis as much as they do in Virginia Beach?: landscaping, growing - Garden
  183. grow Molokhia otherwise known as Egyptian spinach?: growing, snake, tomatoes - Garden
  184. Is this a hibiscus or a mulberry? (identification: flowers, growing, 2015 - Garden
  185. Best product to kill all weeds in yard?: landscape, grass, trees - Garden
  186. Are utility lines normally in the front yard?: lawn, irrigation, grass - Garden
  187. Spruce Pine?? ??: growing, magnolia, trees, cypress - Garden
  188. Do Plants Leave You Mystified?: flower, growing, palms, magnolia - Garden
  189. Venting about yard: flower, landscaping, grown, fertilizing - Garden
  190. Stand-Up Weeder / Dandelion Remover Recommendations: grass, yard, weeds, spring - Garden
  191. fungus on crape myrtle: growing, bug, 2014, trees - Garden
  192. Battle of the trees and shrubs: Needle Palm vs. Japanese Banana vs. Adam's Needle Yucca vs. River Cane: grow, Fruit Trees - Garden
  193. 230-year-old Mount Vernon white oak, a witness to history, is no more: Washington, Philadelphia - Garden
  194. less expensive - fiberglass or concrete VERY small plunge pool: home, big - Garden
  195. Pro tips: Winter gardening in the Upland South and Mississippi River Plain, U.S.A.: flowers, growing
  196. Is there hope for Narcissus grown in heavy clay next to a water source (often got watered all year)?: growing, bulb - Garden
  197. grafting and fruit trees in nc: pruning, year - Garden
  198. Quick on the true hardiness of magnolia grandiflora cultivars ‘Bracken’s Brown Beauty’ and ‘Edith Bogue’?: 2013, trees - Garden
  199. Looking to buy Escarpment Live Oak sapling(s) soon - where to look?: growing, palm - Garden
  200. Tennessee Zone 7a: Loblolly Bay? Escarpment Live Oak?: grow, palms, magnolia - Garden